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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Denzel Curry & Justina Valentine Go Head to Head ? Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle

Difficulty: 0

- DJ D-Wrek, drop the beat.

- LudacrisUgh, clap, yeah, I want to tell you,

Imma tell you like this Denzel, before you talkin' foul

and slick, why your hair look like a bunch of

Rottweiler sh*t. ♪

(Audience laughter & clapping)

Denzel - Woooah, woooah!

Second time on the show, now I'm back in action. ♪

Tell me why you look like young Jermaine Jackson. ♪

Justina - ♪ Yo, yo, I heard you had some joints, but we

never played it, your ass look like Offset, ♪

if he never made it. ♪

They said you was the best, and no one was on top

of him, when they said Denzel was dope they meant

Washington. ♪

Ludacris - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Denzel - Okay, okay, okay.

Ludacris - That Denzel wouldn't do this show.

Denzel - ♪ Listen miss, ma'am you the type to slit

your wrists, you look like Ariel 'cause the bottom half

smelt like fish. ♪

You never wanna talk about me with deep dish, and talk

About who the hell you is tryna diss, miss, red

Flame in your hair, flamin' ass breath like ooh, ♪

Who's there. ♪

God damn girl what the hell you talkin' bout, ♪

You better go to ATL you better walk it out. ♪

(Audience cheers & applause)

- My n*gga Chico, I wanna say I'm sorry

for slapping you earlier.

Chico - Check it out.

- I didn't mean to.

Chico - Listen, earlier you smacked me in my face, ♪

I ain't gonna lie that kind of hurt me

but since you Rick James I guess

that make me Charlie Murphy

(Audience applause & cheer)

- I'm still Rick James, bitch.

DC - Bring your ass up here Big Mack.

Ah, ah, cool, that damn pot burnin' my nose, listen.

Your ass is too big, you need to quit

♪ (Quit) ♪

I bet when you get in your bed

You gotta do it just like this. ♪

(Audience applause & cheers)

Big Mack - Okay, uh.

I said DC, that was cool but you don't

Wanna battle me. ♪

Especially 'cause you built like that tree

On Guardians of the Galaxy! ♪

Groot ass lookin' motherf*cka, uh huh. ♪

I said, Groot ass lookin' motherf*cka, uh huh. ♪

Big Mack & Crowd - ♪ I said, Groot ass lookin' motherf*cka.

DC - I got something for you.

Big Mack & Crowd - ♪ I said, Groot ass lookin' motherf*cka.

DC - ♪ Keep dancing, groove, look at your titties move!

(Crowd laughter)

DC - ♪ Keep dancing, keep grooving, what?

N*gga, you want a smoothie?

Big Mack - ♪ I said okay, I regret.

Sometimes I got this weight. ♪

But see you, your regret, is in the middle of your face! ♪

(Crowd cheers)

DC - ♪ Nah, chill, that right there ain't it!

♪ (It!) ♪

Soon as I got this tattoo, motherf*cker, I got rich, aye! ♪

All & Crowd - ♪ Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye!


(Wild 'N Out outro music)

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