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Whats up?

Its Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and we all got to know and love Katherine

Langford as Hannah Baker in seasons 1 and 2 of 13 Reasons Why, and now shes opening

up about the real reason she left the show.

Alright, so if you havent watched 13 Reasons Why by now, Ive gotta warn ya, there are

gonna to be spoilers ahead.

And I also want to give a trigger warning in case you havent seen the show, it deals

with heavy topics like mental health, bullying, sexual assault, and suicide.

So if you or someone you know needs help, weve linked some resources down in the

description below.

Ok, now back to the story.

If youve watched the series, you know that Katherine Langford played the leading role

of Hannah Baker.

Hey its Hannah, Hannah Baker.

Holy sh*t.”

And as fans know, Katherines character, Hannah Baker, committed suicide in the first

season of the show, but she was still in the second season of the show through flashback


What are you gonna do about that?”

At the time, many fans were shocked to hear that Katherine was not returning for seasons

3 and 4 of the Netflix series.

But others just assumed she left the show because telling Hannahs story was complete.

And now Katherine opened up to Radio about why she stepped back from the role and

the series.

Katherine said quote, “13 Reasons Why was my first role and something that Im so

grateful for.

And obviously to have that great relationship with Netflix is such a happy coincidence,

as theyre the ones who are also responsible for this story as well.”

The story shes talking about is her next leading role in the upcoming Netflix series,


The new series drops this week and Katherine plays future Lady of the Lake Nimue, a magical

warrior who leads a revolution against a religious cult.

And in the recent interview Katherine admitted that leaving 13 Reasons Why after the second

season gave her some space before committing to another lead role.

She also revealed that shed grown and changed as an actor since saying goodbye to Hannah


Katherine said quote, “I think it also feels nice to have had that breathing room, of closing

that chapter two or three years ago, and having the space to do a couple of other roles before

stepping into another huge commitment like this series.

I feel like Ive grown a lot more as a person, and hopefully more as an actor, and thats

something that I hope I can continue to do.”

And she feels like her new show Cursed, will challenge her even more.

Katherine said quote, “I think this particular project is so special to me in the sense that

it really feels like its different to anything Ive done before.

And it also feels like Im telling a different story, in the sense thatits kind of

matured and grown in a way, which I feel I also have as a person.

We really see Nimue go from being this young woman to an adult, really coming into her


So it looks like Katherines fans are going to see a very different side of her in her

new lead role in Cursed compared to time playing a high schooler in 13 Reasons Why.

Though it seems she will forever be grateful for her days playing Hannah Baker.

And if you caught the 4th and final season of 13 Reasons Why, AGAIN, SPOILER ALERT, you

know that Katherine made a special appearance in the series finale.

Her final appearance is in one of Clay Jensen's visions, he sees Hannah walking towards him

in the gym following graduation.

Unfortunately, Katherine was still busy filming Cursed, so they used old footage of her as

Hannah, but it still got fans all up in their feelings.

People took to Twitter and totally freaked out over seeing Katherine in the show again.

And Katherine spoke to Digital Spy about why she couldnt make filming the finale episode

and she revealed whether or not shes actually watched the final season of 13 Reasons Why.

She said quote, “I was still filming Cursed, so I wasnt able to go in and shoot anything.

Its funny because I havent fully seen Season 3 or 4but Im making my way

through Season 3, and watching Season 4 now that that chapters closed.”

And Katherine went on to say how proud she still is of the show and how she keeps in

touch with her cast mates.

She said quote, “Im really proud of everyone in the cast, and were still really tight.

In many ways, I already know what happens and Im just so proud for them.

Closing that chapter was such a special part instilled in all of our lives.”

And if youre bummed 13 Reasons Why is over, click right over here for another Clevver

video about some other shows you might like if you enjoyed 13RW.

Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think about Katherines reason

for leaving the show and if youll be watching her new Netflix show later this week.

Im your host Emile Ennis Jr., bye guys!

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