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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Special Education Funk | Special Education Parenting Tips

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- For those who have never experienced

the debilitating reality of special education life,

you truly don't understand.

The public face of special education

is one of hope, ambition, positive outlooks

and perseverance.

However, behind the scenes

it's far too often much different.

The struggle of families going through this journey

is almost always filled with isolation.

At first, friends that you have counted

on are there for support, but after many truthful,

shoulder lifting, stress relieving emotional spews

of reality, many of those friends disappear.

They don't agree with how you're handling the situation.

They don't understand why you aren't taking their advice.

If they were in that situation, they'd just grin

and bear it as it will pass.

But as the months wear on, nothing passes.

It simply evolves.

And there you are, stressed, lonely, zero free time

to yourself and every single little thing you talk

about or do involves your child.

So what can be done.

How can a parent pull themselves

out of the depths of despair?

I have touched on this topic many times because I too

live this life.

As we grapple with how to help our son,

the rest of us including my wife and our daughter,

try to hold it all together.

Knowing deep down we are not alone and this too shall pass.

Today, we will talk about the three ways

we personally have been able to navigate

the challenges of having a behavior prone

physically aggressive, attention-seeking,

non-sleeping, lovable and adorable son

with both autism and muscular dystrophy

as part of our family.

Welcome to this episode

of Special Education Tips for Parents.

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Before we dive into the three specific ways

we have been able to navigate this tough journey,

I'm hoping you can help.

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Thank you so much.

Let's jump right in.

The number one way we have been able

to personally navigate this journey effectively

to this point is communication.

It's a fact that too many families

have broken apart due to stress.

Communicating your true feelings

will ultimately ensure that both parents

are on the same page at all times.

It's vital to also communicate effectively with siblings.

Do not leave them out.

Next on our list of challenge crushing strategies

of breaking out of the special education funk

is self-care.

First, shower, don't let yourself go.

It's easier sometimes to just stay in your PJs,

but that will only strengthen

the negative feelings you have.

Second, fill your bucket

with activities or hobbies you enjoy.

We are human, we need to have fun to get through

the toughest parts of this journey.

Lastly, seek professionals to assist you if needed.

This could be utilizing a respite service

for some much needed time away.

Or counselors that you can just unload upon

or even hiring a cleaning person

to take that off your plate.

Tip number three is to keep trying.

To never give up.

Always ask questions of those that have been

in your stage of the journey.

They're out there and they've learned through experience.

Also, try something new if what you're doing isn't working.

Don't do the same thing over and over again

while expecting different results.

That leads to insanity.

Lastly, plan activities that the whole family will enjoy.

This is tough, I know.

But for us it's as simple as a family outing

to a restaurant at this stage in our journey.

Now I'm gonna add one more thing in here

that's truly life-changing while you're in the moment,

especially during meltdowns.

Take a break.

Just walk away.

Go to a different room or outside for five minutes.

Decompress, breathe, relax, then calmly try again.

Look, I know this is not easy.

I know it seems like it will never improve.

We are at an early stage of our journey since

our son is only five.

However, I have the unique opportunity

to chat with parents every single day

about their journey, about their experiences

and one thing I've come to realize

is the saying this too shall pass is true.

It will be different, it will still be challenging.

But in the end, raising a difficult child

into a successful adult will be a defining moment for you.

Part of your legacy.

And one day at some point your child will thank you

for the sacrifices you've made,

making it all worth it.

From our family at,

just know that you are not alone.

You've got this.

If there are any tips that have worked

for you in your journey, please share

them in the comments.

We'll catch you in the next episode.


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