Practice English Speaking&Listening with: De Mobo Slides Tutorial, Use Your Phone as a Presentation Remote

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Hi everyone

I'll be showing you how to use De Mobo Slides today

All you need to use this app, is a smartphone

We have an iOS device right here

but you can use an Android as well

You will also need a laptop that has a built in webcam

we have a Mac Book Pro

but you can also use a PC

so the first thing they want to do

is go to the App Store

search for De Mobo Slides

After downloading,

open the app

and then next

you want to go to your laptop, open up Chrome

and go to

On this page

it's going to prompt you to enter a code

To find this code

you need to click on this gear icon

on the upper left corner, on your phone

and on the bottom of the page

where it says BBEEGS, that's going to be your code

yours will probably be different

so enter that right here

and now your phone

and your computer is paired together

as long as you're on the same WiFi network

now you can start to use your phone

to control the slides with the volume button

and we've implemented this new feature where we turned the

laptop into a digital overhead projector

All you need to use this feature

is an iPad stand like so

What you have to do

is, prop up your laptop like so

and make sure you're pointing the webcam


and now if you move your mouse

you'll see two buttons right here.

The one on the top

with the overhead projector icon

if you're to click it

It'll prompt you to use your camera

Press allow

and this will turn on your webcam

and now you can use this as a digital overhead projector

to do your lesson

and if you were to click on this icon again

it's going to go into a picture in picture mode

where you can continue their slides and also

continue with your lesson right here

on the overhead projector

and if you press this button one more time,

it will disappear

and that is all for today, thank you

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