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well I have to say that Google has made myfavorite chair even more comfortable

I justlove smart home technology and using the Google Assistant that's built into

a lot of the Google Nest devices like the Google Nest Audio here

Ican use all sorts of voice commands to controlthe different devices in my home

and that's aquestion I get a lot I've got one of these deviceswhat can I do

well I'll show you some of them I want to watch one of my favorite shows but

Iwant to get things a little comfy first hey Googlecan you set

the temperature in the family room to23.

family room temperatures set to 23.

perfect now I don't have to get up hey Google can you turn

the family room lights off okay turning two lightsoff

and now what should I watch I know hey Google

play Stranger Things on Netflix all right strangerthings from Netflix playing on family room roku

I love this you can basically ask at any of yourfavorite shows on

Netflix and it will play it foryou on your smart tv and when

I'm done and want tomove on to other things I can use it

to turn offthe TV hey Google can you turn off the family roomTV

all right turning off the family room roku wellI'm gonna get up and

go to the kitchen but before that I got a vacuum well I don't

have to do that anymore manually I've got a robot vacuum a Roomba

hey Google can you get Roomba to vacuum

got it

okay let's go to the kitchen and see about brunch

so one thing I love about smart home technology issometimes it can make

me even look smarter so I'm trying to up my brunch game which typically

forme is uh cereal and milk not always popular withthe family so

trying to get a little fancierhey Google show me how to make eggs benedict

here are some recipes I found

so I'm goingto go in here I'm going to select this one

it tells me step by step how to make everythinghere and what about

a nice mimosa hey Google showme some videos on how to make a nice mimosa

all right showing on how to make a nicemimosa videos

it'll actually go to YouTubeand find all the video recipes that I want

and probably the favorite thing for me withthe Google Assistant is setting timers

hey Google set a timer for four minutes for the eggs

sure a four-minute timer called eggs starting now

what about the sauce hey Google set an eight-minute timer for the sauce

second timer sauce for eight minutes starting nowbefore I always had to find

the stupid timer onthe the oven or the microwave and honestly I could

never find it or make it work properly now I can just use my

voice and I can keep adding timers to this which is all kinds of

awesome andit's got a broadcast feature so if I've got a fewGoogle

Homes throughout the house I can also telleveryone that brunch is ready

hey Google broadcastwhat's the message brunch is ready come on down

okay broadcasting now well uh before I evenget started on brunch I am

going to go and doa little bit of shopping I got to get

allthe the eggs and what have you but maybe make a few pit stops

along the wayhey Google where's the nearest Home Depot

I found a few The Home Depot locations near youlove it so I

get all of these and get directionsalso gives me the store hours as well

I betterget to it

hey Google close the garage door

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