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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Recette de Quiche lorraine / French Quiche Lorraine - English subtitles - 750g

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Damien and Vincent from the 750 Grammes team.

Vincent will show you how to make a French speciality from Lorraine.

The Quiche Lorraine can be served as a starter or a main course.

This is a healthy and light recipe, perfect for a slimming diet :

1 short crust pastry, 250g/8,8oz of lardons, 50cl/17oz of creme fraiche, salt and pepper, nutmeg, 150g/5,2oz of Gruyère, 3 eggs. All mixed together, delicious and light!

Start by breaking the eggs.

Beat the eggs and season. Add mostly pepper,

you'll find the lardons are already salty.

You can also add grated nutmeg.

Now you can add the lightest ingredient, just a little bit of creme fraiche!

If you are actually looking for a "lighter" quiche, is there anything you can replace the cream with?

Use milk instead, or half milk and half cream.

Line the dish with the pastry and add the lardons.

Spread them all over...

And pour over the mix.

Finish with a generous amount of cheese, covering the surface.

Place in the oven at 180°C/350°F, for 40 minutes.

Little tip, it's best to cook a quiche longer and lower in the oven and the pastry will cook better.

40 minutes later, the quiche is already nicely golden.

A perfect starter or a one course meal.


Ok, it's rich, but creamy and delicious!

Thanks to Vincent and Damien from 750 Grammes and Mobalpa. Director: Philippe Proix

Subtitles: Agathe Fonvieille

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