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We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life.

William Osler

Regarding Ko Wen-jes

Ph.D. Thesis

In 2002

Ko received his Ph.D. degree

His Ph.D. thesis

was actually

focused on the functions of ECMO

But we had noticed

his Ph.D. thesis

was indeed focus on

how to speed up the death of the potential donor

for the organ donor patients

I believed this issue was discussed clearly

in the press conference held by Dr. Su previously

What we want to emphasis was

If you called yourself a doctor

Are you here to save life

Or execute your patients?

A patient in the glimpse of dying

and you took the last breath away

didnt let the patient die peacefully

instead you used medical intervention to control

his death which was very inhumane

On November 24

Taiwan held the local mayoral elections

and which was the first general election

after DPP took major victory in 2016.

The Taipei Mayor election was the focus of the election

despite the strong attack

from DPP and KMT mayor candidates

Ko won the election with only 3000 votes.

Nonetheless, two months before the election

a book called The Slaughter

was translated into Chinese version

and Kos involvement

was discussed in Chapter 9.

Before elected as the Taipei mayor

Ko Wen-je was a surgeon at National Taiwan University Hospital

and also introduced the ECMO technology to Taiwan.

In 2014,

International investigative writer, Ethan Gutmann published his book

The Slaughter after extensive investigation

of Falun Gong practitioners been killed to supply China's organ transplant industry.

In fact, Ko acknowledged in 2008

he was considering organ transplant surgery in China

In fact,

Ko acknowledged in 2008

but later admitted his involvement in taking his patients

to China for human organ transplant.

October 2018, Mr. Gutmann came to Taiwan

and held the international press conference

on the organ harvesting issue in China.

He was a conduit potential conduit

to Taiwanese patients for

organ tourists who will pay more for organs that a Chinese person will.

He was teaching ECMO techniques

this is the worse because this created whether he meant or not

this created perverse incentives to kill Falun Gong, Uyghurs, Tibetans and housed Christians.

Gutmann was questioned that day

Whats your perspective on the organ harvest issue

Ko Wen-je claimed the issues were incorrect

Ko denied his involvement in organ harvesting in China

So do you think Ko is a liar

Gutmann replied yes

That was Gutmanns true and sincere reply

Only if Kos cyber army didnt attack Gutmann

harass Gutmann

blackmailed Gutmann

I doubt Gutmann would not expose Ko was a liar

As the international communities starting to investigate

the organ harvesting in China

and shockingly the incident

is also taking place in Taiwan

Since 2014 the investigation was conducted

internal materials released from within NTU

When I started to write about organ donations

from different angle

organ donations from different perceptions

Around September

I received the materials

It was a piece of paper

operation manual for non-heart-beating donation

One day

I came across

the ECMO operation manual

I realized

the information on both manuals were identical

I though the materials I received

was marked internal or classified

but later realized they openly

discussed the non-heart-beating donations

in the ECMO operation manual

They used the operation manual like the text book

so we can confidently assumed

the organs were forcedly removed

because these donors will not passed brain dead evaluation

They didnt have any reasonable explanation

to recommend organ donations to the family

Hence, Im strongly suspecting that the family members

had no consensus that the

ECMO was used on their love ones to remove organs

I strongly believed they didnt know

In the interview with NTU Cardiovascular Surgeon Dr. Yih-Shiang Chen

We always recommended emergency rescue procedure

on the dying patients

then we would explain the organ donations

to the family

After organizing all the evidence and put all materials together

I brought it to the attention with Mr. Sen-Hong Yang

This is not right This is wrong

Everything leads to shocking conclusion No need to visit China

because Taiwan and China are both removing organs from donors of conscious

Back in 2000

Ko Wen-je was the Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the National Taiwan University Hospital

jointly with Dr. Yih-Shrng Chen, cardiovascular surgeon at the National Taiwan University

Pi-ru Tsai, in charge of the ECMO

and Dr. Po-huang Lee, Department of Surgery Director at the National Taiwan University Hospital

together published a thesis

in the English journal called Clinical Transplantation

The outline of the first page mentioned to maintain

the proper functions of the organs

not only ECMO was connected

to the donors with no heartbeat

to extend the time

but also

Phentolamine was injected to the donors

to prevent significant damages

to the body organs due to heart failure

Because Medical Journal had cited

Phentolamine injection will prolong the Warm Ischemia time

Warm Ischemia time is

when we died our body organs

Blood vessels will contracts

Phentolamine should be injected before the patients dies

to keep the blood vessels flow openly

and prevent the blood vessels from contracting instantaneously

the shortage of blood period will be shorten

This is the main purpose of injecting Phentolamine

Later they realized they were fast on removing organs

do they still need to focus the warm Ischemia time

Of course not

hence in order for them to efficiently removed organs

and also allowing them to feel moral and ethical acceptable

what was the best injection medicine?

Its Pavulon

Once injected the patients will not move a single hair

Dr. Sue referred a medicine injection

called Pavulon

and the Chinese name is Ma To Nung

It is an aminosteroid muscle relaxant used in euthanasia

and administered during most

lethal injections in the United States

According to NTUH NHBD ECMO Protocol

donors were injected Pavulon during non-heartbeat organ transplantation

in the NTU hospital

The use of Pavulon allows the patients

it allows your

it allows you properly and efficiently putting in the injecting tubes


because the patient will not move once injected Pavulon

however injecting Phentolamine patients might still twists

when you are cutting the patients open

the patients will still

twists and moves

even in the brink of death

the patients sometimes struggle and fight for life

It actually happens

when the patients are dying

they would twists and moves

However if you injected Pavulon instead

once injected the patients will not move

and also faster death

because it repress breathing

Hence when he cuts the patients open

will he guilt gnawing at one's conscience


Will the donors experience pain

when Morphine

is injected?

Morphine was used to decrease the feeling of pain

But do you think its definitive effective on suppressing the pain?


We have to inject local anesthesia to suppress the pain

(So injecting 2 amp dose)

(Its not sufficient enough to suppress the pain for the patients?)

It allows the patients to feel dizziness and somnolent

So its necessary to inject local anesthesia

Did he inject local anesthesia?

On his manual Morphine was not injected

So in proper medical procedure what injection should be used?

Its Lidocaine

Its Lidocaine

The problem is Lidocaine is too much trouble

they can start the surgery immediately once Morphine was injected

Besides, the patient will soon die after Pavulon was injected

However, Dr. Yih-Shrng Chen, member of the organ transplant team

Cardiovascular Surgeon at NTU Hospital

and co-authored of the thesis

with Ko Wenjie published in year 2000 lied publicly in a 2014 interview

He claimed in the non-heartbeat donations, the medicine was only injected

when the patients are pronounced dead

As a matter of fact it is considered dead

We will then perform surgery (Transplantation) when pronounced dead

There are procedures prior to the surgery

but required the consent from the family

then real death will actually start

the injection procedure

that is regarded as handling and process the corpse

When you review the Medical Journal

dated on 11/11/2014

The so called NTU ECMO

Non-heartbeat donations Protocol

The second paragraph of the Protocol was very debatable, disputed, peculiar

Its called Potential Donors

Potential Donors

Who are the potential donors?

He stated

If this patient is believed to be brain dead

Is believed to be brain dead

Then its acceptable

for us to believe this patient

will be brain dead

In other word he is not brain dead yet

Let me ask you how do you justify brain dead

theres no standard or criterion

Now when donating organs they can based on

Section 4 of Human Organ Transplant Act

there are two conditions

First is corpse organ donations

second is brain dead organ donations

theres strict justification and process to consider brain dead

Presently in Taiwan

there are two main ways to donate organs

One is a brain-dead donation

and the other is a corpse donation

On December 26, 2017

the Department of Health and Welfare issued a reference guide for organ donations after cardiac arrest and after that

the non-heartbeat donation was officially allowed

Then, what is the difference

between brain dead, non-heartbeat and corpse?

From medical perspectives

the patient

who was judged brain dead

the heart and many body organs are still functioning

Because there have been many cases

the patient

who was pronounced dead came back to life

so the brain dead requires a legitimately strict judgment and evaluation procedures

Its not for me to judge brain dead simply looking at the patient


there are guidelines to follow for brain dead evaluation

On theHuman Organ Transplant Act

the first guideline clearly stated

The organs are donated primarily from the corpse

if the organs are not from the corpse organ donations

instead it was based

on brain dead pronouncement

So, there are guidelines to follow for brain dead evaluation

on theHuman Organ Transplant Act

There are restrictions

There are restrictions

on location, personnel and timing

Four hours, two evaluation on braindead for every four hours

There are also method restrictions

It clearly instructed the guidelines

The first guideline is disconnect respirator for 10 minutes

Without heartbeat death

when the patient stops the heartbeat

observe for certain period

the judgment of no heartbeat death can be completed

and medical equipment cannot be connected to the patient during the process

These kind of patients will not passed the brain dead evaluation

patients are connected to all kinds of machines

from Cardiotonic to respirators

the patients will not passed the brain dead evaluation

Technically these kind of patients will died eventually

The regulations in Taiwan during that period

and also same as now

even though this is not law binding but it is executive Act

Its based on the significance of Human Organ Transplant Act

The patients will donate organs

when dies naturally

On the other hand, the non-heartbeat donations is

purposely shorten the waiting period

since the patients connected to the life support medical equipment

patients may live another 3 days, 5 days

or even one month

What should the doctors do?

The organs will deteriorate as time goes by

hence the non-heartbeat organ donations is

we relocate the patients to the operation room

all of medical equipment

with the permission of the family

removed all medical equipment

then let the patients slowly died after all organs removed

after the patients is dead then record the electrocardiogram

confirm the death of the patients

then wait another two minutes

start the operation

The corpse definition

according to the Taiwan criminal law or medical law literature

is currently mainly judged by the use of "comprehensive judgment"

the so-called "three symptoms"

After the forensic to examine the body

confirm this is the corpse

very easy to define corpse

it is when the patient is officially pronounced dead

after the patients is dead

then we can start the inherit process

this is when the legal process starts

The death, according to the Taiwan is currently mainly judged by the use of "three symptoms"

the eyes will dilates, heart beat stops and brain stem reaction

these are couple of signs to show the actual death

this is how we define corpse

Also, during Ko Wen jes tenure at the National Taiwan University Hospital

Ko claimed that theno heartbeat donationECMO was used during the organ donation process

Was it a legal organ donation procedure

or was it the notebook that records harvesting patientsorgans while conscious?

At the end of 2017

Taiwan Department of Health and Welfare issued the "Reference Guide"

it was apparent that the non-heartbeat donation was not allowed

However, during Ko Wen Jes tenure at the NTU Hospital

Ko had already performed many cases of no heartbeat donation

However, whats the truth?

According to the investigation

Ko clearly recorded his procedure of no-heartbeat donations

in the ECMO manual which co-authored

by Pi-Ru Tsai

In addition

the patient was given Morphine and Pavulon

to suppress the pain and paralyze the heart

when they know that the prosecutor has arrived at the hospital

what happens next are even more chilling

turned off

turned off EKG (Electrocardiography)

after the EKG is turned off

start the ECMO

(Why does he needs to start the ECMO?)

ECMO started to preserve proper function of organs

keep the organs fresh

start pumping the blood to the vital organs

pumping keep the blood flowing

patients was also injected Heparin

to keep the blood from solidification

til the end

the blood flowed to the kidneys

because the blood is flowing

at this point of stage you will notice the upper body skin color of the patient is black and

lower body skin color is red

thats right

In the 2014 United Daily News interview with NTU Cardiovascular Surgeon Dr. Yih-Shrng Chen

Dr. Chen admitted during

the surgery of no heart-beat donations

20 to 30 percent of patients

who was believed to be no heart-beat death their heart revived

and start pumping when the ECMO was connected to the donors

The incident was very shocking

to the doctors performing the surgery

Also, according to a doctor in the NTU Hospital

privately admitted the incident through the private message

and admitted that

because of this incident

that the NTU Hopsital

had added surgery SOP

of "turning off the ECG during the surgery

Hence, even if the heartbeat recovers

the doctors performing the surgery will never notice it

Once during the non-heartbeat organ donations

the heart started beating after the ECMO was connected to the patient

and pretend that he just doesn't see

then the protocol was revised

connect the ECMO after the Electrocardiogram is turned off

so for the future non-heartbeat donations surgery

he will try hard to not get involved in the surgery

why do you have to turn off the Electrocargiogram?

The use of Electrocardiogram was to

monitor and exam the legality of the non-heartbeat organ donations

there are possibilities that during the surgery

the patientsheartbeat might start beating again

we have to stop the surgery if that happens right?

So thats the reason why the EKG was turned off?

At this time

the patients upper body was already turning purple

and the lower part of the body displays rosy red

Before the prosecutor arrived at the hospital

they would purposely slid a balloon also known as the "Occlusion Balloon"

from the femoral artery

on the left side of the thigh to the sternum

Below the xiphoid, in an attempt is made to stop blood from flowing from the aorta to the heart

In 2016 there was an International Medical Journal

we had studied the paper

which was discussing the Ehtic issue of Occlusion Balloon

Kos team

theres was a paper in 2005 by Kos NTU team

was accused

first of all

without consent from the family

the consent form is not just a piece of paper

for the family to sign whatever they wished

for organ donations


they are obligated to clearly describe the procedure

what was involved in the procedure

it is clearly illustrated in the medical journal

the paper stated

Kos team

they intended to preserve the organs

with certain procedure

Kos team didnt want to revive the patient

hence he inserted a balloon into femoral artery

then pumps the air into the balloon

once the balloon inflates and expands

stops the blood flowing into heart and brain

this procedure will prevent the recovery of brain

and also resulted the heart to start pumping again


but when you perform this surgery procedure

blood flow in lower abdominal cavity

because he injects these liquids

ECMO injected cooled liquids

very cold liquids

into the lower abdominal blood circulations

in other words

the upper body will Cyanosis

Cyanosis means

because of the red blood cells

so the patients will turn purple

when the medical staffs saw the patients

that they were trying to save

starting to turn purple and black from upper body

and the lower body are shown normal red color

the psychological compression cannot be beard

do you really have to harvest their organs

commit these despicable actions

These are the reasons why other people

are afraid to do these kind of surgical procedures

and no one is willing to do it too

The injection of Pavulon

allows the patient's muscles relax, paralyzed the heart

then plug the occlusion balloon into the body

so that the blood cannot flow from the aorta through the heart for extra assurance

This was performed to possible recovering

of the heart beat

and eliminate chance of surviving

In the end, the ECMO will be turned on

not to save the patients

but mainly to keep the organs fresh

Maybe you will ask

the price of the ECMO are so expensive

why bother to go through so much trouble

of using ECMO for organ harvesting

However, in 2005

Ko Wen-Je submitted his papers to the Chinese Journal of Cardiopulmonary

in his paper he mentioned the advantages of using ECMO preservation organs

even emphasized using ECMO

on organ harvesting surgery

you get morebang for the buck"

As the matter of fact, we had reviewed all intl

non-heartbeat organ donations thesis which we can find

Any case allows injections?

There werent any

So dont heighten non-heartbeat donations also performed abroad

Thats right

The problem is all the cases of Ko's team ares not no-heartbeat organ donation

because theres a major principle for non-heartbeat donation

that is NO TOUCH. Doctors shall not process and contribute death

(Even injections are not allowed?)

Definitely not allowed

How does Ko Wen-je comment

on the harsh allegations?

(Mayor Ko, my question for you is)

(during your tenure at NTU Hospital)

(Have you ever injected Paulon to the organ donor)

(during the state)

(of non-heartbeat conditions?)

WellThat is

Now you asking meI dont




I was following the SOP

But I knew it was

it was removed

(So you did it right?)

I dont remember

In the process, Ko Wen-Je was stammering when the question was asked

but isnt organ transplantation is his expertise

also he would be familiar with the surgical procedure

but why he claimed he is not aware or unclear with the procedure?

Moreover, while we were questioning

staffs from Taipei City Hall immediately called next question

intentionally trying to prevent us from asking the further questions on if the injections of Pavulon was used

What does Ko trying to cover up?

Ko Wen-Je is not only involved

in the assisted death on the no-heartbeat patients

In fact, in 2000, he submitted a paper to a foreign journal

with four clinical report of case studies

Due to the willingness of the subjects and human trials

on Dec. 12, 2014 NTU professor Ching-Yi Liu

wrote letter to the Department of Health and Welfare

on providing Ko Wen Jes application for human trials on this paper

but the Ministry of Health and Welfare sent a letter to inform

that it had never received the relevant application

In this case, Ko Wen-Je's paper and clinical reports

may be related to major flaws in medical ethics

and academic ethics

If Kos thesis

if It its consider illegal

His degree will be terminated and removed

(So, Dr. Ko will be disqualified?)

That's right.

Because he basically


he will lose his doctor qualification


If I was to discuss in my legal thesis

and in my legal thesis

I murdered my subject

and during the process of killing

I interviewed

the person that I was killing

doing something...

Do you think my thesis is legal and acceptable?

Of course its not!

Or if I tortured a person

I mean I tortured a person

and used it on my psychology thesis

Do you think its acceptable?

Two months before the election

Taipei mayor candidate with no political back ground

and Political Science Professor Hsi-Kun Li

went to Ministry of Health and Welfare reported

Kos illegal involvement

of no heart-beat donations surgery and selling organs

during his tenure at NTU Hospital

and related issues that seriously violate medical ethics

My gut feeling is when

Ministry of Health and Welfare face similar case on organ donations

due to the sensitivity of privacy and politics

hence the first reaction was


must be delayed

because during the delaying process

the election might be over

the public attention quiets down

also cools down

I suspected them intentionally delaying the investigation process

Its not

my complaints was not appropriate

it is very simple

if they have the determination to investigate

the investigative team can be established in one day

If I can provide all the evidence needed

then whats the purpose of having Ministry of Health and Welfare

do you agree if I had all the evidences then

I can be the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau

According to His-Kun Lis supplementary evidence document to Ministry of Health and Welfare

the current director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at NTU Hospital

and Organ Donation Promote Group leader Nai-Kuan Chou

he admitted at a party

that the Ministry of Health and Welfare had previously fined the NTU Hospital

on failing of providing proper legal authorization

on 26 cases of non-heartbeat donations

On November 28th the well-known radio host Jung-Chi Hsu wrote on his Facebook

that he met with the officials from the Department of Health and Welfare and the Ministry

admitted on the spot that they had already investigated this incident in 2014

and made an investigation report

It was confirmed that the NTU Hospital was fined and penalized for lack

of supervision and management

during the no heart-beat organ donations surgery

Not waiting for public servants

We hope to get an official response

hoping to get an official response

but never received a call back

so two days later

we decided to personally visit to the Department of Health and Welfare for verification

Hello I am the Journalist from FTV

Im here to interview the PR representative

I called your office earlier

regarding information on

was NTU Hospital ever punished?

26 cases of non-heartbeat organ donations

Since no one replied

so here I am today

Two days passed!

it is obvious the Ministry of Health and Welfare did not prepare for our questions

I know

That happened long time ago

That case

is actually handled by Department of Medical Affairs


(Talking to Coworkers) Your phone call

Because that is for

our Department of Medical Affairs Director Chung-Liang Shih

(Is it his scope of responsibility?)

Yes He will be better assist you

Regarding meeting Director

You came without making appointment

(Lets see if he has time)

(Or maybe he can give us some time)

OK! No problem

Great! Thanks for your help

While waiting for the meeting with Director Shih

Director Wang informed us

he is having difficulty arranging the meeting

and will keep us posted for any updates

However, as he left the office no updates on the meeting was given

and after waiting for another hour

we bumped into Director Wang

as he was washing dishes

Excuse me sir

Did you locate Director Shih?

I was just

(Asking Coworkers) What happened?

According to the his secretary

Director Shih is in the meeting

But the secretary had requested information

First he is still in the meeting


everything is still under invetigation

(So theres no punishment?)

Its not we didnt imposed any punishment

the case is still under investigation

If theres update or conclusion

(You will notify us?)


(Under investigation and no punishment so…)

No No No Still under investigation

You have to wait til finalize the investigation

to decide if its necessary

(to impose punishment)

(So theres no punishment right?)

Dont have definitive answer right now

It not we dont impose punishment

Its that we have not finish our investigation

You have to have all necessary information

to conclude

(so you can impose punishment right?)

To make the next move

The public relations director is avoiding

In fact

the Ministry of Health and Welfare has already conducted an investigation

with the Taipei City Health Bureau in 2014

and went to the National Taiwan University Hospital to investigate

and produce an investigation report in January of the following year

After we obtained this report exclusively

we found that it clearly stated that no heartbeat donation is fundamentally unfounded

and there are many disputes that need to be further clarified

The National Taiwan University Hospital also admitted

that because of legal issues

and even fear of other disputes

the ethics committee had been convened in 2008

and decided to stop donating without heartbeats

The investigation was conducted

but were there any fine?

We decide to dig deep and called Ms. Yueh-ping Liu

Senior Technical Specialist, Ministry of Health and Welfare

for final confirmation!

Hello Technical Specialist Department


(This is FTV Tribune Center)

(Im the reporter and my name is Fausto)

(May I ask)

(is Ms. Yueh-ping Liu Senior Technical Specialist available?)

This is she

(We are working on the special report)

(on Mayor Ko)

(regarding the non-heartbeat organ donations)

(My questions for you are)

(Has NTV Hospital ever punished?)

NTU Hospital punished for what?

(punished for non-heartbeat organ donations)

(Ever punished in the past?)


No punishment by your Ministry?


Ever punish by Taipei City Health Bureau?


What? Only investigation and no penalty was issue

seeing public opinion and concerns cooling down

from 2014 to now

Ministry of Health and Welfare has never publicly explained the results of the investigation

but recently

we were able to obtain exclusive

and complete information through special channels

In addition

the case was filed to the Taipei High Administrative Court by His-Kun Li

and others including NTU Professor Chin-Yi Liu

was asked to the Taipei High Administrative Court three years ago

requesting the Department of Health and Welfare to take

26 cases of illegal disclosure of no-heartbeat donations from the NTU Hospital

The well-known radio host, Rong-Chi Hsu reported

to Ko Wen-Jes involving in murder and destruction of the body to the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office

the pro-independence group also submitted to Ministry of Education

on Ko Wen-Jes violation of medical ethics and academic ethics

and Control Yuan Member Peter Wushou Chang also launched an investigation

The five major cases were fully launched

and it is up to the government to dare to do it

Due to the large number of people involved in this case

in addition to the responsibility of the National Taiwan University Hospital

and the executing physician who illegally caused the patient to be processed and died

the supervisory authority of the Ministry of Health

and the Taipei Department of Health may not be able to escape

and may even involve higher levels

On the outside the Xinyi Golf Course in the Dashu District of Kaohsiung

a large billboard is standed there

and the title writes

"Support universal love and organ donations, starts from you and me"

The billboard displays the current

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je who was involved in the surgery of non-heartbeat patients

Dr. Po-Chang Lee, the co-author of non-heartbeat donation paper

younger brother of the Chief Physician at the Department of Surgery of the NTU Hospital

and also the director of the National Health Insurance Administration

and the chairman of the Organ Donation and Transplantation Center

In fact, standing in the middle of the billboard

is William Lai who was previously working with Dr. Po-Chang Lee at the National Cheng Kung University Hospital

and now currently served as the Premier of Taiwan

This is a harsh allegation

We still advocate that

we should have objective evidence

(So you believed Ko Wen-je?)


I believe organ transplantation

is a very serious topic

Any sort of accusation

should have solid evidence

we should follow the evidence

for our future action

Regarding the past organ transplants cases

and the registered information

we requested hospitals to file them accordingly

(Ko Wen-je was build his own database...)

This has no direct link between Ko Wen-je

and this case

In regards to database integrity

is an issue that we all care about for a long time

Why did the Taiwanese House Party

failed to investigate before and after the mayoral election

when the capital city mayor received overwhelming accusations ace accusations from all parties?

What was the reason

for Taiwans Premier

to publicly endorsed Ko Wen-je?

Now that the evidence is expose and available in the media

does our government has the determination to prosecute Ko?

According to Ko Wen-jes 2005 column at theClinical Transplantation”, 31 cases of NTUs surgery of non-heartbeat donation were performed. These donors may all experienced excruciating pain when their organs were harvested while conscious.

Our technology from surgical intensive care unit is often ahead of the law. If all the things I did were legally pursued, I will spend the rest of my life in prison. -Ko Wen-je ( The White Power) p. 245

Producer: Dennis Peng

Journalist: Fausto Chou

Photography: Fausto Chou, Enti Chen

Drawing: Kuei-Chu Chang

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