Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Let's Play - Gmod: Murder Part 1

Difficulty: 0



Jeremy: SO, we're playing murder, here's how it works:

You're either an innocent bystander with nothing at all,

you're a bystander with a concealed weapon,

which means you can scroll to a piece of paper

and you have a magnum.

or you're the murderer, so uh... who has a knife.

The murderer can see people's footprints

so he can follow them, BUT there are glowing green clues around that you can find;

If you go up to them and click 'E', when you get five, you get your own gun.

Okay, here we go.

Geoff: ALRIGHT, so this is Murder.

Jeremy: Yup. Ryan: Finally! Michael: Who the fuck is screaming? Shut up.

Geoff: Let's Play. Michael: There you go.

Ryan: We hope. Gavin: EYO!

Jeremy: Eyooooooooooooowup! Ryan/Jack/Geoff/Michael: [Talking Over Each Other]

Geoff: I no longer have a hud. Ryan: Hi, Victor.

Jack: Really? Jeremy: Oh my God, seriously? Geoff: (Laughing) I'm kidding.

Ryan: No. AH - Go away, Victor. Gavin: I'm Victor - Hey! - who I'm uh I'm - Jeremy: Alright, so bystanders: Try to find five clues.

Michael: Alright, so, when you're dead - you're dead, huh? Jeremy: Um... I don't know about you, Romeo.

Ryan: When you're dead - you're dead. Geoff: When you're dead, you're dead!

Michael: What's up? Jeremy: Noo, Michael... Ryan: Alright.

Michael: What'd you say, Lil J? Jeremy: [Half-whimpering] NOoOo, Michael... Gavin: See if you (Inaudible) stand?

Michael: [High-Pitched] Liiiiiiiiiittle Jaaaaaaaaaay~ Jeremy: [High-Pitched] Miiiiiiichaellll~ Ryan: I did.

Jeremy: And by the way, if you're the murderer - Ryan: Hey Gavin, look, this is what my spray was. Gavin: Where did you get that?

Jack: [Laughter] Ryan: I have no idea. Gavin: Where is that from?

Michael: Oh I don't have a spray. Ryan: That's your... picture from your achieve shirt... joined with your - uh...

Gavin: Rainbow Six. Yeah. Ryan: Rainbow Six face.

Gavin: Ohhr's a clue... I got one. Ryan: Nice. Jeremy: Hey -

Michael: [Giggling] Ryan: HAA - WHA - Okay - Okay. Whiskey, you're the - uhh... gotcha.

Ryan: Dammit. Gavin: What? Whiskey's the murderer? Jack: I did that by accident.

Geoff: Who? Ryan: No.

Gavin: Oh. Jack: Ryan can vouch for me. Ryan: Daao - Whiskey's cool.

Gavin: Whiskey's cool? Jack: I'm cool.

Geoff: Remember, when you die - when you're dead, you're dead.

Michael: When you're dead, you're dead! Gavin: Whiskey's cool... Victor's cool...

Michael: Everybody's still alive, yeah?





Geoff: (Nonchalant) I am. Michael: Okay, I guess everybody's dead.

Jack: When you're a dead, you're - uh - dead. Ryan: No, I'm alive. Geoff: I'm alive.

Gavin: Are you dead, Micool? Micool: No - uh - I'm TALKING!

Geoff: If he was dead he wouldn't be talking. Gavin: Ohhh... Jack: Is it Jeremy? Yeah, Jeremy's the bad guy.

Gavin: I forgot we we're heii-ss - Why are you coming towards me? Ryan: UH? Laah!

Jack: Is that you, Gavin? Victor? Gavin: I am Vik Tor.

Michael: Ryan... Ryan? Geoff: OH I just saw somebody die.

Gavin: My name is'a Wiktor. Weektor. Jack: Ryan's still here? Michael: Ryan is dead.

Gavin: Ohhh no... Jack: Ryan's dead and Jeremy's very quiet.

Gavin: So Jeremy's dead? Geoff: Jeremy's dead.

Michael: Uh - Eh - I - Uh - Can you play dead? No playing dead. Jack: Is he dead already?

Michael: I think he's dead. Gavin: Well, I mean the murd - [Gasps] I'm being stalked...

Michael: [Snickering] Gavin: I'm being stalked! Yankee! Who's Yankee?

Jack: Yankee? Geoff: I'm Yankee.

Gavin: YOU'RE Yankee? Michael: Oh shit...

Geoff: Yeah. Gavin: Oh. Oh you picked up a clue, nice.

Gavin: HOAH! Hey, what's - What's --- Jack: That's me. That's me - Don't worry. Michael: I want a fucking gun...

Geoff: Can the murderer pick up a clue? Ghost Ryan: Yeah.

Geoff: Ohhh... Gavin: Oh, really? Ghost Ryan: Yeah.

Gavin: I'm gonna get my throat slit by a... Yellow dude... Yankee. Michael: [Giggling]

Geoff: AH! Ah - Hoho there's people behind me! GYYEEEAAHHHHH Michael: A clue! Cool, I got a buzzsaw.

Gavin: Uh oh! There's a Romeo! Who's Romeo? Geoff: NAHH! [Whimper] Michael: COME HERE, GUN! COME HERE! WHO'S NEXT?


Michael: [Giggling] Ghost Jack: I shot at - I shot at Geoff. Geoff: Wait, how do the non-murderers win - euUhh.

Ryan: [Laughing] Jeremy: (Laughing) So I thought - I was immediately Michael killed me.

Michael: I slit Jeremy's throat immediately. Ryan: Okay. Jeremy: Uh Geoff, to answer your question:

Jeremy: Who had th - Someone had a gun. Jack: I did. Michael: Someone - I saw Jack shooting the gun

Michael: So I thought, "I'll kill this one first.". Jeremy: Other bystanders can pick it up. Jack: Oh, really?

Jeremy: Yeah. Michael: Aaohhhhh. Jack: Oh, okay.

Jeremy: It flies away from you when you die. Jack: I didn't realize Jeremy was dead.

Jeremy: Oh yeah. Gavin: You were dead?

Geoff: Well, he wasn't talking. Michael: I killed him immediately. Jack: We shoul - We should make death noises.

Gavin: So Micool - Micool was the murderer? Geoff: Dude, I always make death noises. Jeremy: I was mid-sentence talking to Michael -

Jeremy: It was like, "Hey Michael - euhk.".

Jeremy: And then it was just immediately gone , I didn't even get it out. Michael: Uh, yes - I was acting the whole time.

Geoff: I found a clue but I can't pick it up. Gavin: Micool, that was shifty I thought you were legit on my team.

Michael: Oh, so - sorry, Gavin.

Ryan: Alright... If the - What happens if the secret guy kills someone who wasn't the murderer? Gavin: You cool?

Jeremy: Uhh - then his screen goes black and he drops the gun. Ryan: Ohhhh. Michael: Oh, really?

Geoff: Can you see this? Jeremy: Eventually it wears off. Gavin: You cool?

Geoff: Can you pick it up - I'm cool, are you cool? Gavin: I'm cool.

Geoff: Alright, see if you can pick that up. Jack: Are you cool or are you call? Gavin: I don't see what you're looking at.

Geoff: Oh, there's a green outline here but I can't get it. Michael: How many green clues are there per level?

Michael: Doesn't seem like there's THAT many. Jeremy: It - they keep respawning.

Michael: Oh, okay. Jeremy: Yup. OH and if the murderer gets a uhh - an item - a clue?

Michael: Yeap. Jeremy: He can go up to a dead body and then hit 'E' and change into that color.

Ryan/Jack: Ohhh. Michael: Oh, I didn't know.

Jeremy: So he can disguise himself. Michael: Just on one clue? Gavin: Guys, are you all cool?

Jeremy: Yeah, just on one. Michael: Oh, wow I had like two last time.

Jeremy: HeLLOOOooOO, Alpha. Jack: Are you cool? Geoff: Are - Are you cool?

Jeremy: Yeah, I'm Jeremy. I'm the coolest one there is I'm Lil J! Oh, watch this.

Gavin: You think highly of yourself, J. Who's chasing me? Whiskey? Ryan: We good - we good? Geoff: Is he cool?

Gavin: Whiskey - We're both Whiskey, we're both a glass of Whiskey. Geoff: What is that?

Jeremy: The Spider Jesus. Geoff: Oh that's cool, let's look at this. Michael: Ohhh shiiiit...

Jack: That's Panton. Jeremy: [Laughter]

Jack: Fucking Panton - Michael: What's up, WHISKEY? Whiskey dick? You got that Whiskey, dick?

Jeremy: I haven't seen any clues yet. Ryan: Oup, there's Jack and (Inaudible) - Michael: Did you see this invisible clue here?

Geoff: Yeah, I couldn't get i - AH! Jeremy: Oh, yes, sometimes there's ones -

Jeremy: That you can't pick up. Geoff: Safety in numbers, let's all just uhh - [Talking over each other]

Michael: Listen, Dolph is safe we gotta - Jack: OOOWAGA -

Ryan: Uh-oh. Michael: Alright, Jack is dead as shit.

Jeremy: THAT was a death noise. Gavin: What the hell was...

Michael: So wait, who's who - who's who? Who's Whiskey? Ryan: Alright, so we know that - look -

Gavin: I'm purple Whiskey. Ryan: I'm blue Whiskey. Jeremy: I am blue Romeo.

Michael: And I'm Lima so the three of us can't be the killer. Ryan: That's right cause he got killed -

Michael: It's gotta be Little J or Geoff. It's gotta be Little J or Geoff... Geoff: HA - AH - Ah - Ah...

Geoff: What color's Lil' J?

Jeremy: I am BLUE Romeo! Geoff: HE'S THE MURDERER! Ryan/Michael: It's Geoff.

Ryan: It's absolutely Geoff. Geoff: It's absolutely not me! Michael: It's Geoff.

Jeremy: [Laughing] Ryan: Which one's Geoff? Michael: I don't know.

Geoff: I am PINK Alfa, and I am NOT the killer! Michael: Alright well that just killed the question. [Giggling]

Michael: [Laughing] He says with the gun... Er the knife. Gavin: Guys, I've seen a cl - a clue.

Jeremy: I haven't seen a single clue yet. Michael: Lil J, do you have the gun?

Jeremy: No. Michael: Fuck, then Jack hadda had it again... Ryan: Nah, I've got the gun.

Michael: Oh, okay - fwoof. Gavin: I got one.

Jeremy: I heard - I just heard someone pick up a clue. Gavin: Wait - what - Ryan: We're stuck.

Gavin: So Jack - Jack was a dead man? Jeremy: Op - Dolph's on the ground. Michael: Yeah, yeah - Jack got got...

Michael: Jack got got.

Jeremy: Dolph's on the ground... Geoff: Jack didn't talk after he died, did he? Michael: Geoff's around here somewhere...

Geoff: Because that can't happen. Gavin: No. Michael: No - he said, "AaAAck"

Gavin: Oh guys, I'm all alone - where did you all guys go? Jeremy: Oh crap! Michael: Nooo! Fuckin' Alfa's collecting all this shit.

Jeremy: One of the clues is, like, way up high - I gotta like, jump up on the door to get it. Ryan: Geoff? Are you sure you're cool?

Geoff: I'm COOL, man! Ryan: You're a hundred percent cool?

Geoff: RYAN, I'M COOL!

Gavin: Is there only one clue... Ryan: How cool are you?

Geoff: I'm a huna- COOL AS A CUCUMBER! Gavin: AAAAAAAAHHH- Michael: It's him or Jeremy, Ryan!

Ryan: Wait, someone - Gavin just died - Gavin just died! Geoff: It's NOT fucking me... Jeremy: [Softly Laughing]

Geoff: So it wasn't me! Ryan: It's Little J! Michael: IT'S LIL J - It IS Lil J!

Jeremy: [Laughing] Geoff: I TOLD you it wasn't me! Michael: Geooofff! Geoff, you almost died!

Michael: I really thought it was you. Geoff: I know you did!

Michael: (Laughing) I would've been, like, killed his ass... Geoff: Oh get that shit...

Michael: Dammit, I don't know who got it. Ryan: Alright. Geoff: AH!

Ryan: Nao, we're good, we're good. Geoff: Uh I got - I picked up four clues.

Michael: Damn. Alright, keep an eye out for him... Geoff: So if I get one more get a gun, right? Ryan: Oh we're (Inaudible) on guns...

Michael: Keep an eye out for him. Alri - Let's stay together, stay together. Jeremy: OOOooh where are you my little morsels?

Michael: Ryan you're going ahead of us - Ryan: CLUES - Clues clues clues! Jeremy: Cluescluesclues!

Michael: OH grab them, Geoffy - Grab them, Geoffy, see if you can get a gun... Geoff: I'll get it.

Jeremy: I'm the bluest of Romeos...

Michael: Get it, Geoff... You're not picking it up... Geoff: I can't pick it up!

Michael: Try picking up this one over here. On the bench. Ryan: No? Geoff: Here - I'll get that one...

Geoff: Alright! Oh... Owaga - Hego - Orh... Michael: Ohhh - Geoff's got a gun! Geoff HAS a gun! Jeremy: Oh crap...

Geoff: Okay... Airrw - Ryan: Okay. Michael: I got that other object.

Geoff: Safety in numbers. Michael: I have two or three so I could get a gun too.

Kdin: Well, where are you getting points Lil J? Jeremy: That means you guys can make a mistake too. Geoff: Let's uhh stick together, let's find this prick out.

Michael: No, fuck that. Geoff: What does that mean? Ryan: Whadayou mean?

Michael: He - We could shoot each other. Jeremy: If you shoot each other then you'll still have a gun...

Geoff: What happens when we shoot each oth - Euha

Michael: Then we die, Geoff... Geoff: What happens when - Oh yeah... Don't do that. Ryan: There's pink dead...

Michael: I - I've mourned you, Gavin or Jack. Ryan: There's clue - Geoff: Oh there's a clue over here! Clue.

Michael: OhhHh I'll grab it. Geoff: Clue. It's a cash register. Ryan: Ohhh we're formin' a mob!

Jeremy: Oh, God... Michael: (Inaudible Babble)

Jeremy: It's getting bad... Geoff: OH - THERE HE IS! THERE'S PINK -


Geoff: He's over here! Michael: Stay behind him, Ryan - Oh, God - you guys are gonna shoot each other -


Michael: AH Kill him, Ryan - Kill him - RYAN, SHOOT HIM - OOOAAAAHHH!!

Ghost Michael: What happened? What happened? Did I die? Ghost Gavin: [Gavin Squeak]

Ryan: Uh, I dunno. Jeremy: UH - OOH - WOP Ghost Michael: Yeah, I died - He killed me.

Ghost Michael: Oh, did you throw your knife at me? Jeremy: Ohp, fuck! I dropped it nop -

Jeremy: AAaaahrhr hrrh... Ryan: OHHH - there it is! Ghost Michael: Nice!

Jack/Gavin: [Laughing]

Geoff: Who killed me? Michael: It was Lil J! Ryan: I didn't kill you!

Michael: Lil J killed you. Jack: I watched Ryan pull the gun on Geoff and he - (Laughing) just as he killed Gavin.

Jack: He was just right - holding the gun and (Inaudible) Jeremy: (Laughing) Gavin, that was a LEGIT death scream -

Gavin: Wha - mine? Jeremy: (Laughing) Gavin goes, "HoOOoAAAH!".

Flashback Gavin: Is there only one clue... HOOOAAAHHHH! -

Michael: That was awesome. Gavin: I had to make sure people knew I was gone. Geoff: Wow, what a great game.

Michael: This IS fun. Jeremy: Man...

Ryan: My sensitivity went down - I (Inaudible) Jeremy: I waited too long, people were getting clues...

Michael: I almost had a gun too - I think one more clue would've had a gun...

Geoff: So we won - We beat Lil J? Ryan/Michael/Jeremy: Yeah.

Michael: Did you, uh did you throw your knife at me Lil J? Jeremy: No.

Michael: Damn you actually - oh no you can run fast. Jeremy: Yeah, the murderer can sprint.

Gavin: Is there only one clue at one time? Ryan: No, there's -

Ryan: We walked into a room with two of them. Michael: There's few. Gavin: There's some that are just outlines, but -

Ryan: AHH - AH - ah - Oh God. Jack: AaaAAa... Jesus Christ...

Ryan: Alright, Jack, are you cool? Jack: (Laughing) I'm cool.

Ryan: I'm gonna assume you ARE cool otherwise you would've just murdered me. Jack: Yeah.

Ryan: LOOK OUT, Green!

Jeremy: Sometime's you've gotta make that (Inaudible). Ryan: Ha? Ah. Ahh.

Geoff: Haaa-lright? Alright. Jack: There's a couple people here. Everyone Except Gavin: Ah/Oh/Woah!

Jeremy: Oh Okay, THAT's too many - THAT's too many! Jack: Why are there three greens? Everyone Else: [Panicked Grunts]

Jeremy: It was okay for a bit - Jack: I'm not cool with that. Michael: Oh yes, green team -

Ryan: Alright - He could work through all of us real quick. Geoff: I'm outta here. Gavin: I'm Golf - I'm green Golf.

Gavin: Yankee, who are you? Jack: That's me.

Gavin: Hey Yankee - Jack, are you cool? Jack: I'm cool - I'm cool, are you cool?

Gavin: Look - This is how cool I am...


Michael: Alright... Gavin ain't that cool anymore... Ryan: (Nonchalant) Alright...


Michael: IT'S AN ORANGE - It's an orange person! Jack: What?

Ryan: An orange person? Michael: It's an orange person, I saw them running -

Michael: They were holding something over their head that looked a knife and I just ran away. Jack: [Laughing]

Michael They had their - hands... waving in the air. Jack: Wait, which one's orange?

Jeremy: Which one - wherei - Michael: I don't know.

Jeremy: Oh fuck, where's orange? Michael: They have an orange sweater.

Jeremy: Michael, you have now alerted -

Jeremy: AHH - NO! Orange?! I've - Jack: NO - nonono, wait, are you cool?

Jeremy: I've heard BAD things about you orange! Jack: [Laughing]

Jeremy: And I'm pi -na - (Lauging) Geooh no!

Jack: Jesus - HE'S FIRING AT ME! Michael: Orange is the killer!

Jack: You crazy motherfucker! Ryan: Who's the killer?!

Jack: AAaaI'm getting shot at! Michael: Someone in an orange sweater!



Ryan: Oka - Guh - I just want the clue - I JUST WANT THE CLUE! Stay away from me - Stay away from me!

Michael: I - I need clues... Jeremy: (Laughing) Is - I feel... Is it really orange, Michael?

Michael: I'm telling you, it's orange. Jack: Oh God -


Jack/Jeremy/Michael/Geoff: [Panicking] Ryan: Who's got the gun? WHO'S GOT THE GUN?!

Jeremy: I do!

Ryan: WHERE ARE YOU?! Jeremy: I GOT HIM! I GOT HIM! Jack: Damn it!

Jeremy: Oh, dude... I - Michael: LISTEN TO MY ADVICE LITTLE J!

Gavin: I was - uh, I was try'na prove - Jack: There were THREE greens!

Jeremy: Oh, wait a minute, orange was Gavin and then Jack turned into him? Gavin: Yeah -

Gavin: I was trying to prove I was cool and I sprayed my spray, and all of a sudden, I saw blood go all over Jack.

Geoff: So did we win, the bystanders won that round? Michael: Yeah - Yeah.

Geoff: So how do you take somebody's color again?

Jeremy: Uh, you walk up to them and hit 'E'. Geoff: Ohhh 'kay.

Jeremy: Makes me think you're the murderer (Inaudible). Jack: Are you cool?

Michael: I - Turned the corner, I think - Uh, I'm cool - I'm cool ---

Michael: Ohwoah, back up - There's someone behind y - Jack: OH -


Michael: OH HE'S BEHIND MEOHHEWEOOAOOOOHHHMYG(???) - Jeremy: Michael, run! ... Delta?

Michael: Oh my God, he didn't follow me... Jeremy: Do you have anything? Ryan: I do not.

Jeremy: Damn it... Ryan: I have nothing. Michael: The murderer ---

Geoff: HA - AH - Oh. Ryan: HA - HAA! Oh, okay. Michael: The murderer was green -

Jeremy: OHHP - Michael: But he may have changed attire.

[Murder Clue Pickup Ding]

Michael: I just saw him MURDER someone in front - Ryan: Wait - YOU'RE GREEN - AH! Greengreengreen! Geoff: I'M MAH -

Geoff: Well, I AM green but I'm not the murderer. Ryan: Are you sure? ORANGE?! Orangeorange!

Michael: I see... I see Delta, is that you, Ryan? Jeremy: Delta seems safe to me. Ryan: I am blue Delta.

Michael: Alright Greeeeen? Get away - Get away! Geoff: I'm fine?

Michael: Uh - Ud - I'm not trusting any fucking greens. Ryan: Geoff claims he's gooAHH, God - Jeremy: Oh God.

Michael: There ARE multiple colors...

Michael: There ARE multiple colors... There are multiple colors... Jeremy: It's me again.

Ryan: Who's got the gun - Who's got the gun?

Michael: I don't have the gun -

Jeremy/Ryan: [Talking over each other] Michael: Ohhhh GOD - A GREEN GUY IN THE WINDOW - RUN!!!


Jeremy: (Scared) Ohhh my God!

Jeremy: Oh no ---

Ryan: Still green?


Jeremy: Until you catch me, I am gonna out your identity.

Gavin: [Snickers] Jeremy: [Snickers] [Gasps]

Jeremy: Ohhh that was - That was... That was beast, Gavin. Follow that! Ryan: Which way are you goin'?

Gavin: Dammit, how do you get through the hole? Jeremy: Oh, I crouch-jumped.

Ryan: Where do I go where it's safe? Gavin: Www - Gck - Kkkk -

Jeremy: Watch out for Gavin. Gavin: I'm... Stuck in the window.

Geoff: So Gavin's green bad guy? Ryan: [Having problems] Jeremy: He is green Romeo.

Gavin: How do you - How do you become someone else, what button?

Ryan/Jeremy/Geoff: 'E'. Jeremy: Over their dead body.

Jeremy: Gavin MIGHT not be green Romeo anymore.

Gavin: It doesn't work. Ryan: He's gotta find one of his murdered people. LEGIT Ghost Jack: OoOohhh I think you need a clue~

Jeremy: You need one clue. Gavin: Oh, I need one clue - I don't have one.

Gavin: The - The dead of asi-chievement - ... Geoff: Was that - ?

Ryan: Ghost Jack - AHHHH! Jeremy: That was Ghost Jack~ Gavin: [Wheeze-Laugh Hybrid]

Geoff: [Happy Geoff laugh]

Geoff: Ghost Jack is very funny.

Jeremy: FUCK I need SOME clues - OH is that one? [Gasps](Whispering) It's a lamp!

Jeremy: Save me, Pixar...

Gavin/Geoff: [Laughing]

Jeremy: HATCHA - HAPPUH - TAHTUH - TETTUH - OH SSHHHIT OH MY GOD --- Gavin: (Chuckling) What's up bitch?

Jeremy: NO - Nono!

Jeremy: Nono, Gavin! Gavin: (Small Voice) Did I drop it - I did... I dropped the damn knife! [Short Laugh]

[In-Game Wood Impact] Jeremy: WOOOH - (Laughing) GAVIN ---

Geoff: HOAAAH ---

Geoff: HOAAH --- HOOOUUHH ---


Geoff: NUUUU --

Geoff: HooOack - Ahckaaa...

Gavin: Did I do it? - Everyone: [Celebrating]

Gavin: I killed everyone~ Michael: Nicely done.

Jeremy: OH I didn't even notice Ryan and Michael stopped (Wheezing) talking... Michael: Oh yeah!

Jeremy: It's like, "Wow, people are really concentrating." Ryan: I screamed.

Michael: Yeah, I uhhh, I had to stop myself, otherwise I'd just kept talking at the end of the last round.

Gavin: Did you really? Oh. Michael: It was right at the very end, it was like, Ryan not- Ryan shot me.

Jack: Alright, so if you are the murderer - You have to get a clue in order to - uh, change colors. Gavin: Yeah...

Jeremy: That's Ghost Jack (Laughing) (Inaudible). Michael: MAN, I was excited too. Everyone Else Except Geoff: [Ghosting]

Michael: I was... Looking at Gavin. Ryan: Alright. Jack: Alright, uh Juliet and Miko, are you guys cool?

Gavin: D'OH GOD, IT'S ROMEO - IT'S THE WHITE ONE! Jeremy: Oh my God, instant!

Michael: Where's he at? White? Jack: Alright - Miko's got the gun, Miko's got the gun -

Jack: White Romeo. Gavin: White Romeo. Ryan: Not - I mean, no reason to be racist in this matter.

Gavin: Romeo's white, he's got the knife.

Michael: [Humming an Action Tune] Jack: He's got any other name, it's White Romeo. Geoff: Who's Romeo?

Michael: Stick with me, boys. Jeremy: I saw... Gavin: I think it's Ryan...

Ryan: Uh no, I'm Juliett, I'm Juliett. Jeremy: Oh hi, I am Juliett as well. Gavin: Oh.

Geoff: I'm Miku. Michael: Woah.


Michael: Later, Romeo. Jeremy: Oh wow, nice. Gavin: Who was it?

Geoff: It was me. Gavin: [Laughing]

Michael: Dude, Geoff and I met in a doorway with a pause. Geoff: I wasn't paying attention -

Geoff: And I pulled out the knife to see it and I was like, "Oh, I guess I am the murderer." and then Gavin goes -

Geoff: "IT'S HIM!" Ryan/Jack/Geoff: [Laughing]

Gavin: So you... Got shot? Michael: I blasted him. Geoff: I got shot, yeah.

Jeremy: [Laughing]

Jeremy: Oh God, I thought that was a dead body in front of me... Jack: Hah! Ah!

[Asking Whoever whether if they're cool or not] [With a hint of panicked noises]

Michael/Jack: [Are-You-Cool-s] Jeremy: India? Fffffuck off.

Ryan: Alright.

Jeremy: Fuck off. Everyone Except Gavin: AHHH - AH! Hah!

Jeremy: EVERYBODY - Get out of here. Ryan: We're fine - We're fine - We're fine! Everyone Else Except Gavin: [Continued Panicking]

Gavin: What what what wot wot? ... What? Geoff: Stick together - Stick together!

Gavin: Who's India? India's... Who? Jack: Just relax. Jeremy: Fuck youfff -

Jack: Last time Michael and I were talking I asked him if he was cool and I got shot in the fucking back - Geoff: Safe - Safety in numbers.

Jeremy: Fuck off~

Ryan: Yeah, it's true. We gotta find some clues. Jeremy: (Threatening) Fuck off!


Geoff: AAHHH - Wha - ? Ryan: AHHHH! Gavin: Wait, I'M Yankee!

Ryan: Daack - Michael: Who's the murderer?! Jeremy: OKAY it's none of us, it's none of us, then!

Gavin: Which Yankee?

Geoff: HUUUH I GOT LOST, where'd I go? Who are you?! Jeremy: Yankee, India! Get over here! Gavin: Yeap.

Jeremy: We're safe, we're safe. Gavin: Oh, I see - What - Where?

Gavin: So you got five clues? Jeremy: No, I started with this.

Geoff: (Calm) Oh, wait, there's pink. Jeremy: (High-Pitched) OHHHH!

Gavin: GET - GET HIM! GET HIM! Jeremy: OWAGOD - NO! Wait! Geoff: Kill him!

Jeremy: I had to reload! Michael: [Giggling] Gavin: He's swiping at the fruit!

Gavin: Where'd he go? Jeremy: (Small Voice) I don't know...

Gavin: I'm sticking with you gunmire - gunman. Michael: Gunmire?

Gavin: Gunmire.

Jeremy: [Gasps] (High-Pitched) UHH!

Michael: DAMMIT! [Laughing] Everyone Else: [Laughing]

Michael: I was fucking waiting in an alley, I should've thrown it at you...

Gavin: How do you throw it, I keep drop - Ryan/Jeremy: Right click with - Ryan: It's got like, a power bar.

Michael: That's fucking awesome... Gavin: I just keep dropping it on my toes. Jeremy: Yeah, if you just click it you just drop it.

Jack: God, this game is great. Michael: This is FUCKING fun as hell!

Geoff: I can't believe we've never played this. Jeremy: Heyyy, what's up, Foxtrot?

Gavin: I'm blue Romeo... Michael: Being the murderer is so much fun - Oh, Foxtrot? Yeah, I'm good, are you good?

Jeremy: Yo, what's up? I'm Mikuuu. Mikuuuuu... Michael: Yeah, I see... Jack: Mikuuuuu...

Michael: I'm Miku, actually I -

Geoff: Oh waiwaiwaiwaiwaiwowowoah - Who are you? Who's blue Romeo? Gavin: I'm blue Romeo - I'm blue Romeo.

Gavin: Look, this is proof - this is proof this - Geoff: Who's Bravo - Who's Bravo? Michael(?): [Imitating Death Noises]

Gavin: This is my proof. [In-Game Spray Audio]

Geoff: AAAGH gross! It's hideous - that's what idd id - WAIWAIWoah -

Ryan/Jack/Geoff/Gavin: [Primal Noises]/[We're Good?s and the Are You Cool?s

Geoff: Chances are one of these people is the murderer. Jack: Awww, she's so pretty.

Gavin: I think Victor looks shifty, guys...

Michael: Hey, guys? I could say Miko? ... Miko seems... pretty... clean. Geoff: I dunno how I feel about Bravo.

Michael: Hey, guys? I could say Miko? ... Miko seems... pretty... clean. Ryan: Hey, no, Bravo's cool.

Jack: Where's Bravo, is he here? Jeremy: I'm liking Foxtrot, I like the look of Foxtrot.

Michael: Ee - I - Uh, you'd be dead by now, trust me. Jeremy: Meh - I... Alright, fair enough.

Michael: I would've killed you already. Gavin: Victor? Er, who's purple - er, who's blue Victor?

Jack: Me, that's me.

Gavin: Jack, are you cool? Jack: I'm oh you're (Laughing) real ugly-looking Gavin. Gavin: (Sad) I'm ugly?

Jack: (Giggling) Yes. [In-Game Spray Audio] Ryan: ONE of these people is the murderer.

Jeremy: I'm gonna head towards THAT clue. Jack: Awwwwwww...

Jack: Awww, so pretty... [In-Game Spray Audio]

Michael: Jeremy and I are clean. Jack: Not so pretty.

Gavin: Now it's like you're in bed with Panton.

Jeremy: OOH? Michael: Oh, get that clue, Lil J.

Jeremy: Alright, I'm gonna do it... Boop! Geoff: How do you get up there to get that clue up -

Michael: OH blue guy - blue Romeo, blue Romeo! Jeremy: Blue Romeo, you're not welcome here!

Ryan: (Threatening) Heyheyheyheyhey, you back off. Jeremy: (Threatening) You came to the wrong neighborhood, motherfucker.

Gavin: I was here the whole time! (Incredulous) I was here the whole time! Michael: Oh, behind you, Romeo - Victor?

Michael: Victor Victor Victor, wooaaahhhh... Let'ssss uhhh, let's chill out here - Jeremy: Someone make a goddamn move -

Jeremy: I will call you out like a fucking seagull. Jack: [Laughs]

Ryan: (Warning) HEYHEYHEYHEyheyeyey, hey! Geoff: No, it's cool - I'm not the guy!

Ryan: I don't believe you! Michael: Victor and Romeo.

Geoff: Just looking for clues, man! Gavin: It's Ryan or Geoff!

Gavin: It's Ryan or Geoff! Geoff: It ain't me! Michael: I think it's the - I think it might be Victor...

Jeremy: There's one - Jack: Wait, what?

Jack: Fuck you guys~ Gavin: Well, Victor's trying to have -


Michael/Jack/Ryan: Alright. Jeremy: Michael, we're safe - It's the - Jack: That's clue - Clueclueclue, oh you got it?

Michael: That one up top, yeah.

Geoff: How do you get the one that's way up top? Jeremy: It's - Jack: Hah?!

Jeremy: Okay, no - OH it's the blue one - It's definitely Victor -

Jeremy: It's gotta be Victor! Michael: OH, Bravo's got the gun - Bravo - Bravo!

Ryan: Where is he, where is he? Michael: Behind you; Victor! Jeremy: It's Victor!

Ryan: That guy? Are you sure? Jeremy: YES - Michael: NO - I'mmauh, I'm not sure but -

Michael: It's definitely not us, it's Victor or Geoff! Geoff: IT'S NOT ME! Jack: WHA - YOU, GODDAMN IT WHERE'S GEOFF -


Jack: Stop pointing guns at me!

Ryan: Someone make a call -

Ryan: WHO DO I SHOOT?! Jeremy: SHOOT.

Jack: Goddamn it! Jeremy: SHOOT. GEOFF.



Jack: Goddamn it! Michael: It's Geoff or Jack! Geoff: I'm not anywhere near you guys!

Jack: Don't point that fucking thing! Michael: That's how we know he's the killer, the killer killed Gavin; he wasn't near us!

Geoff: How do I get to the tall... Clue? Jeremy: Oh wait, wait a minute -

Jeremy: WAIT - It MIGHT not be Victor. [Laughs]

Jack: Thank GOD - No - It's not Victor! Michael: It's Geoff. Jeremy: It could be purple... whatever.

Ryan: It's totally Geoff.

Ryan: It's gotta be Geoff. Jeremy: Like, purple Oscar or whatever.

Ryan: I lost sight of - Oh? Jeremy: Okay - Uh, no - it's me, it's me.

Ryan: Alright, I lost sight of Geoff and then Gavin died.

Michael: Victor is... Uncannily suspicous. Geoff: IT WASN'T ME - AH? AHHH I SAW SOMEBODY -

Jack: [Laughing] Geoff: AHHHH - OAAHHHH!

Jack: Jit - Calm - Oscar - Geoff: STAY AWAY FROM ME! Jeremy: Ryan?

Ryan: What? Jeremy: I can prove myself to you -

Ryan: Okay. Jeremy: In one more clue, one more clue. Geoff: Stay. Away. From me.

Geoff: I don't want anything to do with any of you fucker-AHH - GREEN I SAW GREEN! Jeremy: Oh waiwhawunonono don't wanna go that way!

Geoff: You guys are all pricks... Michael: I only have two clues?

Geoff: Nobody ever fuckin' trusts Geoff! Jeremy: It's either - (Laughing) It's either Geoff or Jack...

Michael: You're a liar! Geoff: AHHH - It's Victor! Victor's bad! ... OH there's green!

Geoff: Just fuckin' go away - Go the other way, Victor, stop following me!

[Talking Over Each Other] Ryan: Wait, Jeremy! Jeremy! Jeremy: Where - what, what?

Ryan: Come to me, I'm behind you. Michael: Oh God, God... oh no! Jeremy: Behind me... Behind me... Where behind me?

Ryan: I'm behind you, up on the stairs! Jeremy: Wha - ?

[Talking over each other] Jeremy: Up on the stairs... Up on the stairs? Ryan: There's a clue up here! ... Look!

Ryan: You're green, right? Jeremy: That might be a different green. Michael: He's got a gun, Victor -

Michael: Victor is scared of the gun, I'm telling you! Jeremy: I'm Miku.

Jack: I'm scared of ALL fucking guns - I'm (Inaudible). Michael: I'm not afraid!

Geoff: It's true, Jack can't even go to the grocery store anymore. Jack: [Laughing] Jeremy: OH, Ryan?

Jeremy: I'm here now! Ryan: Yes, there's a clue over there. Jack: Oh yeah, there it is.

Jeremy: Oh, that's - that's a ways away though... Michael: You can't get that...

Jeremy: Alright, I'm going for it... I'm going for it! Geoff: How do you get to that clue, how do you do it?

Jack: You can't get through there. Jeremy: You gotta go a different way. Michael: Get... All the way around.

Ryan: Nnnnuhhh? Blue, you better back off. Geoff: Stay away from me, green - Why are you coming after me?

Geoff: It's green it's - ahhh, fuckin' - Michael: Oscar? Noooo... It's Oscar.

Geoff: It's NOT Oscar! I'M Oscar!

Michael: Yeah, I know! You're running away very suspiciously! Jack: [Laughing] Jeremy: Ryan if I -

Ryan: He's gotta kill somebody! Jeremy: If I get the gun, we can split the difference.

Michael: Ry - Ryan - It's one of em', Ryan. Ryan: That's true. Jeremy: (Laughing) One kills Geoff, one kills Jack.

Geoff: It's ABSOLUTELY not me - ahhck - Michael: OH SHIT IT'S VICTOR!


Michael: AHHH! HAHH! AHH! Jack: NAAOHH! Jeremy/Ryan: Heyyyyy!

Geoff: I TOLD YOU IT WASN'T ME! Michael: Hey guys, it wasn't Geoff!

Jack: (Laughing) Oh, God... Geoff: It's never me!

Jack: Oh my God, that was so much fun. Ryan: It could EASILY have been you. Gavin: Hey, uh, guys, I think it's time.

Jeremy: Yup. Michael: Oh, okay, next round?

Ryan: It's time? Jack: Ohhh shit...

Jack: Gavin's getting serious... Gavin's the murderer.

Michael: Good luck, boys. Geoff: What does that... "It's time" thing mean?

Michael: Team This-Side-of-the-Room. Gavin: (Terminator Voice-ish) It is done.

Jack: Oh you fucki(Laughing) are you all [Laughing]? Gavin: [Snickering]

Jeremy: (Inaudible) Jack: ALRIGHT, who's - Okay, Oscar, are you cool? Michael: Charlie, I'm cool.

Jack: Alright, we are cool - Michael: You weren't cool last time - Geoff: How do you -

Jack: I wasn't cool last time. Michael: I'll scream "Charlie" as my last breath.

Jeremy: I'm best friends with the first person I see. Jack: Okay. Gavin: I am black Golf.

Gavin: Is there someone dead already? Geoff: Who's green, who's Romeo?

Jeremy: Geoff, we're best friends now~ Geoff: Alright, Jeremy, it's not me - I'm not the killer.

Jeremy: Okai. Gavin: Someone already died! Geoff: Oh you're not the killer.

Michael: Who died, Ryan? Ryan: No, I'm still alive. Jack: Oscar and Charlie were right by each other -

Jack: When someone died. Gavin: Ryan - Uh, let's have a life check. Geoff: Where'd you go?

Geoff: Jeremy disappeared - Jeremy: I'm right here - I'm right here.

Gavin: Alright, is anyone dead? Everyone Else: Alive.

Michael: Everyone's alive!

Gavin: I'm black Golf - Michael: OH wowowowoah, who the FUCK is Golf?

Gavin: Me!

Michael: I don't like your name OR your look - He looks evil, look, he's wearing black. Gavin: Look, look, that's... that's my proof.

Jeremy: My name's Romeo and I'm looking for a Juliett to fuck~

Michael: Alright, Charlie has you - OHHHH IT'S GO -

Jeremy: [Laughing] Ryan: GOLF - IT'S GOLF - HE'S CHANGED - Oh God...

Geoff: Alright, where are we? Ryan: Alright, it's DEFINITELY Golf. Jeremy: Wait...

Jeremy: Geoff, did you just scream that - Who screamed that? Who died?

Ryan: I'm alive, I just saw a Golf. Geoff: I think it was Gavi - OH WOWOWOWOWOAH -

Geoff: There's Golf - It's Golf!

Gavin: [Gavin Scream] Jeremy: Fuck off... Fuck off!

Michael: [Laughing] [Talking Over each other]

Michael: It was ME, Jeremy, I'm sitting right next to you, I was like, "It's GO-", and then he killed me! Jeremy: Ohhh, really?

Michael: I SAW him murder Jack, and I got the 'G' out! Gavin: (Laughing) "It's GO-"!

Jack: [Laughing] Someone: (Low-Voice) It's guh -

Jeremy: [Laughing] Michael: We put the shades on and everything, Gavin!

Jeremy: It was so loud that I couldn't tell who it was.

Ryan: What was the shades supposed to do? Michael: Jeremy just goes, "Who did it? Who yelled that?".

Jeremy: (Laughing) I thought it was Geoff but Geoff was next to me so I was concerned - Jack: Who's Yankee - He's just staring at the wall...

Gavin/Ryan/Jeremy: [Talking Over each other] Michael: Oh, sorry - It's me.

Geoff: Alright everybody's here, everybody's here - ALRIGHT - Here's what we do - Everyone Else: [Panicking]

Geoff: Here's what we do: Everybody just put your back to the wall! Everybody put your back to the wall! Michael: Get away from me! Get away from me!

Geoff: Where we'll just stare at each other til'... Til' forever. Michael: NO.

Michael: I'm just running away. Jack: There's only five of us, who is the sixth missing? Jeremy: OH, actually Geoff...


Jeremy: I'M LOOKING AT YOU! ... OH GOD, RUN... Michael: Run?

Jeremy: UHHH - HUHHH - NU?! Michael: Did uh - Did he kill Gavin, is Gavin dead?

Jeremy: LEMME OUT! Jack: He's pink, he's chasing him! Michael: Gavin's dead!

Jeremy: HA - YOU CANNOT - HERE - YOU LITTLE PRICK! Ryan: AHH - AHH? HAHH! Michael: I hear gunshots!

Jeremy: (High-Pitched) HAAAH - HOOOH - Michael: (Distressed) SHOooOt HIIim! KiiILlL hiIiM! [Gunshot]

Jeremy: [Laughing] Geoff: You fuck... Gavin: Ohhh, that was comedy!

Ryan: I was just trying - I was just testing the knife to see if clicking would bring it out... Jeremy: I just climbed on top of a box - [Laughing]

Ryan: Oh - Yeah, if you have the knife holstered just clicking will... Pull it out. Gavin: I've never had a gun.

Michael: You never WILL have a gun. Gavin: (Sad) Oh, uh...

Jeremy: Uh, Geoff - When you said, "Everybody, put your back to the wall." - Hey, Echo... Um... Geoff: Hey.

Jeremy: That's actually - The murderer will start smoking if he doesn't kill someone. Michael: Chill out, Echo - What're you doing?

Jack/Geoff: Oh, really? Michael: What're you doing, Echo? Geoff: What's up with November?

Michael: Who the FUCK is Charlie - There's a dead guy right here! Jack: [Panic Noises] Jeremy: FUCK off~

Michael: Jack? DON'T YOU FUCKIN' MOVE. Jack: I totally missed that - NO, it wasn't me I uh - Oh, okay -

Jack: Uh, it's not me though - I swear to God; it's not me. Ryan: Alright, Oscar, Are we good? Jeremy: Yes, stop stalking me.

Geoff: Foxtrot's following me - Foxtrot - Purple Foxtrot - If I stop talking, it was PURPLE FOXTROT. Gavin: Nonono - I, are you November? [Laughing]

Gavin: Geoff, d'ohh, Geoff, there's a clue in here. Ryan: India's got the gun. Jack: Oscar?

Ryan: I'm just gonna get behind India. Michael: Nobody's getting behind me! Jeremy: Ryan, I trusted you -

Gavin: (Giggling) "If I stop talking, it was purple Foxtrot."...

Michael: I'll fucking shoot somebody. Jack: [Laughing] Gavin: Oh, Geoff, you're picking up clues like crazy.

Geoff: I'm trying to...

Gavin: Geoff, I'm gonna stick with you for when you have the gun.

Geoff: Alright. Jack: I'm gonna stick with Michael.

Jeremy: Uh, why am I by myself? Michael: Everyone's being fucking sneakyyy...

Gavin/Ryan/Geoff/Jack: OHH/WOAHWOAH/HOH - Michael: IS YOU - IS IT YOU, OSCAR?!

Jeremy: [Laughing] Michael: IS IT YOU OSCAR?!


Jeremy: DAMMIT! [Laughing] Michael: You bastard!

Michael: LITTLE J!

Jeremy: [Laughing] Michael: It WAS you! You're tryin' to hide in the same alley you killed ME in!

Ryan: [Short Laugh] Jeremy: Who had the gun? Michael: I did.

Michael: I did. Jeremy: Dammit, I saw you walk past the alley and back up - Jack: Who got killed immediately that round?

Gavin: No one - There was a dead body - Jeremy: Sometimes they, uh, left over.

Jack: Ah, okay. Gavin: I was asking that last time... Geoff: HA - OHWOWOWOwoah.

Ryan: You good? I'm good. Geoff: I'm good are YOU good? Michael: Jack I almost put you away... OH FUCK?

Geoff: Guys, I don't know about Ryan - Yellow Ryan! Ryan: Look, I'd stab you right now, red Zulu. Michael: Dude, Golf just rained from the heavens.

Ryan: Red Zulu? If you're not stabbing me, I'm not stabbing you. Okay, we're good. Gavin: That's me I'm red Golf. Michael: Alright, I'm cool, Gavin.

Gavin: Right, I'm with purple Tango, and we seem to be cool. Michael: Yep.

Gavin: Well, you're kinda blue actually. Jack: Purple Tang - Oh, wait, you can get a multiple of the same name?

Gavin/Ryan: Yes. Michael: Yes yes, yes, there's six - there's only so many names available, Jack.

Michael: You can't have six different names. Ryan: It's only character models. Geoff: If you -

Ryan: There's a dead India right there.

Gavin: There's a dead Echo, as well. Geoff: HOWOWOWOWOH, Lima.

Ryan: Geoff... Take it easy - Geoff: Hey, Limalimalima, come here -

Ryan: I'm tryin' to get over there. Geoff: How do you get over there to get that? Michael: (Singing) Limalimalimachame-leonnn~

Ryan: You gotta go round the outside. Michael: It's a fucking pain in the dick. Gavin: Oh, there's guys out here, Micool.

Michael: I don't like other people, I trusted YOU, Golf. Gavin: Lima? Ryan: Hi guys. I'm going for this thing, up here.

Michael: Yellow Lima... Yellow Lima! Geoff: How do you fucking... How do you jump over there?

Ryan: Hup? Ohwowoahkay, I don't know you guys - Back off, Tango. Jack: I found you guys. (Incredulous) What? Michael: (Suspicious) Tangooo?

Geoff: [Woah Intensifying] Michael: OH, we're all converging here, we're all converging here - This is a murderer's playground!

Geoff: I'm with Lima... Lima? Ryan: Alright. Gavin: Does anyone wanna be with red Golf?

Ryan: Let's go this way. Gavin: Oh wait, who's Zulu? Geoff: I'M Zulu!

Gavin: Wait, I thought you were November? Geoff: (Sad) No... Alright, you got a clue. Ryan: Yep, look out uh, who's that, behind us?

Geoff: That's Golf. Ryan: He's still following us. Gavin: No, I'm Golf I'm good. Michael: Golf - Golf's cool.

Geoff: Here I'mmana tell you something right now, Golf. Gavin: Yeah?

Geoff: Get too close and see what happens. Gavin: Oh, yeahyeahyeah I appreciate your gun. Michael: I bet it's Geoff...

Michael: He's probably the murderer AND a bystander... Gavin: Oh, look, who's this? Who's this? Oh it's blue Tango, we like him. Michael: I'm cool~

Ryan: I'm gonna vouch for Geoff, Geoff had a good chance to stab me and he didn't. Michael: I'm telling you - Well, it can't be Geoff he's got a gun!

Geoff: I do. Ryan: Alright...

Michael: And the Golf's cool, I'm cool - Jack: Where the fuck is everybody? [Laughing]

Michael: It's gotta be - Wait, where's Jeremy - Waiwaiwait, Jeremy, are you still alive? Gavin: I think it was all a drab.

Michael: Jeremy's dead.

Michael: Jeremy is dead, listen; Jeremy's dead. Gavin: Jeremy? Ryan: Okay.

Geoff: How do you get up there? Ryan: I don't know. Michael: It's gotta be Geoff or Jack. Gavin: OH NO! Well we didn't even -

Gavin: Ohwowowowowowoah, woah, woah - Jack: Why is it always Geoff or me?!

[Woah-ing] Michael: Because we were all together!

[Woah-ing Intesifies] Michael: It all -

Jack: There's a clue right there, someone grab it!

Geoff: How do you get it?

Ryan: I can't get up there! Michel: You shoot Jack, and then Geoff. LEGIT Ghost Jeremy: (Ghosting) JUmp on the doOOrrr...

Gavin: You got a knife, bro?!

Geoff: Who. Is. It? Jack: [Laughing] Gavin: You got a knife?!

Michael: Ghost Lil J said jump on the door.

Gavin: I think it might be yellow Lima. Ryan: It is NOT yellow Lima. Michael: It ain't me!

Michael: It ain't Golf, and it ain't the guy with the gun. Gavin: (Low Voice) Who killed Jeremy... Jack: [Soft Laughter]

Jack: Wait, who was always the one to kill Jeremy? Ryan: What if Jeremy isn't dead? Michael: DON'T -

Gavin: What if Jeremy's the killer? Ryan: What if he's punking us? Michael: Oh dude... Dude, GOLF's trying to get behind Zulu so I don't know, now, I'm questioning Golf.

Geoff: I AGREE, I agree that Golf was definitely trying to get behind me. Michael: He might have a knife.

Michael: He was tryin'na get behind you - YEAH! Gavin: OH YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT ME? No I'm cool - I'm cool!

Michael: You were running behind the guy with the gun, I have no fear of the gun, I will gladly stand in front of it. Gavin: I wanna be near the gun - Look, this is proof -

Jack: Waiwaiwait, there's four of us here, which one of us isn't here? Ryan: I went looking for more clues.

Jack: Awww shit... Michael: It's Ryan or Jack... Ryan: It's NOT me - I'm looking for clues!

Michael: Is it Golf? Jack: Why the fuck are you not here with us? Gavin: Wait, wait, I've had a revelation... It's you.

Gavin: It's you! Michael: It's Golf - It's Golf - Golf's gonna kill me, he's gonna stab me -

Gavin: It's blue Tango - You've, you've - You've mislead me! Michael: Golf's gonna stab me, I'll yell "Gggck" as I die -

Ryan: Is it Golf? Michael: No - It's Golf, I'm telling you.

Gavin: Micool, I BELIEVED you... Ryan: Well, it's only three of us at this point. Michael: I trusted you early on -

Gavin: I trusted you-we were together alone and you didn't kill me! Michael: YOU'RE the killer! Jack: How'd you get a gun?!

Ryan: I... Got enough clues! Michael: Well, he can't be the murderer - It's gotta be Jack!

Jack: Why is it me?! Michael: It's Golf or Jack - Because, because - Because he's got... He's got a gun - It's Golf or Jack.

Michael: It's Jack. It's Jack. It's Ja - Gavin: It's YOU, Micool! It's y - [Gunshot]

Ryan: [Laughing] Michael: OH, you've killed Gavin; He was innocent, it's Jack! IT'S JAC -

Jack/Jeremy: [ Laughing] Jack: Yeaaas!!!

Over 9000 Michael: I TOLD YOU IT WAS JACK!!! Over 9000 Gavin: WHO SHOT ME IN THE FACE?!?! Over 9000 Everyone Else: [Laughing]

Michael: (Half-Stroking, Part-Angry, Part-Trying) GEOFF - KILLED - GAVIN - IT WAS JACK! Geoff: I didn't kill him!

Jack: [Laughing] Michael: I KNEW IT WAS JACK!

Jack: Yes!!! Geoff: How'd you get a gun, Jack?

Jack: I didn't. Ryan: I shot him, I did it.

Michael: Ryan got a gun, he - Geoff: Oh, Ryan killed Gavin? Gavin: RYAN, you blasted my head off!

Michael: And then Jack went nuts! Jack: I immediately killed Jeremy.

Michael: DAMN IT! Gavin: I'm sorry I doubted you, boy. Jeremy: I walked up to Jack and I was crouching, just being an asshole -

Michael: I'd - I knew... Ryan: Too much chit-chat, somebody had to die.

Michael: I knew it was Jack when I knew Gavin really thought it was me, I was like, "Fuck, then it's not Gavin - It's gotta be Jack!".

Gavin: [Laughing] Michael: And Ryan just bipped you! Ryan: [Laughing]

Jeremy/Gavin: [Snickering] Ryan: Look, somebody kept - [Gunshot]

[Mass Panic] Jack: I have a gun, sorry - sorry. Michael: Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

Ryan: Jesus Christ. Jack: Sorry, I was trying to put it away and I fucking shot.

Ryan: Everyone kept shouting "Golf", so I plugged Golf! Gavin: [Laughing] Jack: How do I put it away? There we go. Jeremy: Scroll, scroll!

Jack: Well, it doesn't matter now, I have the gun. Gavin: It was SO abrupt. Ryan: Woah -

Jack: Oh, those are dead bodies, from the last round. Michael: Jack, you're standing on top of them. Jeremy: Jack, I am Romeo... ?

[Talking Over each other] Geoff&Ryan: [Arguing] Jeremy: I'm gonna tell you that - (Inaudible).

Geoff: Hey, there's a... There's a - There's a - Jeremy: HOOOH - WOAH!

Ryan: That's weird, it was - AAHHHCK -

Michael: Alright, Ryan got bipped... Jack: Alright, I was watching, uhhh, green...

Michael: It's Gavin, and then it was Gavin. Jack: Uniform, so you are clear, green Uniform is clear.

Michael: That's me! And then, Ryan died. Jeremy: And then I was right behind you~

Geoff: I'm alive. Michael: No Ryan died. Jack: Oh, yeahyeah sorry, Ryan died.

Michael: Geoff was near US, Jack, I think it's Gavin.

Gavin: No, I'm green Lima. Jeremy: No, Lil J is innocent, Lil J's got three clues -

Michael: Fuck you, it's Gavin or Lil J. Gavin: I'm green Lima. Jack: Alright.

Michael: I didn't think it was you last time, but now - Jack: Uniform is clean, I can vouch for that. Gavin: It's definitely not me.

Jeremy: Give me ONE clue - Gavin: Guys, guys, guys, if I was the murderer, you'd all be dead already~

Jeremy: Shut up you murdering bitch...

Gavin: This is me. [Nice Dynamite Mating... Sound Thing]

Geoff: I don't trust being around Gavin - Gavin: OOH - Michael: [Laughing]

Jeremy: OH? ... OHHH... UHH... Michael: It wasn't Gavin, you killed him!

Michael: (Snickering) Gavin got aNNIHIlated! Jack: [Laughing] Jeremy: Uh oh, who's left?

Geoff: Uh, I'm alive - I'm not going anywhere near you trigger-happy fuckers. Jeremy: WAIT.

Michael: Who - Jeremy: Michael, did you pick up the gun?

Michael: I sure did - Who the FUCK is Romeo? Jeremy: It's Geoff! That - That's me! That's me - I only need one more clue to prove myself!

Michael: Alright, well, guess what? It's definitely NOT Zulu... Jack: Okay...

Jeremy: I know it's Geoff! Jack: It's not me -

Geoff: It ain't Geoff and you guys should stay the fuck away from Geoff. Michael: It sure wasn't Gavin! Jack: [Laughing]

Jeremy: Oh, Geoff it's not you? Huh? Guess who's gonna bust out of this room! Michael: Where are you Lil J?


Michael: (Raging) HE WAS BEHIND YOU WITH A KNIFE! YOU IDIEH! Geoff: [Laughing]

Gavin: I had the best angle of that.

Michael: Fucking Geoff jumped up behind you and was slashing at you violently and I tried to shoot him and I murdered you!

Jeremy: [Laughing] Jack: Well, I picked up the gun after you dropped it from dying and I shot Geoff.

Jack: (Laughing) I killed two people! Michael: Yeah, but you were right the second time, Jack.

Geoff: Hey, when the murderer, does the murderer sprint with shift or... Jeremy: Yeah.

[Talking Over each other] Jeremy: (Threatening) Back. The fuck. Off. Jack: AAHH -

Geoff: WowowowoWOWOWOAH - Michael: OH GOD -

Geoff: You know it's not me because it was me last time! Jeremy: That doesn't MEAN SHIT Geoff!

Geoff: Never twice in a row! Jack: Oh, it's probably Geoff. Michael: You're full of shit.

Gavin: Alright, tell me who to shoot... Who's Charlie? Is this Jack? Ryan: Get away from me.

Gavin: Jack are you Charlie? Jack: I am - I am pink Charlie, yes.

Jeremy: There's a witness over there- Geoff: If I stop talking, it was pink - errr, green Quebec. Ryan: I WILL plug you.

Jeremy: (Incredulous) Wha - Fuck off, Geoff - I didn't take anything out! Ryan: Right, we good? We good.

Jack: X-ray is clear. Ryan: I will point a gun at you, I swear to God. Michael: Chill out. Geoff: I'm just gonna hang out, RIGHT here...

Jack: Huh, Kilo... Gavin: Wait, who's who - Who's Kilo? Michael: I'M Kilo.

Gavin: Are you sure? And you're not the killer? Michael: (Snickering) Yes, I'm sure! - I'm not killing shit - Jack: Oh, green -

Michael: Get away from me - I'm seeing what happens to Gavin everytime someone thinks he's the killer. Jack: [Laughing]

Gavin: It's green - Green's the killer! Michael: Green who? ... Green who?! Jeremy: (Incredulous)(Laughing) I'm NOT the killer!

Gavin: Green just looked at me and ran away.

Ryan: Iuuuhhh - You keep steppin', you keep stepping!

Michael: ZULU, MOVE! (Laughing) Fucking get out of my way! Ryan: Gun - Gungungun -

Jack: I've got a brick! I've got a brick! Ryan: Awww - Who's shooting at?

Michael: (Laughing) He's carrying a fucking brick! Ryan: You can pick up anything like - I hit you with that dresser last round.

Jack: Oh God - It's Kilo! It's Kilo - Turn aroun - Gavin: HOOOOOOAAAAH! HOOOOH - Michael: YES!!!

Michael: YESSS!!! Jack: Oh God damn it - Oh shitshitshitshitshit!

Jack: EEH? UHHH? Oh God, it's Kilo, you've got a knife! Jeremy: It's Michael, isn't it?

Jack: Awwww

Jack: Awwww shit

Jack: Awww shit shit

Jack: Awwww shit shit shit...


Jack: Um - UH, who's left?! Ryan: I'm alive. Geoff: I'm left! Jeremy: I am!

Jack: Okay, yeah - It's Kilo... Ohhh shit... shhhh - Jeremy: Oh, Gavin's dead, that's it. [Laughing]

Jack: Oh, he can see my footsteps, can he? Ryan: Where's the gun, WHERE'S THE GUN?!

Jack: It was up on that top area, I'm running back over to it!

Michael: (Snickering) Damn it... Ghost Gavin: [Gavin Squeak] ... (Squeaking) There, you've got it -

Jack: Uh? Oh, X-ray - It's over here - Ryan: He's not even hiding anymore!

Jack: OHH - Ryan: WHO'S GOT THE GUN?!

Geoff: OH NO WE - THERE HE IS! Jeremy: Jack, I need two more clues - I can help!

Geoff: There's a clue over here - OH HE'S COMING AT ME - I'M GONNA THROW A BICYCLE AT HIM!

Geoff: AHHH IT DIDN'T WORK! Michael: (Snickering)

Geoff: I DODGED HIM SO - AhHck.

Jeremy: OHHHH NOOO!!! OH NO! Michael: (Amazed) How the fuck did you jump over that?!

Jeremy: Uh - Cause' I'm a man. Michael: Oh, crouch-jump. Got it. Ryan: God damn it, I need one more clue!

Jeremy: Ohhh, Ryan, I think I have him distracted!

Ryan: I need to find A clue! Jeremy: Ohhh God... Ohhh God, I think he's right behin -

Ryan: OHHH - AH! Oh God? Jeremy: Stay away from green; I'm leading the murderer!

Ryan: Well, he's not behind you anymore. Jeremy: Oh, nevermind then...


Ryan: Oh no, is it just me? Oh, there it is... Jeremy: Yup, fuck off. (Laughing) Michael -

Jeremy: Oh God - Ryan I'm buying you precious time - Ryan: Why are you behind me?!

Jeremy: I'm NOT behind you! I'm - Michael: Woops. (Scoffs) Ryan: We should've gone different directions!

Jeremy: I'm buying you precious time. Ryan: Okay. Michael: (Annoyed) You fucking Little bitch...

Jeremy: [Laughing] [More Laughter] Come onnn, Ryan! Ghost Gavin: [Gavin Squeak] Ryan: I need ONE clue!

Jeremy: (High-Pitched)(Whimpering)(Laughing) RYAN - Get the last clue! Get the cluuuuuuue, Ryan! Ryan: I'm trying to find one! Why aren't there any clues?!

Michael: (Angry) GODDAMN YOU JEREMY!!! Jeremy: [Laughing]

Michael: JOT - JAT - HOW DID YOU - THAT - WHAT?!?!

Jeremy: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Michael: YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! Ryan: Where is he Jeremy, where is he?!


Michael: WHERE'D HE GO?! Jeremy: AAAAHHHHAHAHAHAAAAH!!! Ryan: Jeremy, where?!

Michael: OHHH FUCK, you went up, you piece of shit! Not bad. Jeremy: [Whimper-Croak]

Ryan: Where is he?! Michael: [Snickering]

Ryan: Jeremy, give me something! Jeremy: [Whimper-Croak]

Ryan: Alright. Okay. Jeremy: [Croak] OH, Ryan this way, this way... Michael: That was amazing, Lil J, that was amazing, Lil J.

Jeremy: BEHIND YOU! BEHIND YOU!!! Ryan: AH - HAH! [Gunshot]

Ryan: NO!!!

Ryan: NO!!! NO - NONONO!

Ryan: RELOADING - Jeremy: NAAAOP - NUP - Ahhhrck - Michael: YES! DEP - GUP - DARR - YES!! YES, DID I KILL HIM?! DID I -

Michael: YEEEES! YEEEEES!!! [Laughing] Gavin: That was amazing! Everyone Else: [Laughing]

Michael: Jeremy you little bastard! Jack: Wow! Gavin: Jeremy was being such a jebby little prick!

Michael: God... Damn, dude! Jack: Lil J just jumping around.

Jeremy: When you were chasing me up the logs and you were like "You went upstairs", I just dropped down and hid behind the box.

Michael: Oh God... God, you totally fuckin' lost - I totally lost you, that was awesome. Geoff: That was so cool.

Michael: God, this game is aMAZing! Jack: Tango, you clean? Ryan: Tango's clean.

Michael: Sierra's clean, X-ray? Jeremy: While I swipe that clue~ Ryan: Alright.

Ryan: Gotta get some clue-hunting going. Jack: Geoff's awful quiet. Michael: Dude -

Geoff: I'm f - uhh, I'm fine. Gavin: Ohhh, got myself a clue! Jeremy: Wait. Jack: Oh wait -

Jack: (Inaudible) gonna have a clue? Jeremy: Is everyone alive? I just a lot of bodies.

Jeremy: Gavin? Okay. Gavin: Yeah. Is everyone alive? Michael: Life check.

Ryan: We got four people in the rotunda. Geoff: Wowait - Sierra. Michael: Jumping Quebec, jumping Quebec.

Geoff: HooOOO I'm gonna jump to you~ Jack: Oh God, Quebec - It's - [Panicking]

Michael: Wait, five of us are here - Five of us are in the same spot - Gavin: Wait, who's not here? Jeremy: I'm not - I'm missing.

Gavin: YOU'RE missing? Geoff: Jeremy's the killer! Michael: The killer is here or it's Lil J. Jack: I saw Quebec swinging -

Michael: You saw Quebec swinging? Jack: I swear to God, I thought I - Ryan: Woah - WOWOWOWOAH -

Geoff: I'm just jumping - Michael: Quebec is jumping like crazy.

Michael: Oh shit! I have a gun. Gavin: I'm staying with gunny. Jack: Yeah.

Michael: Alright, who's the killer? Whoever's the killer, walk in front of me and I'mmna shoot your fucking face. Jeremy: Michael's got a gun and an itchy trigger finger.

Michael: HEY - LISTEN! [Gunshot] Geoff/Gavin/Jack: [Woahs and Heys] Jack: [Laughing]

Michael: Everyone listen to me: Jeremy/Jack: [Laughing]

Michael: I know I only fired once, but for some reason, I felt the need to empty all six bullets. Gavin: [Chuckling]

Michael: Who's the killer, is it Little J or is it somebody here? Geoff: I think it's Little J. Jeremy: Michael - I am one clue from proving that -

Jeremy: - It's not Little J. Geoff: I think it's Little J. Jack: Already?

Ryan: You start plugging people, and it's not - Not's - Geoff: I think it's Jack.

Geoff: It's Jack, it's Jack, it's Jack, it's Jack. Jack: Nonono, it's not me - It's not me.

Jack: It's not X-ray. Geoff: Jack's the killer.

Ryan: Which one's Jack? Jack: I am almost positive, it's Quebec. Gavin: I feel we need a rollcall.

Gavin: Fooo - Which one's Quebec? Jack: Right here, on the box.

Geoff: It's not me.

Geoff: Keep Jack away from me, though.

Ryan: Jeremy, right here - Right here, come to me - Back down the stairs. Jeremy: Wherewherewhere? Geoff: Jack is the goddamn murderer.

Michael: Is it Jack or Geo - OOOHHCK -

Jeremy: Uh - Jack: Oh - Ryan: Somebody got got!

Jeremy: So it wasn't you, Ryan. Jack: Who the fuck - So it wasn't Geoff, it wasn't Quebec.

Geoff: It's not me. Alright. Jack: Alright, Geoff, you and me are cool - Jeremy: [Gasps] It's Gavin!

Jeremy: Gavin - Are you Hotel?! Gavin: Wait, wot? What - Who?!


Jeremy: (High-Pitched) AAAH! Gavin: GAAACK - [Snickers] Everyone Else: [Laughing]

Michael: Nice. Jack: (Laughing) "I'm gonna kill this person and you're gonna watch it."... Gavin: I cannot put the knife away, I kept holding it!

Geoff: Alright, let's do one more and then call it a Let's Play. Gavin: Oh God, it's too fun. Jeremy: Alright.

Michael: This is... This is just WORLD class! Jeremy: I love this game...

Gavin: I was such an idiot; I went silent after I murdered Micool. Michael: Yeah that's why I laughed, Gavin, you're allowed to talk!

Geoff: Alright, Quebec. Gavin: I didn't know (Inaudible). Ryan: Miko, you cool?

Gavin: Uhhh, yes. Ryan: Uhhhhhhh, stop following me, then. Michael: You stabbed me right in the gut.

Gavin: I was just the killer I'm not gonna be the - Ryan: You could be the killer you - Geoff: Oh it's Tango, Tango? TANGO -

Ryan: Oh, uh - Uh - Michael: Oh, uh, Geoff yelled, screaming 'Tango' as he died.

Jeremy: Was that what it was? Jack: Wait what, he wasn't screaming Tango! Michael: Yeah - He definitely was!

Ryan: It's Jack - You - Michael: He's definitely absolutely went "Tango, tang-ahckckckkc - ". Gavin: It's Jack, Jack the Terrible Liar Pattillo.

Michael: Ohhhh, we - He could've said anything! Gavin: Haaa!

Ryan: Get in, I'm barricading us in - Come on come on come on - Gavin: Are you throwing a dresser at me? Jeremy: Geoff COULD have said anything.

Gavin: What's that? Ryan: I dunno, something crunched - Jeremy: OH NO, Tango! TANGO - IT'S RED TANGO - UHCK -

Michael: Hey guys, I still totally think it's Tango! Jack: It's totally not Tango. Gavin: We gotta find some clues, Ryan...

Ryan: So, who's got the gun? Founded dead X-ray. Jack: It's totally not Tango. Michael: I found two fake clues already, I think it might've been Geoff or Lil J.

Michael: Well, if one of them had the gun, it should be on the ground.

Michael: Oh God, who's that? That's Quebec... Gavin: Oh wawawait - Miko? No.

Michael: That's Quebec down there. Jack: Okay, so where are you guys? Ryan: There's dead Golf.

Ryan: I'm following his trail of murder.

Michael: I'm trying to find...

Michael: I'm trying to find... A gun, or a fucking single clue...

[Stab] Michael: I'm trying to find... A gun, or a fucking single clue... I'm scared... Oh -

Ryan: 'Kay... Ghost Geoff: [Snickering]

Ghost Geoff: [Snickering] Ryan: 'Kay... There's clues near me... Gavin: [Heavy Breathing]

Gavin: KKKKKKKKKKRRRRRWOOOOHOAH! Ryan: WOAHWOAHWOAH What's happening? Gavin, what's happening?

Gavin: I just...

Gavin: I was a witness...

Ryan: What did you witness?! Jack: (Calm) What did you witness, Gavin?

Ryan: Is it just you, me and........... Wait... Jack! Gavin: Wait, waiwait... Jack: (Calm) You wanna tell me, Gavin?

Gavin: Ryan, which one are you again? Ryan: I'm brown Uniform.

Gavin: Okay, so Mik - Miko... Purple... Like, light purple is the killer.

Ryan: Light? Okay, well, what are you? Just tell me what you are and I'll shoot anything else. Gavin: I'm - I'm... I'm yellow Mik - Miko.

Ryan: You're yellow Miko. Gavin: Yeah, uh, shoot the el - Huh?!

[Gunshot] Ryan: I missed! Gavin: AAAH!

Gavin: NO!

Gavin: NO! RYAN, NO!

Gavin: HOAAAH! Everyone: [Laughing] Jack: Yes!!

Geoff: What a way to end it! Michael: That was awesome! Jeremy: That was awesome, Jack!

Jack: That was great - I switched bodies with somebody and then stood right next to somebody else and just slaughtered [Laughing].

Gavin: I was uh, I walked in on you stood over a body, and I watched you become them and I was like, I was just like - ... - and you just walked off, I was like "HeEEAH!".

Geoff: [Laughing] Alright, let's uh, let's stop. Jack: That's great~ Michael: [Laughing]

Gavin: Oh, that was... Too good... Jeremy: God, what a game.

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