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Science has always been fascinated by the question...

...what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force


Well I'm Gaurav Kapur and I thought Id find out

By taking my old pal the crazy Danny Morrison

To the chaotic Chandni Chowk

We hear ya!

Let the games begin...

I think we should move back cause everyone has stopped to see us

Slow day, slow day today at Chandni Chowk

Should I go get him in the rickshaw? Oh there he is

Get out!

- Good to see ya - Fucking good to see you

Lets get you miked before you drink your water

I bought my tissue box just in case

Do you need a make up man or a spot-boy or something


Doesnt matter, stop the traffic Stopped already

Doesn't it look like I am taking you to a dark alley to kill you

There is also the odd bike that needs to go

Good day!

- Are all these people with you? - Ya they are brothers

They're all my love children

I have been coming here since late 87

So it's nearly 30 years

All the 20 year old boys here

- Fucking hell. Chop suey - Should we just get out of the way?

You know what to say in Hindi when they want to get ahead

- They say "Excuse me, side please" - Side please

Which is not even Hindi, It's English

But they understand it

- Side please, side please.. - Side please

- Let's go - Let's go

- Side please - Tomatoes

This place is called Parathe Waali Gali

Gali means Gali, small street

You know what Paratha is

-Ya, eating -Paratha

-Bread, bread -The stuff

No bread for me

Like 60 years ago or pre-independence India, like 70 years ago

This thing, entire thing used to be just paratha shops

There was this 80 year old lady who owned... of the last few shops that remained

And she said there were 50 stores here selling the same thing

All the same thing. Just all the bread

And it used to be packed all the time, it was like the center of the city

It was party central and times square All those things put together

Now there's only 3 left

Ok lets teach you. Tell him what this is?

And this?

-Bottle gourd -Bottle gourd

-Bitter gourd -Bitter gourd

I think he wants to buy some of it

-Will you buy Bitter gourd? -No

-This you'll like - Aubergine

You know what it's called in Hindi?

Hindi, Aubergine?

- Baingan - Baingan

Like banging

Banging, you are banging..banging baby..

We are dancing

Thank you. Now let's get some chicken

Look at that

-Oil in oil -Healthy breakfast

You want a Ladoo? Jalebi?

Those are those sweet balls, arent they?

-Sweet balls indeed -I will have sweet testicals

Can I have a Potato & bread please?

-You are doing puri? You will do puri -Ya

I can't do Puri

-So you can't eat any bread? -Wheat. No, wheat and bread no

You can have the sweet ball

Thats you, eh?

-This is -Potato bit of potato


And carrot

Oh fuck it's yummy

Spicy though

Not that much


Just touch it

They're warm

-They're not warm. They are boiling -They come straight out of that

-They love you man, here - Yeah yeah, and I love coming

-If you like what you doing... - And its not even the people youre working with...'s the guys...Its the fans, they love you here

Yeah absolutely and they own the game really and thats what its about too

Understanding that and because of my mothers teachings and she's into Buddha

She has come here and has been to Mysore and other ashrams and...

...gets right into the whole spiritual side for mum

Ive had a taste of all of that with her at home

Friday nights used to call it scarlet knee bands because theyll be on their...

...knees meditating at home and I'll be shagging girlfriends downstairs...

...partying, more mellow. But I get all that and I love this

Because you know the whole thing about the game...

...there's no greater passion than here

And then you have this thing called IPL fucking explode

How grateful are lot of us

That are from such another generation. I played like 25 years ago.

But you are able to create an income through game still like this and have fun

And for me to go into like a different genre, its almost like acting

And you just have a fucking ball

And I can just carve it up and be crazy and dress up with you

I tend to now get a little pigeon holed to the high end, high octane madness

And thats me and I'm not going to change that really cause I love what I do

When I was in Chittagong with the ICC "Welcome back to the Gong! I love it here!"

And calling it the Gong rather than "Welcome back to Chittagong"

Well you know, boring

And this embraces the youth culture. T20 is about the bigger thing

I am what I am and and my sons a crazy... Theyre more serious then I because...

...theyre going through adolescence and Its a bit serious and I'm cool...

...and all that sort of stuff and labeled stuff

Whereas I'm still a bit out there they go "Dad, nutter, idiot"

The wife really is the disciplinarian

I was telling somebody the other day I said

Hell be tired and well be shooting 12 hours suddenly go "But Danny... to love the fact that there is air conditioning"

And Danny will suddenly go "Gotta love the air conditioning"

-You do -He just suddenly perks up

You have to give yourself an upper cut

Cause suddenly "Oh were gonna come back from an ad now"

And everyones like uhh... "Fucking smoke it!"

You've got to

Mate I'm always the cheeky wild side and my father was like that

Even though he was around till I was 7 and he is just written off now

He just turned 71 yesterday, April 4th. Massive fool and just nuts

And he's in the hospital with tubes up here and had hernia and part of his belt...

...collapsed and cancerous and they cut out some cancer and because he was...

...a 30 a day man for years

So his lungs are now 25%...

So he may come out of the hospital but he may get through another fucking collapse and...

So anyway long story short I come from that gene pool so thats a bit crazy

I get told off at times, "Dan, really I mean role modelling, I mean really?"

So then it's fine that I get told off at home as well

Oh you will but thats the beauty and saying you have never change that

Because others are saying, dont change that thing

Lifes too short, to not laugh and if youve gone a bit over the line

Then fuck...

Sorry recording "Id say, screw it" because youve gotta laugh you know

-So this is the sweet no? - So that's the sweet, that's...

- I'll have a little bit - Gramflour

Say its the flour, not gonna eat the flour mate

No its not the flour. Its chickpea, its lentil

I dont know how to explain Gramflour

Youve got to try a bite of potato though cause its...

I do like potato but...

So good

- Don't be brave - Ill go straight into the potato

Is it really fiery for you?

- No. I mean, I have that with masala dosa - Ah, there you go

So I'll have a masala dosa in the morning and I see Wilkins and them go

"Aaah cant eat that, Danny what are you eating that stuff for?"

"Well we are in India, embrace it"

I've also noticed one thing about you

-I'm sweating. Am I not? -Yeah, yeah they will do that to you

-That will do that -But it's good to clear the sinus too

I'm breathing cleaner which may not be a good thing in this place

You might smell a few more things but it is a polluted city they talk about

You've just got so many people

Then again hopefully you say man will get his shit together...

...about polluting the environment because of the oil thing being scaled back...

...because of using electricity

What does to something else because that will fuck the environment somewhere...

- else down the track - Of course it will

- Just has to - Thats all we keep doing

Weve got 7 billion, wait till you get 10 billion on the planet

-Its gonna be scary -Give China and India another week

- I'm going to ask you a trivia question -Yeah

-Chetan Sharma got his hat-trick against India in the World cup

-Against New Zealand -At Nagpur In my debut

- Yeah - Yeah spooky

- Who were the three he got out? - Now thats tough thats tough

-I got you with the upper cut -Yeah, let's have a look

The last one was Ewen Chatfield because Jeff Crowe told Willy Watson and I...

"You two get stuffed, you are 10 and 11, Chats you go at 9"

-And normally Chats would bat at 11

So even us young guns go "No, No..."

-So Chats was number 3, was it Ian Smith? -I've got him

Was Ian Smith involved in?

Are you answering my question with a question?

Yeah, so that's rhetorical

Maybe Deepak

-I remember Smithy, Deepak and Chats -Youve got 2 out of 3

"Aint bad..." bit of Meatloaf, "2 out of 3 aint bad"

-So 2 out of 3 -Okay let me give you...

-Oh no Rutherford was Kenny in it -Kenny is in it

Oh, Kenny! Kenny you dog!

-Yeah, yeah we hear ya!

-Keep moving -Getting out of control

I'm gonna get you a 5 minute head massage from this guy

-Oh so this is the head massage place -Will give you a nice head massage

-Lets go..Ohh f@#$&* -Drop the ball

-Lets get in here, lets film all this -I was going to fall into that

-Do it without oil -Want to shave?

-No dont shave, just massage -Just head, just head

He was asking, "If you want shave" I said, "No"

-Should I put oil? -No oil or we wont be able to shoot later

Hes had his hands up his ass too. Just been clearing his sphincter

There is a few Indians here just to stop and carry on

Should we sell you like a tour attraction for...

...ten bucks they click a picture with you

Ten rupees one photo, ten rupees one photo

So good!

Rip it up

He's rubbed my head so hard he's rubbed my hair off. What the hell!


Danger man he is

-Danny Dengzopa, Dengzoppa the actor -Yeah, Danny Dengzopa

This is what they do in Mumbai in the brothels. Stop it

Kill ya

Thank you brother. Let me give him a tip

-I'll get it -No, no I've got it

See that guy is going to crash into something, isnt he?


- This is why I wanted to bring you here - Look at the monkey, the cheeky monkey

- Do you want to take one back with you? - I'll take myself. I've got my son.

Ok we're off, eh?

-Come on, come on

-Come on, come on

So, the reason I got you here to show you my old hometown...

... is so that you invite me to see yours down in New Zealand

- Oh! you'll love it - I'll love it

Come to Middle Earth, Middle Earth, Hobbits, youd love us hobbits

I'm Gandalf, put on a white beard with a little stick saying, "Follow me, follow me"

Gandalf we'll...

All the sheep coming after me

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