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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Star Wars - Sith Order (Canon)

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Thousands of years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, the force was revered and

studied across many worlds with various religions and sects emerging to devote themselves to

understanding this primal cosmic force.

The most famed and influential of these groups, came to be known as the Jedi, a monastic order

of force-sensitive individuals that dedicated themselves the light side, practicing humility,

patients, empathy and compassion.

Over many years of training some of these Jedi grew to become immensely powerful in

the force, able to move objects with their mind, detect other force users and manipulate

the weak minded.

It also enhanced their physical abilities, making them faster, stronger and more resistant

to distress and pain.

Given their extraordinary abilities, they became masters of lightsaber combat, wielding

weapons powered by Kyber crystals, many of which were found on the planet of Ilum.

In order to prevent abuses of power, or the corruption of their community, a council of

Jedi masters was chosen to oversee their affairs, and ensure all Jedi adhered to the principles

of the Jedi Code.

Yet not all were content to obey the rigid rules and slow training process of the order,

desiring to expand their knowledge and increase their abilities without restraint.

One such individual, came to believe that there was a power in their base, primal emotions,

channelling fear, anger and pain to harness the energy of the darkside.

The Darkside, offered force-sensitives a faster more intense training regimen that led them

to great power far more quickly than traditional jedi teachings.

It also presented a whole new understanding of the force to be studied and explored, which

eventually allowed them to wield exciting new abilities like force lightening.

However when the rogue Jedi explained his new philosophy to the Jedi Council, they were

outraged, exiling him from the order.

Yet many other Jedi were fascinated by this new approach to the force, and so followed

the rogue and learning the ways of the darkside.

The Sith as they became known, inevitably came into conflict with their former brothers

in the force during a time known as the Hundred year darkness.

Yet the Sith were not able to overcome the well established Jedi order, and so retreated

into unexplored space, settling on the planet of Moraband, where they built a new darkside

civilization that would expand to conquer many other planets and systems.

Upon Moraband, they built great temples one of which housed an execution chamber where

they sacrificed jedi prisoners.

Many of the Sith were buried in the Valley of the Dark Lords and it was from Moraband

that they planned their wars against the Jedi order and the alliance of planets known as

the Republic, which they protected.

For many years the Sith battled their ancient enemy in conflicts that grew so deadly, superweapons

powered by enormous kyber crystals were built to inflict mass devastation.

When the fighting reached the planet of Malachor, a superweapon within a Sith temple was activated,

destroying the world in what came to be known as the Great Scourge of Malachor.

During the chaos of these years, the Sith invaded and held Coruscant, capital of the

republic, and there built a shrine to the darkside.

Eventually, the republic would take back this world, and so the Jedi attempted to seal off

the darkside influence by building a great lightside temple over the shrine but this

was only partially successful, and the sith would one day come to make great use of this

ancient source of darkside power.

During the Dark Age, they fought a final great conflict known as the Jedi-Sith War, where

once again the Sith captured Coruscant, only for the planet to be liberated in the year

1032 BBY.

Despite the great advances and unending aggression of the mighty Sith, years of infighting weakened

them to such an extent they were ultimately defeated by the Jedi Order, with the legendary

dark side master Darth Bane emerging from the conflict as the sole surviving Sith Lord.

Recognizing the self-destructive nature of the Sith, and wanting to avoid future infighting,

Darth Bane created the Rule of 2, declaring that only 2 Sith could ever exist at any one


A Master to embrace the power of the Darkside, and an Apprentice to desire that power.

In this way they would work in the shadows, secretly manipulating events to destroy the

Jedi order and return the Sith to dominance throughout the Galaxy.

Darth Bane was eventually defeated by the Jedi, and after his death was buried in the

Valley of the Dark Lords on Moraband, but his teachings and philosophy lived on through

his secret apprentice who escaped Jedi notice.

The years of chaos and war took a heavy toll on the galaxy and ultimately led to the fall

of the Old Republic.

Yet with Sith seemingly defeated, a new galactic republic emerged and for a thousand years

flourished under the protection of the Jedi Order.

Slowly and without need for violence or war, the Republic expanded across the galaxy, spreading

their values of democracy, equality and justice to all member worlds.

Those outside their borders however, were often left to their own devices, making the

Outer rim of the galaxy a refuge for pirates and criminals, which then led to a culture

of animosity between republic and non-republic worlds.

Meanwhile the legacy of Darth Bane, continued on in the shadows, with his apprentice becoming

Master of the Sith, and in keeping with the Rule of Two, took on a single apprentice.

With only 2 Sith ever alive at one time, the only method of Advancement would be for the

apprentice to kill and take the place of their master.

And so the relationship was maintained on a balance of loyalty and strength.

As long as the Master was Strong, the Apprentice owed absolute obedience, yet if either one

ever wavered in their strength or loyalty, the other would be justified to attack.

Leaving only a single Sith alive, to find a new apprentice and begin the process again.

After a thousand years, the lineage of Bane led to Darth Plagueis, the wise, and his apprentice

Sheev Palpatine of Naboo who took the name Darth Sidious.

Plagueis was a powerful Dark Lord who found the secret of manipulating the Force to prevent

himself from aging, and may even have had the ability to prevent the deaths of others.

Together with his apprentice they worked to place Palpatine in the galactic senate, while

Plagueis remained in the shadows, manipulating events from afar.

Over time the Sith Master became obsessed with immortality and understanding the nature

of the force, even developing a theory that it could strike back against those who abuse

its power.

Yet for all his wisdom and cunning, he could not forsee the coming betrayal of his apprentice.

Darth Sidious, was never able to learn his masters secret for immortality, but nevertheless

felt he had learned all that was necessary, and killed plagueis while he slept, and taking

his place as Master of the Sith.

In keeping with the rule of two, Sidious already had an apprentice of his own, choosing the

force sensitive child of Mother Talzin, a powerful witch from the planet Dathomir.

This young Nightbrother, became known as Darth maul, and was trained in the ways of the darkside,

specializing in the use of a duel bladed red lightsaber.

Mauls aggression, speed and strength were impressive even to Sidious, and as he learned

of their history, the apprentice grew wrathful, desiring vengeance against the Jedi who defeated

the Sith in the last war.

However, Sidious was not yet prepared to reveal their existence, and so forbid Maul from going

after the Jedi, leaving him to satisfy his lust for violence by hunting Rathtars on

Twon Ketee.

Yet the Sith Master also recognized Mauls need for a greater challenge, and so sent

him to deal with pirates harassing the Trade Federation.

During his time dealing with the threat, he learned of a Jedi Padawan who had been taken

as a prisoner, and tracked the Twilek woman down, eager to test himself.

Hiring a group of bounty hunters and help rescue the Jedi, for a time they fought side

by side, eliminating pursuers as they escaped.

However once the immediate threat was gone, the Jedi padawan and sith apprentice turned

against each other, engaging in a lightsaber duel, with Darth Maul emerging victorious.

Meanwhile Sidious, acting as Senator palpatine, manipulated the galactic government from within,

finding allies and earning a reputation as a man of action and integrity, while in secret

he took every opportunity to manipulate the process for his own benefit.

Fortunately for the Sith Lord, after so many years of Republic rule, the government had

grown corrupt and seemed to only truly care about the maintaining the luxury of the core

worlds, at the expense of all others.

The Jedi, considered themselves allies and servants of the Republic but did not think

it appropriate to interfere in matters of politics, and so were unable to prevent the

factionalism and partisanship of the Senate.

Blinding themselves to the possible consequences of deep political turmoil.

Yet not all Jedi were unaware of the potential for conflict, as Master Sifo Dyas foresaw

a larger threat approaching.

Though he was expelled from the Jedi High Council for his beliefs, he was convinced

a war was coming, and travelled in secret to the world of Kamino, where he ordered the

creation of a clone army.

However Palpatine became aware of his actions, and contacted Lama Su the Prime Minister of

Kamino, arranging for every clone Soldier to be implanted with an inhibitor chip, that

would allow the Dark Lord to gain control of the entire army at the moment of his choosing.

Darth Sidious than ordered the death of the Jedi Master, using the fallen Jedi Count Dooku

to arrange for the Pyke Syndicate to shoot down his ship above the moon of Oba Diah.

After a thousand years of preparation, Darth Sidious was at last prepared to unleash the

revenge of the sith against the Jedi Order.

Beginning with what came to be known as the Naboo Crisis.

32 years before the battle of Yavin, the Dark Lord made a secret alliance with the Trade

Federation, an enormous merchant conglomerate, with its own representation in the senate,

convincing them to invade the planet of Naboo in protest of the recent taxes imposed upon

Free Trade zones.

This then prompted a diplomatic crisis in the galactic senate, which Senator Palpatine

used to bring down Chancelor Finis Valorum, so he might be elected as his replacement.

Unfortunately for the Dark Lord, not everything went to according to plan, as it was during

the Naboo crisis, that the existence of the Sith was revealed, when his powerful apprentice

Darth Maul was sent to kill Jedi master Qui gon Jinn, and his padawan Obi Wan Kenobi.

Although Maul proved to be shrewd and masterful with a lightsaber, engaging both Jedi at once

and even killing the Jedi Master, he was ultimately defeated and seemingly killed by the padawn

Obi Wan Kenobi.

Sidious was deeply disappointed by the loss of his apprentice, having spent years training

him in the ways of the darkside, and had no choice but to find a new apprentice, selecting

the former Jedi Count Dooku, who took the name Darth Tyrannus.

Trained as a jedi from a young age, Dooku proved supremely gifted in the force, chosen

as the apprentice of Master Yoda before rising to the rank of Jedi Knight.

Famed as perhaps the greatest lightsaber duellist in the Order, he soon took on an apprentice

of his own, training and befriending Qui Gonn Jin.

Unfortunately, Dooku grew frustrated with the corruption he saw in the republic government,

and became disillusioned by the Jedi councils unwillingness to involve themselves in political


And so the Master Dooku left the Order, going into self imposed exile for a time, and there

was approached by Darth Sidious, who offered him the chance to destroy the old corrupt

government and replace it with one of his own design.

In order to achieve this, Darth Tyrannus was ordered to reach out to a number of worlds

and systems, taking advantage the growing resentment towards the republic.

After a number of years, he created an alliance between thousands of worlds which then all

succeeded and declared themselves the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Chancellor Palpatine then used the Secessionist threat as an excuse to pass the Military Creation

Act, allowing for the Republic to raise an army.

The Jedi and senate, unaware that both sides of the conflict were being manipulated by

the Sith, took the Separatist threat seriously and made the decision to use the recently

discovered Clone Army of Kamino,* as Republic forces against Dooku and his droid armada.

The Clone Wars, as they became known dragged on for many years causing great devastation

on both sides.

Yet this was all a part of the Sith plan, as it allowed Palpatine to gradually gain

emergency powers as Chancellor of the Senate.

As Count Dooku worked to strengthen the separatist alliance, he brought in many powerful factions,

such as the Trade Federation, the Banking Clan, the Techno Union, the Commerce Guild

and the Corporate Alliance.

Having fully embraced the darkside and their ambitious, selfish nature, it was not long

before he already started planning for the future, and the day he would overthrow Sidious

to replacing him as Master of the Sith.

And so when he learned of a powerful force user who had defeated the pirates and warlords

of the planet Rattatak, he offered her a place by his side, to serve as his apprentice.

Asaaj Ventress, as she was known, was born into the nightsister clan of Dathomir, but

was sold into slavery at a young age.

During her time on the planet Rattatak, she was found by a stranded jedi, who trained

her as his Padawan.

Yet soon her master was killed, and this loss affected her so deeply she turned to the darkside

and went on a mission of vengeance.

Asaaj proved a useful tool for Dooku, however Sidious grew concerned about the darkside

assassin and how powerful she was becoming.

Confronting Dooku, the Dark Lord demanded to know if hed taken on his own apprentice,

in the hopes of replacing Sidious as Master of the Sith.

Though that indeed was Dookus plan, he was forced to deny it, and was ordered to

kill Ventress to prove his loyalty.

And while Dooku gave the order to have her ship destroyed, his former apprentice survived

the attack and returned to her homeworld of Dathomir, where Mother Talzin and the Nightsisters

healed her wounds.

Working together with the clan, Asaaj then set out on a mission of revenge, but failed

in her first attempt to kill her former master.

Fortunately, Dooku did not learn who was responsible for the attack, and so when Mother Talzin

approached the Sith Lord, offering a new darkside apprentice to replace Ventress, he accepted

her offer.

And so Savage Oppress, a powerful force user and brother of Darth Maul was given over to

the Dooku, though his true loyalty was to the nightsister Asaaj Ventress .

Eventually the deception was revealed, and Dooku was forced to engage both of his former


But they were unable to overcome the Sith Lord and Savage, having grown enraged by the

taunts and dismissal of both his darkside Masters, turned against Ventress as well,

pinning all 3 against each other briefly, until they became separated and escaped.

Ventress later returned to Dathomir, only for Dooku to send a droid army against them,

wiping out the nightsisters and leaving his former apprentice alone in the galaxy, forced

to become a bounty hunter for her remaining years.

Savage however was not yet finished with being a darkside apprentice, as he was sent on another

mission by Mother Talzin before the Nightsisters were destroyed, seeking out his brother Maul

who survived the duel with Obi wan Kenobi through his deep connection to the force.

Although Maul had been greviously wounded and grown mad over the years, he was eventually

found and his mind soothed, then returning to Dathomir where he was given cybernetic


Maul, now yearning for vengeance and eager to carve a new place for himself in the galaxy,

took his brother Savage as a Sith apprentice, modelling their relationship after the Rule

of Two, and legacy of Darth Bane.

Together the brothers went off, wreaking havoc across the galaxy, forming a shadow council

and even coming to rule the planet of Mandalore.

Yet when Darth Sidious learned of Mauls survival and his formation of a secondary

group of Sith, he came to see his former apprentice as a rival, and so went personally to Mandalore

and engaged the brothers, killing Savage and imprisoning Maul.

Although Maul eventually escaped captivity, he never again rose to the heights hed

once reached, and over time became obsessed with seeking vengeance against Kenobi, who

had robbed him of the chance to become a great Dark Lord of the Sith.

Yet his obsession only served to stunt his growth and power in the force, where as Master

Kenobi became wiser, more patient and cunning with each passing year.

Decades later, Maul at last tracked down the old Jedi to Tattoine, where they fought a

final dual resulting in Obi wan quickly defeating and killing his old foe.

As the Clone Wars continued, Sidious continued to use his apprentice Count Dooku to sow chaos

and division across the galaxy.

However he also saw great potential in another, believing that the young jedi Anakin Skywalker,

might one day become far more powerful then Dooku, and a more worthy Sith apprentice.

Anakin Skywalker had once been a slave on Tattoine, but was discovered by Kwi Gon Jinn

who after learning that the child had been conceived by the force, came to believe he

the chosen one which prophecy stated who would one day bring balance to the force.

Despite being too old for traditional Jedi training, Anakin was taken as the apprentice

of Obi Wan Kenobi and quickly grew to be a powerful force user and masterful with a lightsaber.

Nevertheless he was proving to be a poor Jedi, unable to control his emotions and suffering

from night terrors in which he envisioned future tragedies and the death of loved ones.

As he grew more powerful and earned the rank of Jedi Knight, he became arrogant in his

skills, resentful towards the council for not making him a Master, and even bitter towards

Obi Wan, for constantly treating him like a Padawan.

Anakin also fell in love with senator Amadala, violating the Jedi Code by marrying her in


Chancellor Palpantine, who grew close to Anakin from a young age, took every opportunity to

encourage his independent thinking, slowly luring him to the darkside.

Sidious even organized his own kidnapping, in order to manipulate events so that Anakin

and Obi Wan would have to face Count Dooku in battle.

In the past, Dooku had faced and defeated both of these Jedi, only failing to kill them

because of the interference of Master Yoda.

But this time the fight proved more challenging.

Although the Dark Lord defeated Obi Wan, he was unable to overcome Anakin Skywalker and

was beheaded at the order of Palpatine.

With his apprentice dead, the Chancellor offered Anakin a place by his side, and revealed himself

as a Sith Lord.

Anakin at first was shocked by the revelation and reported the discovery to Mace Windu who

along with Jedi Masters Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar and Saesee Tin went off to arrest the Chancellor.

But Sidious was so powerful he was able to kill all the Jedi save mace Windu, who was

able to reflect back his force lightening.

Yet just as Master Windu was about to land the finishing blow, Anakin Skywalker cut off

his arm, allowing for Sidious to send Mace Windu flying out a window to his death.

Anakin had fallen to the darkside, believing that only with the help of Darth Sidious would

he be able to prevent the death of his wife and unborn child.

And so Sidious named his new apprentice Darth Vader and ordered him to kill the last of

the Separatists leadership to bring about an end to the Clone Wars.

With the attempt on his life a failure, Sidious pronounced Order 66, triggering the inhibitor

chips in all clone soldiers, to have them turn against their Jedi generals.

Sidious then ordered Darth Vader to lead the assault against the Jedi Temple on Coruscant

killing the Younglings as his initiation into the darkside.

Although the great Jedi Purge finally granted the Sith vengeance against their ancient enemy,

some few escaped the massacre, and went into hiding.

In order to hunt down these last remaining Jedi, Sidious created the Inquisitorius, a

group of force-sensitive darkside acolytes of limited power who would report to Darth


Leading this group was a former Jedi Temple guard, who grew disillusioned with the order

towards the end of the war and then fell to the Darkside.

Having survived the initial purge, Obi Wan Kenobi tracked down his fallen apprentice

Anakin Skywalker engaging in duel that ended with obi Wan as the victor, cutting off Anakins

legs and an arm, while leaving him to burn in the fires of Mustafar.

Obi Wan the departed, as his former apprentice screamed in pain, unwilling to finish him

off, and instead chose to leave his fate to the Force.

As a result Sidious rescued his apprentice and built him a cybernetic suit, teaching

him to use pain anger and hatred as fuel to reach new heights of power in the darkside.

Padme Amadala died soon after learning of Anakins betrayal of the Jedi, but was able

to successfully give birth to twins, naming them Luke and Leia before her passing.

The children of Anakin skywalker were split up, with Obi Wan taking the boy to Tatooine

to live with relatives of Anakins mother, while the girl was given to Bael Organa who

would raise her as a princess of Aldaran.

Though the Purge and subsequent hunt for the Jedi nearly wiped them out, some few did survive,

such as Obi Wan, and Grand Master Yoda, who went into exile on Dagobah, having learned

from the Force that it was his destiny to wait for one who would restore the Jedi Order.

Meanwhile, with the Separatists and Jedi both defeated, Chancellor Palpatine dissolved the

Republic and declared himself Emperor of the First Galactic Empire.

Having kept track of all though who opposed Chancellor Palpatine during the years of the

Clone Wars, he began to arrest and kill any who posed a threat to his power.

Yet some of these people went into hiding, while others feigned loyalty to the Emperor,

while in secret they organized a rebellion, working form the shadows to restore the Republic.

With his enemies largely vanquished, Emperor Palpatine ruled for two decades, during which

time he consolidated his power, reorganizing the government and military, and diminished

the power of the Senate to become a symbolic organization with no real authority.

Sidious also spent his time training Vader in the ways of the Sith, with one of his first

lessons teaching the truth about Kyber crystals, and how they were living being that could

feel pain and be made to bleed.

Vader was therefore sent off to track down a Jedi and take his lightsaber, so he might

remove the kyber crystal within and corrupt it with his anger and hatred.

Finding Kirak Infil'a living in self imposed exile on the river moon of Al'doleem, the

battle nearly ended with the death of Vader.

However, by exploiting the Jedis compassion, Infila was forced to use his powers to

save the people of local city, and this distraction, allowing Vader to steal his green lightsaber

and snap his neck with the force.

Afterwards Vader went to Mustafar and attempted to corrupt the crystal with the help of sith


Yet it proved a difficult process, as the crystal channelled the lightside and resisted

him, even granting him a vision that tested his dedication to the darkside.

But ultimately he passed the test, and bled the crystal, creating his own red lightsaber.

The hilt of the weapon however would later break during an assassination attempt on Vaders

life, and so he built a new lightsaber, using the same red krystal he bled on Mustafar.

For years Vader acted as the secret enforcer for Emperor Palpatine, often dealing with

an ever increasing number of rebel attacks across the galaxy.

On one occasion, the Emperor joined Vader on a trip to Ryloth, which was having trouble

with the Free Ryloth Movement, which fought to free the planet from imperial control.

During this journey, their ship was shot down and the rebel group attempted to kill the

Emperor and Vader, only to fail and be forced to flee their homeworld.

One of these Twilek rebels was the famous hero cham Syndulla, who along with his daughter

Hera would come to play an important role in the development of a larger rebel alliance.

Though few were even aware of Darth Vader existence, some high level imperials worked

with him on a number of projects, such as Wilhuff Tarkin and Thrawn.

Both of which were exceptional officers that gained Vaders respect, with Tarkin even

becoming somewhat of a friend to the Dark Lord.

Vader was also one of the few privy to the larger plans of the Emperor, learning about

his secret efforts to build a superweapon called the Death Star.

While investigating rebel activity on Lothal, Vader interacted and fought with Jedi Kanan

Jarrus and his apprentice Ezra Bridger, and could have easily defeated them but chose

to let them live so he might follow their ship.

Later while once again facing these rebel Jedi on the planet of Malachor, his former

apprentice Ashoka Tano interfered, distracting the Dark Lord so the others might escape.

When a group of rebel agents infiltrated an imperial base on the planet of Scariff and

stole the plans to the death star, Vader chased after them, following a ship that carried

Princess Leia Organa, his long lost daughter who was now a Senator from Alderaan.

Although she held the plans for a time, Leia hid them with her astromech droid R2D2, and

sent him on an escape pod to the planet of Tatooine, where he might find Obi Wan Kenobi

and enlist his aid in taking the information to the Rebel leadership.

While on Tatooine, R2D2 encountered Luke Skywalker who took the droid home to his familys

moisture farm.

But It was not long before Imperial forces tracked down the droid, destroying Lukes

home, killing his aunt and uncle.

After learning of the plight of the Alliance, and with no more ties to Tatooine, Luke joined

Obi Wan in his journey to find the Rebellion and began his Jedi training.

With the help of Han Solo, Chewbacca and the Milenium Falcon, Obi Wan, Luke and their droids

left Tatooine, and were able to recuse Princess Leia, but not before Grand Moff Tarkin used

the Death Star to destroy the planet of Alderaan.

While on board the Death Star, Vader sensed the re-emergence of his old Jedi master and

sought out Obi Wan, who sacrificed himself, fighting off the Dark Lord so Luke and the

others could escape.

Making contact with the Rebellion on the moon Yavin 4, the Death Star tracked their movements

and so confronted the Alliance fleet in the battle of Yavin.

A number of X wing fighters, were then sent to destroy the Death Star, having found a

single weakness in the structures design.

And while it seemed like an impossible mission, by channelling the force Luke was able to

shoot proton torpedos directly into the exhaust port of the great Superweapon, creating a

chain reaction that destroyed the Death Star, killing Grand Moff Tarkin who commanded the


Four years after the battle of Yavin, Luke continued his training, this time on Dagobah

under Master Yoda, but left before he was ready in order to rescue his friends taken

captive in cloud city.

Yet the mission was a failure, with Luke defeated by Darth Vader in combat, losing a hand and

learning that the sith lord was his father, the former Jedi Anakin Skywalker.

Fortunately, Luke and his friends were able to escape with their lives, and returned to

the alliance.

Learning of a second Death star being constructed, Han and Leia led an attack against a shield

generator protecting the superweapon on the planet of Endor, while Luke went aboard the

ship to confront Sidious and Vader directly.

After a grueling battle, in which the Dark Side briefly took hold of Luke, allowing him

to defeat his father Darth Vader, Sidious was ready to offer Luke a place by his side

as his new apprentice, if only he finished off his father.

But Luke ultimately rejected the dark side, and threw down his lightsaber.

Sidious, disappointed in his potential new pupil, attacked him with force lightening,

putting so much of his power into the attack he left himself vulnerable.

Darth Vader, unable to watch his son die, reached out and threw the Sith Lords down

a cavernous shaft, to his death.* Vader, who was gravely injured by the energy pulsing

through the Emperor, then collapsed, and asked Luke to remove his mask, so he might see his

son with his own eyes, one last time before death.

Having returned to the light side of the force, Anakin Skywalkers consciousness survived

the death of his body, joining Obi Wan, kwi gon and Yoda as spirits within the force.

Through Vaders actions at the end of his life, many believe he at last fulfilled the

ancient prophecy as the chosen one, having destroyed both the Jedi and Sith, to bring

balance to the Force.

With the Deathstar destroyed and the Emperor and vader dead, the Galactic Empire was severely

crippled though not yet defeated.

The surviving leadership of the Empire would abandon many core worlds, retreating into

the Outer Rim where imperial Governors, admirals and moffs began conspiring against each other,

engaging in small scale civil wars to determine the new leadership of the Empire.

Eventually, the few Imperial officers and ships that remained, retreated into Unknown

space, and there reformed in First Order, led by Supreme Commander Snoke, a powerful

non sith darkside force user.

Snoke wore a golden ring with an obsidian stone mined from beneath Vaders castle

on Mustafar, enscriped with glyphs from the Four Sages of Dwartii, a group of philosophers

and lawgivers from the early days of the Galactic Republic.

During his time in power, Emperor Palpatine kept statues of these figures on display in

his chambers on Coruscant.

The Rebel Alliance then dissolved to becoming a new Republic government led by a Galactic

Senate, with the former Senator and Rebel leader Mon Mothma serving as the first elected


As the New Republic worked to fill the power vacuum left behind, Luke Skywalker, last of

the Jedi, became responsible for the creation of a new Jedi Order.

The Sith however were now entirely destroyed, with the lineage of Darth Bane finally extinguished.

Yet their legacy would live on, as many future beings were inspired by the power the Sith

once held.

Groups like the Acolytes of the Beyond, who venerated the Sith and collected artefacts

like what they believed to be Darth Vaders Lightsaber, destroying it in the belief that

this returned the item to its deceased owner.

Later Kylo Ren as he became known, longed to become as powerful as the Sith, often speaking

to the ruined helm of Darth Vader, trying to communicate with his legendary grandfather.

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