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- Hi, my name's Finneas, and I'm here at BuzzFeed,

and today we're gonna talk about my first times.

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Listen was written on Cinco de Mayo of 2016.

We wrote it in a studio that had so much air conditioning

that we couldn't record it because

the air conditioning was so loud.

The air conditioning was like, (blows) the entire time.

You couldn't hear Billie's voice over it,

so we had to go home and record it,

which is the truth of every studio.

A lot of the time when I write songs,

I just kinda improvise until there's something

that I don't think is stupid, and in this case,

I was just sat at the piano and played that thing

that starts the whole song, and, "Congratulations,

"you've been pretending to be human," sort of

came out all at once.

I remember thinking that that was the beginning

would be romantic, 'cause I knew that it was

leading to thinking that they're not human

'cause they're an angel, and I remember

singing the song to my mom, who knows

my girlfriend, obviously.

It got to the first line and she was

holding my phone up to her ear listening to it,

and she was like, "What did she do?"

And I was like, "No, I'm not saying she's

"not a human being, I'm saying she's like a deity."

Ha, first kiss.

My first kiss was on the Fourth of July, 2011,

on a balcony in D.C., and there were fireworks

going off, and that sounds like the kind of story

that I would be like, just kidding,

it was in a back alley by my high school,

but it really was on the Fourth of July in 2011

on a balcony in D.C. while fireworks all went off.

And then I was dumped the next day,

on a flight, sitting next to her.

I was dumped, in the middle of the flight,

in the middle seat, and then there was

four more hours on the flight.

We're always fighting.

She's always been a...

She's always been, when she was very little.

She no longer is violent, but she, as a young child,

was violent.

But my first memory of her was her

teetering into my bedroom in a diaper

and putting a marble that I had on my floor

in her mouth, and me reaching my hand down

her throat and pulling the marble out.

Oh, ha.

The first audition I ever went on,

I was playing the son of a mom talking about

her severe plaque psoriasis, and she was

miming cutting my hair in the audition,

and they wet my hair so that it looked more like

I was in a salon, and I had to look unhappy

with my haircut, and I had no lines in the audition,

and I didn't get the part.

But if you have severe plaque psoriasis,

you can ask your doctor if whatever the (beep)

medication I was advertising is right for you.

I've never doubted that she was supremely talented.

I think you just have to hope that luck

also comes into play, 'cause there are

so many talented people that aren't as successful

as Billie has gotten.

I think that's a shame.

I always knew that she was incredibly talented,

and I was always just hopeful that

other people would see that too.

How old do you think I am?

I don't know what either of those things are.

I've never talked about this, but I auditioned for Glee

five times over the course of three years,

and each audition, by the way, was for

different characters over the course of the show,

and so the audition I did that was the role

that I landed, the day of the audition,

I think my band had a gig in high school,

or I had a date or something, and I was like,

"Ugh, can I not go on this audition?"

And my agent was like, "No, this is the only time

"they can see you," and I was like, "Whatever."

I think I sang You Always Hurt the Ones You Love,

and I read the scene, which was really short,

but I didn't even clock that it was for Glee.

I just was like, here's an audition,

and I went and did it, and then my agents

called the next day and said,

"They want you to do that role."

And I said, "What role?"

And she said, "The one you auditioned for yesterday."

And I said, "Yeah, what was it for again?"

And she said, "Glee."

And I was like, "Is this a spinoff?"

And she was like, "No, Glee is still on."

And then I met with the director of the episode,

and he was like, "So, basically in this scene,

"and you've seen Glee, of course, right?"

And I was like, (laughs) "Yes."

And I've never seen Glee.

And then when I was on it, I only did like, four episodes,

and everyone was like, "You didn't watch

"your four episodes?"

And I was like, I didn't have any idea

what was going on during my four episodes.

I hadn't seen any of the episodes before that.

I've never bought a CD.

I rented Kesha's Animal on CD from the library,

and I burned it onto my iTunes, and then I

took it back to the library, and none was the wiser.

I wrote the song Claudia about Claudia

the day that I met Claudia, and I sent it to her

the night that I met Claudia.

I sent her the first part, and she texted me back,

"You're trouble."

And then the chorus, which is the "I'm in trouble now" part.

I was like, oh, that's, that, cheers.

I went and I saw Green Day play The Forum in Los Angeles

when I was 11, I think.

It profoundly changed my life, and Billie Joe Armstrong

mooned the audience at one point,

and that also blew my mind.

Someday I'll be brave enough to also do that on stage.

Play something that I don't like, usually.

I usually sit down and I'm like, this is bad.

And then sometimes I play a different thing,

and I like that, but usually I just

start liking the thing that I thought was bad.

It's a little bit like when you have a dessert,

and you have one bite, and you're like, this is stupid,

and then the whole bag is gone.

I drove to and from Ojai in one day, one time,

which is like, a three hour drive.

That's a lot of time in the car in one day,

and it was with a yoga instructor.

Last one.

Ocean Eyes. (laughs)

That's not true.

I wrote like, two or three hundred songs

that no one will ever get to hear

before I wrote that song, and I thought

they were all really good at the time,

and then subsequently think they're all really bad,

but that's kind of the deal, and I loved writing them,

and I think if you like writing songs,

that's the only important part.

I wanna thank BuzzFeed for having me on

and letting me talk about all my first times.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel

in the description of this of this video.

I have almost as many subscribers as BuzzFeed.

Thanks so much, guys.

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