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Take off your hearing aids, please!

You're using a hearing aid only?

I lost the other one, you know.

Today is March 14 and it's Nm's bachelor party!

I thought today was White Valentine's Day?

Yeah, you're right. Today is White Valentine's Day too.

Our Nm will get married tomorrow.

Nm's White bachelor party will occur tonight!

You used to buy us food, you know. It's been a long time since you last did that.

I think today is a perfect day for you to...

let Nm buy us food!

Today is the perfect occasion for Nm to buy us some food as he can't do that after his marriage.

After his marriage, he'll be freaking broke.

So I think you'd better buy him and us some food.

Gift time!

Do you guys bring some gifts with you?

Nm's bachelor party's gifts!

- You bring some gifts along, right? - I do!

Be careful!

Look at this cake, guys!

It looks like an abalone.

Congrats! You've taken an arrow to the knee!

An arrow to the knee? What's that?

You don't know it?

It's a phrase used to describe the situation when you have to keep things in correct orders all the time.

Yeah, that's right.

*He's searching for the literal meaning of the phrase

It's like you're in an infinite cycle, no escape.

Yeah, that's much easier to understand.

Yeah, as Nm is about to get married, he'll soon take an arrow to his knee.

That's a cycle you'll never escape!

Your thoughts on this bachelor party?

It's extremely fun.

I'm glad to see all my homies here.

My homies spare their time to throw this bachelor party.

I highly appreciate your effort trying to be here with me,

especially my bro, Banana.

Banana Bro has helped me a lot.

I wonder what's inside.

Two salted eggs, I'll say?

It looks like a durian seed.

What are you eating?

It's 7:30 a.m and I'm at Nm's house.

I knew it! Darn it!

We'll bring some baskets to Nm's spouse's house!

These baskets are for the betrothal ceremony.

Nm's spouse is Lucy, we all know that, right?

As you can see, we're wearing áo dài.

Today is a day to remember, guys!

We have

We also have Mazk here today! Come here, Mazk!

What for?

Where's your áo dài?

This is a D move from the groom, guys!

He can't find any suitable áo dài for my size!

You're a groomsman, you can't ask for much.

I feel like I'm nothing more than an attachment to this ceremony. Now I'm this lad's cameraman.

I'm forced to film him.

That sounds fair, right?

My groomsman title has been taken away!

Let's suit up and carry some baskets, guys!

Follow me, guys!

How many times have you attended this ceremony?

This is my first time.

Your first time?

That's interesting!

Do you know what we gotta do next?

So what happens happens, right?

It's 8:45 a.m now and we're going to the bride's house.

How do you feel now?

How do I feel, huh? Extremely happy, of course.

It's my first time doing this, you know.

Well, I didn't know that this can be so tiring.

But it's very fun!

Lots of my homies come to help me with the baskets.

I couldn't imagine that this day can be this much fun!

I'm so happy that Banana Bro is my groomsman.

I wonder how the others are doing now.

There are only me and the groom on this car now.

I'll film more when I get to the bride's house.

It's 9 a.m and we're at the bride's house.

It's 10 a.m and we're done with the betrothal ceremony.

We're going back to Nm's house.

Do you guys know what? Back then when I was in the ceremonial room...

I felt jealous with Nm.

Me too!

There's no need to feel it that way. You still have many chances to attend this kind of ceremony.

See? That's what he told me earlier. He told me that I had to attend 5 more ceremonies like this!

Yours will be the next one though.

He already confirmed that.

Who said?

Do you know what made me feel jealous most?

The burden Lucy is carrying on her neck.

Take a look!

Is that heavy?


Show me your hands!

How many rings are there in total?

Take a guess, guys!

This was supposed to be your bachelor party's gift.

But Bo didn't give it to you.

Why, Bo? Why?

He didn't intend to give you this.

Better late than never, I'll say.

What's this?

Put them on!

As you're about to take an arrow to your knee, this will be a perfect gift for you.

They're bracelets.

These bracelets and his headphones are a perfect mix.

Now tie yourself to something stable.

There there!

You can tie yourself to your bed. It will look like this.

She knows it very well, I say.

It's 7 p.m now and we're about to attend Nm's wedding!

The pandemic hits hard these days so put on your masks, guys!

It's a must-carry item!

Here comes the elevator!

Today's dress code is black and red. So I'm wearing a black jacket and Sunny is wearing a red T-shirt.

It's a red dress!

Okay, a red dress!

It's not a red T-shirt!

We're now at the Sapphire restaurant.

On the stage as we can see now, our groom is so nervous when he stands next to our pretty bride.

A big applause to encourage him, shall we?

How do you feel when you attend Nm's wedding?

It's fun!

When I first saw HiHa at this party, he was like...

He was so focused on his business, I'll say.

Do you like this Nazha girl right here?

Of course! I love her!

Our Nm is spicier now.

Are you wearing couple outfit with Bo? Your pants...

Well, he bought me these pants.

And I bought him that shirt.

What's your today's concept?

I borrowed this T-shirt from Sơn the Goofy.

Why don't you ask me?

What's your concept?


I'm his colleague, I'll say.

This bag is for carrying the money.

This is how I do my job!

How much I can earn for a shot? You tell.

That's a hard question, you know.

It's time for some bouquet tossing!

What will happen to the person catching the bouquet?

Gender bender, I'll say.

What are you saying?

Whoever catches that bouquet will be the next to marry.

You should go and catch that bouquet!

Just catch that bouquet!

What if I actually catch it?

Then I'll marry you!


What do you mean by saying nope?

Where's Channy?

We're done for, my darling.

What are we supposed to do now?

On your knees!

Can I toss this back to someone else?

I gotta be on my knees and give her this?

I don't know that this custom does exist!

It does! You can do some searching later.

On your knees!

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