Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cancer|Body Revival|Cancer Patient Speaks About Body Revival

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My name is Mohommad Shaikh Barood

I have business of flowers in Dadar

My brother had cancer

He had knot on his back

For 2-3 months they did his treatment in the hospital

But the problem was not solved

Later on we came to know about Doctor Munir Khan sir

So I called him and I took the appointment

And I took him to Khan sir's clinic

After taking his medicine we saw the improvements

The person who refuse to eat fod and feel stress by walking

But after this medicine he started consuming his food

Even he started walking little bit

In other words he was totally on bed rest

Munir Khan sir has magic in his hands I think

Any patient can get cured with the help of Munir Khan sir's medicine

After taking first dose, we see the improvements in our body

It takes some time to get cure

A person feels relax after taking two three dose of his medicine

I have never seen such herbal medicine in my life

After that my few friends went to meet Munir Khan sir

They were from Hubli, Karnataka

Even they had the same problem of knot

For the treatment they spent about 2 lacs in the hospital

And after admitting in hospital we have bear the expenses

Because we dont get the result after spending lot of money

They didnt get satisfied with the treatment

So I sugessted them to come here and meet Munir Khan sir

They came and we took the medicine from Khan sir

Within two three days there were improvements in them

I think very few would have saved their life

They wont get cured after investing lots of money

I think god has sent Munir Khan to save lot of people's life

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