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Assalam O Alikum, this is a moment of great joy for me

a milestone that me and my team have achieved,

that today at the time that you are watching this video, we have crossed 1 Million subscribers on one of our youtube channels

and it is by the Grace of Allah that we have done it in such a short time

and many people have watched us and praised us

our videos have had views in millions

and watched us for uncountable minutes or should I say hours

let me tell you, this was a difficult journey

the last 3-4 thousand subscribers to cross 1 Million, as we say in 'Punjabi' bari pi kati he, it was surely a herculean effort

and all of us around 8-9 people were always sitting around and praying to Allah for it to happen

sometimes our flight would soar and sometimes we would tank

it's a different medium, it has a different algorithm, and it has taken a lot of time to understand it

how you need to keep yourself active in this

and how you need to make yourself acceptable

some days we experienced 2.75 million views

the figures youtube gives us are the viewing pattern in a 48 hour window

so sometimes in one day we received 2.75 million views in one day

and sometimes we crossed 1.4 lacs in an hour

this is a huge achievement, it was impossible to do

without the grace of Allah

without your participation

specially the subscribers and viewers of this channel

I would request you if you watch this channel to subscribe

because we are going to bring changes to our offerings on youtube

in a few days

we will be having more than one channel

separate channels for entertainment and religious programming

and of course this current affairs channel which you are watching

the Mubasher Lucman official

in the coming days we will have short films and documentaries here

different programs and clips

we will be bringing in more people, we will have live transmissions

we will be celebrating special days

and you can catch all of that if you subscribe

and if you have pressed the bell icon

these are two very important factors

and for the success of any channel, these two are the most important factors

when you subscribe to the channel you encourage us

it is a kind of reward for us

to work hard

we tried to upload more and more videos in a single day

and also tried to do videos with a gap of two or three days

we have tried just about every pattern with this

and now we have reached the conclusion that

that different channels should have different playlists

because not everyone wants to watch the same type of video everyday

so it has to have ... it must have some kind of spice, some kind of change, that's very important

so from here to two million, the journey is extremely difficult

and you will have to support us in that

because if you support us then we will ... we can do all the things which I have said to you

but there is another very important thing in this

that you must express your opinion in the comments

and you should guide us from time to time. what type of programme,

which type of news, which type of documentary

which type of videos would you like to watch more of

I see on youtube that cooking channels are extremely popular

there are travel channels and even sports channels, like the one that Shoaib Akhtar has

they are very successful people who are doing that

because they are putting a lot of effort into it

because in this you have to do everything yourself, no one is doing anything for you

and because you have to do everything yourself

it is a credit to my team

because they are invested in every single minute detail

and they are trying to make this more vibrant 24/7

now we are obligated after achieving this milestone to improve our production quality

we should improve our content for you

we should make our editorial neutral and acceptable

and we should export Pakistan's not soft but real image

we need your support

we always pray to Allah

that Allah grant us success

and thank you once again for being a part of the Mubasher Lucman official youtube channel

and don't forget to subscribe it, don't forget to press the bell icon

Allah Hafiz

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