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Welcome back to part 11

In this group I have Kristoff



And a few Disney princesses

Thrift Shop Dolls Part 11

Disney Dolls, Megara, Hercules, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Belle

Alright! Let's make some room and open them up!

First bag is Anna and Elsa

I have a few Anna dolls already. But not this one

This Anna has green legs

Cute smile

There's no articulation in the arms

Can't even bend the legs

The hair has come undone

Let's get a close up

I believe this is the Anna from Frozen Fever

Original braid here

The bun has come undone

But the ribbon is still attached

Let's have a look

I think this is attached to her head

Love her expression

Okay. You sit down here

Elsa next

I had to have her because of her dress

This is her coronation dress

It's so beautiful!

I love it!

There's no articulation in her arms

Let's see her legs

Her legs don't bend at all

No articulation

Her hair is messy but still good

The dress is in great condition

It just needs to be washed

Let's get a close up!

I'm not a fan of the overly big eyes

but she's still beautiful

Her hair can be restyled

Love her smile and love the colour of her lips

Sit beside your sister!

I have another Anna

I got her because she's wearing her coronation dress

And she goes with the Coronation Elsa

Oh it's beautiful! I love it!

No articulation in the arms or legs

The don't bend at all

Dress is in good shape

Needs to be washed like Elsa's

Love her little sleeves

I really like her eyes

They're a more realistic size

Really cute

Her hair needs restyling

Love her smile

Cute freckles

Let's have a look at the two Annas together

Wow! A lot of cuteness going on here

Different shape face

Different skin tone

This one has green eyes and this one has blue eyes

Both really cute

Sit beside your sister Elsa

Okay. Next I have Elsa and Belle

Let's look at Elsa first

This Elsa is from Frozen Fever

just like the first Anna doll

She looks different from the other Elsa dolls I have

I don't know what she's wearing

It's got stickers all over it

No articulation in the arms

The legs don't bend at all

I have no idea what's she wearing

This outfit, what is it?

Is it suppose to be like this?

Is it a nightie?

I don't know

Let's get a close up


Love the eyes and the eyelashes

And the reddish lips

Let's have a look at the two Elsas together

So what do you think?

Different shape face

Different eyes and eyebrows

Hairline is different too

Both beautiful dolls

Okay. Sit beside Anna

Next is Belle

I have a lot of Belle dolls already

She's one of the most beautiful dolls

You can never have too many Belle dolls

This one, no articulation in the arms

The legs bend though so that's good

Look at this face!

So beautiful

I don't mind having more Belle dolls because

I can fix them up and give them away as gifts

Ugh! Her hair! It's so matted

Oh and it's sticky. Ooo. Yay

She'll need a hair repair for sure

Sit beside your buddy Elsa

In this bag is Megara and a Barbie

Megara first


This Megara is amazing!

It's really really hard to find a Megara

She has the old Barbie body

And it's got this weird pinkish colour to it

Arms. No articulation

The legs can bend. That's good

This small waist,

That's how you can tell it's the old Barbie body

I could maybe switch the body

Look at this hair! There's so much!

And it's a mess!

That's okay because I'm really happy to have her

It's so hard to find a Megara

Look how beautiful

She looks very much like she does in the movie

The style that she was drawn is beautifully duplicated

The eyes, the eyebrows, the smile


This hair will be a challenge to repair

and put back to it's original look

Sit beside Belle

This next one

She's not a Disney princess. She's a Barbie

But I'm happy to have her. Because she's beautiful

No articulation in the arms

The legs bend

Let's get a close up

I don't know which Barbie this is

So if you know her name,

let me know in the comment section

Beautiful face

Love the eyes

Very happy expression

I'll sit her at the end. Right here

Because I'm saving this spot for Hercules

Next is Hercules!

Like Megara, this doll is really hard to find too

Oh my gosh!

Look at them muscles


Elbows bend! Yay!

Knees bend! Awesome!

Shoes are missing. But I bet I could make them

They're like gladiator sandals. Right?

Ooo that's Pegasus painted on his skirt

The arms are hard to move

Let's have a look at this back

Oh lightening bolt!

Uh oh! This looks a bit worn out


Oh look! Here's another one

Don't know what that is

Alright. Let's get a close up

Like Megara, he looks very much like he does in the movie

The chin, the curled lips, the nose

Very movie accurate

Look at the hair!

and his ears!

Very well done!

It's how they drew him


Bends at the waist! Yay!

Sit beside Megara

This Megara is next

Let me explain this one

When I found her at the thrift shop

it was just her head

Yes. Head and no body

So I put her head on this Barbie's body

The awesome thing about this body is

It has this lever here

So when you put her arm up like this

I could make her wave

Like she's saying Hi!

Of patting some kid on the head

Yeah. It's so fun. Right?


She could do her hair

So many possibilities!

Look at this hair!

There's so much!

And it's a matted mess!

Like I said

She's really hard to find so if you find a Megara

Get it!

Even if it's just the head

Look at this face!

So movie accurate

She's beautiful!

Let's have a look at both Megaras together

Move over and make room for Megara number one

Look at this!

Different expression

On has a smile that shows teeth

Eyes and eyebrows are slightly different

They will look amazing after their makeovers

Sit you beside Hercules

Last doll is Kristoff

He's not in a bag because I got him at the Salvation Army Thrift Store

And they don't bag their dolls

He's missing a few things

but he has his boots

And his tunic

Velcro here

So you can take it off

His boots can come off

But his pants don't come off

They're moulded on

And his top too

Alright. Let's get a close up

He's very very cute

Love his big smile

and his nose

His hat is missing

but I can make him another one

I think he and Hercules can be buddies

You can sit beside Megara

Here are all the dolls from this group

Which one is your favourite?

Post your answer in the comment section

Thanks for watching and see you again soon!

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