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You think he's here?

ROB: He liked it here,

and the victims are still here -- his victims.

Fox Hollow Farm, bodies found on this property.

The pool, where most of the killings took place.

There's too many things that we can't explain.

Fingers went around my neck like this.

[ Strained ] Help!

There's something negative up here!

Do you think it was Herb?


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ZAK: There are things in this world

that we will never fully understand.

[ Distorted ] Understand.

[ Echoing ] We want answers.

We have worked years to build our credibility, our reputation,

working alongside the most renowned professionals

in the field,

capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.

NICK: It's climbing up you!

I can't give you an explanation.

[ Birds cawing ]

This is our evidence...

our ghost adventures.

We're in Carmel, Indiana,

a beautiful suburb just outside of Indianapolis.

Beautiful home...

the horses...

the trees, the sun,

the pure, white snow.

But as I inch closer and closer to this mansion behind me

called Fox Hollow Farm, I'm reminded

that the remains of 11 bodies were found here in the '90s --

victim of a serial killer

named Herb Baumeister

that lived and killed...

in this home.

MAN: According to police investigators,

Herbert Baumeister led a double life.

WOMAN: Another layer of sanctity

surrounding Fox Hollow Farm was stripped away.

MAN #2: ...have uncovered the remains of five people,

including the skull and bones.

WOMAN: More than 150 bone fragments,

some of them charred.

MAN: Baumeister had attracted the attention

of Indianapolis police.

MAN #3: Baumeister refused to be interviewed

or to let them search his property.

WOMAN: Shotgun shells and a pair of handcuffs

were also among the buried bones.

MAN: But the growing list of missing men

with ties to Baumeister led police to speculate

about the possibility of a serial killer at work

in the city's gay community.

Hey, Rob.


How you doing? I'm Zak.

Nice to meet you, Zak.

Nice to meet you. Hello.


This is Nick and Aaron.

How you doing?

Welcome to Fox Hollow.

ZAK: Rob and Vicki Graves

are the current homeowners of Fox Hollow Farm.

You both knew moving into this home what happened here?


Bodies found on this property,

a serial killer lived in your home.

Were you prepared for the hauntings?

Initially, we tried to distance ourselves from the history,

but we really feel that the spirits that are here

are these unrested souls.

So you believe they are here now?

Oh, yeah.

There's too many things that we can't explain.

What did you see, or what did you experience here?

First experience I had was a man walking into the woods.

He was a young man, walking away from me.

He had on a red T-shirt.

I realized I could only see him

from the waist up, and he just disappeared.

I think he wants to show me something,

but I haven't discovered what that is yet.

Herb Baumeister,

do you ever sense his spirit is back at his home here?

Oh, yeah. I think that's --

he was in the room that I don't want to go in.

ZAK: Since Vicki is a pathologist by trade,

we find her experiences to be very credible.

We head to the room

where she experienced this very unsettling sensation.

ROB: This would have been Herb's bathroom.

I think he's here.

ZAK: Do you think he's here?

He liked it here,

and the victims are still here -- his victims.

[ Water dripping ]

Did someone actually get physically attacked here,

like, strangled or...?

Joe was strangled

or something around his neck in the pool,

which is probably where most of the killings took place.

Can we please see the pool room?


We are standing in the actual room

where possibly these people were murdered.

The pool was a lure.

He would go down to the bars downtown

and lure the guys back

with the promise of swimming in an indoor pool.

And they came back willingly.

ZAK: Little did these men know

Herb had a twisted obsession with erotic asphyxiation,

whereby he strangled his victims to the point of suffocation

in order to arouse himself.

And through this act of perversion,

strangulation became his preferred method of murder,

for many of the men who swam in this pool

never left it alive.

Have you had experiences in this room?

I was cleaning the pool,

and I saw a shadow figure transition from the pump room,

which seems to be a pretty active area.

Being within feet of the pool

and the energy from these murders,

this room could be a hotspot for our investigation.

It's a weird place, man.

To know how many people were killed here, that's a lot.

ROB: I believe most of them were killed in this room.

And then he'd take them out the back door.

NICK: I can see how easy it is

to dispose of them just right out there.

ZAK: Here in the back woods,

a mere 100 feet from the family home,

is where Herb Baumeister was said

to have deposited the lifeless bodies of his victims.

And it's on this plot of land that he burned their remains

in an effort to conceal his crime.

What Baumeister did not know

was that the shallow grave he created

would lead to his eventual undoing,

and 20 years later, the keys to the identity of these victims

are still being found.

Did you ever find anything that you can talk about?

Well, we certainly have found bones.


Bones on the property.

If you spent enough time, you can find bones all the time.

I mean, not only are they killed violently,

you're also finding the bones of the deceased

that still haven't been identified.


That's right.

There's your recipe for a haunting right there.


I think there's more than what they're telling us.

NICK: I definitely agree.

Rob has a deeper connection to Herb.

I know. I noticed that, too.

I was watching him put his head down.

And I think it's important for us to talk to Joe,

the guy who lives in the apartment.

'Cause that's more of the physical attacks happening.

ZAK: Joe?

How's it going?


Joe LeBlanc. How you doing?

ZAK: Joe LeBlanc is a family friend

and former tenant at Fox Hollow Farm.

When you lived here for 2½ years,

did you experience some stuff?

Yeah. It's horrible what happened here.

I thought things move on,

and, well, not all of them did.

It's all surrounding this mystery door right here.

Now, when the door would knock, it was a very forceful...

It would just keep knocking.

Now, the last time the door knocked,

from the inside, I heard the door,

and it would creak and make noise.

I'm sitting there watching the doorknob turn.

[ Creaking ]

The door flew open to the wall.

No joke -- the door knocker was like this.

It's completely horizontal,

and it went up higher against this

and just slammed as hard as it could.



This was an aggressive spirit.

Oh, yeah.

Do you think it was Herb?


ZAK: If this poltergeist activity

is in fact Herb Baumeister,

what Joe tells us next

may prove that some of his victims

lost their lives in this very apartment.

You can see back to the back of the bedroom.


And I swear I saw something.

I see this kid running for his life,

and when he ran through here and stopped,

he kind of looked at me

and jolted his head back and just stared at me.

There's some knife marks on the wall

which they've tried to sand out, but they're right here.

I believe he was killed up here.

ZAK: Next to the barrage of activity

experienced in the apartment,

Joe takes us to where he had his most violent encounter.

JOE: So, I was swimming down here,

and what I felt on the back of my neck,

I'll never forget it.

It was like warm hands, the back of the palms,

and the fingers went around my neck like this.

Do you think that this was Herb?

I think so.

Do you think Herb was trying to kill you?

I felt like he was trying to let me know that he was here.

For as much as he's experienced inside the home,

Joe reveals to us the disturbing details

of a gruesome discovery he made on these grounds.

I found a human leg in the woods.

It was a femur from your hip down to your knee.

I forget which side.

So you found bones, too?

Yeah, I found that, and that was the biggest one.

ZAK: We head on to the hallowed ground of this property --

the back woods,

where 20 years ago,

the authorities unearthed countless human remains,

which were the keys

to identifying some of these victims.

Where that tree is laying across,

that's actually where I found a femur.

18 inches long. Pretty creepy day.

People are still finding human remains

in these woods on the Fox Hollow Farm property.

The biggest thing that ever happened to me was right here,

when I saw this red-shirt character

that Vicki saw, as well.

You saw the same red shirt?

I saw him walk for 3½ strides.

It was an untucked red T-shirt,

but from his groin area down, I could see through his legs.

I felt like I was supposed to see it.

Something about this place.

The violence

and the countless victims killed right here.

Many are still nameless.

Bones are still popping up out of this ground

that I'm standing on right now.

It's so easy to understand

why there would be spirits here that are not at rest.

How many men did he kill in that house?

That ritual that he did when he died has a purpose.

He was probably one of the biggest serial killers

in the history of the United States.

ZAK: To better understand the evil

once committed at Fox Hollow Farm,

we arrange a meeting with an individual

whose actions helped expose the nefarious activities

of the alleged serial killer Herb Baumeister.

We just hit a valuable breakthrough

in our investigation --

Mr. Vandagriff,

who's a professional private investigator,

and he was instrumental

in leading the police to Herb Baumeister.

Mr. Vandagriff? How you doing?


Zak Bagans.

Nice to meet you.

This is, uh, Nick and Aaron.

Mind if we have a chat?

Not at all. Come right on in.


Is it true that you are the person

that led the police to Herb Baumeister?

Yes, that's true.

Our investigation started in 1994.

There were two different families

that hired us to look for two missing people.

The families of the victims?


They did not know that they were dead?



I noticed some similarities.

They were both gay,

they were both basically the same height,

same weight, et cetera,

and they spent a lot of time

at various gay bars in Indianapolis.

We found one person

that actually went with Herb on a date,

went to his house.

What did he tell you happened at the house?

He said that the house had a sign that said "Fox" something,

like "Fox Hollow" or "Fox Farms,"

or something like that.

The house had an indoor pool, so they went to the indoor pool.

So, they're partying,

and Herb starts talking to him about the erotic asphyxiation

and puts a swimming pool hose around his neck.

So, Herb liked to use the strangulation

in a sexual way, for pleasure?


Well, that's interesting,

'cause Joe was telling us

that he felt the strangulation in the pool.

It was like warm hands,

and the fingers went around my neck like this.

So, we continued trying to gather information.

Our informant finally spotted Herb in the bar one night.

They got his license-plate number,

and the license-plate number, plus the property up there,

confirmed that he was the right one.

His wife never knew that Herbert was also gay?


By that point,

him and his wife were going through a divorce,

and she eventually agreed

to allow them to search the property,

which led to finding the bones.

So, those woods were a dumping ground for all the bodies,

and he wouldn't even bury them?

He'd burn 'em.


[ Fire crackling ]

That's Allen.

So, Allen is one of the men

that Herb killed?


How many men did he kill in that house?

I think it's 19 now.

Virgil, you know they're still finding bones

coming up out of the ground, right?

It wouldn't surprise me at all.

Do you think it could be in excess of 19 people?

I think he is probably one of the biggest serial killers

in the history of the United States.

And Baumeister killed himself, right?

Correct -- 1996.

When Herb killed himself up in Canada,

he kind of made a ritual-type scene.


Uh, shot himself.

[ Gun cocks, gunshot ]

He raised the sand up

and made an altar-type thing out of it.

His arms were spread out.

He had some dead birds laid out.

Do you think that he killed himself in this ritualistic way

so that he could return to the home

and that he is there with the spirits of the victims?

Highly possible.

Do you believe in the family that lives there now,

stating that they're seeing ghosts of the victims?

Well, I believe they've seen something.

We talked to one of the other people that lived there,

I think a renter.


He had some encounters.


And, of course, the homeowner's wife,

she's pretty credible in what she saw.

And their stories match up, too, about what they see,

these ghosts there, one wearing a red shirt.

He had on a red T-shirt.

I realized I could only see him from the waist up,

and he just disappeared.

I saw this red-shirt character that Vicki saw, as well.

But from his groin area down, I could see through his legs.

And even Rob himself believes

that Herb's spirit does visit the house.

I think he's here.

Do you think it's possible that Herb Baumeister,

his soul, could still be at Fox Hollow Farm?

That mind-set might continue into the afterlife...

that they're still trying to control people and outwit him?

Yeah, it's possible.

That would explain some of the things going on there,

from what we heard.

He could be the largest-scale serial killer

in the history of America, and we are in his house.

ZAK: As we await the coming darkness,

there's one disturbing detail

from our conversation with Virgil

which brings concern for our lockdown.

That ritual that he did when he died has a purpose.

Now we have to start thinking in the afterlife.


If his soul is at Fox Hollow Farms,

he's still gonna want to be in control.

We're gonna find out what happens if his soul is there,

if we take that control from him.

If there's any victims here and you were killed by Herb,

we'd like to try and help you.

Herb, if you're still here, are you a demon?

[ Strained ] Help.

ZAK: As we begin our investigation of Fox Hollow Farm,

our audio tech Jay Wasley

hears a loud noise come from the pool room in the basement,

where it is said many

of Herb Baumeister's victims were killed.

You can hear that.

I can hear that.

This investigation, this home has me on edge

unlike any other because I can't believe the house is still here.

And this shot right here is the swimming pool

where he did much of his killings inside of that pool.

Hey, Herb?

Herb, if you're still here at your home,

I want to tell you that you're an evil man.

You killed a lot of men in here,

and many believe that you attacked...

a guy named Joe not too long ago here, your spirit.

Are you still here, Herb?

Reaching the swimming pool,

where a victim who survived

talked to a detective that we spoke to earlier,

and the victim said that Herb tried strangling him

in this pool with a pool hose.

Herb puts a swimming pool hose around his neck.

AARON: I'm gonna go to the other side.

NICK: Uh, we have the camera over there, too, Aaron.

Don't fall in.

Joe was saying, too,

that this hose in here for the pool

was the original hose that was here when they bought the house.

So, you wonder if he strangled someone in there with it.

Yeah, right there, that one right in front of Zak.

So, this may be the hose that was used to possibly...

And here's Jay's shotgun mike right there.

AARON: Are you in here?

If you are, just letting you know

we're gonna be here all night.

ZAK: If there's any victims here

and you were strangled

and you were killed by Herb,

we'd like to try and help you.

I wonder how many times he sat here

and looked out this window at all the --

and knowing what he just put in that forest, you know?

Herb would take the bodies right through this door

and drag them out right there...

[taps glass] to the woods.

These woods are where they found the remains of 11 victims,

and there are said to be more,

as human remains are still being discovered to this day.

Well, we certainly have found bones.


That's actually where I found a femur.

So, if you don't like strangers

and you want us out of your house,

talk on that recorder.

That's for Nick and Aaron's feed there.

Hey, Herb!

If you're here and you killed yourself,

did you want to return back to this house

where you killed and kept all these men?

What was inside your mind like?

I saw something over here.

Document that, a mist or something.

It was weird.

Stay there, guys.

What went through your mind, Herb?

You had a nice family, you took care of them,

but why did you have this other life?

Were you a demon?

If you're a victim and you can see or hear us,

come over here and talk to us on this.

We're trying to figure out who's here.

Is Herb keeping your spirit here?

Do you want us to tell your family anything?

You're gonna have to speak in this device.

Play it back.

[ Tape rewinding ]

AARON: You don't like strangers

and you want us out of your house.

ZAK: What was inside your mind like?

I saw something over here.

Document that, a mist or something.

It was weird. Stay there, guys.

What was that?

What went through your mind, Herb?

It was weird. Stay there, guys.

Whoa! [bleep]

Holy [bleep]

It said "Help." You're right. Listen.

It was weird. Stay there, guys.

That voice came exactly

after I saw a white mist right there.

What went through your mind, Herb?

Dude, what's creepy about that voice --

It sounds like he's losing --

No, you know what it sounds like?

He's gasping for help, like [Strained] "Help."

It's like he's getting choked out.

It is right after I see a white mist with my own eyes

that ironically this Class A EVP saying "Help"

comes through the recorder.

Is this possibly the spirit of Allen

that Vicki saw twice with her own eyes?

There was certainly a victim named Allen.

She said, "Well, I didn't tell you,

but that's the second time I've seen it."

Do you think that was a victim saying that,

or do you think that was Herb saying that? --

Is the question.

I don't know.

Dude! That just said "Herb did it"!

Did you hear it?!

Can you take us to where your body is?

What is below our feet?

ZAK: After receiving several significant EVP responses

in the basement of Fox Hollow Farm,

we decide to use another way of communicating using radio waves

through the electromagnetic spectrum

with our SB7 Spirit Box.

[ Oscillating static ]

Did he kill you in this pool?

[ Static continues ]

Look, I know you may not still be at rest

because no one knows what happened or your name.

If you're here and you're wearing a red T-shirt,

can you come over and talk to us

and tell us what your first name is?

[ Static continues ]


What was it?

It was Dan!

Aaron immediately reacts to this EVP,

thinking it says the name "Dan,"

but after further review and analysis,

we make it out to be "I'm dead."

Can you come over and talk to us

and tell us what your first name is?


Can you tell me the name of the man that killed you?

Is this the spirit of one of Herb's victims

telling us that he knows that he's dead,

but he isn't aware of who killed him

from possibly being too intoxicated

while in the midst of erotic asphyxiation?

Can you tell me the name of the man that killed you?

How many men did Herb kill in this house?

"Herb did it"!

Dude, that just said "Herb did it"!

Did you hear it?

I heard it.

I swear to God it said, "Herb did it."

How many men did Herb kill in this house?

Herb did it!

How many bodies are on this property still buried?

Many times, when we are talking to spirits

through the Spirit Box,

we will capture balls of light and visual anomalies

disappearing in and out of our speaker,

and just as a spirit comes through and says, "Herb did it,"

this light anomaly we debunk as not being dust

or an explainable artifact

disappears right into our speaker,

which at that time,

I also feel a heavy pressure on my chest,

which forces me to lean back

as my heart rate begins to accelerate.

Herb Baumeister, are you here?

We continue to walk around the basement area,

but no other communication comes through.

So we decide to head out into the woods

where all of the bodies were dumped

and where a previous tenant

witnessed the same red-clothed apparition that Vicki saw.

I saw this red-shirt character that Vicki saw, as well.

It was an untucked red T-shirt.

This is also where a mysterious black figure

seems to lurk in the woods.

A black object that's darker than dark,

and it changes as it runs.

How many bodies are in these woods?

NICK: Allen, are you here with us?

"I'm here."

It goes "I'm here."

Allen, are you here with us?

"I'm here." It goes "I'm here."

Allen, who killed you?


Can you take us to where your body is?

Which way do we walk?

"In the middle."

"In the middle."

Can you take us to where your body is?

Which way do we walk?

"In the middle." "In the middle."

Do we go straight?

Keep going straight.

"In the middle."

Which way?

How many more bodies are out here?

Is that a bush?


Is it?


AARON: "Found it." I just heard it say "Found it."

Yeah. I heard that, too.

"Found it." I just heard it say "Found it."

Yeah. I heard that, too.

What did we find? What is below our feet?

How many bodies are here?

After we received the voice saying "Found it,"

which we believe is telling us the spot

where Allen's body was dumped,

all of the voices go silent,

as you can hear nothing but white noise.

It is at this time that all three of us become speechless

and overcome with sadness

as we feel we just made communication

with a spirit not at rest that was killed by a serial killer.

Knock on that door, Herb.

Did you guys just hear that?

I heard that with my own ears, bro!

ZAK: After a profound Spirit Box session in the woods

on the Fox Hollow Farm property,

where we believe we made contact with a victim

of the alleged serial killer Herb Baumeister,

we return inside the home to continue our investigation.

NICK: I'm telling you,

there's something weird up in that room.

You should go up to that apartment by yourself.

No, there's, like, a real negative feeling up there.

You want to just go up there? I'm gonna watch it from here.

Let's go, Aaron.

Oh, my God.

[ Recorder beeps ]

NICK: Rolling recorder.

Nick by himself, second floor.

I'm in complete darkness,

walking in to the apartment.

Can't see anything.

Is there someone in this room?

Earlier, Joe was talking about some knife marks

on this wall that they covered up.

Possibly those could be knife marks

from when someone tried escaping.

There's some knife marks on the wall,

which they tried to sand out, but they're right here.

Is anybody in this back room?

Somebody has been seen walking through here.

Can you show yourself, come and communicate with me?

If you're one of the victims

that was assaulted here and you tried to escape,

I don't mean you any harm at all.

I just want to talk to you.

[ Rustling ]


Something in this closet.

Whatever the hell this is -- what is this, a room?


Someone back here?

Is this your hideout? What the [bleep] is this?

It's completely silent up here.

What is the name of the victim that was up here?

What were you trying to do?

Were you trying to escape out this window?

Were you trying to free yourself?

Did he knife you right here?

Strangle you?

What did Herb do to you right here?

We need to know that you're here.

Make that sound.

[ Tap ]

What was that?

Did you guys just hear that?

I don't have a walkie-talkie.

Did you guys just hear that?

It was the door.

Dude, the door. You hear the knock, knock?

That was right behind the camera,

so that would be the door out back.

He wasn't even moving, so...


What was that?

If you guys can hear me, get up here quick.

ZAK: Aaron and I immediately grab gear

and head outside to check the exterior of the door

to make sure no one is out there on the property,

while Nick stays inside the apartment.

Knock on that door, Herb.

We just captured the audio

of the brass door knocker being knocked once.

And when we do a side-by-side comparison

with when I was doing single knocks

with Joe earlier at the apartment,

the audio matches perfectly.

NICK: Yeah?

Oh, my God!

I heard that with my own ears, bro,

and there's something negative up here!

What's your name?

I know you're back there.

Oh, dude, it's [bleep] hitting me.

ZAK: While investigating the apartment

at Fox Hollow Farm,

Nick feels a sudden rush of negative energy.

NICK: And there's something negative up here!

ZAK: I immediately head upstairs

to see if we can uncover the source.

But I'm still not scared.

This is what I do.

Come over here. He's in here.

Right in there.

I went to walk in,

and I could see this dark figure

just standing there staring at me.

ZAK: We can hear it.

I know. He's in here.

Dude, it was so creepy.

[Bleep] walk in there. You'll feel him in there, dude.

And I keep feeling like

my throat is just, like, closing in.

Hold on. Hold on.

Who's in here?

Who are you?

Can you make whatever sound we heard...

about five minutes ago?

[ Oscillating static ]

Who are you?

Herb, are you here? Can you talk to us now?

Oh, dude, it's [bleep] hitting me.

I know you're back there.

ZAK: As we get closer to this back closet,

the air thickens,

and it feels like a charge of static electricity

begins affecting our bodies.

All three of us know we are getting close to something,

and this is exactly when we get

two chilling, intelligent responses.

[ Static continues ]

Why are you in here?

Why are you in here?

Okay. You want me to come in?


Okay. You want me to come in?


ZAK: What's you name?

As we push deeper and deeper into the closet,

once again, the voices go silent

and the air and the environment baselines back to normal.

After feeling this happen immediately following a session

of intelligent communication,

we feel that sharing these tidbits of information

is helping the spirits move on.

NICK: Trying to talk to the victims --

possibly could still be stuck here.

I want them to move on, leave this place,

especially if he's controlling their soul in the afterlife.

I want them to move on to a better place.

I'm hoping that there's somewhere better

that they can go than this place.

We now decide to do a thermal-imaging sweep

of the entire property, including the woods.

NICK: What's over there, moving around?

Yeah, it died off. I feel fine now.

We capture no visual evidence on thermal,

but during our sweep,

Billy heads upstairs to the apartment

to start breaking down the cameras.

Before he does this,

he decides to ask the spirits to manipulate his flashlight

because earlier, when he was setting up,

that is exactly what happened with absolutely no explanation.

I walked up here before I hit "Record."

And I walked up to this camera, and I felt really weird.

And my flashlight, which is super bright right now,

went all the way dim till it went off,

and I had no flashlight.

Do it again.

[ Tap in distance ]

ZAK: It is at this exact moment

that a very strange light anomaly

manifests in the back of the room.

Watch closely as this mist

shoots up the contour of the ceiling,

then seems to glide down the ceiling,

where it runs along the angled section

before disappearing by the cabinet,

right where the previous tenant collapsed on the floor

in a pool of his own blood.

I fell to the ground,

and I wake up in a pool of blood.

We debunked this anomaly as not being a dust particle,

as throughout the entire night,

this high-definition night-vision camcorder

does not capture any dust particles.

Is this visual evidence

of how spirit energy travels quickly back and forth

between our world and theirs?

And is this what charges our environment,

creating what our bodies sense

during spirit transmissions and communications?

The tranquil and serene grounds of Fox Hollow Farm

presents one of the greatest contradictions

between the physical and spiritual world.

The backwoods is a graveyard of unrested souls

whose time on this earth was violently taken from them.

Is the dark energy here actually the spirit

of the alleged serial killer Herb Baumeister,

or does it represent the agony of the suffering spirits

who are trapped here?

With Herb Baumeister's suicide,

any secrets about the alleged murders were taken to his grave.

It's here on these grounds that we looked for answers

to allow these spirits to tell their story

and hopefully give them the closure they need

to peacefully pass on.

The Description of Fox Hollow Farm