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This is a really exciting time for the university, for Innovation Campus

and for me, personally.

We're ahead of our five-year plan.

We're only a little over two and a half years into that five-year plan.

We're ahead on construction and and we're ahead on company recruitment.

ConAgra is our first announced corporate partner.

What's behind me is the Food Innovation Center.

That's a 178,000 square-foot facility.

It will house the University of Nebraska's Food Science and Technology Department

and several pilot plants that will facilitate our work with ConAgra

and other companies.

The building that we're in is a former 4-H building.

It was completely remodeled into a conference facility.

The conference center has been used a tremendous amount. We're getting a lot of

traffic, it's drawing a lot of people to Innovation Campus, and one of those events

has lead to a company that will rent space out here.

Innovation Campus is the place that we can attract some high-tech workers to actually

work in conjunction with university faculty and staff and students

to create innovation, to create new products and create a lot of new jobs.


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