Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3.Mişu şi Ionică la ziua lui Nicu Iorguleț (Limbaj licențios)

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Hm...yeah...exactly how my mother was doing it in good days...

Did you see my diplo...

How many times did I tell you not to eat on my table?

Don't worry...I found this paper on the wall and I don't make any trouble...

You, motherfucker...That is my Graduate Diploma from Berlin!

Aaa! How can you be so stupid!?!

What? You sick?

Get out! Get the fuck out, soaker!

I remeber something...It's Iorgulet's birthday!

Who? Are you sick?

You forget what you did last time?

Nicu...You have a pretty little cross...

It's very pretty...Don't you think?

Yes! Yes!

Who give it to you?

It's from my mother when I was a little boy.

Very nice from your mother...Don't you think?

Yes! Yes!

Nicu...I'll shove my cock in your mother cross! (a romanian very strong insult take it literally)

Shoo! It wasn't like that!

C'mon, we pay him a visit...He have alot of drinks....


Free, a?

You, two? How many time did I tell you not to come?

We came to say: Happy Birthday! We brought you a present!

Oo... Cabernet Sauvignon from 1791, autumn.

A piss..

C'mon, man! Did you piss in that?

I think we have a situation...

What did you do?

My dick is stuck in the bottle...

Noob...Who the fuck told you to put your dick in the bottle?

Did you want me to splash on the floor?!

You had to piss outiside. Now, you fucked the bottle!

Thank you, guys! I'll go to put this on my collection! I can't wait to show you my new maps of Byzantine Empire.

Ok...Go...We will wait quietly...on the couch...

C'mon, fucker! Find the drink!

Misu...You think that I don't know where it is already?

When my father came after me to beat the shit out of me, I knew all the hiding places..

Well, where the fuck is it?

The drink is behind bookcase!

Farmer...This is the most brilliant thing you ever said!

Forest dear, how do you do? (A verse from famous romanian poet which this character is inspired)

You talking alone again?

Shut up...Maybe you have to mow something..

Let me solve this...

You fucking drunk hooligans! I'll kill you!!

Nicu...I respect you from the bottom of my heart...

But go back to your mother's vagina! (very strong romanian insult)

You fucking shit...


Farmer's Genius Condition

What the fuck is happening?

I need to hoe that herb!

If i set this bookcase on fire, I will not having trouble with stove for five years!

What a beautiful bat!

How fucked you need to be to damage this bat?

I don't take this fucker home again!

Fuck his mother's breed of drunker!

What a fucking face has Nicu..

Look at his ears, you can remove with them a cow's tether from deep ground.

What kind of fucking dog is this?

Conclusion: If he gives me the bat, I will make a axe or a chair leg?

Best Option: I will apologise for the trouble and I will go home.

What's happening with you? Are you crazy? I need the bat, kick him instead..

Shit...I have been beaten again..

You've been lucky.

After you fell unconscious, I realized it's fucked...Then, I took you on my shoulder, I did a trick and started running..

While I was running, I peeked if he was coming and I saw how he threw the bat after me!

I did another trick and I caught the bat in the air..

If you give me the bat, I'll take him outside!

Nicu...I respect you from the bottom of my heart...

But go back to your mother's vagina!

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