Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (여자)아이들 정체불명의 놀이공원에 초대 받아 영혼 탈곡된 사연 | 유출금지 | Secret Folder | (G)I-DLE | 미연 민니 수진 소연 우기 슈화

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The only one in the world, runs without electricity

Isn't it a chair?

A chair?

- Is there a chair here? - You mean this is a chair?

What is that one though?

Is that a fan?

This is wind actually


Say after me



(Secret Folder, leakage prohibited)

(this entertainment has nothing to do with reality)

(amusement park)

What do you want to do if you have a vacation?

Go to an amusement park

Me too, me too!

Wearing that headband~

Riding this kind of stuff

- Ah~ the scary one, like a roller coaster? - Right right, that one!

Ah, Churros!

Are we really going there? The amusement park?

- Of course, we will - We should Go~

(EP.4 Land of fantasy, Wonderland)

Welcome! Welcome! Wonderland!

(what are you doing?) Welcome! Welcome! Wonderland!

- Welcome to the land of fantasy, Wonderland! - Welcome!

Uh, hello! What is it?

Please come in!

Here is an amusement park, everyone!

- It's cold - Are you cold?

Couldn't you introduce it inside please? (tremble all over)

I've prepared it hard for you guys

We would stay here for 5 minutes and go inside!

5 minutes?!

- What is it? - Please come in~

Wow, amazing!

Hurry hurry!

Welcome to Wonderland!

Wow! (clap clap)


What is it? Who are you though?

Okay~ it's 150,000 won for entry~

Ah, it's too expensive though

- We don't have money - Were you born in January by any chance?

- Right, we're born in January - Ha! It's free if you're born in January!


(curious) What do you do exactly?



(NPC was always waiting for people born in January at the same place...)

(she gets the first question in her life...)

What do you do exactly?



I'm the owner

Wow, are you the owner?


(input error)

Please go inside~



(a flower of the amusement park, the headband)

You look so pretty! What is this?

Excuse me! Excuse me!


There is a rule in the Wonderland

You should wear the headband no matter what

(I'd wear) this one!

I'd also wear this one!

This is mine! (firm attitude)

Shall I recommend you?

Yes yes yes!

As I see Miyeon sis, this one is good for her!

(you're excellent) Uh? Why?


It matches her somehow

Uh, okay, good! (simple-minded)

I'd do this to you!

(somehow looks matched)

Our Shuhua gets the one I used~

(feel so good) Ah, what is it!

Why didn't you give it to me though?

(ppuu) Okay~ bye bye, go now!

(farewell) Now, to the next session!

Here is Safari!

Wowww (zZZ)

Shush! Be quiet! (impressed)

Make a name for it please

This one is Akak, Akak!

Akak?? (bitter)

- Why is it Akak? - Because it's an aligator, AkAk

It's not fun and I don't like it

(it's cold indeed...)

Guys, come here for a sec!

You said you wanted to have a doll, right?

Yes yes yes yes yes!

We give you the doll, once you hit it

- Really? - Yes


(Akak) I hit it! I hit it!

You should knock it down! (says it confidently)


Hey, you said I just need to hit it!

No no no



Can I try it a bit closer?



Oh, it's knocked down


(Akak T T)

You want to go for some rides, right?



- Welcome~ - Welcome~

It's the Wonderland of horror!


The only manual ride in the world! Runs without electricity!

Isn't that a chair?

- A chair? Is there a chair here? - This is a chair you mean?

What is that one though? A fan?

This one is wind actually


Please say it after me, wind! Start!


Guys, what is this one?


One, two, three



It's the Wonderland of horror!

(starts running with the wind blow)

(the two Wonderland staffs are more serious than ever..)


Okay! You've reached the highest point It's a bit cold, right?


You've just come up to the altitude of 100km (bored)

Are you all ready? Ready to fall down?

Yes! (finish it already)

3, 2, 1!

(huk huk huk huk)

(flapping flapping)


It's gonna fall down!! It's gonna fall down!!

Arghhhh! (passionate)

Please let me fall down! (lol)

- What is this! - The Gyro Drop has reached the ground

Is it over?! (releaved)

It's gonna fall down now

(depressed) Are you ready?

(too much passion) Are you ready?

- Yes - It's gonna fall down~ one, two, three!

Arghhh!! (wow! it's over!)

It's falling! It's falling! It's falling!

Are you kidding me?!

Please describe your experience

How do you feel?

I feel so happy

(the only person who is happy)

It's the Wonderland of horror!

It's gonna go up!!

It's now at 13m~ 18m~

100m high!

100m height! You've reached 100m height!

It's cold, right? (?!)

(strong wind comes in at 100m altitude)

Huuck! Look below! Ohhh!!

How is the scenery?


(focused) But for a moment, I felt like I really came up to the sky

Ah, really?

- The Gyro Drop is gonna fall down soon - Wait wait!

Get up for a sec please!

(elev-ated) Please be seated again

(all the excitement has gone because of you, take responsibility) Please be seated

No, it should fall down!

3, 2, 1!

(only the sound is from the real Gyro Drop)

(push push) Uh?


- We're arrived now - Please go now~


You should take a train to go

- Wow~~~~ - Grab this one please, to be safe

Huu~~~~~ (rattle rattle)

We have candy floss and Churros here!

Ha?! Why is the candy floss so small!

(a pro)

Wow, it's cool!

Please make it big, a big one!

A really big one!

I should put in all of it!

(found a strange candy floss)

That one (can't be attached, why?)

Ah, this is the new one, right?

How come this one can't be attached?

(hello) Uh, it came out!

Shuhua, have this one




(sobbing) (~thump thump candy floss store is over~)

And if you'd like to eat Churros


Okay, how many?

Just 1!

Just 1? The order is made now (with the app)

you could receive it after 1 hour

And there is also a delivery tip




Churros, yes~

5 please

5 of them?


20 please

20, then if you prepare 200,000 won


Guys, you've arrived at merry-go-round next~


Okay! Run! Giddy up! (spank)

(the first manual merry-go-round in Korea) Giddy up!


Giddy up!

- Let's go our horse~ - Wait a sec!

(Cho.Di.B shows up suddenly)

Flume Ride, everyone!

Since there is water below, it might splash your clothes


Your photo will be taken as you go down, make yourself pretty and go down~

Where is it, the camera?

Here here here!

It will be shoot from here!

You'll go down as you directly see it

One, two, three!


This roller coaster is the

scariest roller coaster in Korea!

Since it has a high slope, it might be scary (so high)

Your photo will be taken there as you go down

please make yourself pretty and go down

One, two, three!


(this amusement park is strange..)

Can you guys see the red light over here?

Is it a haunted house by any chance?


(welcome here..)

(the first challenger Miyeon)

Aho! (Miyeon shows her confidence as she threatens the camera)


(the main dancer does not care about the place)

(what is it)

(thud) (surprised)

(even her surprised look is of the main dancer)

(found a sketchbook on the table)

A doll?

(a mission laid on the table)

(draw the doll)

(and open the mirror closet on your left)

(a cute bear, yet the atmosphere is not)

(Miyeon, what about me..?)

(moves to open the mirror closet)




(enthusiastic cheer)

(running away)

(she tends to laugh when surprised) (collapse)

(encore performance)

(my job is done)

(rolling rolling)

(rolling rolling)

What should I do~

(the remaining Wonderland staffs)

It must be really scary, she's screaming

(coward) I don't like things like this, the haunted house

(a creepy feeling that someone else is with her..)

(hi) Uaaargh!!


(why is Shuhua coming out from there...?)

(Shuhua was in fact the first challenger)

(she heads to the mirror closet, not doing her mission...) Is there something here?


(the staffs are embarrassed since she's not that surprised) (hello;;)

(her job is over) Are they just leaving?

Shall I pretend to be a ghost too?

Would you like to hide under the blanket?

Ah, shall I do that?


I'll keep myself hidden!

(so Shuhua became a ghost under the blanket like that (as she kept herself hidden)...)

(4 Wonderland staffs are going to challenge the haunted house) I should be in the middle

- Ah, hey! - Just go already!

- I'm really scared! - Really, can't we just stay here?

Minnie sis, please come all the way back then!

I really don't like stuffs like this

(4 cowards arguing each other to stand in the middle) Where do we go?

Go fast now!

- I mean, let me stand in the middle! - Come here quickly!


(Soojin is surprised to see a hidden staff)

(surprised because of Soojin)

What is it~

Isn't this crazy?

Ahh~ hello (she's polite in this situation)

(argh! Soojin, I got more surprised!)

Ugi! The haunted house! Let's go!

(Minnie founds the bear Miyeon has drawn)

- I'd also draw it - What's, what's written there?

Please draw a relationship (?)

Open the mirror closet once you finish drawing (Ugi..?)

On the left side? Wait a sec (Soyeon, what are you doing..?)

This, this is the one, right?

(bump, wuow)

(Minnie got surprised by the chair she was sitting on..)



(one-two one-two)


(my job is done)

(grabs her feet)

(running away)

- I was so surp! - What is it!!!

(Soyeon is running away)

(Minnie tried to sit on the bed) Yaargh!!!!

(the blanket ghosts Miyeon and Shuhua show up)

(why are the two coming out from there lol)

I really didn't know she was Miyeon sis, you know?

(coward) I was really surprised, you know?

Miyeon sis, aren't you trying too hard?

I really thought she was a ghost bride!

(the haunted house experience gets finished like that..)

Can we eat it just for ourselves?

(the Churros they ordered a while ago) Why is it so noisy outside?

What is it!

- It's okay nice - Woah!! What is it!!



(Elsa Soojin)

(Christoph Soyeon)

(Olaf Ugi)

(Anna Minnie)

Into the unknown~ (her own voice)

Into the unknown~

(bump) Woahh, hello!


We're arrived here


(impressed, thumbs up) Amazing!

It's a performance only for you two

(Olaf's sexy back)

(patting patting)

I'm so touched (slap)



Can you speak Korean?


Please come this way, we'll take a photo!

One, two, three!

Woah, it's just one photo?


You should pay more if you take more photos!


(highlight of an amusement, the fireworks!)


- It's so impressive, such birthday - It was so impressive today, guys!

No but, I'd like you to take care of my next birthday like this too


We always take care of you~

Like this, to be fun!



(we'd look forward to the next year as well♡)

(running away)

I think I should leave first

(Ugi Olaf can't go home because of her big head..)

Wait a second please~


(Secret Folder, leakage prohibited)


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