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Sip and Ship is a gathering place designed to simplify your life. You can

come in and ship a package, drop off an online return, sip a cup of coffee while

you write a note to a loved one or pick up a last-minute party gift. We are a

community hub that is devoted to service rooted in community. Any small business

owner will tell you it's a feat to stay in business. You gain momentum and then

the boulder rolls down the hill and you've got to push the boulder back up

the hill. We were losing the battle and we didn't know if we were gonna make it.

What HomeStreet Bank did for us was help us create a financial dashboard. We

knew where our money was, where it was going, and how we could direct the

business and make smart decisions. So thanks to HomeStreet, here we are

sixteen years later and we're thriving in two communities that we absolutely

adore. That's our goal. We want people to thrive especially people who have that

magic, that chemistry, that dedication to service that is embodied in this

business. I'm typical of HomeStreet Bank branch

managers. That we make every effort to work in the neighborhoods we call

home. It's extremely powerful because we experience the same changes as do our

customers, and we are far better purchased to support them if we are

emotionally invested in what's going on in the neighborhood. Banking and shipping

are generations-old and the common goal that we share is based on service. And I

feel that when I walk into the bank. I feel that when we are in the

drive-through or even online. I feel that they care.

There's a feeling of family between not only the employees and those of us who

work there every single day together but with our clients. As a community bank we

are allowed that attitude of becoming quite genuine. The care that is given at

HomeStreet Bank, we try to do here and I think the name of their their bank is so

true. It feels like home.

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