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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Q&A 1 | Learn English with Robin

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okay hello everyone I hope you can see

me I hope you can hear me my name is

Robin Shaw and this is my channel Shaw

English and I'm doing not my first live

stream but one of the first live streams

I did one live stream before but this

one hopefully is a lot better than my

first one anyway welcome to this live

stream and I'm so happy to see you guys

I haven't had a chance to talk very much

on this channel and I hope to change

that I hope I can talk to my students

more and interact more and of course not

just me but my other teachers too so

hopefully I can get ester doing live

streams here and also Fanny teacher I

hope she can do some live streams too

so welcome I'm just gonna check the chat

here to see what kind of who are my best

students because the best students of

course are the ones that came here early

they came to class early and they've

been waiting for their teacher and the

first student I'm seeing here is called

deepchand are you still heat here and

I'm sorry if I mispronounced your name

or names everyone's name I met Abdi

Marcone Torres

Kimberly pedrera hello I'm from Canada

I'm mark Cole and I'm a Canadian teacher

I think most of you know that well I

don't know if you know me but now you

know me and I my name is Robin I'm a

Canadian teacher all right

oh sorry Gaby okay we have a lot of

people coming in coming in Christina

Ortiz guarana okay

Marcelo welcome guys Oh someone has an

Arabic name I can't read Arabic yet Lou

fita yeah today is is just a QA as as

there's no special lesson not yet but

the purpose the purpose of today is I

have to say why I have to say thank you

very much because this past few days the

channel passed four hundred thousand

subscribers Wow four hundred thousand

subscribers and I was shocked and happy

of course I'm very happy that so many of

you have subscribed to the channel but I

also feel guilty because I haven't been

releasing many videos I don't think I

released a video this month but I hope

you know I am preparing videos I have a

lot of videos that will be released next

week well I will start releasing next

week but remember guys this channel is

is not my main job right this channel

doesn't make enough money to to survive

on and I get it I give most of the money

to the teachers who teach on this

channel I at a college and I have

another job so this is more of a hobby

channel but I am trying to get more

content for you guys anyways thank you

very much for subscribing and supporting

and I would love for this channel to

grow to 500,000 subscribers and I would

love to make new content with better

teachers than me right I'm a teach I'm

an English teacher but of course I'm not

the best English teacher and I hope to

bring better teachers to the channel and

we need support we need support for that

right guys so if you want to if you want

to see more of Esther and Fanny or me

please support us a week we can make the

time and we can make new videos for you

that's what we would love to do and I'm

checking in the comments a lot

you guys are saying thank you hi teacher

hi hi you're coming in from all over the

world and I'm so happy I'm really happy

to see you guys and / cars here I can

see one of my favorite students per car

thank you for joining us per car and per

car thank you very much you just gave a

donation thank you very much per car I'm

from Canada all right and again I have

other news I do have a second channel so

this is my first channel I have a second

channel the channel is a YouTube channel

it's called learn English live so if you

go to

English life that goes to my if you like

live streams that that channel only has

live streams and Esther is teaching

there every Tuesday already she's

teaching at 1530 GMT you to UTC you know

a universal time and every Tuesday she

teaches grammar I teach there 13:30 I

put down there daily I'm not every day

but I will be live most most nights in

the week I'll be live so go to that

channel right now or after this

livestream subscribe this is where

you're gonna see a lot of live streams

so okay so if you enjoy live streams and

you like talking to the teacher directly

Esther or me that is the channel you

want to go to this channel we might do

one or two live streams a month but most

of its gonna be on this channel okay

guys so be sure to go there and

subscribe and support that channel

alright I'm checking the chatroom again

I can still see a lot of people coming

in to say hi of course I can't say hello

to everyone but again I'm very thankful

for everyone because we passed

400,000 subscribers I guess the next

goal is 500,000 all right so that's the

news that's the update now I'll just go

into English Q&A at this part does

anyone have any questions or comments I

can answer some easy easier English

questions I can't get into too

complicated English questions because I

don't want to spend too much time on a

question but if you have any English

questions or comments about the channel

or you'd like to send a message to one

of my other teachers esther fanny let me

know now in the comments I can see wrong

sir love your Instagram work yeah my

Instagram is growing that's I think

that's around 50,000 subscribers so join

Instagram Twitter I haven't done much

Twitter but also my Facebook page and I

was easier your class passed very

quickly because you're an excellent an

excellent teacher you forgot to put an


I gotta correct your English an

excellent teacher Arthur go through get

through Arthur I'd love to help you with

go through and get through can you give

me a sentence because go through and get

through can have many could have

different meanings depending on the

sentence give me a sentence for those

Arthur and I'll help you out the best

way for me to help you is if you give me

an example sentence and then you're

asking about the vocabulary or grammar

about that sentence flying heart

how should I learn English speaking more

fluent or you want to speak fluently

flying heart Wow every day every day of

my life a student asks me how can I

improve my English how could I speak

fluently every day and I do have the

answer I know the answers I've been a

teacher for 20 years I know how to get

students from 0 to 100

first of all of flying heart it depends

on your attitude do you have a very

positive attitude and also you're very

diligent all right because you have to

give a lot of time for English so if

you've got a positive attitude you're

diligent you're hard worker and you have

time becoming fluent is still not easy

but you can get there quicker so

basically flying heart and everyone else

there's four core English skills I'm

sure you heard this before from your

teacher or other YouTube teachers

reading writing speaking listening you

have to practice you better be listening

you have teacher says you have to

practice every day every day you should

practice all four skills reading writing

speaking and listening so you've got to

make the time to practice those skills

every day and don't just practice

speaking every day you got to practice

writing to get your listening up and

read one of the things a lot of students

especially this this generation they

don't like to read but reading is very

helpful to helping you to become fluent

all right

let's see if there's any more quick an

answer every question but I'll do my


Rabi motor how can we put adjectives in

order now in my channel my teacher Fanny

she did make a video about adjective


and I'll just quickly put the link up

you know we don't want to play that

advertisement I'm just kidding the link

she did a great video about adjectives

orders so there's the adjective order

video I'm not gonna teach it here

because she did a better job teaching it

alright flying her good i hope i flying

her I don't know you I don't know all of

you but I sincerely want to improve

everyone's English here and I hope you

guys listen to not just my advice but

other teachers advice it really takes

there's no easy way to learn English it

takes time it takes effort

but I as I said I've been a teacher for

over 20 years I have seen students

improve when they put in the time and

effort Lili Corrales I like your tips

from Instagram vogue for SSC how to

speak on past you're talking about past

tense I can't teach all of past tense

now that would be a grammar video but

this is exactly what Esther teaches she

teaches tenses grammar tenses every

Tuesday so check that out on the other

channel hi from Venezuela hi teacher can

I have hi again

Simon I want to speak English like

native speakers can you tell me the best

well go to an english-speaking country

is the best and talk to English native

English speakers but if you can't do

that again you got to practice everyday

the four skills reading writing

listening and speaking

Sara watt Lucic itch where are you now

Korea or Canada or what time it is what

time is it

well I am NOT in Canada right now I'm a

Canadian teacher but I'm a Canadian and

I'm a teacher but Canadians already

speak English so I traveled and I moved

to South Korea so I've been teaching

English in South Korea for almost 20

years and I'm still teaching at a

college here in South Korea so that's my

home now and it is 1140 3 p.m. on Sunday

she does is it's possible to become

fluent in English yes it's possible

folk folk you should say she speaks


she speaks English that's the sentence

you want to use you don't want to say

she does speak English alright teacher

you now ace school I don't know what you

mean by a school let's go mr. fix what

are you talking about let's go hunting

together me cat

my English is very bad but I love this

language well you sound like a student

that I would love to teach and I don't

think your English is bad your sentence

there is not bad magna I your from my

other channel hello could you please

tell me the main difference between two

and four could you please tell me the

main difference between the following

sentence this gift is for you this gift

is to you well we would use number one I

have a gift and I want this gift is for


so you I intend you to get the gift it

is for you now the gift is moving to you

but if we're giving a gift we would say

this gift is for you now number two this

gift this to you that means it is you

know similar meaning right almost the

same but it means you are the let's say

you are the person that should get the

gift so this letter is too

you this letter is to her that person is

the person who should get the letter

this gift is for you similar meaning but

depending on the situation we would use

different I would need more sentences to

help you more unfortunately right now I

can't spy sir I have tried to speak but

I was thinking before speaking yes bye

that's every student goes through that

you just keep practicing and you'll get


Haeju lux what's your favourite writer

you should say who's your favorite

writer I'm an English major and I see

use Canadian British spelling

I like let's see I like Ernest Hemingway

even Shakespeare all kinds of I guess

though most of the writers I like are

dead but I used to read a lot of books I

don't read so many books now so a modern

favorite writer I'm not sure Rama Chanda

Rao sir phonetic symbols and sounds I

want I think you're talking about the

IPA the International phonetic alphabet

and you can find the IPA any dictionary

that do you live on Facebook I don't

live on Facebook

Krishna I want to learn English please

help me yeah I make videos to help you

Vietnam I've been to Vietnam Mon poop

teacher I want to study writing while

writing a common error is people think

writing has two T's writing only has one

T remember that students professor

Foxtrot Foxtrot my English is the best

absolutely tremendous CNN's English is

fake sad that's a very interesting

comment professor Foxtrot

I have no reply for that oh this guy's

named Ching Shankar ah God ah ah sorry I

don't know how to pronounce that help me

in pronunciation we make pronunciation

videos all the time keep watching the

channel this week we have some more

pronunciation videos coming out son man

thank you for all the roses hey John I

want I want to read in English what's

your favorite writer and what's your

advice for me well for reading my advice

is always read at your level don't go to

the bookstore and buy a novel you should

step by step guys when you start reading

start with a lower level book don't go

out and buy Harry Potter your Harry

Potter is too advanced too big too long

that a lot of students buying them I'm

gonna read Harry Potter in English it's

too difficult you want to start at your

level find your level and then you know

after you you get a habit of reading and

reading and getting the new vocabulary

then you can move on to more difficult

books but don't start with the most

difficult books because you're not going

to finish that book and you're gonna

hate English I want you to love English

so we need to finish a book and get that

accomplishment alright sorry guys I

can't answer every question again if you

want to ask I can give more detailed

questions on the other channel so if you

go to the other channel like tomorrow

night I'll be there and I can give more

detail or detailed answers and what does

it mean by sha sha is my name

Robin sha this is my channel okay

I live in Korea oh I'm trying to get

through your comments here I'm reading

I'm reading everyone's comment but I

can't answer every one so I'm kind of

choosing who I answer spy now TM your

English properly not good what are you

talking about spy new Gihon hue long

which book should I read to improve my

vocabulary read at your level go to the

bookstore find a book that is your level

start reading I don't know your level I

don't know everyone's level here so it's

very difficult for me to recommend a

book om MST my english is bad what can I

do to practice English keep practicing

English that's these are in languages

are skills they just take practice lots

of practice to improve her friend picker

thank you

Lulu Robin you what I lived over 15

years in Germany and I tried to be

perfect in writing skills and so on but

I couldn't so because of your

recommendation I move last month to the

UK reading to be fluent because of me

really if that's true please send me an

email anyone can send me an email

shai education at if if you're

making life decisions because of what I

say please tell me in an email cuz maybe

I can help you out more

alright alright alright I'm check-in

down the air ok there's a lot of

comments so I can't answer everyone

reading everyone's some of you are

saying kind things thank you Michael wat

pool how old are take to improve I think

you want to say how long does it take to

improve depends on much time all of you

students I hope you're studying English

every day so please if you're studying

at least at least at least the minimum

is 30 minutes every day every day guys

30 minutes you must be studying if you

have more time give it to English to

zetas hello hello from China Eric oh

pretty cat hello pretty cat I already

answered your questions in the other

livestream you at you said what is the

difference between used to and used to

that you have the same thing there is

only used to there's only used to

mon poop i want to be a writer

yeah Lulu I'm not gonna answer everyone

but I got a train answer see what I'm

doing is I'm reading and I'm looking for

common questions that can help everyone

excuse me Oh nose is itchy hmm

Loulou three hours a day

great Lulu but Lulu I'd like to know

what kind of study because three hours

of good way to study and there's could

be you could be doing three hours of a

bad way to study so I would like to help

you be more efficient in improving your

English Lulu come Iran yeah I hope to I

am from Thailand I've been to Thailand

many times and Russian or Ukrainian guy

how many how much information should I

understand to watch movies to improve

listening skills again like if you're

studying reading don't go to Harry

Potter first and if you're studying

listening don't watch a two-hour movie

these are two big guys you you've got to

start small

alright reading get a lower level book

if you want to watch something in

English I recommend YouTube videos not a

two-hour movie if you start watching a

two-hour movie you're not gonna learn

you're just gonna get exhausted and

tired and you're gonna hate English

start with a scene like one scene maybe

there's a movie and you like one scene

just watch that scene study that scene


no one's gonna learn English by just

plugging in a movie sitting down

watching two hours and hoping they can

understand it's not going to happen it

can happen if you watch hundreds of

movies you might be able to learn in

but if you're just watching one movie a

month when only English that's probably

not gonna be very helpful or a good way

to use your study time Michael stas 0:03

Michael Agatha Christie's audiobooks

sound good Michael any any audiobooks if

there are at your level so if you're if

you're listening and you understand most

of it if you don't if you have problems

understanding most of it stay away it's

too difficult what's the difference

between English is a second language

English as a foreign language it means

the same thing so you're talking about

the difference between ESL and EFL they

mean the same thing you're just teaching

English as another language in both

cases they're another language reading

books reading - I'm not a grammar

teacher I'm a reading teacher that means

i i don't like teaching grammar directly

to students i know Esther and Fanny the

female teachers on my site they love

teaching grammar but I always recommend

reading because reading you will

naturally learn grammar as you're

reading and vocabulary so I like the

natural way of reading but you got to

read a lot you read a lot you will get

the grammar you will get the vocabulary

Jose I've been studying English for a

long time I need to improve my

pronunciation memorize new vocabulary

and practice and practice I like what

you're saying there Jose but I don't as

a 20 years as a teacher one word I don't

like is the word memorize

yes it's it's important to memorize some

some vocabulary or some things in in

English but I don't like memorize as a

study a main study method so yeah

remember memorization or memorizing

stuff is good but I hope that when

you're studying vocabulary you are

reading new vocabulary in proper context

so that's what I suggest you Jose start

reading more less time memorizing


Sanjay hello I want to know about

English well what do you what question

do you have Michael what time you're

teaching or time are you talking about

online or offline online I teach on the

other channel if you guys are late

there's another channel learn English

live go to the other channel subscribe

I'm gonna teach their daily almost every

night I do Q&A helping students go there

if you want an English teacher this

channel I'm not going to do live live

streams like this this one is special

because they came on as kind of because

we got 400,000 subscribers on this

channel I'm very happy about that and

you just wanted to come on and thank

everyone for supporting the channel

elidio Krishna what is the best way to

learn English or reading Michael stalls

3 what does it mean GMT alright let's

talk about the time so again this is on

the other channel not this channel

it says 1530 GN

tu tu u TC GMT is Greenwich Mean Time

and UTC is universal time so to find out

what time that is in your country you

have to use a time converter so I'll

recommend an easy time zone converter so

here I'll put a link so in the time zone

converter you would put 15 30 or 30 I

teach at 13:30 GMT so you put GMT or UTC

and that will tell you what time it is

in your country hello Janelle so in

Poland yeah UTC in Poland I think you're

my first time I'm talking to the are you

polish yeah 5:02 oh wait wait wait

13:30 I get 3:30 p.m. then pull in 13:30

oh I lost that on the other channel

learn English live 13:30 is 3:30 p.m.

you could ask Google about GMT time in

your city yes bonden you have you have a

good you have a good good advice for

everyone ask Google

don't ask Robert as Google

all right pretty cat no teacher used to

and be used to for instance I used to

kiss my cat and I am used to working

hard okay you gave me sentences now I

know what you're talking about so I used

to I used to means before I did it

before I don't do it now in that way we

use used to ii used to I'm used to

working hard means I've been working

hard a lot that it's very familiar with

me so yeah there's two meanings of used

to thank you for your example sentences

to help me out too to teach you but I

think pretty cat you already know I

think you already know the difference

between the use tous unis Talib thank

you sir for all free courses in this

channel I learned a lot of things from

you good job sir it's very interesting

I'll follow your course in the new

channel thank you very much Eunice Telep

just typing here

I I have three monitors and they all do

different things all right what's the

day John asked what's the difference of

either neither if you check that link

Johanna I just put a link there that

goes to the other channel and actually I

taught a livestream

about neither either last month so hope

you go there watch that livestream it's

not live for you but I think all the

information is there thank you Lulu

yeah some people's name is in Arabic and

I can't read Arabic IELTS well hope for

IELTS well first of all you have I can

give you help right now you you have to

spell IELTS this is how you spell IELTS

and AAA what is the difference between

the free video for learning languages on

YouTube and the course that you should

pay for it is a difference is huge well

in 2019 my opinion is you do not have to

pay for an English course I don't have

an English course on my website I mean

pay every there's so much information

about English out there grammar

any English topic you can find

information for free so I I'm of the

opinion that you don't need an English

course you don't need to spend money to

learn English what you should do is

support teachers that you find helpful

support channels that you like that

you know instead of paying for a course

buy me a coffee every month or if you

really enjoy my teaching buy me some

dinner so but some people need a course

now a course has value because it pushes

a student so usually a course has a time

schedule you have to learn this then you

have to learn this and it pushes

students so if you're a student who is a

little bit lazy and needs a little

pushing you gotta pay for a course to

give you more structure but if you're a

student that works well if you can if

you couldn't do your own time management

and self-study you can learn any

language free all right I'm gonna move

on sorry I'm not gonna talk too much

about everything all right how prom fee

okay I read it thank you

I'm reading a reading do you teach on I

taki no I don't teach on I taki I teach

I teach

they're here I teach on YouTube that's

what I do

there's also Skype class if you're

interested in Skype classes you can ask

about that

alright the Russian guy I am interested

in proving listening and speaking skills

you should be interested in improving

listening speaking do not ignore reading

and writing you should improve all four

skills at the same time reading writing

listening speaking they should all be

going up together all four start

practicing every day just to get a

little bit of all four I'm very active

in whatsapp whatsapp group you can check

below this video in the description of

this video there's a link to my whatsapp

groups I have another Facebook group I'm

very active in these groups I help a lot

of students there for free all right see

you Michael

Sydney from India how can I understand

your pronunciation do you understand me

Cindy I don't know thank you ways BM

thank you ways BM Skype there's skype

classes but the Skype with me Fanny or

Esther other teachers but the Skype is

not free you got to pay for Skype when

there's many students today

well we and this is on the other channel

at 10 what is the best way to learn

become English native go live in an

english-speaking country or read a lot

so now why I can't understand movies

because movies are difficult start with

easier easier stuff hello sir how are

you Raj at Kumar I'm doing fine my

problem is I don't have reading or

writing but I have a problem on speaking

so I don't have a problem reading or

writing but I have a problem with

speaking I think that that is a big

problem for all students watching now

you don't have someone to practice

speaking with I understand but it's 2019

and there are there are foreigners in

your city wherever you are there are

foreigners there so you're gonna find

those foreigners especially the English

speaking foreigners so there's a lot of

apps that can help you

I recommend the meet up app meet up app

they don't give me money but it has

worked for students you it's not a

dating app it's not a dating app it's

like a club or activity app you can do

it to download that app and I'll show

you all the kinds of clubs and

activities foreigners do in your area

and you can join and go meet those

foreigners for example there might be a

hiking club where the foreigners meet

every Saturday and go hiking you can

join that group and you could make

English friends there might be a

photography club or some sort of Club

you can find and go once a week some of

them there's also language exchanges you

meet the foreigners practice for

speaking you got a you got to be

aggressive you got to go out there

wherever you are in your city find the

English speakers become friends with

them Michel I have a teacher from a

talkie who I pay $5.00 per 30 minutes

well that's a good deal

$5.00 per 30 minutes that's a good deal

jose-luis Santos hi teacher what can I

do for improving my listening well you

got to listen to YouTube there's lots of

YouTube videos find a YouTube channel

English YouTube channel you love start

listening Lulu try try no pain no gain

gays you can't say gays

be careful gays you want to say guys

Jenelle I'm croisé AK from nurse Sultan

I don't know and there's something I'm

gonna check that quickly Kazakhstan

that's in Kazakhstan have indications

then yet alright pretty cat if I say he

has a car in passive if I say the car is

owned by almost got it pretty cat you

want to say him the car is owned by him

mario's thank you

Tuan on mean I can't pronounce your name

is a Vietnamese name what do you teach

today I don't teach today this is just

English Q&A so if you have any English

questions let me know and I will try to

answer I love you teacher

well teacher my name's Abdullah from

Algeria hello I'm Robin from Canada so

could you please advise us about the

best way to master the speaking skills

pronunciation spelling fluency well

Abdullah you're asking a thousand

questions because there's so many

answers are so many so many things I

need to tell you unfortunately I can't

tell you all all the secrets and tips in

this video but I can give you a bit by

bit every day again check out my other

channel I'm doing live streams and

answering questions and Abdullah that's

a probably a better place because

there's less students there it's a

better place to ask those kind of

questions because I have more time I

don't have much time right now Lulu so

thank you Lulu for recognizing your

mistake and now we fixed your mistake

forever I hope toin on mean on fire on

fire would mean very active it's usually

in a positive way so I'm reading your

sentence walking all day with my mind on

fire I can't stop thinking of you where

did you get that sentence that's not a

usual English sentence we would use it

commonly he's on fire which means he's

he's do whatever he's doing he's doing

really really really really well he's

he's awesome

risky hello sir I am from Indonesia I

would like to ask you how to easy

understand grammatically is it correct

well your sentence is not correct or any

questions not correct risky I'm really

gonna recommend to you to start reading

more everyone here reading fixes your

grammar and vocabulary read English

every day read Facebook read Twitter

read books read comic books read

webtoons I don't care what you read in

English read everyday you will you'll

gain vocabulary and you will naturally

start to fix your grammar so again I I I

do not I'm not a grammar teacher other

teachers are different for grammar I

recommend reading another teacher for

grammar they want you to study grammar

directly I'm not that teacher I push all

my students read more Jenelle are you

married I'm not married I'm in Korea

alright thank you sue ma got coal I

couldn't speak perfectly uh Sanjay keep

you know what guys I'm try to give a lot

of resources I got this live stream now

I got videos I got social media if you

check the description of the videos I

got whatsapp I try to give resources to

help you guys these are tools to help

you improve your English so you know

participate in the channel join some

social media talk to me more and

certainly you know I'm not going to give

you all the secrets right now you got a

you got to talk to me again and again to

learn many things I have a lot to say to

you every student here I've

anything's to say about how to improve

your English unfortunately I can't say

them all right now and I'm losing my

voice so we're gonna we're gonna have to

end the livestream in a few minutes I

might come back next Sunday to this

channel but if you want to get

information again join the other channel

I am there almost every night answering

questions and helping students right now

we have about 117 people watching in the

other channel there's about 20 to 30

people it's it's a closer group we can

interact more I can answer everyone's

questions sir have you ever been to

Indonesia yeah I went to Indonesia last

year I went to Indonesia I went to

Jakarta and Bali pretty cat thank you

for your questions pretty cat don't

worry about it

Gabi says teacher how can I use while

when I am doing two things at the same


well Gabi I'm not good at thinking of

example sentences because I'm doing a

live stream and I'm worrying about many

things and now you're asking me for

example sentences I was thinking about I

was thinking about my upcoming vacation

while I was doing the dishes

alright I gave an example sentence here

we're using while because we're doing

two actions at the same time thinking

and doing the dishes thinking about the

vacation doing the dishes I hope that

helps you with while I can't teach

everything about while right now

read BBC if you enjoy reading BBC read

BBC if you don't like reading BBC don't

read BBC hello Edison Jamaa from India

hi so Tehran and Wien you're asking

about a song

I don't interpret songs okay I can give

an opinion but songs are not songs are

like poetry this is not standard English

so expressions you you see in songs

might not be the usual way or the usual

expression that people use in daily life

so I can't my mind is on fire yeah that

could mean it's very active like a fire

my mind is on fire

Jos any Asst good for you

thank you five-star technology thank you

oh you guys are saying nice things

anyway I the purpose of this live stream

is to thank you guys because I hit four

hundred thousand subscribers km just

okay what are you talking about I'm not

sure is that wrong no at ten Oh brah I

will probably come to this channel once

or twice a month for live but if you

want to see me more you got to go to the

other channel you gotta go to that

subscribe at learn English life you got

to go subscribe there because I Esther's

there every Tuesday

I'm there daily almost every day not

every day how many new words do I have

to learn per day

don't think of English or how many words

do I have to learn every day the key is

reading read every day so if you have a

choice to spend 30 minutes learning new

vocabulary from a list or 30 minutes

reading you throw that list away and you

spend that 30 minutes reading and you

read every day I promise you I know your

vocabulary will get better than studying

lists yeah I can I could English read

but not sentence replay well you're at a

lower level just keep at it

Jen hung Wang Taiwan is Republic of

China why do you feel you need to say

that here all right thank you I'm

reading your comments guys thank you


hey while I am learning I don't care

about accent good the way British or

America speak is that gonna make a

problem my philosophy and other teachers

will disagree is you I never want my

students to care about getting a British

or American accent these are just

accents you do not

nobody needs to talk with a British or

American accent but if you plan to live

in America or work in America you should

use an American accent if you plan to

live in the UK or England if it's

Scotland England or Ireland you should

have the accent of that area if you're

gonna live there if you have no plan to

live in America or live in the UK

you do not need a British or an American

accent I think a lot of students are

crazy because they spend so much trying

time trying to master a British or

American accent when they don't even

live in that country

these are accents these are not these

are not the best you know no accent is

better than another accent the purpose

of English is to communicate information

that's it that's the purpose of any

language I have information and I want

to give you the information

the sound of the information doesn't

matter all that matters is when I I

whatever I say in English you understand

if you understand what I say that I'm a

good I speak English well if you don't

understand what I say then we get into

problems but it's usually not accent

problem all right all right all right

Oh terrine hello what do you know about

ever lit effortless English course well

I don't know about effortless English

course but I do not like the word

effortless English takes effort so yeah

a lot of youtubers or other courses they

want to attract a lot of people by

saying you know I will make you fluent

in six months or I know the easy way to

study English these are all lies lies

lies lies lies lies it takes years to

improve your English sorry guys you

don't want to hear it

well I'm gonna tell it you're not gonna

be fluent in one year you're not gonna

be fluent in six months it takes time

effort yeah but you keep at it you know

as I said I've been a teacher 20 years I

have seen to like two students

they start at the same time and they

started to improve their English one

student quits the other one keeps

working at it and the difference after

two years is amazing two years of daily

English you're not going to be fluent

yet but you're going to be upper

intermediate advant lower advanced if

you're living in an english-speaking

country it's a little bit different but

if you're not living in an

english-speaking country English takes

effort there's nobody on this planet

there's no course that couldn't convince

me there's such a thing as effortless

English now I don't want to say that

program is bad just I have a problem

with the name of the program but the

program could be a good program I don't

know so I can't really comment how do

kids learn a language without reading

they listen a lot yep

uh yeah Fadi I'm gonna Arabic name I

don't know I can't read Arabic Fannie's

I'm gonna release some Fanny episodes

this week

Roderigo hello what's the best way to

watch movie or a series

well Mehdi to watch a movie or a series

first if you if you guys really really

really want to watch a movie first you

watch that movie with your country

subtitles your language subtitles so for

example if you want to watch if you want

to study English through a movie and

let's say you want to study English

using what's a good movie to study

English let's say you want to watch like

a Marvel movie let's use end game the

new movie this month

so you want to watch The Avengers end


first you watch that movie with your

language subtitles okay that last show

that movies pretty long for studying

English so it's about three hours but if

you really want to use that as an

English study tool watch it three hours

with your language and you watch it with

your language first because you want the

entertainment you want to be entertained

by this movie so you watch it

in your language you're entertained okay

so the first time you're entertained

it's done the entertainment is done all

right now it's time to study second time

you watch the movie I would recommend

watch it in pieces don't sit down and

watch three hours to study English say

I'm gonna spend one month watching this

movie so you plan maybe like 20 minutes

a day and in that 20 minutes you have

the English subtitles all right and as

as the movie is going and you're

practicing you're listening and you're

watching the same scenes again and again

you could see the English subtitles you

go you go through the movie with the

English subtitles watching scenes

multiple times after a month start to

watch it with no subtitles alright you

have to go through this process if you

just turn on Avengers and game no


you sit there three hours you're gonna

learn nothing you're gonna learn nothing

that's too difficult step by step guys

sorry I've been talking too much about


alright I'm gonna end this live stream

in about two minutes so any final

comments get them at no more questions

guys just any final comments

all right I'm just I'm quickly reading

all right by Lulu for a movie I often

use English subtitles yeah that's good

there you can understand me that's good

did Marvel pay for your ad no actually I

was the only movie I could think of

because I don't have time to see a lot

of movies but actually I wouldn't

recommend Marvel you know as a study

tool but if if you enjoy Marvel movie

you want to study things you enjoy if

you like a certain kind of movie or a TV

show study it

Krrish I can't pronounce your name choir

Anisa what if I speak English and

there's a mistake in my grammar I've

been speaking one hour and there's been

multiple multiple mistakes in my grammar

nobody is a perfect grammar speaker

don't worry about making mistakes the

only way to improve your English is by

making mistakes if you don't speak

you're not gonna improve you have to go

you have to make thousands of mistakes

before you can improve it one style John

best dictionary app please I wrecked

well when I use a dictionary I usually

use Oxford or Cambridge or just Google

those are the dictionaries I use I only

trust Oxford Cambridge and Google if I

need a quick answer there might be

better learners dictionaries I don't


Ramadan Kareem that's your name I'm not

gonna remember that rabid Ramadan I'll

try how could we learn grammar the best

possible way the only way in my opinion

to learn grammar and master grammar is

through reading exam door how to be able

to speak like you you have to go to an

english-speaking country or spend a lot

of time in your country

Mariam hello all right thank you all

right guys I'm going to finish up now if

you want to see me again you got to go

to the other channel I'll be there

tomorrow night

Esther we'll be there Tuesday again all

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thank you guys for watching and I'll see

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on this channel maybe next week or the

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link here alright guys

wherever you are have a good day

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