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Hello, SuperMarioT here and Ive been meaning to do this one for a long time.

Lets talk anime.

Theres so much great anime out there but so little time.

Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Dragon Ball, Space Dandy, Cowboy Bebop, Little Witch Academia,

My Hero Academia, One Punch Man; I can sit down and watch so much of it.

There is one anime in particular that Ive grown SUPER fond of since I started watching

it when I started my sophomore year of high school.

One Piece.

Now One Piece is a lot of things.

Its funny, its emotional, its weird, its long, really long.

The anime itself is 800+ episodes and this is only the 60% or so mark for anime watchers,

and 65% for manga readers.

So, we still have a long way to go until it ends.

But Ill happily stick along the ride.

Probably when Im 25.

But, SuperMarioT, aint nobody got time to watch One Piece!”

You say that but its not as hard and impossible as you say and think.

When I started watching One Piece, 4 years ago, I started out being a sophomore in high


And from the start of the 1st semester, to the beginning of the 2nd semester, there was

only 625 episodes or so, and I caught up within 6 months.

You can make the time to watch One Piece if you really want to.

Its definitely possible.

If I wanna waste my life watching this, this better be a good enough anime…”

Well, thats why you clicked on the video.

I will explain why this anime is so loved and adored by many, many people today, why

it continues to be so goddamn long, how its become one of the most popular anime worldwide

and the most popular manga worldwide.

So, without further delay, grab a snack, and get comfy because this is gonna take a while.

Let me explain just how fantastic and worthwhile beyond belief of an anime One Piece is and

why you need to watch One Piece as soon as possible.

Throughout this whole thing, Im gonna try my damnedest to not spoil anything major.

Ill start you guys off with the story.

One Pieces world revolves around pirates.

There was a king among these pirates, Gold Roger and was well known throughout the world.

He was about to get executed by the Navy, which is the World Governments military

sea force, tasked with law enforcement, international security and military operations.

The duty of the Marines is to maintain law and order throughout the world and impose

the will and might of the World Government and they constantly subdue pirates for standing

against them.

And before the King of the Piratesdeath, his final words ushered a challenge to pirates

across the globe.

If you pirates want a hold of my treasure, take it!

I left it all in one place and now you must find it!”

The treasure Roger speaks of is whats known as the legendary One Piece, however nobody

really knows what the One Piece truly is.

Pirates everywhere accepted this challenge and ushered a brand new time, which is known

as the Great Pirate era!

Also, within the world of One Piece, the devil has unleashed these sacred fruits around the

globe for mortals to consume; Devil Fruits.

There are thousands of different kinds of devil fruits and you can guess what kinds

there are honestly.

You can eat these and use fire, ice, poison, transform into mythical beings and animals,

shoot weapons from your hands, make more hands out of thin air, you name it.

There are 3 types of these Devil Fruits despite the various kinds.

Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia.

Paramecia Devil Fruits hold powers that affect and potentially enhance your body, affect

the environment or produce substances.

These basically grant powers that are whats known assuperhuman’.

Zoan Devil Fruits give the user the ability to transform into another species and inter-species

hybrid form at will.

Basically, some form of an animal.

Logia devil fruits grant the user the ability to turn into a natural element or force of


AKA, fire, ice, earth, water, light, lightning, etc.

Logia Devil Fruits are considered the most powerful as well as the rarest of the three

Devil Fruit types overall.

But what all these fruits share in common, is the user loses their ability to swim and

is weakened and fatigued from sea water, giving devil fruit pirates an extra hurdle.

A certain paramecia fruit is eaten by our main protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, which turned

his body into rubber after eating the Gum Gum Fruit.

He is now a rubber man who can take plenty of physical blows and stretch his body to

incredible lengths with his malleable exterior.

Monkey D. Luffy has held a dream since he was a young boy, and it was to be the next

King of the Pirates.

If one must become the King, thou must seek the One Piece.

So Luffy set out to sea in search of a crew, and achieve his dream.

Now what makes this story so compelling are several things.

One, at least at the time when it was picking up, this is something youve never heard

of anywhere else.

One Pieces story takes on something so unique and inspirational that you cant

help but wonder how parallel their world is compared to ours, and that is literally one

of the best things about this series.

Its art imitating real life.

With how the world came to be about pirates, how corrupt the Government can be, how certain

communities strive to be accepted and not ostracized, how many pirates strive for freedom

and dreams, how adventurous and lively this anime can be, how emotional it can be, how

smart it can be and so much more.

Youd be pretty captivated to see how strong this story can be with the loads of plot elements

and sheer, incredible consistency this show holds.

The consistency and structure in One Piece is damn near impressive.

The backstories of the characters are great, how the characters go through their times

and turn out to be the charming people we know now.

How funny this anime can be when it is, how smart and admirable some of its stories, motives,

its messages can be.

You would hear and see a lot of things many other anime, movies and shows rarely talk

about or get across like One Piece does.

And as you go along, the story gets more and more complex with each plot device, element

and detail linking together with marvelous stature.

But even so, its not as stressful or difficult to think about because the story itself as

it goes along feels natural and comfortable to ease into and understand.

Its cohesive, understandable, consistent and logical, even if it feels otherwise.

And these are what makes the structure and story so compelling.

When Eiichiro Oda came up with the story of One Piece, he didnt intend for it to be

so long, but he was able to come up with more and more ideas as it progressed, able to flesh

out the story, characters, improve the writing and expand itself very well into an adventure


It sets itself up to be so long and as the main characterstraverse across the whole

world to achieve a specific goal, each island lends itself to its own complete story, one

that most common anime could finish its series on just one island.

People see how long One Piece is and is turned off by it, even though it is possible to make

the time for it, but because its so long, in a way it ultimately works in its favor

in terms of structure and storytelling.

Some of the later, larger arcs will feel incredibly significant as some side stories and sub plots

link to each other and feel more important.

As far as One Piece has gotten, there hasnt been many, if a single or two details out

of place, from what I can see at the very least, and plenty of details and elements

about the story and characters and organizations and such hold a lot of sense and logic towards


One Piece is such a smart anime to convey the corrupted world as we know and live on.

Poverty, death, friendship, racism, betrayal, imagination, corruption, ignorance, the sheer

disappointing and greedy nature of humans among us, the dreams and ambitions that youths

would likely hold and adults wished they could still hold and achieve, and to be able to

maintain so spectacularly consistent, clever and coy with even the littlest details you

would normally ignore among the plot and the characters as well as the most fleshed out,

amazing and endearing characters and settings.

Every little thing youll hear and see in this anime, youll wanna keep a mental note


Trust me.

Even the littlest characters that seem insignificant, the most random details and things that occur

never feel out of place or random nor do they hinder the story or experience in any way.

When and what they bring back in the future is astonishing.

Youd be amazed at how many theories this anime has and what kinds hold so much validity

that I have to avoid them to not be potentially spoiled or ruined in some way.

Its that crazy.

With how adamant and loyal the fans are and how adamant, firm, and endearing Eiichiro

Oda is to his creation, youre looking at a phenomenal wonder.

One Pieces structure and story is unlike any other piece of entertainment, imo, and

that I feel, is why One Piece works so damn well as it is so strong.

Now I went on about the story for a while there, and would you believe thats only

one of the reasons this anime does such a fantastic job?

If theres more to love about One Piece, its its humongous cast of memorable, enjoyable,

incredible characters.

So many of them feel so distinct, unique, and original, that NONE of them feel out of

place, annoying, a side show or anything demeaning.

With a long ass anime, a lot of characters are bound to come up, but what makes this

anime shine so much apart from its secretly complicated plot, is how charming, distinct

and lovable its cast of characters are.

To our main character Luffy, to his crew, the Straw Hat pirates, to allies, to even

enemies, and side characters and even FILLER characters!

Even the filler in One Piece is astonishingly good!

The filler itself even isnt long nor does it overstay its welcome, theres few and

far in between.

With how many characters there are, youd think thered be several forgettable ones,

but thats rarely ever the case.

Its how diverse and unforgettable the characters are, among personalities, charm, traits, actions

and even race.

All the way from the first arc to the current arc.

Ill go over some of the Straw Hats to save time and spoilers.

Luffy lacks common sense and is pure of heart.

Hes a stupid, meat loving, pirate who just does whatever he wants for fun.

His intentions and interests are light and pure at heart, while he will save and do for

anyone he considers an ally and/or friend.

While he denies being a hero, he does some things for the greater good, despite being

an enemy of the World Government and being seen as garbage in commoners eyes for being

a pirate while you look at the way he acts and hes certainly no low life pirate.

He believes that being a pirate, especially being the King of Pirates, means being free,

going for your dreams, and enjoying life how you want it to while treating people fairly.

Luffy maybe a dumbass, but hes one hell of an adventurous pirate whos got the heart

and soul of a saint and the charisma of the most beloved and respected person ever, even

among enemies.

His right hand man, Zoro, originally renown as a pirate hunter, strives to be the greatest

swordsman in the world and an essential ally in Luffys crew.

Hes smart in some areas, but he couldnt tell left from right even if walking signs

smacked him in the face 90 times.

Zoros lack of sense of direction is laughable beyond compare and his love for booze and

sword fighting is renown among the One Piece community.

The Straw Hat navigator, Nami, is a skilled navigator, depicting weather before it occurs,

guiding the Straw Hats across the sea, while her goal is to draw a map of the entire world

as she travels with Luffy.

Shes got a few weapons up her sleeve too so shes no damsel in distress.

Shes the beautiful, money obsessed Nami-swan of the Strawhats.

Hide your wallets when you see her.

The Straw Hats sniper, Usopp is a long nosed coward who claims to have 8000 men under

his crew yet hes a one-man team who would rather not get involved in any major fight

and keep his long nose from getting broken.

His marksman skills are beyond exemplary he can shoot off the horizon and his target would

still be sniped.

If times are desperate, Usopp is no stranger to protecting those he loves either.

When it comes down to it, Usopp will try his damnedest to grow a back bone and fight for

what he thinks is right and as he travels with the Straw Hats, hes already striving

for his dream to become and die a brave warrior of the sea.

The cook of the Straw Hats, Sanji, a blonde, girl loving gifted chef who can cook amazing


Hed rather eat all of someones cooked food than waste it whether it tastes good

or bad, hed do anything for the prettiest girl hed find, hed rather not sully

his hands he uses to cook and would use his signature legs and feet for combat, and he

would rather die than so much as kick a woman.

This chivalrous, perverted, cook is another staple in the Straw Hats, who strives to discover

a mythical sea.

There are 4 seas in the world of One Piece.

The North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue, and legend says theres another

sea that connects all 4 seas together but no one has found, and its known as the

All Blue.

Sanjis dream is to discover this lost sea and marvel all the fish and creatures that

live in it so he can cook up some magnificent meals.

There are more Straw Hats but this is the general gang and I do not want to spoil you

at all because its so good.

The other characters backstories and personalities touched me even more.

Now do you know one thing the Straw Hats all have in common with one another, other than

distinct personalities?

They all have a specific goal.

They all have certain dreams and each character gets build up and devotion to them, their

personality, their backstory, and their dream.

It all makes sense as to why they become the characters we know and love and why they want

to go for their specific goals.

It gives that sense of significance and importance that these arent just side characters or

simple companions.

No, these are all characters that will be fleshed out, will feel fleshed out, have certain

goals, will actually mean something in several ways to the whole story and will be complete.

Those were just the Straw Hats I touched on too.

I didnt even talk about the allies, the enemies, the side characters, etc., which

are given more character as they reappear and show how our main cast impacted them.

If I did, this video would be trying to be as long as the anime, but that just goes to

show, how much heart, care and love is being given to these characters.

The great writing, I mentioned before is shown into each characters backstory & personality,

and because of that, their goals and setups are easy to buy into and believe, which in

turn improves the writing and structure of each arc.

And when they do meetup and face these challenges as adults due to their struggles, it feels

earned and fulfilling for them to achieve these wins and stepping stones for when they

encounter an obstacle.

And how they move, interact, and show themselves within the world of One Piece in these funny,

inventive, badass, and interesting setups, whether for comedic relief or storytelling,

is what makes them so attractive and impressive to look at, especially when they learn new

moves or techniques and as they expand and strengthen their character.

These actions and events that occur involving our cast impact the world around them in more

ways than one, making them feel realized and involved.

You feel invested and interactive, as if youre in the world of One Piece yourself.

Now that I got through these, heres something to note; The episodes and transitions in the

first several arcs of One Piece are great, but youll often hear when Luffy & his crew

reach the Grand Line, thats when shit picks up and thats true.

The transitions and arcs will definitely feel more fleshed out and earned once you get up

to that point.

I feel the starting point of said pick up is around the first 30 episodes into Arlong


Thats technically a prologue to the Grand Line but I dont want to get too crazy with


Off topic really quick, but here's another thing that ultimately goes up to personal

preference, and is also less significant to this whole discussion, but Im confident

enough to say; the sub is great and the dub is also fantastic.

Of course, the sub is generally fans of One Pieces go to, but the Funimation dub is

really good.

The problem the sub lovers have that completely disregard the dub is even for a few characters,

they always compare the Japanese sounding of their voice to the English and it always

has to sound just like the Japanese version or the lip movements or certain words of dialogue

can be changed for something else.

Now thats not always the case.

When it comes to dubbing, there are 2 things to consider; the choice of the voice actor/actress

and the execution of that voice, whether it fits the characters persona, outlook and

such or not, in the same or different style, not to mention they have to fit lines and

voices along with the characters flapping their mouths to make it more understandable

and sensible.

Theres this one channel that went into the topic of official dubs doing lip flaps

and producing dubs and such, Cartoon Cipher is the name of this channel & Ill link

that video in the description and I encourage you to watch that if you have certain thoughts

on the sub and dub debate.

Its a really good video.

Back to One Piece, the English dub, for the most part, have great choices of actors and

actresses, and the execution of the voices, especially in the later arcs are practically


The accents too, are pretty exemplary, especially compared to the Japanese version.

Not 4kids, mind you, Im talking about Funimation.

Colleen Clinkenbeard as Luffy, especially later on, is really, really good, the Straw

Hats themselves are great, a lot of the enemies are great in English, I could go on.

There is emotion and effort put into these characters voices.

The Japanese dub can provide a more original portrayal of the anime and is naturally longer

than the dub.

The English dub, however, can save English speakers the trouble of reading subtitles

and watch the anime with a much more natural flow and is generally being presented with

great voice casts.

I love both versions either way.

Im a sub and dub guy.

I catch up through the Japanese version and Im completely fine with re-watching One

Piece in English.


I even find time to re-watch One Piece too.

You can go either way, its all up to silly opinions like mine, but give the dub a watch


Either one is sufficient, I dont care what others say about the dub being crap, because

One Pieces Funimation dub is really good.

Now back to the main topic

If theres one thing about One Piece that has the power and drive, stronger than most

anime out there, other than the structure and story which actually supports this, its

its atmosphere and tone.

No matter what moment it is, whether something big is going down, whether something funny

is going on, you will become enthralled into it all.

When One Piece gets funny, its legitimately funny and often creative and unique.

Some points will feel slightly tedious, however thats rarely the case for some people.

One Piece will feel lighthearted when it needs to and youll want to join these characters.

When One Piece gets serious, it feels super serious.

Every serious fight becomes a joke, and every joke fight becomes serious.

The battles, the wars, the conflicts between these characters and themselves will feel

intense and incredible.

Each one is entertaining and intriguing as the story progresses.

Those moments will implement intensity, logic, admiration, respect, happiness, sadness, a

lot of these emotions and thoughts going through your head as you progress and theyre certainly

moving, no matter what.

But when One Piece gets sad, oh lord, it gets depressing.

A lot of characters backstories will feel emotional.

The deaths, conflicts, and feelings emitted from these people and stories, whether in

the past, present or future, will feel so real, so alive & harsh, youll cry for some

of them.

These people will experience defeat or loss in one way or another, whether in a backstory

or in a future arc.

Thanks to this, these people dont feel nor are overpowered and will not win all the


There is more of a balance in here, making the anime itself even more interesting, unexpected

and realistic for all it can look imaginary and sometimes formulaic.

Youll feel the loss, the sadness of that character and event and its certainly a

heavy weight to bear, youll struggle trying not to shed a tear.

Out of ANY piece of media out there, movies, games, anime, etc. not a single one has made

me cry.


Surprisingly, no.

Inside Out?

Close, but no.

Not a single piece of entertainment.

Except for One Piece

Twice, almost 3 times I cried for this anime.

One time over this one backstory in the English dub, another time over a certain death in

the Japanese sub because I was catching up, and almost again after recently re-watching

a sad part that I didnt even originally cry for in the Japanese version in English.

I knew what was coming, but I almost released feels anyways.

That goes to show how powerful the English dub is, but more importantly how powerful

and strong One Piece is as an anime.

This show will make you feel a lot of things, and its beautiful, man.

I wish I could go on and on, but A. spoilers and B. I pretty much explained it all.

There is no perfect series out there, and everyone has certain tastes and opinions to

respect, however if there was such a thing as a perfect or near-perfect anime, One Piece

would feel and become the closest.

In my eyes, I feel it is.

I cannot stress enough how amazing the structure and storytelling of One Piece is, how lovable

and genuine the characters are, how real and depressing the backstories can be, how funny

it can get, how emotionally gut-wrenching it can get, how amazingly badass it can get,

how insanely hype it can get.

Augh, dude, girl, whatever, go watch it if you havent.


The time spent on One Piece will be long, but will not feel wasted whatsoever.

This is essentially the anime Game of Thrones in terms of popularity and length.

My respect and love for One Piece and Eiichiro Oda grows as it passes, and Im very grateful

and happy to have found such an amazing piece of art.

Sometimes I wish I could forget all about One Piece and just rewatch all over again

and experience it all over again its that amazing.

Ill be looking forward to future arcs and will happily continue watching as I become

an adult.

But first I gotta get through college first, heh.

Its never too late to start One Piece, no matter how much time you have, its never

too late to start and never impossible to finish.

I was able to get most of my friends into, or at the very least interested in One Piece.

I usher you to do the same.

You will not regret making that decision.

And as I thank One Piece for existing and Oda for such a creative mind, I thank you

all for watching and thank you all for 10,000 subs.

I am really grateful for you guys, sticking with me and watching my videos.

Im truly happy to be doing Youtube and making videos for you guys because it shows

Im actually providing worth for others and if I make my viewers and subscribers happy,

Im happy.

And I could actually make a living off of this, and my naïve mind thought about this

in junior and senior year of high school

Stay super, and greetings my new subscribers.

Be sure to stick around for my videos related to One Piece, Mario, Paper Mario, Pokemon,

Sonic, other anime, Nintendo, games, even movies and such.

Until next time, stay super and please do yourself a favor and start watching One Piece.

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