Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Missing, Presumed Death [HQ] - RuneScape Quests

Difficulty: 0

My sister has gone mad, mortal. She summons creatures to devour the souls I strive to protect.

I cannot help her while her beasts relentlessly harry me in the Underworld. My task is too important, and the stakes too high.

I cannot help her while her beasts relentlessly harry me in the Underworld. My task is too

I teeter on the brink of failure, but you can succeed. I believe she can be saved. Redeem her, adventurer. You must.

How dare you have the audacity to attack the followers of the great Saraderp!

What are you talking about? It was you who attacked us.

Ah, another devotee of Seren to back me up.

Enough of your lies, elf. Saradomin knows Seren has a presence here. He will deal with her.

Your god is a liar. We communicate with Seren through the crystal singers in our homeland. How could she be here?

We were given information that she would be. If she hasn't returned, then why are you so far from home?

We were told we would find Saradominists here, so we could make you answer for your crimes.

Why would he want to do that?

Lure them here? Perhaps I shouldn't have trusted that informant.

How do you know all this?

After your antics in Guthix's chambers, I'm not not sure I can trust you, adventurer. You sided against Saradomin.

Can't you see he's managed to manipulate all of us? Our quarrel is not with each other...

That's for Saradomin to decide, not you.

Even now we know the truth, you still won't accept a truce?

The fact remains that you follow the wrong god. I do not trust your kind.

What do you want?

Mind your tone when you speak to me, human. The events unfolding here are of great importance to my master, Zamorak.

My lord would not allow a Zarosian Mahjarrat to claim godhood without challenge. He has come to see with his own eyes.

He walked the same path himself, many thousands of years ago. He will know better than anyone if Sliske has ascended.

Defeated? You fought bravely alongside our forces on the battlefield - you saw that Saradomin made his followers do his dirty work.

Zamorak may be weakened, but he is far from defeated. We remain loyal to the god of chaos and we will see him reign.

We suffered heavy losses at the Battle of Lumbridge. Many Zamorakians were forced into retreat.

The Mahjarrat you see here have their own interests in mind. They are not true servants of our master.

They show more interest in their selfish goals of ascension and pathetic rituals. It will

not be long before Zamorak denounces them.

Moia and Moldark, alongside others, are left to recover what's left of our forces while

the Saradominists lick their wounds.

Mark my words. We will strike back.

It would seem your arrogance knows no bounds. You may have defeated me, but your efforts

were futile. I got my desired result.

With Guthix dead Zamorak has returned, and with the Mahjarrat's loyalty in question I

have taken my rightful place amongst his highest generals.

Don't make me put my strength to use, human. Get out of my sight.

What do you want, Human. (if not aligned with Armadyl.)

You don't know who Armadyl is? He is the god of the aviansie, the most selfless and benevolent

of all the gods.

Armadyl represents freedom and justice. He believes all races of Gielinor can live in

harmony, and champions a future of peace.

You are lucky to be stood upon his sacred ground, at an event that will echo through


Support Armadyl and rid Gielinor of war once and for all.

We are the bodyguards of Kree'arra, champion of Armadyl.

We have been chosen to take his place while he assembles Armadyl's forces for his return

to Gielinor.

It is our duty to loyally serve in the name of Armadyl!

Armadyl is back. Our people will unite once more and take to the skies.

Unite? Even when Armadyl left us we stood strong against those who opposed us.

And now he will take us beneath his wing. No longer will we be lost, we will rise to

the clouds!

I remain cautious, what if he were to abandon us again?

He thought us destroyed! Armadyl will give us new hope and bring justice to the realm

of the gods. He won't leave us again... He can't.

He has grieved our dead long enough. We must take action or join them in the eternal flight.

Glory to the aviansie!

No! The Empyrean Citadel belongs to Armadyl!

This great citadel was once Armadyl's seat of power in Gielinor, where the wisest of

the aviansie held court.

In our absence, Sliske has taken it as his own to host his ascension.

Sliske's arrogance has hastened Armadyl's return.

In the past, only the most noble of aviansie could enter this citadel. Sliske's presence

here is an insult to our ancestors.

We will reclaim the citadel and put an end to this sacrilege!

Kree'arra didn't want to bring you harm. His mind was torn. He followed what he believed

to be the right course of action.

Although you defeated him, he doesn't feel aggrieved by your actions. He respected your

right to defend yourself. Flight Kilisa: If he'd had his loyal bodyguards

by his side, the outcome would have been a different story.

Talking to KharshaiEdit Before Koschei's Troubles

(He does not appear) After Koschei's Troubles

Kharshai: Ah, adventurer. It is good to see you again.

Player: Why are you here? Kharshai: The Mahjarrat are at each other's

throats in the name of Zaros and Zamorak, the survival of our race is at risk.

Kharshai: Now Sliske threatens to introduce a third side to this senseless feud. I must

be the voice of reason. Player: What will you do if their argument

escalates here? Kharshai: For now I patiently observe. There

is little I can do to stop them alone, but the peace will hold for the time being. Zaros

has yet to return. Kharshai: I can only hope those that follow

Zamorak will see sense as I continue to advocate peace. They are increasingly difficult to

reason with. Player: What have you been doing?

Kharshai: I still have a fondness for the Fremennik people, but they know little of

what I have become. Kharshai: I have spent time educating them,

showing them the history of our race and working to reduce hostility towards the Mahjarrat.

Kharshai: I have also spoken to a few of my race, advocating neutralitiy and trying to

calm the current conflicts. Kharshai: It is not an easy task.

Player: How are you finding your new form? Kharshai: It has taken some getting used to

but I must say, it's quite an improvement. Kharshai: I feel raw power coursing through

my veins. I don't feel pain like I used to, and I'm sure my intellect has increased.

Kharshai: But somehow there is something missing. A capacity for emotion that I can't quite

put my finger on. Player: Goodbye.

Talking to General GraardorEdit Before The Chosen Commander

Missing After The Chosen Commander

General Graardor: I know you. You squishy little human that defeated Bandos' avatar.

General Graardor: You lucky he not angry. He respect your skill in combat. I can't wait

for chance to prove myself against you! Player: Why aren't you trying to fight everyone?

General Graardor: Bandos keep peace with gods for now. So Graardor keep peace with puny

followers. Player: Bandos is here?

General Graardor: Little mask-man promise big fight. Big, big fight. When it starts,

me smash you first. Smash, smash, smash! Player: Who's Bandos?

General Graardor: Who is Bandos? Bandos is Big High War God. Strongest of all the gods.

General Graardor: He band together the goblins, ogres, orks and trolls for glorious victory!

Player: I defeated you in Guthix's chambers. (Unlocked by The World Wakes)

General Graardor: Graardor not know what silly human is talking about. Graardor got

bored of fight and had more important things to do.

Player: Goodbye.

Talking to Zarosian MahjarratEdit Player: Why are you Zarosians here?

Azzanadra: Zaros is ever present, but he has yet to return to Gielinor. We have come to

represent him in his absence. If you sided with the Zarosians in The World

Wakes Azzanadra: You chose wisely in Guthix's chambers,

adventurer. Zaros will be most pleased. Player: Did Sliske invite you?

Azzanadra: He did not. As fellow Zarosian Mahjarrat, we believed he would welcome us

inside. Wahisietel: It would seem only the gods themselves

were deemed worthy of invitations. These undead brothers refuse our entry.

Azzanadra: With such powerful beings gathered here, it is only a matter of time until someone

breaks in. Wahisietel: And it will take more than some

of Sliske's wights to stop them... Player: Is Sliske still Zarosian?

Wahisietel: He has always been selfish; now he has the arrogance to claim godhood? I seriously

doubt his loyalty to the Empty Lord. Azzanadra: Sliske has his own methods Wahisietel.

We do not know the extent of his loyalty... Wahisietel: You think yourself wise but you

are a fool not to distrust him Azzanadra. I will not be a part of this latest deception.

Azzanadra: We have no way of knowing if he is still loyal to Zaros, Sliske has always

played his cards close to his chest. Player: Do you believe Sliske has ascended

to godhood? Azzanadra: It would seem he has completed

the steps to become a god, but I am not sure I believe he has ascended.

Wahisietel: What we believe is irrelevant, what we know is important. Sliske is not only

mischievious; but he is also dangerous. Wahisietel: I'm not even sure he trusts himself.

Azzanadra: Do not make the mistake of underestimating him adventurer, as so many have.

If you have completed The Temple at Senntisten Player: Ask about Senntisten (unlocked by

Temple at Senntisten) Azzanadra: Your help in rebuilding the Temple

at Senntisten is recognised, adventurer. We regard you as a friend of Zaros.

Azzanadra: The Empty Lord may not be here physically, but he is soon to return.

Player: How do you know? Azzanadra: I have finally made contact with

him. He is far from here, on another world, but when he returns the Temple at Senntisten

will be his home. Player: Goodbye.

Talking to Zamorakian MahjarratEdit Zemouregal: Begone, human. You have no place

here. Player: Why are you here?

Enakhra: We have come to deal with that filthy Zarosian - Sliske - once and for all.

Enakhra: It is an insult that these undead creatures try to deny our presence in the

citadel. Zemouregal: Our power will not be dismissed

so easily, no mere wight can keep me from entering.

Enakhra: Sliske cannot claim godhood without us having something to say about it.

Player: What's stopping you going in there? Zemouregal: Bite your tongue, human. Unless

of course you wish to lose it. Enakhra: They will not hold us at bay for

much longer. Even their combined power could not stop us.

Zemouregal: I will not stand idly by while this ascension takes place.

Player: Are you still loyal to Zamorak? Zemouregal: That remains to be seen. Zamorak

threatens to denounce us as we were not present at the Battle of Lumbridge.

Enakhra: After all these years he would question us, in his weakened state? He seems to forget

what we are capable of. Zemouregal: Zamorak is not the only one capable

of achieving godhood. Our kind has shown much promise.

Zemouregal: Lucien came close and now Sliske claims ascension... I will make sure I am

next. Player: Goodbye.

Talking to Ilfeen and Commander ZilyanaEdit Talking to the Barrows BrothersEdit

Barrows Brothers: Gods allowed only. CutsceneEdit

Icthalarin shows his invitation to Guthan. Guthan the Infested: You may pass.

Zemourgal: What? I've been waiting too long! Let me in!

Zemourgal is repelled by Sliske's force Sliske: *Laughs* Access . . . DENIED!

Zemourgal: What is this sorcery? Sliske! Let me in!

The MazeEdit CratesEdit

Invitations Barrows Brothers

There are some discarded notes in the box, they read...

Barrows Brothers, you are the lucky subjects of my next experiment involving the power

of the Shadow Realm. Watch this space. RelomiaEdit

Relomia: Sliske sent for me himself. Relomia: I

want to see Sliske! Relomia: Have you seen him? Did he mention

me? Relomia: I was invited, honestly.

Relomia: Is Sliske wearing anything new?

Cutscene IEdit If you have completed The Death of Chivalry.

Saradomin: tried to massacre the people of Falador with undead created by the Wand

of Resurrection! Zamorak: Dawn was acting on her own accord.

I disavowed her and take no responsibility for her actions.

Saradomin: That may be so, but I will continue to protect my followers from you at all costs.

Armadyl: You speak as if you are benevolent, Saradomin, but you do not practice what you

preach! Bandos: You need war, just like me. I see

it in your eyes: the lust for glorious battle. Icthlarin enters.

Saradomin: Icthlarin? Zamorak: This dog's strayed awfully far from

his home. Icthlarin: I see Sliske's managed to bend

you all to his will as well, then. Zamorak: Watch your tongue when you speak

to me, Icthlarin. Bandos: I thought only the mightiest gods

were invited. What's this peon doing here? Icthlarin: I am a god and the recipient of

an invitation, same as you. Armadyl: Good, this gathering could use another

level head. The arrogance displayed here is shameful.

Saradomin: Arrogance? I strive to guarantee the safety of all who call Gielinor home,

as a true god should. Icthlarin: We are all gods here, gathered

for the same purpose. We must be wary of Sliske's plot.

Saradomin: Know your place, Icthlarin. You would be a fool to believe you are wiser than

I. Zamorak: You have the audacity to think you

are warning us? Sliske has yet to prove he has gained any power. He will not manipulate

me. Icthlarin: Yet here we all are. The most gods

assembled in one place in all of history. And I am sure, like I, you were persuaded...

Zamorak: You think it would be so easy to 'lure' me here? I came of my own volition.

I would see this with my own eyes. Icthlarin: You were once a Mahjarrat, same

as he. Sliske knew you would come to witness another of your kind ascend.

Icthlarin: It is the rest of us that have been manipulated.

Bandos: Haha, it's amusing that you believe Sliske could manipulate me. He simply promised

me one thing. Armadyl: It doesn't take an elder god to work

out what that was. Bandos: Stop your squawking. He promised me

you would all be here. And he promised me war.

Saradomin: Ha! Try me. You've seen what I'm capable of.

Zamorak: You may have got the better of me once, but that does not make you a conqueror.

Icthlarin: Saradomin, you must see how Sliske lured you here.

Saradomin: I am not as oblivious to details as some of you may believe. The truth has

not eluded me. Saradomin: False information was fed to my

generals. I believed Seren would be here, and came to confront her about an attack on

my people. Icthlarin: Even the attack itself was a set

up. Had Seren returned she would also be here, manipulated by the same plot as you.

Saradomin: Then what I have heard of Sliske is true: he is as sly and devious as they

say. Armadyl: How could you allow yourself to be

fooled by this snake? Saradomin: Unless my eyes mistake me I see

you stood here, same as me, Armadyl. Armadyl: We are in my Empyrean Citadel! I

will not allow Sliske to hijack the home of my people.

Zamorak: And what of you, Icthlarin? Just happy to receive an invitation, were you?

Icthlarin: You know as well as anyone. I would not trust this pretender in a millennium.

Bandos: Why are you here then? Not for the company I'm sure!

Icthlarin: He has kidnapped Death. What is a god of the Underworld if there is no death?

Bandos: Haha! So you've come to save your fair maiden?

Zamorak: No, no. The dog has come to fetch his bone!

Icthlarin: Enough! I am not alone in my search, and we will find him.

Puzzle ChamberEdit Cutscene IIIEdit

Sliske appears frightens the player Riddle ChamberEdit

Cutscene IVEdit Armadyl: ...there is no place for your theory

of chaos in a peaceful world. Zamorak: Then stop hiding behind words and

prove yourself in combat, coward. Bandos: Haha! Do it, I can't wait to watch

you decimate each other. Sliske: Settle down, children. Settle down.

Saradomin: Do not presume that I won't kill you, Sliske.

Icthlarin: For all we know you haven't gained any power at all.

Sliske: I thought you might say that, so I've brought a little surprise for you. Try not

to get too excited! Sliske teleports Death and Strisath into the

cages either side of him. Sliske: To my right: the one and only... Death!

And to my left: the ferocious dragonkin... Strisath!

Sliske: I know, I know. Sometimes I impress even myself.

Bandos: And what makes you think your new toys will prevent me from crushing you?

Armadyl: Gods, we could put an end to this lunacy right now.

Sliske: Ah ah ah, slow down there. Let's think about this for a moment...

Sliske: What would happen to your beloved mortal followers if I was to kill Death itself,

I wonder? Icthlarin: You wouldn't dare!

Sliske: Wouldn't I? And if that's not enough to stop you, perhaps I should release Strisath.

He seems to have increased in power lately. Saradomin: Someone's been using the Stone

of Jas... Sliske: Perhaps. Now, if any of

you want to take the risk, be my guest. Sliske: No? I thought not... Now where were

we? In the podiumEdit

Icthlarin: Let him out of the cage. Sliske: Well, well, well - the guest of honour

has arrived. You're late. Icthlarin: Welcome, mortal.

Bandos: What is this human doing here? Sliske: He/she has demonstrated certain...

talents. What's the matter, Bandos? Jealous? Player: I earned my invitation fair and square.

Zamorak: And how did you earn an invitation? Saradomin: He/she has more right to be here

than you, weakling. If you're aligned to Saradomin

If you're aligned to Zamorak If you're aligned to Bandos

If you're aligned to Armadyl Armadyl: I have heard much of

your diligence and courage from Taw'Paak. You are welcome in my citadel and amongst

my people. Sliske: How touching.

If you're aligned to Zaros Player: I follow the Empty Lord. You have

a lot to answer for, Sliske. Sliske: Haha! Did you not think I was aware

of this? I am familiar with your 'servitude' to Zaros. Soran speaks highly of you.

If you're aligned to Seren If you're aligned to Sliske

If you're aligned to the Godless Player: I am aligned with the Godless, so

I have every rights to be here. Sliske: Moving on! You are just in time for

the main event. Oh yes, an event for the ages. Sliske's. Grand. Ascendancy!

Sliske: Are you sitting comfortably? Let Sliske carry on with his show.

Demand Sliske release Death unharmed. Say you witnessed Sliske murder Guthix.

Player: None of us should trust Sliske. I was there - I saw him murder Guthix!

Armadyl: We know this to be true. The Mahjarrat is not to be trusted.

Saradomin: It may not have been right, but it was for the greater good. None of us would

be present if Guthix's edicts remained. Sliske: I'm running the show now, and you're

going to want to hear what I have to say. Zamorak: Then spit it out already, charlatan!

Sliske: Ooo feisty! 'Charlatan', he says - coming from the usurper himself. Interesting.

Icthlarin: Get on with it, Mahjarrat. You're trying our patience.

Sliske: Yes, yes. I can see you're all desperate to know what this is all about.

Sliske: Well, I happened across a couple of items. Artefacts, you might say. Of the elder

variety. Armadyl: The elder god artefacts are not toys

for your amusement, Sliske. They are dangerous! Sliske: Indeed. You'd only need to ask a certain

recently deceased god to find that out. I have managed to acquire not only your staff,

but also the Stone of Jas. Icthlarin: The Stone of Jas?

Zamorak: What reason do we have to believe you, of all people? I see no proof you possess

the stone. Sliske: You didn't notice I dressed up for

you, Zamorak? Sliske: Really though, I'm glad you asked.

Believe it or not, I don't go around kidnapping dragonkin for fun. There's a certain... method

to the madness. Strisath: Argh! You'll pay for this, false

user! Sliske: Angry thing, isn't he? Those of you

who were paying attention will have noticed him calling me a 'false user'.

Sliske: While I don't like being referred to as 'false', it doesn't take a genius to

figure that one out. Saradomin: You are not worthy of the power

the Stone possesses. In the wrong hands it could be used to remove all the gods from

Gielinor, as Guthix did. Sliske: You ought to be careful then, hadn't

you Saradomin? Armadyl: The stone's power comes at a price,

Sliske. As your own power increases, so too does the dragonkin's.

Armadyl: Need I remind you of how they obliterated the planet Kethsi near my homeworld? You will

be just one more to suffer the consequences. Player: How did you capture a creature as

powerful as the dragonkin? Sliske: A good magician never reveals his

secrets, does he? Fortunately for you I'm not a magician!

Sliske: It really was quite trivial, turns out the dragonkin are a remarkably predictable

race. I was hoping for more of a challenge. Strisath: I will destroy you, false user!

Sliske: You can see how angry it makes them, can't you? 'Destroy the false user!' It's

highly amusing, actually. Sliske: Anyway, I simply lured poor Strisath

into the Shadow Realm. In he charged, screaming like a big, scaly baby.

Sliske: Then before he knew it...trapped. Nowhere to run.

Player: I saw the Staff of Armadyl for myself. How did you get hold of it?

Sliske: Must I answer all these boring questions? It really was quite simple.

Sliske: Why do you think I trapped this dragonkin specifically? I could have taken my pick.

They're all the same, really. Sliske: Strisath was unlucky enough to be

guarding the staff. He couldn't have left it unattended now, could he?

Player: So he brought it right to you? Sliske: Haha! I could hardly believe it myself!

Into the shadow realm he comes, carrying none other than the Staff of Armadyl itself.

Armadyl: The clue is in the title you scoundrel, the Staff belongs to me!

Bandos: Oh, give it up you pious bird, you're too weak to retain an artefact. I would be

much more deserving. Player: Sir Tiffy, Thaerisk and I teleported

the stone somewhere even we couldn't have known. How has it come into your hands?

Sliske: Oh, yes - an ingenious plan, I must say. It took an even more ingenious plan of

my own to outplay you there. Sliske: I really am quite proud of this one.

I've been experimenting with the Staff of Armadyl and found it to be an extremely versatile

tool. Sliske: With Strisath imprisoned, I used the

Staff to reveal his connection to the Stone, leading me to exactly where you sent it.

Player: Where did you find it? If you had chosen the number 4 in Ritual of

the Mahjarrat. Sliske: Annoyingly, you managed to teleport

it into the deep sea near Crandor. To say it wasn't easy to retrieve it is putting it

mildly. Sliske: Oh, how I love cheating games of chance.

Especially when I hit the jackpot! Player: You brought us here for your ascension.

Have you become a god or not? Sliske: Ahaha! You really believe I brought

you here so you could have answers? No, no, no - there will be no ascendancy today.

Saradomin: This is supposedly your 'Grand Ascendancy'? You've lied to us enough - have

you obtained godhood or not? Sliske: I wouldn't want to spoil the fun now,

would I? It's highly amusing keeping you all guessing - you're just dying to know!

Bandos: I am tired of your games. Answer us before I crush you.

Sliske: Oh, but you can't be tired of the games. They have only just begun! Besides

Bandos, you're going to really like this one. Sliske: It's time for the real announcement.

I am holding a contest. A free-for-all, you might say. A battle of the gods!

Zamorak: This is ridiculous, even for you. I am done here.

Sliske: Not so fast Zamorak, you might want to stick around for the next part. It's really

going to heat up! Saradomin: If you think we will be a part

of your games, you have truly lost your mind, Sliske.

Sliske: You really are no fun at all, are you Saradomin? This is the calm before the

storm. You should savour the moment. Sliske: It's not so much a game - more survival

of the fittest. There is only one rule, you see.

Sliske: It is only a matter of time until our moon - Zanaris - passes the sun, resulting

in a total eclipse. Gielinor will be engulfed in shadow.

Sliske: It is at this exact moment the contest will end...

Sliske: ...and the winner will be the person who has killed the most gods.

Bandos: Haha! Finally you say something interesting! Saradomin: Be quiet and let the intellectuals

talk, you brute. Armadyl: You truly have gone mad! Why would

any of us listen to you? Sliske: Because, Armadyl, there's a prize.

Just one little prize that I think you might all be interested in.

Sliske: On the day at which the sun is eclipsed, someone will stand victorious with most of

you defeated. Sliske: And to that person I will gift...

Sliske: ...the Stone of Jas. Player: What?

Armadyl: This is madness! Icthlarin: This will cause an all-out war

on the gods! Zamorak: That's insanity! I don't believe

a word that comes out of this rogue's mouth. Saradomin:

Sliske: Haha! A little lost for words are we? Pick your next moves carefully. I wonder

who will score the first kill! Zamorak: You're mad. What exactly do you hope

to achieve here? Sliske: Well, that's for me to know, isn't

it? Survive if you can, Zamorak - maybe then I'll let you in on my secrets.

Saradomin: The stone is not a toy, Sliske! Do you have any idea what this will cause?

Sliske: What's the matter? Scared Bandos will crush you? Maybe you should be more tactical,

you know? Pick off the weaker gods... Sliske: And what about our honourable guest?

How do you feel about this, adventurer? Icthlarin: Be careful what you say here, mortal.

The gods do not forget. The contest is good. There are too many gods.

The contest is bad. It will cause too much destruction.

Player: Do you have any idea the destruction this will cause Sliske?

This will allow my chosen god to prevail above others.

This is my chance to win and become a god. I don't trust Sliske to be true to his word.

Player: I don't trust you to keep your word Sliske. I won't be fooled.

Armadyl: Gods, I implore you not to listen to Sliske. We must seek peace through justice.

Bandos: Quiet, coward! I can smell your fear. This great battle will show is strongest once

and for all! Saradomin: Even if you have become a god Sliske,

you are merely a fledgling. You do not have the right to enforce this!

Zamorak: You cannot fool me with your diversions. One way or another the Stone of Jas will not

remain in your hands. Icthlarin: Open your eyes - Sliske is manipulating

you all. He is not to be trusted! Side with Armadyl.

Player: Armadyl is right. We can all live harmoniously, in peace. We have to bring Sliske

to justice. Side with Bandos.

Side with Saradomin. ​Player:

Saradomin: Side with Zamorak.

Player: Zamorak:

Side with Icthlarin. ​Player: Icthlarin is right. We shouldn't

trust a word Sliske said. He will only try and decieve us.

Support the Godless. Support Sliske.

Support the Zarosians. (Unlocked by The World Wakes, and only if you sided with them)

Player: All your efforts are futile. Soon Zaros will return to reclaim his throne regardless.

You feel a strange presence around you and a chill down your spine.

Support the Guthixians (unlocked by The World Wakes, and only if you sided with them)

Bandos: All you weaklings will fall beneath the god of war!

Zamorak: Stay your tongue, beast! Saradomin: Only I can stand as the true god!

Sliske: Silence! Enough of this petty arguing. If you won't do it, then I'll kick things

off myself.

The Description of Missing, Presumed Death [HQ] - RuneScape Quests