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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: มิว เสียน้ำตากับโปรเจคเซอร์ไพรส์จากแฟนคลับ แย้มมีตติ้งคู่กลัฟ ธีม "งานแต่ง"!! #MewSpecialHour

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Q: How do you feel about fanmeet?

Mew: Im appreciate krub thank you fanclub for supporting me

Mew: glad to have the opportunity to show ability in this fanmeet.

Q : How do you feel about meeting with your fans?

Mew: I'm very happy and we do singing activities together.

Q: How excited are you?

Mew: Im very excited,don't feel tired

and I can't dance well and never played the piano anywhere ,her(fanmeet) first time.

Q: About singing and dancing practice?

Mew: Yes,krub Piano and Dancing start practicing december about 1 - 2 month for this show

Q: How long to training?

Mew: About 2 month krub. each day im training piano and dancing krub.

Q: after showing today how do you feel?

Mew: And now,I feel relieved krub.

and feel good that everyone likes krub

Q: Near happy birthday Pmew fanclub have a surprise for you?

Mew: Yes,Thankyou krub everyone

Q: PMew say surprise by fanclub

Mew: Ahhh! So cute^^ Fanclub doing clipVDO krub

in clipVDO fanclub talk about feelings for me and for that, i am deeply grateful.

Q: Today you crying many times!

Mew: Ahhh!! Yes krub

Mew: Im ready oneself krub.

Q: Next project fanmeeting couple (Nong Gulf)

Mew: Maybe in the midyear plan.

Mew: before have fanmeeting TharnType TheSeries

Q: The event will be bigger than ever?

Mew: Definitely larger krub.

Q: Sweety?

Mew: Sweeter than landscapen krub.

Q: How about them fanmeeting feel The wedding?

Mew: Yes and fanclub wear a dress.

Mew: Ahaaa!!

Mew: Maybe!krub

Q: Lastly,we would like you to tell about events and fanclub?

Mew: Thankyou krub for supporting me so great to see everyone come out to support us.

The Description of มิว เสียน้ำตากับโปรเจคเซอร์ไพรส์จากแฟนคลับ แย้มมีตติ้งคู่กลัฟ ธีม "งานแต่ง"!! #MewSpecialHour