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>> Bully: Are you fuckin' listenin' your fucking voice, fucking winner?

>> Antosha: WTF you're so angry? Maybe I want to congratulate you with nice day... But no. Today it's not woman's day!

>> Bully: You're fucking imbecile! I got nothin' to say...

>> Bully: Did you served in the Army to say that today is holiday for you? He's fuckin' congratulates me...

>> Antosha: I belive you can see the imbecile in the mirror, you have no reason to stress! And I will go in the Army in a future.

>> Bully: Please answer me: are you diseased with Cerebral Palsy?

>> Antosha: Wanna play Counter Strike?


>> Antosha: Why are you so rude?

>> Bully: Counter Strike, blyat'!

>> Antosha: Go to... to the dick, jaw the dick! I will Play Counter Strike after that!

>> Bully: Or you will suck my dick, blyat'!

>> Antosha: As I think sucking is your usual activity.

>> Bully: Tell me, my printed cotton friend, where are you from? From Uzbekistan, Tajikistan?

>> Antosha: What... What kind of printed cotton?

>> Bully: I hear your russian is bad. Where are you from? From Uzbekistan, Tajikistan?

>> Antosha: If I'm right, you're ready to go for me to another country...

>> Bully: Are you stupid? I just wanna ask you...

>> Antosha: I'm from a countryside, from a village.

>> Bully: Country!!! What country?!

>> Antosha: The country is Russia, I live in a village. Do you wanna go for me?

>> Bully: Are you stupid? Just because your voice is funny!

>> Antosha: I'm too lazy to come for you, so let's go to my village! We'll talk near the school. I hope you have familiar traumatologist.

>> Bully: How old are you, boy?

>> Antosha: Older than you.

>> Bully: Yeah, it's clear because of your voice! Tell me, what is your nationality?

>> Antosha: Is it important?

>> Bully: No, I'm not a racist...

>> Antosha: I was born in Ukraine.

>> Bully: Oh, you're Hohol. Now all is clear...

>> Antosha: [with angry] what is clear?

>> Bully: I feel sorry for you, guys. You have furious fights there!

>> Antosha: We have Maidan, all the shit! Timashenko is free now, she wants to become a president.

>> Antosha: I'll go to Maidan to bite the police! Viva la rebellion!

>> Bully: Boy, please, stop talkin' bullshit. I ask you!

>> Antosha: What what?

>> Bully: Stop talkin' bullshit!! Who are you goin' to bite? You will be fuckin' bitten and your mom will cry for you, child!

>> Bully: Imbecile, blyat'! Older than me, blyat'! I'm 25, motherfucker!

>> Antosha: What is your age?

>> Bully: 25, imbecile, bitch! I'm from Khabarovsk, Russia, Dalnyi Vostok...

>> Antosha: I'm 37. You're wrong to abuse elders

>> Girl: ...Near the school, he said!

>> Bully: My friend, why near the school if you're 37? Maybe you're a teacher?

>> Antosha: My friends are learn just at that school. We will gather and bite you! I'm their teacher in that school.

>> Bully: A-a-a-a-a-ah, a-a-a-a-ah! And your friends... listen up! Are you friens your classmates?

>> Antosha: Yes, yes, yes!

>> Bully: Your classmates are your friends, aren't they?

>> Bully: Listen up, listen up! You only just fuck yourself. I just catch you on fucking lie. You confirm that yor friends are your classmates.

>> Bully: You said yes, you fucking schoolboy, blyat'!

>> Bully: Before talkin' bullshit you should think about what you goin' to say, blyat'!

>> Bully: You talk bullshit and believe yourself, motherfucker.

>> Player: He just laughs at you. Relax, dude!

>> Antosha: You may not piss boiling water, ha-ha, but it was fucking funny!

>> Bully: Listen up, go eating a fat, you fucked.

>> Antosha: Of course I will eat it today on The Maidan!

>> Bully: Fuck you, freakin' boy, blyat'! Laughs me as a dick.

>> Antosha: Relax! We'll bite sombody here!

>> Bully: OK, OK, let's go!

>> Antosha: Let's go.

>> Bully: Fly up!

>> Antosha: No, I changed my mind.

>> Bully: You're fucking crap!

>> Antosha: I like such kind of game!

>> Bully: What kind of game? To pour your teammates?

>> Antosha: You're not died, are you? How can I pour you?

>> Bully: Listen up, I almost died, understand?

>> Antosha: You're not a toilet paper that I pour into the bowl.

>> Bully: That's a freak, blyad', nothin' to say!

>> Antosha: Crips are biting you, are biting you! What are you waiting for?!

>> Bully: [Some dota slang]

>> Antosha: Come on, let's strike now! Oh, too late, you're fucking slowpoke!

>> Bully: I'm slowpoke... Go to an asshole, fuckin' boy!

>> Antosha: I said again, you're slowpoke. Tap to the base.

>> Bully: What a crap! The team is fucking godlike! Especially he. Schoolboys that wish to fight on The Maidan...

>> Antosha: Especially Antosha, the jewish god. Oh, no, no, no, I'm Hohol, I almost forgot. I'm Hohol, Jesus!

>> Antosha: Gimme some money, please, private.

>> Bully: Antosha, what about your voice?

>> Antosha: What about my voice?

>> Bully: Only dick knows! It looks like you had drinkin' alcohol for a whole life.

>> Antosha: But I'm too little for it!

>> Bully: You also 37, holy crap, wtf?

>> Antosha: Maybe I'm 37 but my soul is young!

>> Bully: That's a fucking crap, blyat'!

>> Antosha: Let's kill him!

>> Fuck off!

>> It'll be great to enable 100 ice! Are you skimping the mana?

>> Bully: Yes, of course! I will start only after 6th level.

>> Antosha: It's clear who of us is a jew. You're almost 6th, I wait a drubbing from you.

>> Bully: Fuck, am I a tank?

>> Antosha: Let's bite the mirana! She's here, bite her, moron, this is she, she is running!

>> Bully: Are you exactly [something]?

>> Bully: [some dota slang], blyat'!

>> Antosha: Holy shit, you're the best player, omg!

>> Bully: Dudes, how to mute this freak?

>> Antosha: That's why we wanna separate from Russia! It's unbearable!

>> Antosha: You can't kill anyway, although you're character is fuckin' easy.

>> Antosha: I'm going to help ZloyNarkoz!

>> Bully: Listen up, fuck your assistance, go fuck yourself, you get me fuck out!!

>> Antosha: He can't cope without me, he needs my assistance.

>> Bully: Shut fucking up! Dudes, how to mute him?

>> Antosha: I know an easy way! Just remove Dota, and I will not disturb you!

>> Bully: It's more easy to destroy your fucking muzzle!

>> Antosha: OK, go to Ukraine, to The Maidan, we'll talk about it.

>> Bully: Or to an dick-fucking-dan, whatever! Come to me and I ride you showing all the landmarks, bitch! You're little faggot!

>> Antosha: You wanna ride me, don't you? It's very good!

>> Bully: I will ride you on my dick!!

>> Antosha: You promote homosexuality, don't you?

>> Bully: I promote you're a fag!!

>> Antosha: I think you need to go to France, such things are legal there.

>> Bully: In fucking France?!

>> Bully: Learn Russian, you're Hohol blyat'!

>> Antosha: You may even ride the french president!

>> Bully: Holy crap, that's a bullshit! That's a moron!

>> Antosha: No. no, my character is the centaur!

>> Bully: Are you imbecile? I said you're talkin' crappy bullshit...

>> Antosha: My character is the centaur!

>> Bully: character is the centaur! That's a imbecile, bitch!

>> Bully: That's fuckin' Down syndrom!

>> Player: I almost cried!

>> Antosha: It's OK, what's wrong with you? Breathe and relax! A some yoga is useful! But maybe it will not help you...

>> Bully: Holy crap. Dudes, no comments! What does yoga?

>> Antosha: [sings] I'm talkin' bullshit in this fuckin' world...

>> Bully: Hooray, blyat'! I found how to mute him!

>> Antosha: My greetings! You thought a lot!

>> Bully: Holy crap, I muted him! I'm fuckin' happy!

>> Player: But why I can't hear him?

>> Bully: Fuck knows, looks like you muted him too.

>> Player: But I didn't want it!

>> Bully: Blyat', thanks to god, I'm fuckin' shocked where we are, pizdets!

>> Player: But why I don't hear him?

>> Antosha: WTF, guys? I still didn't say anything!

>> Player: Oh, he comes back! I enjoy it!

>> Antosha: I don't know... Don't talk with him, he is mentaly disabled.

>> Antosha: I'm afraid he comes to Ukraine to bite me...

>> Bully: Why can I hear him again, mouth-fucking shit?!

>> Antosha: Yes, why can you hear me again?

>> Bully: What a ridickulous, suka blyat'!

>> Antosha: It is terribly! We are together again, my dear friend!

>> Bully: How it's fucking OK. Can't hear him again.

>> Antosha: That's why I am still not talking. This guy just understood that Antosha must be respected!

>> Antosha: Antosha breaks and not such bullies!

>> Bully: I'm fucking shocked!

>> Antosha: You're shocked, aren't you? What's a cock!

>> Antosha: Go to Ukraine, you will get a drubbing from me!

>> Antosha: You will roll on the floor...

>> Bully: Did he just say somethin'? Or what?

>> Antosha: Yes, I did!

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