Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Springboard for the Arts receives Nonprofit Excellence Award

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[music and poetry]

Natalie: My work is about my experience as a queer person.

Its about gender and sexuality; love and romance. A lot of the work deals with power.

Ta-coumba: Im a public artist and Im a painter.

I try to use my art to get people to talk to each other; to create a dialogue.

Laura: We are an economic development organization for individual artists.

Our mission is to help artists make a living and a life.

They contribute a lot to the quality of life, to our education system,

to the economy, to their community.

They often do so at the expense of their own quality of life,

so were sort of here to fill that gap.

We have a whole vetting process, a whole sort of criteria,

where new programs and existing programs get ranked

based on how well they match up

with what we said we wanted to do in our strategic plan.

So that keeps us pretty honest about going back to that document pretty frequently.

Ta-coumba: Maybe Springboard doesnt know it,

but just existing is like somebody holding your hand.

Laura: Artists are twice as likely in Minnesota

to lack health insurance as the general population.

Natalie: Springboard provided this amazing bridge from me;

from being this uninsured person to being a currently insured person.

Laura: We didnt know anything about healthcare. But we knew that we had to figure it out.

Natalie: Springboard provided this entry point into the healthcare system.

Laura: We didnt have to create health care resources

we just had to figure out how to help artists access existing resources.

Natalie: I applied to Springboards Work of Art series, which are business classes for artists.

Ta-coumba: I use Springboard for trying to figure out

how to use a computer and how to do my business plan.

People that are taking it are serious about their business.

Laura: The budget and the staff have more than doubled in the last four years.

Natalie: Ive been so much more productive creatively

in the last six months than I have in the last couple years.

Ta-coumba: You become a little braver. You feel like you have advocates.

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