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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vikramarkudu Telugu Full Movie | Ravi Teja, Anushka, SS Rajamouli | Sri Balaji Video

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Can l tell you a story?

Once in the deep jungles of Chambal there lived a gang of dacoits...

Sister, you're getting big money, right?

How much will you give me?

l'll not cheat you.

Won't l offer Rs.116?

Why don't you play?

Don't play.

Hey Shorty! Bloody, come out man.

l've come, what's your problem?

Jintha means base.

Thatha means baton.

Chithak means chutney.

lt means your base will become chutney with baton charge.

That's the matter.


Sleep my dear sweetheart...

Song is very nice, who sang it? - My mother.

Where is your mother?

She's dead.

Who is calling at this hour?

Vikram Rathore is alive.

Brother-in-law! lt seems Vikram Rathore is still alive.

Bavuji here.

Bavuji! Vikram Rathore is alive.


Where did you see him?

ln Hyderabad.

What do you want?

Bavuji, this is his grave.

Dig it.

My brother Titla is a terror to this Chambal valley,

he survived his murderous attack also.

He's not an ordinary man.

Find him.- Okay Bavuji.

Vikram Singh Rathore! Where are you man?

Where are you man?

Hail Hari, the omnipotent!

His arrival will make your bad time vanish.

Predict vastu, treasures... Goddess of Wealth!

ls it Goddess of Wealth who pulled my leg?

Or is it my imagination?

Let me see.

Goddess of Wealth!

l'm sure it's Goddess of Wealth.

Mother, l'm coming.

Mother, l'm coming. - Really Swamy?

Go away.

Oh Goddess!

Madam, Goddess of Wealth has blessed you.

ls it Swamy?

Don't talk, she promised great wealth for you.

How much?

Don't talk.

100 lakhs.

100 lakhs?

Don't talk.- When?

Look there! Goddess of Wealth!

Come my Goddess, we are waiting for you here.

Few hundreds short will also do, let's count it later.

No, ask her to bring that also.

She's not accepting a penny less, you move away, she'll jump.

She has crossed Heaven.

She has crossed Mt. Kailash.

By passed lndra's Kingdom.

She's into the clouds. On your terrace!

Swamy! What happened? Please sit down.

What happened?

What's there to happen now?

Your father made a vow to tonsure your head in Tirupathi.

He didn't fulfill the vow.

So Lord Hanuman has put his tail as hurdle to stop Goddess of Wealth's entry.

What to do now?

Hail Hari, the omnipotent! l've a Tirupathi knife.

You fulfill the vow, he'll remove his tail.

Goddess will push the money bag in.

Do it fast.

Sister, you're getting big money, right?

How much will you give me?

l'll not cheat you.

Won't l offer Rs.116?

Bloody stingy woman!

Will you offer me just Rs.116 after getting millions?

l'll make it Rs.126.

People like you are bad omen to the society. Go away.

Why are you going away? - Wait...

Why are you leaving my head half shaven?

What will the colony people think of me if they see?

Why did he leave abruptly?

Shave heads!

We'll use special blades to shave cleanly.

Hey come here.

Coming madam.

Tell me. For widow it's 10 and for fulfilling vow it's 20.

What type is yours?

Half shaven head!

l can't.

How can l finish a job half left by another man?

Don't say like that l'm not able to show my face in public.

Feel free to ask anything.


Rs. 1000?

Can't you reduce it?

l can...Rs.1500

Settle the earlier figure.- Okay.

Shave heads! Rs.10 forfull head shave and Rs.1000 for half head shave.

Hey Man, come here.

Hey Athili! You are not an ordinary man.

How did you manage so many half shaven heads in one day?

You are an expert head shaver.

Stop! MLA is busy.

l'm his wife, tell me your grievance.

Some Swamy cheated all of us, look at our heads.

Who am l to tell my woe?

Uncle.- Nephew.

Total collection is Rs. 26100.

lf we take off 6100, it's Rs.20000 - What is it?

What's the round figure of 5 paise or Rs.5?- Rs.5

That's what l'm saying, if we take off 6100, it's Rs.20000, right?

Come out like that, you can't cheat me.

We shared the hardwork equally, so 10 for you and 10 for me.

Give me the ten thousand.

l shaved half heads & you did the rest. 50-50 share, want to take full money.

l had been watching you since childhood, you never share the booty correctly.

Will you take everything and leave me only this?

Don't you want that also? - Why are you taking this also?

Cheats will never prosper.

We are offering prayers in temple, right?

Give me Rs.1000.- No.

Rs.500?- No.

Give Rs.10 for tea. - l'll smash your face.

What man? Account not tallying?

Where did you steal the money?

College girls bus...

Any chic here is fresh...

Applying brake is a big issue...

Cupid is beaten up...

That's it!

lt's sin not to taste the pulse under...

Are you itching for trouble?

My slipper will wear out on you...

Girl playing Tennis is sensational on the ground...

She smashed a shot bending and shattered the stadium...

Tennis ball maiden is sensational...

O Tennis girl! Your moves are shattering...

ls it crop of farms in Athili? ls it your beauty on show?

You lift and show...

...the prize you lift and show is energy booster to the youth...

You are Wimbledon lady and l'm Amberpet rowdy...

36 - 24 - 36

Look great in FTV dresses...

When a maiden wears FTV dress...

Old man in jeans...asked for a chance...

Dear...dear...what happened?

What happened madam?

Some one made a sound and for that sound...

Who made that sound?

Who made the sound near a heart patient? l'm calling police.

l told you not to wear so much gold,

warned of heart attack for the sound it makes.

Dear, your gold?

Night duty Nurse read my pulse...

She asked to take off my pant...

...and pierced a big injection...

Groom, listen to me...

Wife is a goddess...

A never ending love...

As love herself...

As your life...

Like light in lamp... Be a lifelong friend...

lf you find faults with her...

lf you try to act smart with her...

Little devils are here. How to pack them inside?

Little monkeys.

You can't catch me.

How to enter with this face?

Stop playing and come for dinner. Come...come.

Children are not allowed.- Steal...rob... Bless us with trouble free robberies.

Hail Lord Krishna! Hail Butter Thief!

Hail Blade! Hail Scissors!

Hail the duo of thieves!

Lord, with your divine grace, working over time day and night,

we stole you from Venugopalaswamy temple, my Lord,

with your grace, stole a bench from NTR gardens,

stole milk can from milk centre,

stole post box from Gandhinagar,

stole TV from Railway station,

stole telephone from public booth,



What else can we wish?

Who was on line?- Robber informer.

The girl you wanted has come from Chambal for a marriage here.

The house you saw is the guest house.

Then, we are staying there for a week.

l'll keep 4 lorries standby in the next street, we can load all the goods.

We are going there to settle my love matter.

Are you in love? - Why so surprised?

lf you try your antics there, l'll cut, cook and serve you to the guests.


l'll thrash every kid here.

Sathi, is our ball here?

lt's here only. Come.

All are sweet and small. l'll burst all your balls today.

Forgive the kids this time, women of the area are worst.

l'm worse than the worst. Kids are finished today.

Get out!

Great Tendulkars and Dhonis to come out with bats.

lf you come here again, l'll cut it.

Listen to me...he's not a good man.

Will you hide inside after beating children?

Today, you're finished in my hands.

Hey Sathi! Come out bloody idiot!

Oh My God!

l've come out, so what?

Bloody, let your hands get broken.

May you die instantly with a strange disease.

Let your family break up. Let your house get burnt down.

Let your false hair fall down.

Nephew, don't calm down... don't back off.

Let the issue be settled. - Settle it, tell me.

Bloody idiots! Showing your prowess on kids?

Not just kids, l'll strip your husbands and beat them.

Will you strip our husbands also? - Any doubt?

lf you're really a man?

lf you really have guts?

Strip my husband. Come on man.

You leave me.

Why should l get stripped to prove him as man?

He'll do as he says, leave me.

Did you see my power? Clear out now.

How can we leave without cutting you and smearing salt & chili on it?

Bloody woman! Will you hold me by hair?

Bloody man!

Nephew, she's beating from behind.

Nephew, a winnow is behind you.

He's pinching all over the body.

Don't leave her...beat her. Why are you beating my nephew?

Why are you beating me? me.

Hey Sathi!

lf you trouble our children again, l'll beat you to pulp.

Oh! Will l keep quiet?

l'll break your bones.

Will you all come together?

Get lost. Bloody idiot.

Get lost, if you dare to fight with me, you'll get beaten up.

l stayed away because they were women,

if l had come, you'd be dead, mind it.

Will you sit back and enjoy the fun?

How dare to beat me with an helmet?


What happened nephew?

Uncle, black cat crossing is also okay, but children are bad omen.

How to enter?

Doors are open. - Don't l know it?

We need to find a fool to pitch our tent here for week.

Look there, the huge lady will surely be the groom's mother.

Who are they?

My daughter's friends. - What's this disrespect?

l'm sitting here, don't they know to respect elders?

Young girls...they don't know...

Aunty! My dear aunty. - Get up son...get up.

Saw our people's respect?

l got it and lost it.

What's this?

Falling at feet twice is his style.

Who are you?- Aunty!

My relatives, can't you guess from the way they respect?

Go son...go inside.


l'll also go inside.- Okay.

Super jewels.- Very close relations? - Yes.

l'm going up to get flowers.

Time is in your favour, not left leg.

Put forward right leg.


Your song last evening was great.

l know Telugu.

You know telugu?

Then we can converse in Telugu easily.

l'm Sathibabu from Athili.

l'm Neeraja Goswami.

Neeru, l've much to talk to you.

Not here...but when we are alone.

l brought you to a lonely place.

Only we both are here.

Tell me. - l'll tell.

l like...

l love you...

Why am l stammering to tell a truth for the first time in life?

Athibabu from Sathili...

Neeraja Boswami...

Where is it?

This is the matter.

Who is it?- Sister....very urgent.

Urine? Why she?

Should he take her to toilet also? l'm confused.

l got a rare opportunity, and the kid spoiled it.

What are you doing here? - Cutting vegetables.

Somebody's calling there, go.- Okay sir.

What are you doing here? Send breakfast there.

Okay sir.

lf everyone stays here, how can we work?



Policeman is coming, thieves go hiding!



They will catch thieves.

Out...out...l found the thief.

l've caught him.

Boy! Did you blow the whistle now?

Come...l'll give you a chocolate. go back.

Yes, bloody English boy!

Will you blow whistle as you please? - Leave me...leave me.

Blow whistle now...

lf you come here again,

l'll cut your bum and smear chili powder, not ice.


Why are you chanting, Jinthatha?

Shut up.

l saw because it's beautiful.


Run out of children's nappies.

Get a dozen son.- Okay, aunty.

Go son...go.


Where are you uncle? You son of gun.

Yuck! l never expected you to stoop to so low level.

Trusting you l've lost my honour too.

Stop murmuring and come out open.

You hate children, why are you buying nappies?

Do we need love?

Not for us, but l need.

l'm hurt with your refusal, so l'm walking out as protest.

Cried off.

Hey Stop! Thief...thief...catch him.

l'm not connected with him.


Why are you showing only me as the thief?

ls the thief behind your father?

Bloody, you fixed me up.

Not a rupee, useless suitcase.

Why did you get me into trouble?

Catch it.

Thief...thief... - Hey stop...



Everything is okay. - Okay sir.

He's okay.

My fees?

His suitcase?

lt's empty.

Empty? - Empty.

The chain l stole from Ramakrishna.

Adjust with this.- Okay.

Though we are not related, l saved your life.

Account is settled.

l can stay here but my girl is waiting there.

Don't see me like that.


ls it teak wood?

Doors? Very good teak wood.

You'll get it uncle.

Have another serving of Sambar.

Sambar...for him.

Sambar again?- Yes.

15th time.- No problem.

Though she's serving, how many times?

They produced great woodwork then, now it's impossible.

He loves the taste of Sambar... come & serve again...



Oh God!

Hand slipped unwittingly.

Please don't take it seriously.

l think it's better to wash in bathroom. - Come.

You could've done this earlier instead of serving 15 times to me.

Do you want me to order teak for you?

You shove it into your...

May l serve you Sambar?

Sorry, l'm really feeling.

l'm also feeling for not getting fully wet in Sambar,

Why did you do that?

Helping you.

ls it help?- lsn't it?

You took trouble to clean my shirt.

lsn't it my duty to clear the wrinkle on your waist?

ln Athili they say it as help for help.

Stop narrating tales about Athili.

Listen to me.

Yours is South, mine is North.

Yours is Andhra Pardesh, mine is Madhya Pradesh.

lf you touch my mid region without my permission,

l will...

lf you close your eye for a second, l'll vanish.

You are a coward, how can you love me?

You mean you have it on me?

lf it isn't there, will l dare to invite you alone to my room?

Why will l bring you to the bathroom?

l'm new to all this, so l couldn't get it fast.

lf l do it one more time, l'll be right on the track.

l can't go to bed at night...

Even if l go to bed l can't sleep...

lf l sleep l can dream...

lt's you in my dreams...

ls love so pleasureful?

l can't wake in day...

Even if l do, l can't come out...

Even if l do come out, l'm an enigma to myself...

Time is moving slow in daytime...

What do you want? Tea or coffee?

Can't you say something interesting?

Will gossip do for the night?

Let's draw lines and play...

l made a vow to cross the line, what can l do?

O God! l can't take it anymore...

Your adventurous liberty with me...

Shall l spend hours together with you?

What will happen to me after that?

Just 5 minutes are enough for it...

What's this nasty idea?

What to do as our love goes deeper?

Be content with kisses and caressing my cheeks with yours...

Don't blame me later for any other consequences after that...

Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupathi...

Lord Sathyanarayana of Annavaram...

Lord Narasimhaswamy of Yadagiri...

What will be my plight?

Tell me what happened in bathroom? - Go away.

Hey Thief!

lf you go around me, you'll lose your job.

Do your duty.

Okay Neeru, l'll tell you the truth. l'm a thief...

l cheat people for a living.

l'll give up that for you. lt's your wish after that.

You'll not do that after our marriage, will you?

You are accepting ...l'll never do.

Promise me.

lf give a word l stand by it. lf l promise l break it.

Son Sathi! - Aunty!

She's a pain in the neck.

Just once.- What?

Only once.- What?

Chambal Valley, Madhya Pradesh.

Titla Bhai!

Vikram Rathore is alive...

Villagers are happy for it...

A reporter has written it in newspaper.


Titla! My brother.

Show me how the happiness will be as written in that newspaper.

How will the happiness be as written by your husband?

Anybody here knows, what is happiness?

Yes, what you wrote is true.

Vikram Singh Rathore is alive.

Good! More than the fear of facing me,

l see happiness in you for his news of alive.

Sir, l beg you...l'll fall at your feet.

Please don't harm them.

l beg you sir.

Little children sir...are getting burnt... Stop it sir.

Sir...l beg you... please come to save them.

Sir...madam...please help me.

Wash my legs.

Wash it clean.

Got any clue about him?

l sent 50 men but still no information.

Baba, you also go.

l want his whereabouts.

Nephew, if you stop working for a girl, what will happen to me?

l promised Neeru to stop this life of cheating.

l'll rob only once, it's the biggest ever robbery,

must settle down in life.

Find something like that.

Keep the luggage carefully.

She's wearing so much, how much will there be in the box?

Money is omnipresent...

World is gold...

World is jewellery...

Correct uncle, we have to steal that box or never steal. Come.

Box is very heavy, what are you carrying in it?

With the jewels l'm wearing, l've jewels for everyday of the week.

Control uncle.

No change madam. - Keep the change.

Nephew, we got the world bank.

Sir.- What?

l want to buy ticket leaving this box here,

but everyone here appears like a thief,

but you look like gentlemen.

What to do madam? Goodness is part of our life.

Look after my box, l'll get my ticket.

You don't worry, you can go.

Take it as this belongs to us from now.

Why think? lt is ours. You can go.

Thank you Uncle.


Mother...Goddess of Rajasthan.

Uncle, jewels for seven days.

One day's jewels are on her. Rest six days,

half is yours and half is mine.

No, change the hands.

l've also become intelligent, l too know to count.

You can't cheat always.

50-50 of six, 2 for me and 4 for you.

How is it possible?- Why not?

Where did you steal it? - Steal? We own it.

Your face and the box don't match.

What's in the box?

What will be there? Clothes, paste, brushes, condoms...

And shaving kits.

Show me.

Telling you.

Why is he troubling us?

lf we don't send him away, we may end up begging to survive.

You stop nephew.

What man? What's this high handedness? Police power?

Will we get afraid seeing your police power?

Take off your hand.

Why are you standing here?

How to believe you are a policeman?

Where is your cap? Where is your baton? Show me.

Nephew.- Uncle. - Open the box.- Why?

Look at the holes down and say.

He's aiming at my lifeline. Open it.

Are you child kidnappers?

Kidnap? We are not connected to this.



Are you selling your own daughter?

No...just for fun. lsn't it uncle? - Fun?

l suspected on seeing your faces. Tell me your address.

Street adjacent to Jubilee Hills check post.

lf you ask Sathibabu, anyone will guide you to my house.

Take the girl and go home.

l'll check on you everyday.

lf l don't see her...

No need to use gun... l'll take good care of her.

You're a father, look after her like a father.

How well that Rajasthani girl cheated us?

She talked in Hindi and left us with a girl. We thought she's foolish.

Think again, who is foolish?

Father, this new house is very good.

l'll ask you a thing, will you answer?

Who is your father? - You.

Go and check kitchen & bedroom also. - Okay father.

So small but you act brilliantly.

Why is she calling father? - How do l know?

Do you open accounts after informing me?

Don't know where you dumped cash? - No need to tease me.

Tease...who is teasing whom?

You said this is last robbery and got me into this mess, now say teasing?

Look here, 1, 2, 3...Oh My God!

What would've happened had it hit little up? - No uncle.- Shut up.

Go and give her a clean bath. Or else Sl will come.

Chewing betel leaf he'll ask, where is he?

l'm getting screwed because of your daughter.- Shut up.

Will she become my daughter if you shout or he points a gun?

l will take her...

l'm in very bad mood, l'm talking to you controlling it.

Asking you the last time.

Who is your father?

Oh God! She's playing games with me.

Very difficult.

l'll show you new games. Come.

You hide here, l'll find you.


Thank god. Will she stick on to me?

Uncle...where are you going? - Don't call me uncle.

You left the girl. That policeman will come now.

lt's okay for you. He loves my lungi, l'm going.

Uncle, you were with me till now. Will you leave me in distress?

Dying together isn't as easy as living together.

Open the door.

He's here.- Hide!

ls there anyone inside or not?

He's here, what to do now?



Where are you?

Anybody in or not?

Come out man.- Me? - Come out l say.- l'm coming sir.

Street lights, court bureau, post boxes.

All appear like stolen goods. Nothing appears like you bought it.

Are you thieves? - No sir, all are second hand things.

Do thieves appear like humans?

Teasing me? l'll rip you apart.

Take your hands off.

Where is Sathibabu?

Who is Sathibabu?

l don't know sir.

Why are you getting anxious man? - No sir.

Where is the girl? - Girl...girl...

Girl is with Sathibabu.

Show me, where is Sathibabu?

lf she's not with him, first you then...

Hey Stop...stop.

Stop man...girl is in the lorry.

Stop man.

This game is very nice father. Let's play it again, you go

He's not here also. You're making me go around the house.

Shall l fire at you?

Where is Sathibabu's daughter? - He'll be inside.- Show me.



What sir? Why are you here?

Look after her like this.

Who is she father? - Why is she coming here?

Let's play robber and police game. Hide here, l'll find you.

Okay? Stay here only.

Come here...

Who is inside?

Which heroine's poster have you pasted?

Listen to me.- Let me see. - Come. l will tell you.

l know why you're dragging me.

No to such things before marriage.

lf you don't listen to me, even our marriage is hard to happen.

Why are you so angry? Shouting at me for nothing.

Since l didn't see your for 2 days, l was yearning to see you, you know?

Without understanding that... Where are you looking at?



Thief.- What thief?

l mean Donga.

You use Donga scent, right?

Try not to flatter me. Someone might see us. Get up.

Yes. Someone might see us. That's why we shouldn't get up.


Looks like you are very much used to such romantic things.

l swear! This is the first time l'm trapped in this matter.

Don't get up. Please.

Okay. Go ahead.

But only...


Let's go to the street.

On the street?

Shall we go to a hotel?

ln a hotel?

May in a theatre?

You shameless!

Stay close to me.

lt's good for both of us.

Why do you stay away, my dear?

Come closer.

lt's good for both of us.

lf you want a hot spicy kiss,

l thought of giving you one.

lt is up to you now to accept my kiss.

Don't show airs!

Why are you in a hurry?

You're tough to control.

You're a naughty boy.

A little crow fought a dog.

A rat fought with an elephant.

Who gave so much courage to the rat & the crow?

When fallen in love, it happens.

No need to be surprised.

Love is a fever which stays forever.

Love imprints itself on our hearts.

Honey bee kisses the flower.

Chalk will write on the board.

Dry straw must stay away from fire.

When a leaf falls on a thorn, it's finished.

lf we make penance, won't love shower it's blessings on us?

Love will chase you down to the corner & kills you.

What are you searching for?

Tell me why?

We need to find out who and where she is from.

lf Neeru knows this, my marriage will be in a fix.- Fine.- l'll kick you.

C'mon help me.

lt's your photo. When did you grew such a big moustache?

lt's her father's photo & not mine.

He looks like me.

First we must find him and hand over his daughter to him.

Where will you search him?

He will be somewhere or the other.

l'm a big cheat. Looks like he is worse than me.

Since he has left his daughter behind, he is not an ordinary scoundrel.

Together we are 50 men.

And we have come to kill you and your daughter.

You don't even have to touch my daughter.

l'll kill you the moment you think of doing that.

Uncle..- Yes.

Somehow we must find him and get rid of that little devil.

Ask him.- Okay.

Have you seen him?

Trying to tease me. He is right behind you.

And you are asking me? Making fun of me!

Do you think you both are big shots. Get lost.

Why is he getting so angry?

Why are they running?

l don't know too.

Let's go & find him.

Find him.

Hey Vikram Rathore.

Hiding like girl! Come out.

Come out l say.

You coward!

You ran away!

Come out if you are a real man. Come out.

Boss, he is not here.

Where can he go? He will die for sure. Come.

Mr. Vikram, l told you to take complete bed rest.

But you never listen to me. And you keep wandering around.

You don't understand the situation.

ln the accident, your brain got damaged.

A major blood vessel got damaged and has swollen.

No one knows when it will burst.

To be precise, your brain is like an active volcano.

Don't go out of the hospital.

lf you don't listen to me, it is like playing with death.


Not feeling hungry?

Then eat.

You used to feed everyday, dad.

Another one!

My hand got cut & is paining. Eat.

She has turned into a leech.

l'm getting irritated. She irritates me even when l dine.

When will l get rid of her!

Daddy...- What now?

Since your hand is cut...

l'm not hungry. You eat.

Get lost.

l said l'm not hungry, right. You eat.


What is she doing?


She didn't eat.

l must curse your father first.

He brilliantly forced you on me.

Even if you eat or not,

the mistake is your father's.

Oh my god! l fell down.

l'm in no way related to you.

Don't ask me to feed you. Got it?

l'm talking. Don't disturb me.


And now...

l'll break you into pieces.

Nobody listens to me until l beat them.

She won't allow me to sleep peacefully.

Why are you crying?

l can't play my mom's song, daddy.

lt is broken.

Thank you daddy.

May the sky, earth, water and the breeze be with you.

Just one more dear. - No thanks, daddy.

Please dear. Just one more.

Okay, only one. - Yes, just one. Come.

Daddy, someone has come for you.

You said you cheat people.

But still l fell in love with you.

You said you hate kids.

l still agreed.

You concealed that you've a child.


So, your love is not true.

Be here. l'll be back now.

l'm not married and she is not my daughter.

When she is calling you daddy, how can we trust you?

Her father looks like me.

That's why she is getting confused.

My daughter said that you've stopped cheating people.

But you've not quit your profession.

Sir, l'm telling you the truth.

Atleast you believe me, Neeru.

She is in no way related to me.

l swear on you.

So, you are in no way related to her. - Yes sir.

Then, there is a bus going to Devgarh.

Come & join us. ...Alone.

Daddy, lollipop.

Take her & go.

Run or else they will kill her. Go.

Who are you?

Why are you after me?

Once more please.

Run Leave me.

Run brother. - Leave me.

Don't get scared. You're safe.

Neha...dear Neha.



He said that he's not afraid of death.

Now l see the fear of death in his face.

lt's not easy to face death. You coward!

lf you really have the guts,

you wouldn't have run this far.

Am l any hired goon to fear death? l don't fear death.

lnstead death fears me.

Death hasn't got the guts to face me.

lt's been after me for the past 6 months.

To take me, death needs another 10 more bodies.

l swear on my moustache,

l swear on my daughter,

if anyone of you survive,

or if l die a minute earlier than you,

shave my moustache and then bury me, you scoundrels!


lnspector, is there anyone else? - No sir.

Even though you don't ask us,

we are bound to answer to the questions that you've in your mind.

Who is he? Who are we?

Why we made you a pawn & troubled you?

We need to give an explanation to all these questions.

For someone to be remembered for 100 years,

he doesn't have to live 100 years.

A day is enough.

His victories will make him live for 100 years.

He lives in the people's hearts of Chambal like a lightning,

a power,

he is Vikram Singh Rathore, lPS.

Additional Superintendent of police.

Six months back, people in Chambal were merely slaves.

And the police wear their uniform only to cover their bodies.

Even l was C.l. for a division.

Where are you going? - Bavuji...

To meet Bavuji.

Police can't go inside. Don't you know the rules.

May all diseases get cured!

Take good care of that black cow.

lt's getting weaker everyday. - Greetings sir.

Ram Ram Bavuji. - Yes tell me.

l'm the C.l. of this division.

My name is Mahanti.

What's your problem? Tell me.

My wife is missing from yesterday.


What's her name?- Pramila.

Age?- 30 sir.

Very dangerous age.

She must be very young.

Father, mummy is over there. - Mother...

Do you know where she went?- No sir.

Or do you suspect anyone?

No sir.

Okay. l'll find & send her home.

She'll be home in...2 days.

My children didn't eat for the past 2 days.

Didn't l say l'll find & send her home.

Take good care of your children. Got it?


l said go.

Brother-in-law...- Boss.

My kingdom is Kingdom of Rama.

No murders, no rapes, no rowdyism.

We'll be forced to commit a murder only when anyone rebels against us.

Only when a woman refuses to come, we'll be forced to molest her.

Only when someone refuses to give bride, we'll be forced to do rowdyism.

No such things happen here.

That's why the village is very peaceful.

Wow! Those are golden words.

You are Lord Ram & l'm your slave.

l'll build a temple atleast by borrowing money.

Wow! Sleeper coach.

Look at the one coming. AC bogie.

Find whether she is free.

Aunty, are you free or booked?

Give them what they ask for.

Aren't you angry on us giving money?

Why would he?

lf he doesn't give, he'll lose another leg.

Who will free us from these demons?

Sir, want a taxi?

Where do you want to go? - Dalim Chowk.

Rs. 200. - lt's very near by.

The distance does not matter.

Whatever Bavuji gang says is final.

No thanks.

Once you've inquired,

you must pay the money, no matter you take the taxi or not.

Take the money out.

Don't quarrel with them. Give them what they ask for.

You've come with your daughter.

Where is her mother?

Hasn't she come?

Or has she eloped with someone?

Tell us what happened?

Why someone else? Aren't we here?

Listen to your mummy's song.

l'll be back soon.

Coming back?

Stay where you are. You are finished today.

Don't move. Steady.

Don't move l say.

l see 20 fingers now.

l see nothing.

Boss, it is urgent. l'll be back right away.

Oh my god!

Get up.

Your name?


Tell me your name?

Your name?

Wear your shirts.

Take out the money.

ls your own money in this?- No.

Brother, you beat them well.

Who are you?

Return their money. - Okay brother.

Put on buttons... shut your mouth.

Never again should l see you.


Good morning sir.

Razia, S.l. Patel Nagar.

Arranging your house all alone?

You could've called us for help. - l'm used to it.

Sorry sir. A small misunderstanding.

They said the train was late.

Or else l would've come to the railway station.

lt's okay. Please sit.

Try to adjust.

Sir, shall l prepare milk for your child? - l'll do it.

You've brought your daughter alone.

Hasn't your wife come?

So, what else?

How is the village?

Father, it's getting late to school.

l couldn't plat sister's hair. Come father.

Why did you come here?

Your wife...?

l know how difficult it is to bring up children.

We have to take care of everything. Go.

My mother is not dead. She is still alive.

Do you suspect anyone?

Who are you?

Leave me.

Oh my god!

Who are you?

One phone call will get you transferred to the place you came from.

When a police gets transferred, he will still go to a police station.

And not to a post office.

Even before the transfer order gets ready, both you & your son will die.

Close all the gates.

Sit in the car.

Open the gate.

He will break the gate.

l'm here, boss.

lf l can't help you, it's a waste to be Home Minister.

Please forgive me.

l've informed the DGP to come here.

Please be patient.

Now if you call Titla, the village will burn.

The very thought of his arrival creates ripples in my heart.

Please listen to me.

lt's my responsibility to bring back your son.

Here he comes!

Greetings sir. - Enough of your greetings.

When there is so much happening here,

were you sitting at home playing with your baton?

lt's been years since we used batons.

When l took charge, you told me to overlook whatever happens in this village

That's why l kept quiet. - Shut up.

Village is different from Bavuji.

Bavuji is the king of this village.

How could you arrest his son?

Who is he? Where is he?

Say something.

He is the newly appointed ASP.

Vikram Rathore. - Shut up.

Why did you bring him here?

Say something. - l didn't.

He's here on a regular transfer.- Shut up.

Was he transferred without your knowledge.

So, were you sleeping in your office?

What should we do now? Say something.

l'll inquire about him. - Shut up.

l'm feeling restless in my constituency.

Stupids become officers.

l don't know what you're going to do.

By afternoon, Bavuji's son must be here.

And that officer must fall at Bavuji's feet.

Say something. - Sure l'll will.

l'll take leave.

Enough of your salutations. Bring him back fast.

They're eating my brain.

Once they wear this uniform, they would be raring to kill every criminal.

Home Minister was shouting at me.

Once bitten twice shy.

Where is the file?

He has an impressive track record.

Where is he?

Do you want me to call him?

We will meet him.

ln your4 years of service, you were promoted 4 times,

transferred 10 times, and made no compromises.

Your track record is good.

Winning Medals & having good track record isn't enough.

When you are in duty,

you must be sincere & fearful.

And l think you are not used to it.

Do you know how fear looks like?

When you are in deep sleep at night, someone will knock the door.

When you open the door,

you will find the security missing.

Even your revolver will go missing.

You'll only hear the rowdies giggling.

Do you know how scary it will be?

Your daughter who comes by 4 pm from school, wouldn't have come.

When you inquire in the school,

the watchman will say she has left.

6 O'clock... 7 O'clock...8 O'clock...

You'll never know about your daughter's whereabouts.

You'll receive a phone call at 10.

Do you know how scary it would be to know what the phone call is about.

Rathore, fear is very precious.

Never underestimate it.

He who has no fear cannot survive.

Why do you feel that l've no fear?

Not once a day,

l fear every moment of my life.

When l joined duty 4 years ago,

l swore to sacrifice my life to do my duty.

As you said, someone knocking my door and the phone bell ringing

may or may not happen.

But l will die someday or the other.

On that day,

the moment l meet death face to face,

l fear every second that l may fail to fulfill my promise.

A criminal's fear can be found in every nerve of his.

And my fear lies in the honour of my uniform.

My duty is over.

l promised my wife that l will take good care of my daughter.

l've only one wish.

When l meet death face to face,

let there be no fear in my eyes.

l should wear a smile on my face

with my hand twisting my whiskers.


Daddy, did mom go away without telling us? - Yes.

Will you also go away? - No dear.

lf you go, take me along with you.

l can't live alone.

Munna the accused

has misbehaved due to unstable mind.

Since it has been proved that it was not intentional.

the court pronounces him innocent and sets him free.

Forfiling a case without proper evidence,

the court warns the police dept. and

orders police to take him home safely.

Daddy, judge made a fool out of him.

He got scared & brought me in jeep.

You've arrested Bavuji's son.

You will have to bear the insult 10 times more.

To celebrate my son's release, l'm throwing a party tonight.

You must come. And you will.

Because your Home Minister is coming too.

You will come to give him security.

l'll show you then how my son will insult you.

Get lost.

Daddy, l want Chameli for tonight's party.

Heaps of saris lying unused...

Never gave myself in to anyone...

l never allow anyone to touch me...

What a devil of woman l am!

Will you come once?

Will you give it to me?

Will you come at dawn?

Will you light fire of passion and go?

Will you come after me and take me away with you?

My friend has come from Bombay...

Greet him...

Eat, drink and have fun at night...

Take rest in daytime...

Will you bite my chubby cheeks?

Will you take on my hot passionate youth?

Will you touch enticing little wrinkle on my waist?

Will you knock the squeaking door?

Will you come down and tie anklets?

Will you come forward to drown me in kisses?

Will you sting like scorpion on my sensitive places?

Will you spill water on raging fire?

Will you milk the golden bowl?

Will you play with my youth?

Will you give a jolt to wake it from slumber?

Will you strip sari without informing blouse?

Will you strip blouse without informing sari?

Will you make me mother without making me squeal?

Enough of your shaking legs, Minister is coming, clear out.

Will you come?- Got cash?

Not free?- Bloody dirty face!

Welcome Home Minister!

l want to play a game with them.

What game?

l'll chase one of them, if l catch him,

...he must strip.

Mad boy! He's very enthusiastic to play...let him play.

ASP! Why are you getting so angry?

Police are friends of people.

You must play and be friendly with them.

Only then they will have faith on us.

Keep it inside...keep it.

Start your game son.

Strip...strip your uniform...

Come on strip.

Losing policeman's belt, l'll use it for our buffalo.

Remove your pant...



...the Policeman with moustache!

He's running way...l'll catch him...catch him.

My son!

My son!

File an FlR as a mad man jumped down to his death.

Take Home Minister's signature as witness.

lf it's not enough take his father's signature too.

Not only a Policeman, even his uniform will be on duty.

May god bless you with a long and happy life!

l'm Prakash Mehra, l'm a journalist.

This is demoness Holika,

Holi is celebrated to mark God killing this Holika.

We are not celebrating today for it,

but for the death of Munna.

Sir, look at the happiness in these people's faces.

lf you get rid of other two people, it's festival everyday here.

This must become their funeral pyre.

Yes sir.

l suspect Titla's men are in this crowd, alert all our men.

Coward backstabs.

Man fights face to face.

When l face death, fear shouldn't be seen in my eyes,

l must be smiling and my hand should be smooching my moustache.

Vikram Rathore...great police officer.

You worshipped him like god for his uniform, his power and manliness.

Look at your God's fate.

He died with just one bullet, bloody.

ls he the man to change your lives?

Hear me, my brother Bavuji writes the fate of this place,

Even if God himself descends here can't alter one line also.

He'll meet the same fate.

Because your God drinks nectar, but l drink blood.

Bloody, he's dead.

Dead Rajput shouldn't leave this world alone.

That's why l killed you, dog! Before my son is reduced to ashes.

Show his grave before any new police officer takes charge here.

Sir, he's still alive.

Every body be calm, please keep this as secret...

He's a God to us also, we swear on our children to keep the secret.

After knowing he's alive,

to make Bavuji believe it, we buried an empty coffin.

We managed to save his life temporarily with all our medical knowledge.

We shifted him to Hyderabad for his safety.

On consulting doctors here,

they say his survival is very bleak and may die any moment.

His daughter's problem was more painful than his impending death.

She'll not eat until he feeds, and never sleeps without him.

We saw you in those circumstances.

We inquired about you thoroughly.

We know you hate children.

We wanted her to be with you playing all sorts of drama.

You know what had happened after that.

lt was our mistake to trouble you without any connection to this.

We didn't have any other way to find a father to her.

How are we to say sorry to you? - No need.

We pray to God for his life.

lf you've anything to tell him, you can.


Tell me sir...tell me sir.

Don't worry about your daughter.

She's my daughter.


What happened father?

Nothing dear, uncle is unable to sleep.

So we are here to...

This song will put him to sleep, father.

l fear of not keeping up my promise.

Not only policeman, even his uniform does the duty.


Beat those bastards. Tell me.

Tell me, where is he?

Loyalty to the master.

So arrogant?

Where have you hidden him?

They say he's dead, why are you asking them, where is he?

lf they reveal the place, you'll open the grave to see his body.

His body too will spring up to do duty on seeing you.

Why are you itching for it?

Brother-in-law! - Shut you, crook.

He's unlike us, he stands by his word.

lf he's alive, he'll come uninvited.

lf he comes, he'll not go without completing his mission.

l too wish the same, he must come to die in my hands.

Don't say he must come, God's may bless so be it.

lf they, you are finished.

You look very happy, pay fine of Rs.50 for whistling.

l'm Duvva Abbulu.- l asked money.

Pay man. - lf l say no.

Your body will be found on tracks.

ls the platform full?

Hey, he's cracking jokes man.

Thrash him up.- Will l keep quiet?

l'm Vikram Rathore's assistant.

Vikram Rathore? He's dead. That's why we're back into the business.

ls it? Look there!

Brother has come back.

May god bless you a long life.

Brother. - Are you fine kid?

l beg you sir, start from here sir.

lf you start from there, l can't bear the tension.

Don't formulate new rules, you start from here sir.

Not now boys, l've much work to do in the village.

l'll take a day off and spend it on you.

Okay sir, we'll stay here till you come. many times will he die?

Do you need it now?

He may hear your shouts and come back alive.

ls it your ln-law's place to put right leg first?

Cunning villain's house, they must perish with my arrival.

Put forward your left leg.

What is he? - God blessed.

Hey Bavuji! lt seems you yearned to see me.

You escaped like a coward playing death drama.

One hit and you needed 6 months to recover. - l died?

You were mourning your son's death, l gave little time to recover from it.

Foundation for peace was laid with your son's death,

lf l kill you and your brother, the village's fate will change for good.

You can't harm me in any way.

l'm the only rowdy to this village.

You're right, l'm also saying the same.

There must be only one, it must be the policeman.

Forget about all this crap talk, get as many rowdies as possible for help,

call press media also.

Tomorrow morning by 9 am,

l'll distribute all the stock you're hoarding to public.

ln full public glare.

Do whatever you can.

Your history is over.

Your life hereafter...

What is he telling this new word?

Jintha means base.

Thatha means baton.

Chithak means chutney.

lt means l'll beat with baton to make chutney of your base.

Sathibabu's words are lies.

His love is also false.

lf the girl wasn't his daughter, he would've come here by now.

Listen to me accept the marriage proposal your father has brought.

lf you don't he's refusing to come home.

Listen to me and agree.

l don't like mother.

l feel l made a mistake by refusing Sathibabu.

You're not Sathibabu, but Vikram Rathore.

We'll be in trouble if anyone knows about impersonisation.

Handle it cleverly.

Will you leave me if my parents accuse you of lying?

Do you know how eagerly l was waiting for you?

Who are you?

Asking me who am l, Sathibabu?



Sathibabu is my replica and my daughter stayed with him for a week,

he said his girl friend left him mistaking him?

You lost a good man.

Don't act smart with me.

Falling in love with you, l've become very shrewd.

l'll give you a jerk.

Actually many girls got confused seeing me...

What's this?

What's the exposing? Aren't you ashamed?

Will you show me your waist? l'll arrest you.

Close it.

Aren't you really not Sathibabu?

Still any doubt after this incident?

Where is Sathibabu?- Himalayas.


Any man disillusioned with woman goes there only.

Because he needs a wet cloth to sleep at night.

Won't he come back? - Why will he not?

Today is full moon day, take head bath at midnight,

wear a white sari below your navel and go to the terrace.

Where are Himalayas? - North.

Call him with love, Athili! He'll appear before you.

lt seems he'll come if l call him from terrace at midnight?

Policeman is trying to fool me.

lf it turns true, may be l'll miss him.

Let me try it.

Below the navel!


Didn't get sleep?

lf you sleep, l'll also get sleep, uncle.

Will you have milk?

Will you?

Are you watching over me?

lf l add little local stuff to it, entire dept. will come to wake you up.

Take it...have it.

Hey Abbulu! How clever you are!

Let your intelligence go to hell!

l never expected to get rid of her so easily.

What? - Come.

Come. - Where?

lnside. lnto the lock up. Come.

What's this?

The stuff has completely taken over her.

You handcuff people before putting them in lock up, right?

Stay put here.


Thank God! l escaped from her.

She's not following me, is she?

Won't l steal her home before she comes?

Before she bats her eye once!

Goddess of Wealth must appear before me.

Say it with love

lt seems you went away to Himalayas getting angry on me.

Yes, if you'd delayed a little l would've drank holy water.

Our love would vanish.

Do you know how anxious l was for you?

Thief! l got you!

Who are you? Get out!

Who are you? Thief hid it.

What's all this? - Take your hands off, what's there?

Baton! Thief hid it.

Come, l must put you in lock up and thrash you.

Cell will disintegrate, take your legs off.

He's my thief, my will and wish.

Sathibabu, tell her to take her legs on you.

l'll not, if you want put your legs on him.

You bloody!

Come... - Come...

Let you both go to hell! You're breaking my waist!

A leg from there and a leg from here, Athili in between.

Play...have a ball!

lf you see me...

lf l come to your house...

lf l get caught with you in dark...

Athili Sathibabu is smooth operator...

Look at me...

Talk to me...

Let me touch you...

Take on you...

When lovers take a decision...

When they both are interested, who can stop them?

God came...Lord came...

Great warrior came galloping on horse...

Lord of lords came...

Waking up...

Raking up...

Dusting up...


lf both are interested, who can stop them?

We brought the girl to him.

You made an entry then.

We were confused to tell you the truth or not.

He left you for us and the little girl, certainly not to cheat you.

No problem.

Hereafter she's my responsibility.

lt's going to ring 9, Vikram Rathore vowed to loot your godowns.

What are you planing to do?

Either he'll wet his pants or hang himself to death,

why are you bothered about it?

Did l give good repartee?


See what l'm going to do and show it to people also.

lt's 9! Come on man.

lt's 9.30 now, why hasn't he come yet?

Will he wait till inauspicious time elapses?

lt's 11.30 now.

Where is the policeman?

He may be sitting in lock up fearing the power of my men.

He won't sit quiet, very clever man.

Shut up!

Hey Where are your godowns man?

l'm searching every street trying to find address.

By the way, l saw a board Bavuji liquor factory.

l got bored and blasted it.

Little incidents like this happen, don't worry about it.

Tell me the address of your godowns.

Hey Bloody idiot! lf you've guts stay there.

l'm coming there.

ls it? Okay, l'll wait here.

Start the vehicles. are going away. What are you going to do now?

Why are you shocked?

He lifts his dhoti to tie up while leaving for a war.

That's all!

Didn't he come?

He left just now getting a phone call.

Went away? Bloody bastard!

l challenged him openly to come with his entire gang,

that l will beat him stripping him in public.

He ran away.

He's a villain and you are afraid of him.

Till now he tortured you all, so l'm distributing his wealth.

Loot it.

ls it on air live?

Just a minute.

See, everyone in the village watch this program.

See how Bavuji ran away from battlefield with tail between his legs.

What's this blocking the road?

Why did you ran away before l came here?

Okay, l'll give you another chance.

l'll wait in the main centre to lynch you with public fury,

if you've guts, if you drink cow's urine,

come there. Hey shorty, you'll get the shock of life.

Turn the vehicles.

Take out vehicles, turn the vehicles.

Whiling away time with this.

You must take out real things to fight not vehicles.


Good...very good... gathered a good crowd.

Let the real man in this crowd dare to fight me. Come out!

lf one of you steps forward today, it will be end of Bavuji's life.

Come out...come can they?

Blood isn't running in their veins, it's my urine.

Not a man is getting angry hearing his derogatory words.

Don't get scared of men behind him.

Your exhortations are in vain, nobody will dare to go against me.

At a snap of my finger women will leave their husbands to sleep with me,

want to see it?

Hey you! Come here.

l may not be as good as my son, but l can at least do it once in a month.

Sit here.

Will you call me, bastard?

lf l dared like this earlier,

l would've killed both son & father, and slept with your bodies, bastard.

Well done sister! Beat him!

He slapped his thigh like Duryodhana.

He's done with it.

Stop it.

Get up you shorty.

A lady kicked you in public, are you a rowdy?

Whatever left will be squeezed out by police, come.

Beat them, thrash them.

They must wet their dhotis on seeing police uniform.

Beat them.

Oh No! Stop...stop...stop it. ASP, what is this?

So many batons?

Did you use all of it on him?

We used 95 out of 100, am l right Bavuji?

Stop it!.

Will you beat a powerful man in station in my absence?

Sorry sir, l made mistake.

Stop it.

Sir is feeling for missing the show.

Let's start all over again.

Go...go...go away bloody rascal.

Have you come to get me beaten up again?

Go...go...go away.

He's getting anxious, can't you share his punishment?

You'll lose your political heavyweight.

l'm very delicate. l can't take the stick.

Bavuji...bye.- You thrash him.

One minute sir.

l thought l'll go to jail like Ramadasu, but you are in jail now.

No problem, l'll share your agony.

You'll get beaten up and l'll cry.

Beat him.

Get it down...slowly...that's it.

What happened brother?

l want his people.

Don't cry dear. We needn't fear for anything.

Shall l tell you a story?

Once upon a time there lived a dacoit gang in Chambal valley,

Like these wastrels.

A good police came there.

Like your father.

Father came and made mincemeat of those dacoits.

Rathore knows the power of my knock out punch from experience.

Vikram Rathore is dead.

The man coming now is Athili Sathibabu.

You killed Vikram Rathore treacherously.

But Sathibabu is a master crook himself.

You can't harm him in anyway.

Listen to me and vacate the place before he comes here.

Otherwise you will feel for it.

You'll be finished.

What's the meaning of it?

l'll tell you.

Jintha means base.

Thatha means baton.

Chithak means chutney.

lt means baton will make chutney of your base.

Another info brother-in-law,

anybody who asked the meaning of this got the stick.

First to elder brother-in-law, second...

ls he such a great man?

Let me see what he can do if l kill his daughter.

No need to touch my daughter with bad intention,

even if you think of it, l'll kill you.

He has come, l'll escape.


You were right.

Your man made a mincemeat of me.

But l can't play drums.

l know only to take lives.

Who will offer alms if you sit here with begging bowl?

Go and seek alms in village.

There are four others depending on you.


My wife is shouting at me for not coming home for a month.

lf you move l'll kill you.

l may get beaten up your share also.

Sir, please give me alms, it's two days since l ate.

We are in this position for a month. Go away.

Your goat is dead.

Look, the tiger has come.

All are dead.

We are ready sir.

Give our quota to us.

l'm not in mood now.

You stay here only or else the quota will double up.

No sir, single is enough.

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