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Well, Greg, I think it's great that you took the initiative to learn something new.

This is like the first steps to responsibility.

My boss's son, Will is smaller than you.

But he built himself up with the weights!

Yeah, we could get you the same equipment. You could train

Get the right nutrition,


You'd be in tip-top shape just like Will.

And it would only take like three months.

Three months?

(Scale noises)

Don't know where you put it Heffley, but you gained 10 pounds to join the Bulldog class.

I thought you didn't gain any weight? - My mom's ankle weights.

All right Bulldog Heffley, meet your new opponent!


This is boys wrestling!

Ever hear of title nine?!

Her parents threatened to sue so, you show her what it's like to wrestle a real live boy.

(Music playing)

Come on! What you waiting for, huh?

Don't be such a wuss, Heffley!

Make your move!

She's a girl, what do I--- (Screams)

(Groaning) (Chatter)

Stay down! Patty, over here!

Get off of me! Can I wrestle somebody too good now?

Wow look who's in the papers?

Greg, you're famous! Right on the front page!

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