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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: KIDS VS ADULTS Slime Challenge!

Difficulty: 0

- Oh! No throwing! No throwing slime!

- I'm gonna go at it with my hands. (screams)

- This is the most chaotic episode we've ever done.

What's up, guys? I'm Eric.

- I'm Alex. I almost said, "I'm Tom."

I'm sorry. I'm not. - You were Tom

in that one Halloween episode. - (Alex) That is true.

- So with us on the couch today are Tyler from Kids React,

Lucas from Kids React,

Sydney from Kids React, and Alyssa from Kids React.

- I'm a kid. I am a kid.

- No, this is Alyssa, a producer for the React Channel.

- This is my first Challenge Chalice.

- Oh yeah? - I'd just like everyone

to know that. - And Tyler's.

- I'm terrified, okay? - Me too.

- Don't worry, guys. We'll walk you through it.

If you guys wanna submit challenges, we are now finding suggestions

through YouTube comments, Twitter, Facebook,

Instagram, SoundCloud, not that last one,

but definitely the other four! - (all chuckle)

- SoundCloud. - SoundCloud.

- You are so energized today. - Have you met yourself, Lucas?

I'm just trying to equal you.

- There's already a lot of people here.

- (Sydney) Bye! Go!

- So who wants to pull the challenge?

- Me! - Yeah!

- Same time. - Slime challenge.

- (Sydney and Lucas) Suggested by - Carly Jones.

Yes! - Yes!

- This was also submitted on YouTube.

We got it from the YouTube comments.

- Yes! - They are very excited.

- Not the slime challenge! - Do we get to keep the slime?!

- (Alex) Sure, you can keep the slime.

- YEAH! - (Sydney screams)

♪ (relaxing music) ♪

- Oh, there's glue involved? - Yeah! That's what slime is.

- For dramatic effect, I'm wearing a scientist coat.

- You look like a chef. - I know.

It's a chef's outfit, but that was the only one we had.

- You look like the dude from the Muppets that goes,

"Memememe" - (Alex speaking gibberish)

- (Swedish Chef speaking gibberish)

- So today, you guys are doing a slime challenge,

and there are two teams. It's going to be

the kids versus the adults. - Oh, okay.

So I'll go over here then. - (chuckles)

And basically, you guys are gonna be making your own slime,

and I have instructions on how to make it

just to help you. What do we have here, Lucas?

Tell me what we have. - Okay. So we have some Borax

on each side, we have glue, we have food coloring.

Then we have green food coloring and then we have

a measuring thingamabobber. - So I'm gonna be giving

you guys instructions on what to do.

And then after you make your slime, we're gonna be doing

three mini-challenges with your slime

to see if you made the best slime possible.

- Oh, snap. - Okay.

- Whoever wins becomes Challenge Champion,

and whoever loses has to do a punishment.

- Noo! - Good luck.

- I forgot about the punishment! - All right.

- (Alex) Ready, set, go!

- Open it. - No, let's eyeball it.

Just eyeball it! Just eyeball it.

- No, don't eyeball it! - Do not put glue in your eyeball!

- Follow the directions. - 1/4 is right there.

- I got this, I got this. - Okay, pour it. Pour it.

- Does it matter who finishes first?

Because I'm gonna kill. - It said 1/4!

- No, it says one ounce of glue. - Set this up!

I think it's that 1/4. Maybe not that one.

- Very particular here with our glue.

- It's 1/4 of the glue bottle.

- Can we put the whole glue bottle in?!

- (Alex) We have extra glue bottles, so you can

do as much as you want. - Pour it all in!

Pour it all in. - (Tyler) Oh, it's gonna be

so sticky. - Where's the cup mixture

thingamabobber? - Can we have another glue bottle?

(glue squirting loudly) - Ooh, that noise is--

how much glue are you guys using?

- We need another measuring cup!

- You're not following the instructions.

- Give us one. - Tell me how much water you need.

- You know, it would really help-- - Oh, wait.

We should put the water in first. - It would really help

to win the challenge if we actually

followed the direction. ♪ (quirky music) ♪

- You guys are doing it all wrong.

- You put in, like, eight pounds of glue!

- Borax is gonna give us third-degree burns, mister!

Hey, we need our spoons! We only have 10 minutes!

- Oh, theirs is like DIY space galaxy slime.

- Here, I'm gonna add more color, okay?

- We're the kid Karina Garcia. Karina Garcia,

if you're watching this, I love you!

- This is the most chaotic episode we've ever done.

- Who needs more water? - We need both of them.

Just add low. Hey! What are you doing?

- Just getting rid of some water.

- They sabotaged us!

- No! Lucas! - (Alyssa) Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- I'm gonna go at it with my hands. (screams)

- My eardrum. - No throwing!

No throwing slime! - It's already solidified.

Oh, it looks like giant gum.

- Wait. Are we supposed to be using the gloves?

- (Alex) Ah, yeah. That's why I gave you gloves.

- Oh, give me the gloves! - Lucas, put your gloves on.

- Where are my gloves? - Look how big theirs is.

We need more. - Do you guys

have more glue bottles? - Oh my god.

it's stuck to my gloves. - I know, it's supposed

to do that. It's supposed to do that.

- Oh, whoa. (laughs) - You know what?

No gloves, people. We add more water?

Add more water? - Yeah, let's add water.

- Yes, add more water. - We need more water!

- You need water. - You guys are the masters

of making slime. - (Alex) All right, guys.

You've got five more minutes. - (Sydney screams)

- Oh my god. It's a little too stuck together.

- No, just keep kneading it. It'll be good.

- We need more glue! - The last glue.

- Okay, we're using that. I'm sorry, guys, but we need this.

- Just put the whole bottle in. - The whole bottle?

- No, no, maybe not the whole bottle.

- Can we have more agua? - It'll get better.

- Oh, wow! It was stuck to my sleeve this whole time.

- I knew it. - That's all you're giving me?

- I mean, you want more? - All right.

- Wow, okay.

I need to stir it. - It's getting way better.

- (Alex) So how are you all feeling about your slime?

- Good! - Amazing!

- Oh my gosh, what is that?

- Fantastic. - Just take it out of the bowl.

- Maybe get some more Borax?

- Can I put this on the couch? - His slime does look

a little bit better now. I'm a little bit worried.

- Wait, wait, wait. It's gonna be like a pizza.

- (Alex) 30 seconds! - (kids screaming)

- It wasn't like a pizza! It was not like a pizza!

- It needs to be more like that. (laughs)

- Yeah. - Oh my god!

It's turning better. We're gonna totally

win this, guys. - (Alex) Five, four,

three, two, one!

Drop your slime. Drop your slime.

We're gonna clear off the table. - No, please.

- (Alex) So can both teams, starting with the kids,

can you give us the technique? What did you guys do?

- We dumped five bottles of glue. - And then after that,

we did the correct way of putting the Borax

inside the water, mixing that,

then putting the water-borax. - Oh, bravo.

That wasn't in the instructions! - (Alex) Adults.

- Uh, I did what Alyssa told me to.

- I messed up real bad. - (Eric and Alex chuckling)

- I thought I was following the instructions, and--

You've got to stop doing that.

- (Alex) We have three mini-challenges.

Whoever wins the most out of three

will be the Challenge Champions.

- Okay. - Woo!

- (Alex) First challenge is going to be looks.

And for that, I'm gonna bring on

a special guest. Our special guest today...

- Brandon! - Brandon!

- Can I please have both slimes

right in front of me? - On the table?

- Yes, please. On the table.

If we're going based on looks... - (Lucas) Ours looks like a

- (Lucas and Sydney) galaxy. - And ours looks like a $20 bill.

(clicks tongue) - Based on slime,

it's gonna go to the kids. - (Sydney and Lucas screaming)

- I'm not surprised. - (Alex) That is one point.

The second round is going to be bounce.

I'm going to go, "Ready, set, go,"

and whoever bounces the highest gets the point.

If the kids win this, they win the game.


(slime balls thudding)

- We have to drop at the same time.

- (Alex) I don't know. I think that the adults

won that one. - It's 1-1!

- Ooh! On the board, baby! - 1-1! What now?!

- (Alex) The final to determine who wins

will be the stretch competition.

How long can you stretch yours before it breaks off?

20 seconds. - Come on, baby!

- 20 seconds?! - (Sydney) I think we're

gonna win this one. Super slow, super slow.

- Oh my god. Oh! - (Sydney squeals)

- Wait. You broke it! - I did not do that.

No, no, no, no, no. - You broke it!

- That was completely independent of me.

That was not me! - Theirs broke first!

- (Alex) Okay, okay. Okay, let's end it now.

- Now drop yours on the ground.

- All right. - Okay.

- Oh yeah. - No, but Alex--

- No, no! - I'm sorry, but the kids.

- No! - (Alex) The kids win!

- Noo! - (Alex) Kids win.


You are the Challenge Champions. Everybody come to the middle.

Everybody come to the middle. Today's punishment

comes from Dark Nidoking Macolino. The punishment is to eat ice cream.

- What? - Yeah, that sounds all right.

- What kind of ice cream? - No, no, no, don't ask.

- Chocolate ice cream. - Chocolate?

- Yeah. - Ice cream?

- What? - Oh, with ketchup.

- (Sydney laughs) - I like ketchup.

- Here are your ice creams. Ladies and gentlemen, this...

- Yeah, get it all in there. Yup.

- He's all like, "I love ketchup!"

- Cheers. - I do!

- Here we go. - (Tyler) Wait, remember.

Before you eat, savor the flavor.

How is it in your mouth?

The texture. - It's a little weird.

You know, it's like that mixture of... (coughs and laughs)

It's like that mixture of sweet and... hamburger.

- I kind of like it.

And now we're gonna be shouting out

some of the people that have left comments

on other Challenge Chalice videos. So shoutout to Rame Diamond.

- Hazael Menchaca. - (kids) Cameron Clarke.

- You got the easiest name ever. - Don't forget.

If you guys want to submit challenges for us to do

on Challenge Chalice, leave a comment down below,

tweet at us, comment on an Instagram post,

or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

We'll find them, we'll throw them in the chalice,

and do them horribly. - Thank you guys for coming on.

This was a crazy episode. - Thank you for giving us ice cream.

- Don't forget your slime that's just on the ground.

- Don't forget our slime too. I don't want it.

- (kids screaming)

- I don't think I've ever heard a scream that loud

in my life.

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