Practice English Speaking&Listening with: λ‘₯λ‘₯πŸ₯ λ„ˆλ¬΄ λ–¨λ¦¬λŠ” 첫 브이둜그 μŠ€νƒ€νŠΈ! 앨범 λ…ΉμŒπŸ€“ + μ—°μŠ΅ 또 μ—°μŠ΅πŸŽ€ + 막간 λ°© μ†Œκ°œπŸŒΏ / μ•ˆλ…•! μ‘°μ΄πŸ’š (Hello! JOY) #1

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(This is JOY)


(Hello! JOY)


I don't know what to do

I do not know

Let's try again


This is

my very first video

I feel so awkward right now

I don't know what to do


I got to release

a solo

remake album

I don't think I got to show you

the preparation process properly

I wanted to take the chance...

to show that to you properly

and that's why I'm filming this video

But I haven't actually

filmed many vlogs before

So I feel super awkward right now

I don't know what to do

I really don't

The song I'm going to practice today is

Kwon Jin Won's

song called "Happy Birthday To You"

It's a very famous song

I'm going to do... a remake of that song

Let me show you pressing this as well

I'll click this

([JOY] Happy birthday...#2.mp3)


Aww cute

I love it (the arrangement)

So good

I think it turned out so pretty

You all know the original song, right?

I really love this song

I listened to it a lot when I was young

Look over here

Happy birthday to everyone in the country, have a lot of delicious food

That sounds so nice

I won't talk too much while I practice

so I ask for your understanding

Ah it's so awkward

Actually.. when I practice,

I become really funny

I do when I practice

I'm a little shy

This feels too awkward

Thank you for your understanding


I don't know what to do

Happy birthday to you

Aside from this, there are mores songs

for which I'm going to do a remake

There's a song I've been wanting to do from the very beginning

It's As One's "Day By Day"

This is it

It's a song that needs to be sung

in falsetto

So I have to practice singing it

(When I listen to this song) I become emotional

I'm so new to this

so I don't know what to do (shoot) really

So for today, I filmed myself practicing

But I'll try to film other things too



(Hello! JOY)


This is my room

It's nice, right?


I have to record "Happy Birthday To You" tomorrow

I need to sleep now

So cute

I have to sleep now

(Next morning)

(Good morning)


I'm going to the recording session

and to to WENDY's music video filming set later

So I'm getting ready for it now

(Putting the blusher on)

(Tapping with a compact cushion)

(Putting on some lipstick)

(The end)

(I'm having lunch)

(Nom nom)

Done getting ready

(Hello! JOY)

I'm here

at the recording studio

Could you play the guide once?

Let me practice... and warm up

Thank you

You practiced singing so much

(Shy) Hehe...

Thank you

Thank you so much

It's easier to just sing in a powerful voice

It's so...

the hardest to sing delicate songs like this one

But your voice suits it so well


Thank you

- Good job - Great job

Thank you


I finished recording

All of that is all my voice

So you'll have to listen

to the result of this recording later

I wore very cute sneakers today


Bye for now

Bye again



(Hello! JOY)

I'm on my way to get a vocal lesson

I have to drive there

so let me film this gain later


Actually, I like

singing in a loud voice

But if I do that, the song won't sound as nice

In Ariana Grande's 1st album,

there a song I fell completely in love with

It's Daydreamin'

But I still don't get the sound



It sounds really nice

It's not as hard as I thought

It's not

Great job

Thank you


It's difficult...

(Practicing, practicing again)

I want to do a good job on this..


This is it for today

I really want to sing better

but it's not easy

I feel.. so sad

If you keep practicing...

it will get better, right?

Good luck

Okay, then...


(Hello! JOY)

("Day By Day" recording day)

There are a lot of twists and bendings at the end

There are parts you need to push and others you need to hold back

It's high, but...

I have to keep switching between falsetto and full voice

So that...

was a little difficult to handle

Good luck

Good luck

(End of recording)


- your voice is perfect for it - Oh really?

I practiced it a lot

I could tell

You were so good

(Hello! JOY)


Today, I'll be recording Park Hye-Kyoung'z "Goodbye"

I've been trying to get this song to be the title song

But people told me that

they'd want another song to be the title song

so we said we'll choose after we finish recording

Anyway, I'll have to do a good job on "Goodbye"

so make it

the title song like I wanted it to be

So I have to now practice it for the final time

This song is so hard too


I realized this song is harder than I expected...


Right now

Please increase the volume of the instrumental

Right now the voice...

(Hello! JOY)

(Additional recording session for "Goodbye")

Could you reduce the volume for the instrumental a little bit?

(Nice, nice)


(Hello! JOY)

(Recording day for "Je T'aime")

Thank you


Thank you

(Hello! JOY)



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