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hi guys welcome back to my channel

everyone yes guys hello hello everyone

so yes guys I'm actually at home right

now yes and I just finished brick I had

along the day at work today yes a long

day of rich thing it's so what time is

it now here let me check the time so yes

guys it's actually a 4 p.m. here right

now and yes you mister train France it's

live again everyone yes so this is a

sudden life streaming because you know I

just actually saw a lot of post on

Facebook about this very controversial

issue these days not this day but today

to be exact

yesterday today is Friday be gif

everyone yes DJI F Friday Friday let me

just check here hello is there in the

chat room right now Oh is there we there

so I hope you guys have heard about this

very how can I stay controversial issue

hello Martha kitchen welcome to my

wife's room already my dear are you

Marcus kitchen wait a second

hello JPJ aprea the most uncle yes you

are the most fun told Marcus kitchen JPJ

hello how are you Jay PJ so I hope you

guys will be very shocked and I see will

be very very open to actually share your

opinions or maybe reactions to a certain

news that I'm gonna share to you tonight

not tonight but today because it's still

4 p.m. here right now in frame

everyone so yes guys we will be talking

about something very controversial but

maybe you are not very interested in it

because it's all about teachers but

anyway I hope you are ok I hope you are

interested in it

hello Musti welcome back to my

livestream Messi and Jade's world hello

welcome to my livestream james.byrne

hello follow bloggers so welcome

everyone so let me just check here ways

actually in the chat room right now

alright so yeah here we have Muncey

thank you so much everyone for it coming

so yes guys so as you can see in the

title of my life streaming today

everyone dead is round had a little

welcome to my wife's room ladies room

thank you so much for coming you already

did his room and thank you for sharing

to me the the link of that video which I

actually just watched because I was very

intrigued you know about that issue

related to a teacher of course I'm a

teacher so when I saw that news I was

actually very interested and I really

wanted to know what really happened I

mean I wanted to know the whole story

that's why I asked one of my friends to

send me the link of that actually issue

all right said yes yes cus I think you

have seen on the on the hook now say on

the thumbnail of this live streaming

everyone so yes the the topic yes this

tofu episode has gone viral

oh yeah but I don't wish to go viral but

if if this still has remain goes viral

then that will be good but I just wanted

to really share my reaction to this kind

of you know episode of Rafi tofu which

is I don't know if it was yesterday or

today but I just got the news today so

yes everyone yes OFW daily life welcome

to my live stream good evening to you

it's actually after your hearing friends

right now so if you guys have the

reactions though I'm gonna tell you the

story the story everyone this is

about erotica flow okay Rafi Rafi tofu

everyone is a very famous broadcaster in

Philippines and he's very known to have

helped a lot of Filipinos abroad

different parts different parts of the

world anyway

Filipinos yes guys so I'm wondering

what's gonna be your reaction to him

being a famous for being a good person

and this time for teachers a lot of

teachers actually how can I say appealed

you know to her happiness a criticized

Rafi tool flows reaction or action okay

Rafi toast was action to this episode of

his because you know the issue guys is

actually about a teacher okay a teacher

in Philippines everyone I think the

teacher is elementary because the the

parents were talking about a boy a boy

that the son of those parents who went

to roughing tool for everyone so I hope

you guys know who Rafic tool for else

right mass canoe - hello Matt canoe -

welcome to my livestream so yes guys my

friend mu - wow so you must be very good

at math so yes guys so you know what the

thing that happened is that um the

grandmother and the parents of the boy

actually went to Rafa Koufos station you

know I don't know if it's a radio


anyways the station so they want they

all your math teacher Oh welcome math

kanuto you're also - sure so I'm very

happy to meet you and I hope you guys

gonna share your opinion or your

reaction to what what just happened to a

certain teacher in Philippines yes so

yeah the parents of the boy actually

went life being like con ellos SE food

welcome to my livestream so yes guys

actually the Paris of the boy Elementary

so that I think when traffic tool for

everyone and they actually complained

about the teachers behavior the teacher

was allegedly you know shaming or how

can I say humiliating a boy yeah in the

school that's the news so everyone so

the real story is that um from the news

I have watched I mean from the video

which I have watched everyone so

according to according to the

grandmother or the parents they they

told the Rafah tool for that the teacher

actually you know the teacher actually

let the student let the child or the

pupil go out of the classroom okay sit

outside the classroom because of

something that he did and the thing that

he did is actually uh he forgot to bring

the report card to give back to the

teacher yes so the teacher gave him

punishment to stay outside so the issue

is that the parents think that this is

very bad behavior of the teacher

everyone to send the child outside just

because of that certain thing but

according to the teacher everyone that's

not the only thing which the child did

the the Huff may say the child also did

a little bit of a fight with another

classmate before that time so the

teacher was like very how can I say very

occupied with the stuffs happening in

the classroom so that resulted hurt to

actually send a boy outside the

classroom so yes guys so a crappy tool

for studio guys I mean graphic booth oh

and the parents actually decided to let

the let the teacher you know how can I

say quit working as a teacher and they

wanted her license to be taken away from

her so the question guys what is your

reaction about this I mean if you are a

teacher right so as the teacher everyone

what do you think about this situation

do you think it is right I mean because

many people said roughly 240

not really listen or did not really know

the whole story about the teachers side

in yeah everything everything sounds

like he was only on the side on the

parents and the boy and he even decided

- yes have that position you know so in

Europe being a new thing it is right to

take the teachers license just because

of that situation what is your opinion

yes that is your opinion everyone so let

me check the chat room right now yes

where we know let's take food good

morning zesty food I am good hello

everyone like the whole teacher about to

upload my reaction video about this and

this is also my topic oh yeah so what is

your reaction about this I'll like be

like hub

yes master No - I am NOT I don't agree

with sir Rafi of course I stand with a

t-shirt nosebleed not cooked

yes Matsumoto doesn't agree with Rafi

tool suicide as well and even in my case

as a teacher I really don't agree with

that decision everyone because it's just

one it's just one situation you know and

it was only it only happened once I

guess they should behave a kind of

warning or it may be a disciplinary

action to the teacher because maybe she

disturbs it is a finger action but

taking her license everyone I don't

think it's right you know we studied a

lot and we spend money to get our

license and you will just end up like

that I don't think it's really right I

mean it's unjust for me you know as a


Jake is wrong and that my Google innama

about time made up but maxi-single s at

the Han and yes the the good behavior of

the children should actually start at

home and I think yes of course is true

the parents should have the

responsibility to actually discipline

kiss yes but of course when children go

to school the teachers also have to

discipline the students or the children

because of course parents I mean

teachers are considered as second

parents but yeah in that way I don't


parents will tolerate should tolerate

students behavior you know and they will

always be on the side of their kids

without even listening the teachers I

know yeah

masks are new to our you'd be determined

by lemon togashi yes I speak Tagalog

Matt Camuto but actually at my live

streaming or in my channel I have some

orange so actually watch my videos in

live streaming so i usually use english

okay so i hope you don't mind but of

course i can also speak tagalog a little

bit okay manu have almost led I don't

have a look everyone so yea Hindi : kena

yeah you know when I but I prefer to

speak English everyone because yeah I'm

not very perfect at speaking Tagalog not

kanuto in Amin Amin Aronov Akaka Molina

pero you action on Gastonia sarahfey is

too much yes yes that's true

actually the teacher admitted her

mistake and she even apologized everyone

she apologized to the Paris and she

explained to the parents everyone about

the situation but yes it's really too

much you know I think it's too much for

Rafi poopoo and for parents to actually

decide to have the teachers license

taken I don't think it's really fair

what do you think we're we know the guy

hello Eli Zabar channel teen Thurber

channel welcome to my live stream might

be like hub of course I love teachers

and I know teacher just discipline that

kid teach him to be responsible no

physical or verbal abuse so I don't know

why Rafi considered it as a child abuse

yes I was also very surprised because in

the end they actually they actually

considered it a kind of child abuse and

they wanted to sue the teacher of China

gives everyone which i think is I don't

know so before decided the teacher I

think she also got scared because uh

like on the spot we were asked that kind

of question so of course she chose she's

she actually said okay I was just

because she was given two choices

everyone repeating for ask her okay

which do you want do you want the

parents to sue you and to file the case

against you a child abused or you will

just quit as a t-shirt and you will have

your license taken away so of course the

teacher guys I think she was very

confused because it was on the spot you

know so she actually said I will choose

the parents tough decision to actually

have you know my license taken yes guys

oh my god I'm shaking guys because I'm

very angry I'm very angry you guys oh my

god JD's bullet said taking the teachers

license for good is it reasonable yes

it's true

well it could be possible as a kind of

how can I say some should everyone to

actually take her license but not for

good everyone my god that teacher cannot

teach anymore because of that licensing

no teacher is show love and teach

students discipline them and golf or 200

to school school days they will say some

random number Napa got so many well aha

yes pictures work a lot everyone and

teachers actually like I say teacher's

job is actually hard everyone and we

can't just give up our license just

because of that one situation you know

and I think Rafi tofu actually didn't

listen to the whole story you know on

the side of the t-shirt so I really

don't know everyone what's gonna be the

update of this story but I'm pretty sure

there will be another episode of this um

news everyone

Marcus kitchen said she has the right to

get a lawyer for her yes I think so but

I also don't know exactly guys because

the teacher just actually chose to have

her license taken maybe she was very

scared of you know being accused of

child abuse yeah I don't know guys let

me show you some water

because teacher guys is very angry


although blogger said don't be angry man

merci in America hello how are you merci

in America

I knew not but he thought yes the belief

is that the nurse ate in America so I

was I'm really I'm really feeling bad

you know as a teacher and I were I think

there are some other teachers here in

the cutting that in the classroom in the

chat as well guys so yeah I know man

Gary cable for c2fo guys raffle so

actually many of the teachers are very

disappointed with him and I think many

of the netizens not only not only the

teachers are also disappointed with his

reaction I mean the way he handled the


no because it's very obvious that he

didn't really listen now perfectly on

the side of the teacher yeah he just saw

jumped into the kind of conclusion let

me like her but in fairness t-shirt the

part to just released graphic tool for

changed his decision

so no more cancellation of license both

party will meet to settle in peaceful

ways oh really

I didn't see that oh really so yeah but

you know I think that's a good that's a

good result I mean this is a good yeah

this is part two I think for the

information likely Mike hub yes I think

it should be good you know do you think

in that situation everyone it's really a

very reasonable ground to actually take

the teachers license

I don't think so let actually guys I

just arrived from work everyone and as

soon as I as soon as I arrived home I

prepared my livestream right away

because I really want to talk about it I

wanted to make a video but I rather you

know get some more opinions and

reactions from all of you guys who

actually who are actually here at my

live streaming today might be like a

graphical foe consider the the opinion

of the netizens oh really that's a good

news like

like her Jada swirl Rafi tofu listen to

the netizens and apologize on the second

episode oh he should do that I think yes

and yes because he did that I really

salute him

if that is true okay I need to know that

second episode later mercy didn't record

Helen all sat down laughing out loud


Gustavo Lita no he doesn't use everyone

about you know the teacher who was

actually about to have her license taken

away from her or oh yeah taken away from

her because of a certain situation which

is actually not very reasonable to be

the reason not very reasonable to be the

reason yes guys it's not really

reasonable right but yes in that

situation the action of the teacher

everyone what is your reaction the

teacher actually send a child outside

the classroom because of the things I

mentioned a while ago what do you think

everyone do you think it was right for

the teacher to do that if you were

actually the teacher would you do the

same or if you were the parents would

you actually do the same like a complete

traffic to flow and you want to the

teachers license be taken away from her

huh in your case everyone Marcus Keisha

is this you should hashtag graphic tools

Webber dislikes is so he can watch you

go viral on this on this life about your

opinion opinion because your rights um

huh yes actually yes guys my reaction is

really for me is the thing with the

majority of the netizens majority of the

teachers you know I don't think it is

right for for anyone to take the

teachers license just because of that

certain situation well the teacher

deserves a certain disciplinary measure

action but not to this extent I mean

taking her license for good

I don't think it's really reasonable

Jake is real said mama but the 90s not

experiences yes we really need a good

teacher in our country

yes it's very right about the 90s I

experienced worse than this period to

tell you yes it's very true you know I

mean now for me as a parent I wouldn't

really react that way when parents do

something like that to to to my child as

long as it's not hitting it's not it's

not violence it's okay you know because

this is a kind of discipline we teachers

we actually have to discipline our

students as well because students also

make mistakes you know

students also misbehave when students

misbehave when our children misbehave I

think the teachers in the school you

know we're talking about in the school

during the school time I think the

teachers are the right people who can

discipline the kids right and just

sending the child outside the classroom

she actually let the child sit outside

the classroom she dragged a chair

outside the classroom because it was

shown in the CCTV on the camera yes it

was Shirley yeah and this that's it this

that's all what the teacher did so I

don't think it's really a kind of you

know child abuse what do you think

everyone Marta's kitchen said our young

children needs teacher yes so true

because you know the world order

everywhere nowadays it has changed a lot

you know like we like have said there

are bad teachers that don't deserve

their license but there are more good

out there are more good teachers out

there one of them is reading this oh

thank you so much yes guys I can say

that I'm a good teacher but you know

what guys to be honest

I'm saying this life I have this

reaction right away guys right off the

bat I reacted this way I was really

angry and feeling bad why they wanna do

this to a teacher because me I myself I

also do that here and I didn't know

because I just followed that a teacher

also does that he actually send the he

actually sent some students outside the

classroom just outside the classroom you

know at the hallway when the students

are noisy so I also did not hear guys

and even today I sent for students

outside the classroom because they're

disturbing the class so why should they

stay in the classroom if they are very

noisy so I just let them stay outside

you go up side and you don't come in

unless you behave so I did that guys so

I hope it's not a good reason for me to

have my license taken away and I think

I'm Big Macs and also my livestream how

are you my dear I'm big McManus I agree

with you 100% teacher nurse aide in

America said got no one yes gun owners

ate in America so what is your opinion

everyone nurse Lee in America in your

case if you were the parents of the boy

would you react the same way nurse aide

in America hmm about the eisah abuse

case yes they want to file a child abuse

to that teacher actually wrap it to who

Rafi Teufel did two choices to the

teacher together with the parents yeah

because the teacher was just on air but

the the parents and the grandmother they

were at Rafi to force to do every one so

yeah that's really it they they gave two

choices to the t-shirt one is so the

first first guys before they gave the

two choices the teacher actually

apologized she said I know I made a

mistake and

I just thought it was a kind of

discipline for me to do that because the

child did that and this yeah like that

and then they said okay you have to chew

it you have two choices one is one is

you actually need to stop working like

you give up your license that means the

license will be taken away from her and

the other is if you don't do that if you

don't do that we will file a case

against you which is child abuse so of

course I think if I was a teacher I

would right away I would right off the

bat shoes to give up my license without

even thinking you know let me check the

chat room right now follow bloggers

thank you so much like in United Kingdom

with bus hello welcome to my right

welcome to the livestream mercy and

America teacher needs to discipline kids

yes very true teacher needs to

discipline kids or our teachers they

actually need to discipline kids of

course who will discipline kids in

school the teachers right but of course

as a teacher in my case I'm speaking as

a teacher we can discipline kiss without


okay well sending the child outside the

classroom I think is possible isn't it I

think it's acceptable isn't it nurse

aide in America you go inside the ice at

each shirt okay I actually talked about

it at the beginning of my livestream me

and if you guys actually are interested

to know the whole story

you can check Raffi cool for some

YouTube channel okay but be careful guys

to check it's really rough a tool for

YouTube channel because there are many

fake graphic tools so you have a referee

toothless Channel has millions of

subscribers already so yes guys the

episode is I have written it on the

thumbnail so yes guys I'm actually the

from the video which I've watched the

teacher sent the child outside the

classroom yeah she dragged a chair

outside the class

and you push on in the CCTV she dragged

a chair outside the classroom and she

let the child stay outside because the

the thing I heard the child did not give

back the report card to the teacher yeah

which was actually supposed to be signed

by the parents and according to the

teacher it's not the only thing which

the child did before that situation the

child was also fighting with her I mean

with his seat mate so that's why of

course you have a lot of students

students are very noisy and a lot of

problems are happening in the classroom

of course you will go I mean in my cases

the future everyone it can happen you

know it can happen you would sort to

that kind of situation because of a lot

of situations happen in your classroom

special needs students are really

disturbing they have a lot of disturbing

behavior really it can happen so because

of that maybe no Pannonian teacher so

the teacher sent the child outside the

classroom yeah might be like hug I've

watched one video that the daughter of

this teacher sent a message to defend

her mother the daughter of this teacher

okay send a message to the defend her to

the defend mother and it is very

touching letter oh really

I didn't see that oh my god life being

like huh you've got a lot of information

so I think it should make a video on

that okay zesty food oh so you have to

take a license to become a teacher

zest a food yes the teachers have

license it's like you know nurses

doctors and I think also police and

lawyers we have license we need to take

an exam when we graduate from university

we actually need to check a light

licensure tests this is an exam for us

to get the license to be a teacher and

yes we teachers have license so when

teachers you know when teachers license

are taken from them I think it's like

you are in my case okay it's like you

are taking my you're taking my life for

me how can I say a nurse aid in America

yes as long as not touch the kids there

are kinds of abuse mental verbal

physical and emotional abuse yes and

rapido who actually said it's a kind of

emotional abuse emotional abuse mental

and emotional of you abuse yes so anyway

like if you can read bus you have to

take a board exam and if you pass you

have license to practice eaching I think

hello nature simplistic beauty

photography welcome to my life screen so

what is your opinion nature simplistic

beauty photography do you think it is

right to actually take the license of a

teacher who disciplines the child you

know by sending the tie home outside the

classroom you know sending the child

outside the classroom with a chair and

let the child sit there outside because

of what the child does so what is your

opinion do you think and that's only one

one no how can I say only one time this

that situation only happened once

is it right to take the license of the

teacher right away what is your opinion

they learn tab or the length of our

channel said must first begin oh one

empty truth was I'm in a will meant free

yes so true when I was in elementary I

remember yes a lot of worse things were

actually done to us you know in our in

our generation

everyone teachers really well they they

gave us a lot of what punishments or

some things to actually discipline us

one is you squat and then

books here or you sometimes kneel down

or sometimes you cannot enter the

classroom or things like that in the

past those were worst situations worse

things which actually teachers did to us

but we learned a lot from that but

anyway we can't avoid you know we can't

complain why this kind of law has come

out the law which which is protecting

children from child abuse especially in

school because some teachers also misuse

you know their how can I say their

position in disciplining kids so there's

also the problem you know but in my case

as a teacher before actually taking the

teachers license we have to listen to

the teacher situation not only on one

side but we have to listen to both sides

you know life be like Cubs said good

hindi Pocoyo

I'm homos Garza whom I know guitar Oh

melon and aki inna at muslim of in de

cow mr. Rafi poof oh and this is the

message of the daughter okay guys so

this is the message of the daughter of

the teacher who was accused all the

child abuse not yet really accused but

yes they wanted to accuse they wanted to

file a case against her of child abuse

so this is the message of the daughter

of the teacher to the mother of the son

she said in Gifu kaiyuan who's guys who

I know but a foul Mara nanaki not Muslim

Hindi come mr. Rafi tofu and whoo-hoo

cool stuff boom I know cut up at that

back para sake Nina okay so what she's

trying to say is that oh my god mostly

teacher okay what she's trying to say is

that she's saying that you are not the

right person who can judge what kind of

mother what kind of person my mother is

and for Rafi tofu you two you don't have

the right or you are not the right

who can judge what is right for my

mother yes that's right yeah or what

should be the punishment for my mother

yes so Ruffy tofu is not the right

person who can actually decide or a

judge what should be done to the teacher

yeah this does the message of the

daughter nurse aide in America said not

to take licensed aqua opinion yes her

opinion is not to take the license like

me like cop said be sure when I'm in

high school the time teacher asked me to

go home that's the best time for us of

course is the best time for us to

actually hello baby my baby's here

moment guys

sorry guys I will be back just a minute


sorry guys don't my god I'm so sorry


so yeah where we know and thank you so


follow bloggers Judas real said death

egg has spoken and will defend the

teacher from Rafic beautiful

oh yeah that's very good actually guys a

lot of teachers were on the site a lot

of teachers are on the side of the

teacher yes a lot of teachers and

netizens they're actually against Rafi

Toulouse way of handling the situation

nature simplistic beauty photography

absolutely not

when I was in high school teachers put

students out of the classroom as a

punishment all of the time yes and I

also do that here nature simplistic

beautiful tog Rafi in fact today I have

done that today I have done that to four

of my students today so yeah do you

think my lessons should be taken away

from me just because of this situation I

don't think so life in yogi weed by side

me too not to take the license teachers

need women guys

I'm sorry guys my baby is here guys so

yeah okay where are we now

life in UK we bus that me to not to take

the license teachers need more support

and training how to handle situations

like that yes they they can give a

disciplinary action to the t-shirt but

not taking the license I think there's

another way of handling the t-shirt

right our money guapa our money after

Hopsin I already said what bye hello our

money how are you like what is your

reaction or what is your opinion our

money akka hawks on the topic okay life

in UK we bus we studied so long I spent

so much money to study and pass the

board exam to just you know take your

licence we are you men to make mistakes

so true so true this exactly that's

exactly what I wanted to say just take

the license in that situation that

easily you know

we studied a lot and we exerted a lot of

effort to get that license and many

people even become crazy even quite lot

you know when people did when people

don't pass or people did not pass the

licensures test yes people fight for

that or people did a lot of things they

really exert a lot of effort to get the

license and it will just be taken in

that way I mean it simply that way

simply that way oh my gosh I don't think

it's really possible nature simplistic

beauty photography but remember we are

all in different time and age today

everyone is offended by everything and

people are being judged by different

standards teachers have no power anymore

and must be careful yes so true nature

simplistic beautiful tog Rafi it's

really you know the generation gap is

really the problem I mean yes our

generation and the generation nowadays

have a very big difference in yes it's

not easy for even for parents you know

it's not easy for teachers

those students and even for parents it's

not even easy be naive sweating hello

welcome to my livestream over you be

nice women thank you so much Nursing in

America uh where we now be nice weather

okay be like mister like be like hot

mama young lettering a teacher oh really

oh you should make your video right away

of this life be like hob la so you

better be careful teacher you might be

nice oh my god you chose amazing beauty

photography scare me off just scare me

let me like ha I know our money said

growing up t-shirt growing up t-shirt

we're taking no okay BS I know what you

mean I remember as a kid I got suspended

from school this thing a t-shirt this

alert what is that pissing a t-shirt on

camera wah our money huh our money said

where's my teacher Russell she's usually

here I think she's asleep right now our

money because you know I'm not you sure

I don't usually go like early so yeah I

don't know anyway like sweat hello

welcome to my life's room Blake's sweat

how are you Blake sweat so everyone what

is your opinion about the topic huh and

I think majority of the people in the

chatroom actually disagree okay I think

most of you actually disagree with

graphic truthful is opinion right so I

think that really I think majority of

the population you know in though in the

world or in Philippines majority of the

population probably correct me if I'm

wrong actually disagree or they are not

on the side of graphic tools of action

you know an American show hello welcome

to my livestream

Annamarie question what is your opinion

about the latest episode of Rafa Koufos

news Annamarie Concha

about the teacher have you heard about

that news on the right gunshot nature

simplistic beauty photographer

very true children have all the power

now parents and teachers are the ones

being judged punished for the actions of

the children yes so true so true nature

simplistic beautiful tog Rafi so it's

really very hard for us now to handle

you know to discipline kiss really it's

very hard I don't know

even in my school everyone to be honest

today I almost cried in the classroom

you can't imagine terrible nature some

artists said nature simplistic beauty

photography our teacher will be viral if

that happened oh my god god no this is

not my dream okay I just wanted to

express my reaction to this kind of

episode of Rafi tooth oh okay our money

said I think the kids nowadays are

extremely lazy because the because of

the lack of education and unnecessary

resources yes so true our money this is

also one of the reasons why we have this

behavior of the young people I mean the

new generation our money high bluff hi

Blake okay I sign emmanuel klipse of a

live stream how are you shine a mensch I

even said I will contact Rafi about five

shows attendance hi teacher so yes guys

for those people who are not in

Philippines I think you guys know Rafi

cool or official who is a very popular

broadcaster in full piece and we snown

to be a very good person so far these he

has helped a lot of Filipinos who are

actually you know who are victims I mean

yeah he has been fair in every year in

every case actually but for this case


a lot of netizens even I myself cannot

understand why he actually decided or

why he actually took that action - you

know he made the choices that - to let

the teachers license or to have the

teachers license you know be taken away

from her yes or the t-shirt should be

filed or should be a sued a case of

child abuse so of course the teacher had

to choose to you know give up her

license and that's that's the thing it's

so unfair for the side of the teacher

because the teacher just spend the time

outside the classroom and I think these

parents everyone what's your opinion

about these parents who actually reacted

parents reacted I think so I mean it's

over it's over the how can I say I don't

know how to say it anymore everyone um

is adventure hello welcome to my

livestream I use adventurer

um Lake okay Elizabeth sure I'm good

host how about you it's me P night in

sweating I changed my name

Wow but bananas women you were here a

few minutes ago yes B no he's right in

here it's suddenly you changed

I need adventure I thought was Islands

because there's another friend

her name's also eyelids I'm not sure i

think the spelling of eileen is

different uh-huh okay I guess Adventure

is Bigfoot

suddenly she changed her name so quick

it changed my name here okay

shiny miss that teacher you can't

imagine what happens in some are many

other schools

Apokolips uh-huh yes I understand what

you mean shine even I his adventure fans

Oh is famous also in follows LS host yes

actually fans

one is the very famous student

everywhere around the world if Ravi -

who is a very famous broadcaster is

famous for being a good broadcaster he

has helped a lot of Filipinos everyone

especially to our Filipino work

I mean OFW overseas overseas Filipino

workers yes the Filipinos working abroad

he has helped a lot of them as well and

yes guys he's really famous you know of

being a good person but but today I mean

this time for this issue a lot of people

actually are not on his side but anyway

I heard there is a second episode of

that issue in I heard Arafa TOEFL

already changed I mean the decision for

the teacher has been changed so they're

not going to take the license of the

teacher anymore and they will just do

something to be fair for both sides you

know so by the way guys I will just be

live for one hour today so maybe one

hour and 30 minutes probably I'm not so

sure so I've been lied now for 46

minutes so if you guys have more

opinions that you would like to share

please don't hesitate to share everyone

okay at least I've been sure shiny

medallions adventure okay so you are

greeting to each other yes guys so it's

really hard to handle kids nowadays and

I think one of the reasons as well why

some kids are actually behaving this way

it's also because some parents are very

tolerant you know of their children's

behavior and some children are really is

boiled by their parents as well you know

and unfavourably a maximum welcome to my

life stream callosum Ellen and Vito yes

hello hello everyone so yes guys really

so uh you know to to conclude I mean yes

my fine

piñon really it's not right to take a

teachers license forever or shall I say

for good just because of that action

which is d'etre did the teacher to send

the child outside the classroom she

dragged the chair of the child outside

the classroom and let the child stay

outside the classroom because of the

child's behavior yes so in your case I


do you agree with Rafi tofu

Eileen host asked una una Palmeiro Cuba

but as a video money boo by Laguna

Bambaataa chaka chaka osa or nahi Blanca

Ninh camera no no need I give adventure

no need no need to do that it's okay you

just put in your video it's not made for

a kiss

you know guys the the reason why they do

that it's actually for the child's you

know trans protection because if you if

you don't put if you don't put it's made

for kids or it's not made for kids

actually it's about the advertisement

because you know some videos which are

actually for kids they show some

advertisements which show like for

example condom or other sauce like that

which are not suitable for kids so it's

really important to put on your video if

this video is for kids or not so that if

you put for kiss then the comments will

be disabled so comments will be turned

off and the advertisements also I mean

the absence can also you know beside

what advertisements they're gonna put on

that video because children can't see

those advertisements which are not

suitable for them you know it's against

their protection okay where are we now

jpg' thank you so much for your thumbs

up everyone thank you so much for your

thumbs up so yes guys I use adventure

okay this relate I think that's it so

yes guy said

everyone is silent now mm-hmm so yes

guys don't forget to hit that like

button there if you think or if you like

this live streaming of mine I just

couldn't help it everyone I just really

decided to go live as soon as I arrived

home because I wanted to react to this

episode of roughly tool for in action

everyone yes so yes anyway

our money said thanks teacher you are

very welcome

Eileen's adventure our money said

teacher I hit boy

the pink ah you hit the pink what is

that I mean like button for you thank

you so much line a meant protecting kids

and protecting whitey income before all

yes so true shiny men is also one kind

of thing nowadays it's an issue you know

a lot of people I don't know a lot of

people I don't know what happened to

white you know anyway suddenly there are

some deductions they remove much time

they remove the revenue even I myself

everyone bad news my revenue maybe three

days ago it was 100 something 100

something dollars I think one 20

something dollars but you know what

comes now when I checked it's 90

something dollars how can it be possible

how anyways out of the topic but I just

wanted to share hello ayane's adventure

okay guys so that's relate everyone so

yeah so I heard from some of the people

they have now changed okay

I mean Rafi tofu and the parents they

have there's a second episode everyone

if you guys are interested to know about

it you can watch and for those people

who can't understand Filipino language I

think you need translator or you need an

interpreter when you watch that video

because everything is

Julia spoken in Tagalog in Filipino

language if you guys are interested he

can check out Rafi to fall in action

YouTube channel okay Rafi tofu and you

will see this episode about the teacher

being complained by the mummy or the

mother but actually it was the

grandmother who complained first and

then the parents the mother and father

also went to the studio

Shia demon said they started by blocking

comments and channels where kids we're

featuring but very random way so true

shiny man I don't understand what's

happening but I don't know but the only

news I've read is that they have paid

170 170 million dollars for evaluating

the childhood protections bla bla bla

the Copa yeah Child Online Protection

Act yes I think that's cool paya that's

a food t-shirt I believe now have to go

somewhere have to go yes thank you so

much Leslie food enjoy your day have a

wonderful time finding more friends

Leslie food would be shout out to you

bye bye

anyway I won't be long so I only have a

few minutes more and I'm also gonna end

the stream okay yes I think I only have

eight minutes more yeah if you guys want

me to extend maybe I can extend 30

minutes the longest yes so yeah but I'm

not sure if I can go live again nature

simplistic beauty photography everything

is decreasing with coppa views watch

time and revenue revenue YT was sued and

now they are trying to recover their


yes I think so but it's very unfair for

us you know in my case I don't know I

I haven't I did not I haven't violated

any rule I didn't really I just get my

views I just got the revenue from super

chairs and things like that and suddenly

it has been adapted guys I mean it's

very I don't know

shiny men have a loop to the 20 most

famous Family Channel with channels over

two million subs only one out of two has

its comments blocked oh really

yeah I also don't know really but my

child's Channel it's okay understand

because her videos are made for kids I

know so the the comment section is

really disabled yes I know it's for

children's protection but removing this

kind of stuff for videos which are not

made for kids is uh I don't think it's

reasonable so yes guys thank you so much

everyone for expressing your opinion yes

yes um I don't think it's really right

to take the teachers license you know

but I am happy to hear that

I've heard from I've heard that in the

second episode of that issue neurotic to

fall and the parents decided not to take

the license of the teacher so I'm so

happy to hear that and I hope it's

really true because you know we cannot

just take the license of the teacher or

the teachers easily as that you know I

don't think it's it's I don't think it's

a very reasonable ground to actually

take the license of the teacher follow

bloggers yes thank you so much follow

bloggers Martha's Kitchen said I think

whitey take some of your revenues this

to pay their flies oh my god that's

terrible that's very unfair really to be

honest and I feel like giving up I mean

you know I love I love being on YT

I I love talking to people because you

know my situation here I have no one to

talk to except my family yes it's not

when I go to shops or something like

that I haven't really got friends here

so yeah guys I feel like oh my god

also disappointed you busy my considers

oh no problem I'll follow bloggers no

problem no problem thank you so much

everyone so yes guys that's really it

while TGIF everyone is Friday everyone

Friday so anyway I might try to go live

again later my evening yes so yes this

livestream meeting I only have five

minutes more so I have this lecture

maybe it's good for one hour and yes I'm

gonna actually uhm and the screen in

about five minutes and I might go live

again what time is it now it's it's 5:14

so I might go live three hours from now

or two hours from now

okay so yeah and the live streaming will

probably be interesting for you I'm not

so sure but anyway I'll try my best to

prepare something that can be

interesting yes but also suitable to my

channel yes guys so this live streaming

everyone is just really a teachers

reaction to a certain issue about a

teacher being treated that way as well

of course I myself as a teacher can

really understand if the teacher is

given a kind of disciplinary action but

not to that extent of taking her license

you know taking a teacher's license is a

very how could I say very very nice a

very heavy punishment I mean it's too

much it's too big how can I say

everything is tu-tu-tu-tu-tu oh I can't

accept it really so nobody's talking


right so yes in a way we have three

minutes more and the show is going to

end okay

I just want you to know oh my god my

battery is almost empty sorry guys oh my

gosh how about you shiny men sorry guys

I'm gonna move this here okay so I'm

gonna charge it your honor it's charging

now I actually wanted to make a video of

this for my reaction you know but I just

decided to go live I couldn't wait and

inward because making reaction I still

have to edit and stuff than that and

this yeah so I just decided to go live

right away and express my reaction to

that and that's my reaction it's not

fair on the side of the teacher without

even knowing the real situation yeah to

just you know judge but really I'm so

happy to hear that there is a second

episode of that that the Rafi tofu and

the parents actually changed their mind

not to take the teachers license

everyone so yes thank you so much


so yeah so once again guys this is

English teacher in France

thank you so much for tuning in if

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haven't got a new video to edit I

haven't finished

I have some videos to edit but I haven't

finished you know you are very welcome

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