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Previously on "Braxton Family Values"...

Well, why don't you ask him to come to the show in L.A.?

You got to tell everybody.

You to call Traci and them,

send a text and say, "Come to my show."

I don't want no (bleep) now.

You know, I'm (bleep) freaking sick of (bleep).

I've spoken to everybody except for Tamar.

Same here.


You know, I said to myself,

"Maybe she waiting for me to call her."

She'll call when she's ready.

Why don't you run up the troops

so y'all can come see my show with Snoop?

You want me to run up the troops?

For what?

Snoop hasn't met everyone yet,

and he wants to meet everyone in the family.

Well, I'll make sure everybody comes.

-Thank you very much. -Hey, how are you? Trina.

What's up, sis? How you doing?

And that's your sister Traci.

What's up, Traci? How you doing, baby?

It felt so amazing to have all of my family

come backstage to meet with Snoop and I before the play.

It just set the tone of a great show.

Hey, hey, Toni.

Why is Toni Braxton running out of here?

Let's go.

My nerves are completely shot.

We are the Braxtons

And you'll see that

We are not like

An ordinary family

Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, Tamar, and Ms. E

Will teach you a thing or two

On "Braxton Family Values" ♪


Living like superstars

Shawties everywhere

They looking good and they know who we are

-Hey! -What up?


[All cheer]

It meant so much to me that my family

was able to make it to the show.

I had my doubts at first,

but I know I would've regretted it

if I didn't ask them to come.

Now that we finally have some time

to celebrate as sisters again,

Toni just up and ran out, and nobody knows why.

I'm super sad that she's not here,

but that Toni Braxton for you.

She's booked.



It's been a while, you know,

since our family was all together around a table,

and the last time we were together, it was with Iyanla,

and we all know how that ended up, okay?

Well, Logan was hilarious.

Evelyn: Yes, he was.

Hey, Mommy, why don't you tell Tamar how bad her son curses?


Mommy, tell them about the jacket.

You have to tell Tamar about the jacket.

He cussed today?

Listen to what he said.

We were downstairs...

In the lobby of the hotel. the lobby.

He said, "I'm so tired of this F'ing jacket."

This F'ing jacket.

Logan cusses [Speaks indistinctly]

Evelyn: Yes, he did.

I don't know where he gets that.

That's not my words.

Oh, Jesus.


He got that F off of Netflix.


Sounds logical to me.


Traci: You know, sometimes it takes a few laughs

to get the family right back on track again.

It also helps when you have a cocktail or two,

5, 12,

the whole bottle.

So did you guys like the play?

-Mm-hmm, it was good. -Oh, my goodness.

It was a good story of redemption, yeah?


I was like, "Yes, Snoop, get a high five, kudos."

He's a nice guy.

-Who you calling? Toni? -Toni.

Hey, Tone. We have an empty seat here for you, so, um...

Pour a little out for the homies that can't be here,

for whatever reason.

Toni: All my jewelry left on the plane.

-What? Ooh! -My engagement ring.

After the play, Toni could not make it to dinner.

"Why?" do you ask?

Because she had to go and locate millions of dollars in jewelry

that she left on a plane.

She's got an engagement ring, diamonds and pearls.

Unh-unh, see, Umba ain't got time for that.

I work hard for the money.

-Wow. -You got it back?



Traci: Toni's always losing (bleep), okay?

You understand I'm saying?

If she could lose her babies or her chillins, she would.

Well, let's just speak it into existence, that it's there.

Toni: Yeah, yes.

All right, Toni. We'll call you later.

Toni has a lot of expensive things in her train case,

you know, like her, ahem, engagement ring, ahem,

her watches, her bracelets, ahem, ahem.

I would wear mine every day, all day,

even if I swelled up on the plane.

I may even put it in my hoo-ha or something.

What is up with this fly that's landing on everybody's heads?

They got more flies in here than...

Babies in Africa.

...then they do in Africa.

That's absolutely true.

I want to go to Africa.


Listen, I'm not going to Africa just because

Tamar decided she finally wants to date a Nigerian man.

Yes, Tamar.

Can somebody pick me?

Okay, again?


I did the DNA test, and we actually have

a substantial amount of Nigerian blood.

Tamar, you're the only one at the table

who has Nigerian in them.


So let's go to the Caribbean and do nothing.

I didn't say that.

Now is not the time for a trip to Nigeria.

We just got together after a rocky few months.

So, you know, the last thing

that our family need is to be tested

and to be stuck in the deepest, darkest parts of Africa.

I'm really, really, really glad you guys was able

to come see my play.

We got to do a toast to sisterhood and motherhood.


Cheers, guys.

I love you guys so much.



Toni: Comin' on in, knock, knock, knock.

[Knock on door]

Tamar: Hi.

Mwah. Okay, welcome to Barneys.

Toni: Tamar tells me, "Come to my apartment.

Don't come to that one. Come to the one next door."

She has this entire condo just to house her clothes.

It's a store.

It should be called an apartment store.

What's going on?

Well, nothing, nothing's going on.

Look, I know you're putting your purse on the floor.

It doesn't matter. You have all these purses.

Look at it. This is Barneys.

We don't put --

Is this the perfume aisle?

You bought a unit to pack your clothes, for a closet?

No, no, I -- Well, it's not -- See, you know,

I had a really, really, really big closet at the house.

I know. I know.

And when I moved,

I knew that we was not gonna be able to fit everything

in that teeny-weeny apartment next door, so...

You couldn't just put it in storage?

The question is, so what I 'posed to do?

Go downstairs, get in my car in a robe,

and go to my storage unit in the dark?

That's not logical.

That's true, but it -- it's a department store.

It's like a boutique.

But we in the kitchen.

I want you to -- See the refrigerator?

We in the kitchen.

She has completely transformed the kitchen

into an accessory department.

I promise you, it's accessories. It's bangles.

It's bracelets in the kitchen, and --

and she's a borderline hoarder.

Can we focus? She's a hoarder.

Who knew? She's a hoarder.

Chanel-ly, oh, I love her.

You can put her back. They don't like visitors.

Thank you.

I'm not gon' borrow that.

No, you're not.

I'm not.

You're not borrowing none of 'em.

Oh, I remember this one. Oh, my God.

Nope, that got separation anxiety.



Oh, ooh, purse department,

maybe this isn't as bad as I thought

'cause she has that new Chanel and that new Louis collection.

Tamar: How you get past me?

You ain't think that through, did you?

I was --

Y-You didn't think it through.

Can I just borrow the purse?


Thank you.

So Toni Braxton cannot be running off with my bags.

They're like my children,

and they can't be taken away from they mama too long.

My babies need me.

We have memories,

like when I bought 'em at the store,

where I was a certain night and what I had on,

and we go through things together.

Thanks for coming to my play.

I really appreciate it.

Of course.

Although you had lost your jewelry.

What happened?

I know. I had to leave early.

I'm sorry.

You find it?

You know what?

They still haven't found it. I was there for two hours.

That's when I called you.

They found the train case.

The train case was just taken, though.

They sent it to the big national place

where all the luggage goes to in Alabama or something,

and that's all I know.

I got to just wait.

I really don't know the whereabouts of my jewelry

or, more importantly, my engagement ring.

I -- I mean, I think they may have found it,

but I just won't know until it's, like,

back into my hands again,

holding it again, but until then,

I'm just gonna put it all in God's hands,

and I'm optimistic that we'll find it.

You know what happened?

I get anxiety when the plane lands,

when you getting off the flight

because I feel like everybody's like this.

They all like -- And I'm like --

Oh, this is you.

I'm Tamar.

Ah, Mommy.

Yep, what?

I don't even act like that.

I don't even act like that.

Yeah, it's from Chicago.

This is super cute.

I love it.

Can I have it?

No, you can't.

Why you want my face for?

So --

Talk to me. Ooh, it's Trina's birthday.

It is Trina's birthday. I was gonna say,

"What y'all doing for y'all sister birthday?"

I don't know. I think we should just

fly everybody in and just -- We could cook.

No? Pajama?

But wait a minute, didn't I hear --

No, I ain't even gonna lie.


I ain't hear nothing.

I'm just gonna tell you what I know.

I had looked on Instagram, Toni, and Trina hath said,

"This is my stepson, and whatever his --" Trina married.


Trina done jumped the broom.

Her stepson?

Trina had eloped-ed.


Yes, she did.

I don't believe that.

Yes, she did.

Trina's so Disney.

Why is you on the 'gram calling somebody your stepson,

and you ain't married to they father?

So it's really important to me that we throw Trina

a big party this year.

Like, we all just reconnected,

and it's just really important that we heal the sisterly bond.

You know what I'm saying?

And most importantly, I need to know if she went off

and eloped with her boo.

I'm just saying I sense that, you know,

she up and did that thing, and, you know,

I got a special eye for things like that.

Let me show you.

"Happy 22nd birthday to my stepson."

All right.


Come here. Come here.


Why are you whispering?

We don't want nobody else to hear, you know what I mean?

The shoes to hear or the purses,

they gonna go run and tell her?

Tamar is cuckoo, okay? She's nuts.

She's really convinced that B and I

are married, and now Trina.

And who's next, Towanda, Mommy?

I don't think they're married. I just -- I don't believe it.

One out of my closet or one out of yours.





That's a bet.

Of my choice.

Of your choice, my choice, done.


Pew, thank you, goodbye.



Well, you realize I didn't bring my purse

'cause I'm not paying.

Y'all do this to me every time.

I'm not doing it.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, Miss E.

Hey, guys.

Hey, Everlasting.

Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah.

So what's going on, guys?

No, I can't.

Oh, nothing.


Hey, Towatha, I see a ring on that ring finger.

Trin, this is a ring that I like from Tiffany

that he bought me that I like.

Wait, wait, it was a ring from Tiffany

that he bought you, that you like, from Tiffany

because, you know, it's -- it's not necessarily standard anymore

for things to be a diamond. Let me see the ring.

Let me see your hand.

Thank you.

Ah, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

Let me see. Let me see. Let me see.

Jesus, Jesus.

And then he bought this for you.

Let me see.

Mommy, Trina's hurting my hand.

Well, good, I'm s'posed to.

Oh, she's hurting me. Jesus.

It's on a very significant finger.

Jesus, Jesus.

What does it mean, Umbs?

What does this --

Oh, what does this mean on the ring finger, Towams?

What does it mean? It's beautiful, too.

Why are you touching it with your finger?

'Cause it's beautiful.

Why you putting all your sweat on it?

I'm so God doggone sick and tired

of Secret Squirrel Towanda and her kind of sort of secret man.

They been dating, what, a year?

So -- So why not let us in on what's going on? That's dumb.

How's Von?

He's amazing.

You guys been dating for a long time.

I met his ex-wife.

Evelyn: Really?

You didn't tell me that.

Well, how was that?


Coming up on "Braxton Family Values"...

Tonight is date night with my man,

and usually we like to keep our relationship

out of the public eye, but tonight, honey,

I feel like going public with this romantic situation.

So tomorrow, my mother's got to sign off on it.

Sign off on what?


Guess what.

What? You're pregnant.


[Gasps] What?

Towanda: How's Von?

I met his ex-wife.

Evelyn: Really?

You didn't tell me that.


I bet she's nice.

We had lunch.

Trina, incredible.

We did.

We did.

Well, how was that?

We are...


...a blended family.

That's very mature.


So I'm going to St. Louis,

and I'm gonna meet his mom and his aunties.

Oh, my God.


Oh, wow, here is to Trina.

Oh, my God.

He's serious.


He's very serious.


Von is a nice guy.

He is a great guy.

I didn't kiss a whole bunch of frogs, but all the ones

that I kissed have been pretty much frogs, yeah.

You found a prince.

I found a prince.

Look at God.

He actually wants to meet Gabe.

He does?



Well, because he wants to meet the -- the man

who raised Eric and Caleb.

He respects Gabe because he said that it takes a lot

for a man to take on the responsibility...

Of another man.

...of someone else's children.

See, that's beautiful.

Wow, they're really getting serious.

I think wedding bells might be coming soon.



I just think that it's time

for Mommy to be set up for another date.

Yeah, it's been a long time.


It's been like two decades.

Mommy, are you ready for that, though?

I don't want no 12-year-old boy.

Hold on, time out.


Before I go any further, how old are you?


Towanda is playing a joke on me.

That was not my fault.

It was --

He was 20 years old, Towanda.

Hold on, that was not my fault.


Mommy, what's the youngest you would date?

Now -- Now that I know that I know that I know,

what's the youngest?

Probably about 60, 61.

Good. Okay, toast to Mommy dating.

Yes. Got to be tall.

Mommy, it's between 60 and 71.

I don't know how many that still tall.

They might be shrinking, but they used to be tall.

That's all I'm saying.

To Mommy finding a date.



All: To osteoporosis.



-Well, hi. -Hey, Trini.

You're looking super cute.

You got a glow.

You know, them old marriage glow

about you?


Look, I know Trina Braxton eloped,

and I have to find out one way or the other.

Hey, guys. Welcome to the Blending Lab.

-How are you doing? -Hello.

How are you guys doing today?

-Good. -Good.

You guys ready to blend some wine?

-Yes. -Mm-hmm.

Towanda: The other night, we saw Tamar's play,

and it was great to be together again,

I have to admit, but we didn't have enough bonding time.

So I just thought it would be good for us

to get together for a wine-tasting.

You know, just as sisters 'cause Lord knows Trina,

she love herself some wine.

So, what you have in front of you are three wines.

You're gonna blend them together,

the idea being that you're gonna make a bottle of wine

that's perfect for your specific palate.

So what we're gonna do here is taste through all three,

and then you're gonna decide which one is your favorite,

and as you're tasting through these three wines,

what I want you to do is think about how they're all different,

and what specific parts you like about each of the wines

so you can play to their strengths and weaknesses.


I don't like wine.

I used to think people who drink wine judge people.

You know, like, like, uppity, you know what I'm saying?

I'm more of like a vodka girl, you know,

and if this was like a vodka tasting, child.



We isolated that -- that sort of cranberry note,

a little bit of smoke.


Did you go through all three?

Is it 'posed to taste like vinegar?



Blah, I tried.

I really did, but I need to go to the bar

and get me some vodka so I can wash this wine down.

I'ma taste my blend.

Here, you want to taste mine?



What is your favorite wine?

The Trénel.

Pour that in your cup.

Trust me, you gonna need it.


Oh, okay, I got --



Because guess what.

What? You're pregnant.

What, what, what?

If I'm pregnant, get on your knees and get 'em ashy

'cause it's the second coming of Christ.

Ya know what I mean?

Well, yesterday, after we was leaving...



...the hotel...



...we are getting in the car,

and guess who's getting out of their car.





Wait, wait, wait.

Yes, yes.

I had to go and take a melatonin last night.

I bet you did.

Where, though?

I said, "Baby, the way that my stress level is right now,

for the holy ghost"...

Tell us, tell us the tea.

So he walked up to him.

He was like, "How you doing? Good to meet you."

I was like, "Well, hi, Vince."

And Vince did --


And Vince did what?

"Good to meet you."


And then, what you'd do?

And then I hugged him 'cause I ain't know --

You hugged him, too?

He opened the door. I didn't know what to do.

Hearing Tamar's story about her boo

and her ex-husband meeting face-to-face

actually puts me at ease.

Quite honestly,

I've been just a little nervous for Von and Gabe

to meet in the near future, but they're both easygoing.

But if Vince and David can be civil with each other,

there is no doubt in my mind

that Von and Gabe can get along, too.

Has he moved on?


Logan tells everything.

Yes, he does.

But he's supposed to.



Evelyn: Hello?

Hey, Mommy.

You know what? I was calling you because

I am getting a kind of special award,

like a lady-hood, a ladyship.

Is that what it's called? It's a long title.

It's actually called the Royal Order of

Constantine the Great and Helen.


Toni: I'm being honored for my work

I've done with autism and Lupus Foundation,

and it makes me feel good that I'm reaching people

and they're understanding, and this title will enable me

to just talk about it more and educate people

about lupus and autism.

It's a great thing for me and my family.

I'm excited. So I'll be Lady Toni.


Thanks, Mom. I'm excited.

I'm excited.


Well, don't cry, Ma. You have to come with me.


I want Mommy to come with me because she understands

how serious this honor is to me,

and if I brought my sisters, they'd clown.

They crazy, and I'd have to have them beheaded

because I'm a lady.

They told me that there is a dress code, though.

I can't wear anything revealing.


And it can't be too tight.


I'ma wear something that resembles a box,

but it's gonna be pretty.

Okay, just for the record,

I do own clothes that are conservative, okay,

and definitely ladylike, old-school style, I think.

I have to tell the girls. I'll tell them later.


Ma, don't be crying, Ma, don't be crying, geez.



Man, it's getting chilly.

It is.

I'm just excited to be here in your town.

Yeah, we're gonna have fun.

Yeah, yeah?

It's a good restaurant, too.

Is it?

You're gonna love it. Yes, ma'am.

You know I love seafood.

I know.

Von invited me to St. Louis,

and I'm going to meet his mother,

but for now, we're gonna go out for a nice dinner

and spend some time together in his city.

Can we start with a half a dozen Kumamotos?

Half a dozen Kumamoto oysters, we'll get those started for ya.

Thank you so much.

You're very welcome.

So how many other women have you brought here?


Okay, sounds good.

I've only been here with my friends.

I like it already.

Anyway, so tomorrow, you're gonna meet

my mom and Aunt Sylvia.

My mother's got to sign off on it.

Sign off on what?



And she will.

She's gonna love you, but it's a formality.

I would not expect you to be nervous,

but are you nervous to meet my family?


I mean, I'm more nervous about meeting your mom

than I was about meeting your ex-wife, you know?

Yeah, but you guys got along all right.

We got along. She was nice. She was super nice.

Just trust me.

I'm gonna -- I'm gonna use a Trina word

and say that it's very nervous-ing because --

Okay, that not a word.

It's a Trina word.

It's a Trina word.

That's not a word.

Let me use my Trina-ism.

Do your thing.

It's not a word.

Because, like, as a man,

w-- aren't you gonna feel nervous meeting my dad?

No, I can't wait to meet that dude.

Are you serious?

Yeah, I have a ton of questions for him.

For my dad?


You want to meet my dad?



Yeah, oh, yeah.

This whole situation is very nervous-ing to me,

you know, because I'm gonna meet his family.

I'm gonna meet his mom, you know,

and to me, that's a big thing.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned because most people don't care

about that anymore, but I super do.

Okay, I have to -- I have to say something.


I drink wine.

So do they.

Oh, they drink? Okay, so --

Matter of fact, we should probably bring some.

Bring a bottle of wine?

More than one. Y'all will go through one.

My kind of people, yes.


That makes me feel a little bit better.


Coming up on "Braxton Family Values"...

So you've been married before?

Yes, ma'am, twice.






Lagos: How you doing?

I'm good.

How are you?


I'm so happy with my new boyfriend, whose name is Lagos.

I don't want to say his name, though,

because I'm not ready to share him with the world yet.

What you doing later?



Well, you not a full -- Well, you a fee-gan.

[Both laugh]

You want to go?


Talk to you then.

Mwah, okay, bye.

Ooh, he fine.

So I got a date tonight with my man,

and I need to look amazing and hot.

You know what I'm sayin'?

Like, I need to go in the back of my closet

and get my freak 'em dress on, okay?

I need a freak 'em dress, but I can't fit nothing.

A freak 'em dress is, like, you know, the big guns.

You know what I mean? Little tight, black, short...

skin, ha-ha, what you been missin'.

I ain't really ain't got nothing to wear.

I don't have nothing to wear.

I'm so thickums right now, like, I don't think I have anything

that looks sexy enough to wear for my boo tonight.

I'm gonna go back to the stretch clothes aisle,

trying to find something that's gonna hide my stomach.

Yeah, yes, maybe her, she's all-purpose.

Look, let me tell you something.

I don't care if I got to jump in a pool of Vaseline,

I'm finna make this dress fit, okay?

She got to work tonight.

I think I can hide things with that,

but I need a wig with her.

We'll try these options and see what happens

'cause I'm tryin' to be cute.


Oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh


Evelyn: Yeah?

I want my makeup to be kind of natural.

What do you think?

I'm at the hotel getting ready, and today,

I am officially gonna become a lady

of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great

and Saint Helen?

Ooh, I can barely say it.

I had the choice of being a lady or a dame.

I chose the lady.

I know that's right.

Lady fits you.

I think so.

That's you, Lady T.

So you gonna sign everything with Lady T?

I'm gonna get 'em on my checks.

Oh, my God. Look at God.


Lady T.

I'm excited.

You know, I can't explain my emotions,

just glad because she deserves it.

Bear with me, though, 'cause I hear last minute

we had, like, guidelines.

Toni: I got to cover...

Cover what? What has to be covered?

...arms. I was thinking --

This is very Meghan... -Markle?

What about this one?

All that glitter.

You can't have this?

"Move your blooming ass."

But I'm after, "She's a lady."

This is too do-me-baby-booty, so you can't wear that.


This is too low-cut.

You can't show skin. Did you see Markle's dress?

It went like this. It was long-sleeved.

You can't show anything.

Like, some duke is giving me this thing.

This is kind of cute.

I may -- Whose is this, Alexander?

Alexander Voltaire.

Maybe I can do Voltaire.

I love that.

What time you have to be downstairs?

-Uh, 15 minutes. -Now?

Okay, 15 minutes. All right, boys.

Let me let them get dressed.

-Let's do it. -All right.

-All right, Ma. -All right.

I'll see y'all in 20 minutes.


Oh, gosh.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm just a little nervous.


It's your mom and your aunt.

Nothing to be nervous. They're normal, regular people,

and they're very nice.

This is a moment of truth.

Like, we're almost at Von's mom house,

and I'm freaking all the way out.

I am beyond nervous to meet his mom and his aunt

because if his family doesn't approve of me,

then it could be the end of our relationship.

You know what I mean? So it's, like --

[Sighs] It's very nervous-ing.

Do we knock, or do we just walk in?

Do we ring the doorbell or something?

It's my mother's house. I don't knock.

Well, I'm just saying.

You're still -- I'm still a stranger.

Well, okay, no, I don't knock at my mother's house.

Well, I would knock if I was going into anybody's.

You don't just walk in.

Gonna open -- You know what? Shh.

You shh.

You're fine.

I'm gonna knock.

[Knock on door]


-Hi. -Hello.

-How are you? -My mother lives here.



Should I just come in?

Yeah. This is my Aunt Sylvia.

Aunt Sylvia, this is Trina.

Hi, Aunt Sylvia.

I'm Sylvia, hi.

I'm a hugger.


I'm Trina.

Pleased to meet you.

Hey, Aunt Sylvia. How you doing?

I'm good.

I-I brought some wine.

I'm so sorry it's in a brown bag.

We didn't have time. We didn't have time to get a --

It drinks the same.

Yes, ma'am.

Yeah, you gonna throw it away. It's fine.

It drinks the same, and we didn't expect anything.

And this is my mom, Loni.


How are you? Mom, Trina. Trina, Mom.

Hi, how are you?

It's more than a pleasure to meet you.

Good, good to see you.

-Sit down. -Yeah, have a seat.

Hey, Mom.

Hi, baby.

How you doing?

I'm good.

How are you?

I'm all right.

Oh, God.

The bottle of wine came in a brown bag.

It looks a wino, so I hope

that his mom and his aunt aren't gonna be, like,

"Oh, my gosh, she brought it in a brown paper bag."

Sylvia: How long you guys been dating?

Um, almost a year.

-Oh, wow. -Almost a year, wow.

And we're just meeting her?



Her schedule is busy.

You know, she did come in town.

We went to a football game

and all that, but due to her schedule...

Is this getting serious?

Yes, ma'am, it is.

Oh, okay.

Serious how?

Jesus, I mean... What do you mean?

Is this going somewhere?

Well, that's the plan.

We have a plan already.



You have children?

Yes, ma'am, I do. Two boys.

Oh, okay.

So you've been married before?

Yes, ma'am, twice.


Yes, ma'am.


And you're gonna do it a third time?

Well, they say third -- third time's the charm.


Coming up on "Braxton Family Values"...

Will Von get to meet your exes?

The first was-band, absolutely not.

And you call him a was-band?



I'm glad I met you.

It's hot in here, and I feel like

I'm finna break into sweats, and right now,

this finna turn into a real adult situation here.


You have kilts for them?

Fellas, this is your mother's idea.

I just want y'all to know that.

Yeah, yes.


You should have called me.

I got a cute little skirt in the closet.

Ma, it's not a skirt.

It is a kilt.


Denim, could you just try it on, please?

Denim: I'm already not feeling this.

Stop. Is that gonna cover stuff?

Ashley: Oh, he'll have pants under that, Miss E.

Oh, I'm gettin' ready to say. Oh, my God.

But it could be fly, we just got to put it

all together with the suit.

It's a kilt. It's formal.

No, no bueno.

So, no, you're not finna wear the kilt?


Loni: You've been married before?

Yes, ma'am, twice.


Yes, ma'am.


Sylvia: And you're gonna do it a third time?

Well, they say third -- third time's the charm.


So far, I'm not sure if I'm off to a great start.

You can tell that Von's mom is very protective of her son,

and as a mom, I totally get that,

but I have to win her over

because a mom's blessing goes a long way.

So in the future,

there's going to be

an engagement...

We're headed in that direction.

...of some sort?

Headed in that direction?

Mother, we are headed in that direction, yes.

No rush, just...

No, there's no rush.

...when time says so?

Yeah, but --

That's how you feel.

How do you feel?

Yeah, you do the talking.

Well, he hasn't asked any significant questions.

You know?

Yeah, we --

I need you to be vocal and tell --

He's -- If he asks me, I'll say yes.

Oh, okay.


So you gonna go in there and -- and, uh...

I am.

...make us a plate?

I am.

I'm feeling like it might take a little bit of time

for Von's mom and auntie to warm up to me

because his mom and his auntie are very impressionable on him,

and Von's not the kind of guy who just brings women home.

You know what I mean?

So it's like there's a lot of pressure on me.

So, will -- will Von get to meet your exes?

Well, the -- the first was-band, absolutely not.

My second was-band --


He's still close to my oldest son.

And you call him a was-band?





I am so thankful that Von's mom is laughing and smiling,

and I'm getting the feeling that she's, you know, letting her

Mama Bear guard down

and is getting a little more comfortable

with me being with her son.

It took a little while, but I might be in the clear.

So, I wanted to thank you two for taking time out to meet her,

wanted to get your blessing, your feedback.

You have mine.



You definitely have mine,

and hopefully we get to visit again.

You will.

Yes, ma'am.

And -- And don't let it go.

And don't let it go.




Toni: Today, I am officially gonna become

a lady of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great

and Saint Helen.

I'm pretty excited.

Searching for a dress that was appropriate,

conservative, and elegant, yet still sexy,

I chose this Southern-style belle-of-the-ball dress.

It was covered.

You can't show any skin, very elegant,

but sexy with a little shoulder here and there.

So you have to keep it conservative,

and I thought this dress was perfect.

Paula Abdul was also there.

She was being honored on her achievements,

and it was great seeing her again.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,

and welcome to the special investiture and banquet

of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great

and Saint Helen.

[Indistinct conversations]


Thanks for coming.

Ooh, that's delicious.

Woman: That's what I said, it's delicious.

I wouldn't have been any other place.

I know, but I have to thank my mom and my kids.

Thank you so much.

Man: All righty, folks. Let's get to business here.

It is my distinct honor now to introduce legend, icon,

songstress, music producer, Ms. Toni Braxton.

[Cheers and applause]


Today, with more than 60 million albums sold worldwide

and seven Grammy awards,

very few artists ever ascend to that rarefied height.

Ms. Toni Braxton is one of those few.

In addition, she is on the board of Lupus L.A.

and is an ambassador representing the United States

for Autism Speaks around the world.

Evelyn: I thought the ceremony was absolutely incredible.

I just thank God that I was a part

of her being ordained a lady.


Welcome, Toni.

By the wish of God and by hereditary power,

I receive you, create you, and make you a member

of the Royal Court of the House of Cappadocia.



[Camera shutters clicking]

Ladies and gentlemen, Lady Toni Braxton.



Toni: Being a lady in the society involved with the title

is so many wonderful charities and organizations

and just lending their time to help other people,

it's a wonderful honor that they thought of me,

and it meant so much to me,

sharing this moment with my mom and my sons.

Who knows?

Maybe some offspring of mine will be royals someday.

Hmm, interesting.


What does it feel like?


But I'm excited.


Coming up on "Braxton Family Values"...

I have a bone-in Lagos with a side of potatoes.



Lagos: It's better bone-in, the juice and all that.






Oh, why, thank you.

Tamar: Tonight is date night with my man,

and usually we like to keep our relationship

out of the public eye, but tonight, honey,

I feel like going public with this romantic situation.


No, I'm good. Thank you.


You want to see my whole outfit, and it's too cold for that.

I'm just saying.


And the wine list here.

Now, David is such a gentleman.

Like, it's so nice that he wanted to see my whole outfit,

but I barely got up in this thing,

and I'm busting loose, and unh-unh.

Ain't nothing but a piece of thread

holding this all together.

New York strip, hanger.

How am I gonna eat this stuff?

David, you eat meat.

You know...

At least seafood.

Only with you. Before you, I wouldn't touch it.


I'm s-- I wouldn't touch it.

What else didn't you touch before me?

Could we order?

I'm just curious.

Now, see, my man, he don't eat no meat,

but, you know, your girl here, I needs my meat.


And the fact that he don't eat meat,

and he took me to a restaurant that's, like,

basically a butcher shop, that's love right there.

So how was your day?

Oh, man.


We take 5 days off.

I come back to work. Whew.

David's in finance, so he handles people's money and stuff

and invests, like, you know, Wall Street stuff,

but he's not in Wall Street, in L.A.,

and he also has a technology business, and smart.

How was yours?


What did you do?

Well, I didn't work out, which is crazy.

Why not?

I don't know.

They say when you're happy, you get fat.

Hey, so you're trying not to get happy,

or you're trying not to get fat?

I don't think I can stop being happy.

Well, you are not fat.

You've never been fat.

I've seen Miss E.

I've seen Miss Evelyn.

What you -- What's that mean?

I've seen your mom.

Well, I mean, tread lightly.

What you talking about?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.

You know what they say?


A woman is going to be her mom.

Like, you want to see what a woman is going to look like

when she's 70, look at her mom.

Miss Evelyn is, whew, at 70.

Okay, you gonna be like that? I can live with it.

You trying to tell me my mama fine?

I mean, she --

Is that a trick question or what?


David's smart, and he's psychic 'cause he's right.

I'm finna look beat at 70, just like my mama,

and, you know, he's 49, and he's fine like that.

See, you ain't even know that.

That's all those juices and berries.


Have we had a moment to look over the menu?

He's a vegan. Do you have a vegan menu or vegetarian?

Unfortunately, we don't have a specific vegan menu.

However, we do have a lot of vegetable options.

Uh, s-- I'm sorry, say it again.

Typically, we'll recommend something to the chef,

as far as entrees.

Why don't you surprise me?


I'll have a bone-in Lagos with a side of potatoes.

-Okay. -Well done.

All right.

Bone-in Lagos?

It's better bone-in, the juice and all that.



I called David Lagos because he's from Lagos, right,

and at first, I didn't want everybody all in our business,

you what I mean, Googling him and lookin' him up

and puttin' him up on the Internet

before I got a chance to introduce him

the way that I wanted to.

So I just called him Lagos, you know,

just as a little nickname, but I like Lagos, Lagos.

Um, I'm un-- unfamiliar with Lagos.

Perhaps you'd like to elaborate a little bit for me.

A piece of meat, yes.

We have a really wide selection of meat,

in case you're interested.

Would you like Wagyu or black Angus?

Black Angus.


We have a 22-ounce bone-in New York for the lady.

22 ounce.


Is that the biggest you have?

That's one of the largest steaks,

bone-in, that we have, yes.

You like the big ones, huh?

I do.

Well done?

Well done or medium rare, which one you want?

Now, see, all this talk about meat has got me hungry,

and it's hot in here, and I feel like

I'm finna break in a sweat and,

right now, this finna turn into a real adult situation here,

and I'ma need this waiter to go 'cause we got to go.

I just want to know how much fat this black Angus has on it.

I'm over here thinking about that.




I'm just so glad I met you.

I really am.

I'm glad I met you, too, David.

I love you.

I really do.


So now what?


It's time to go. You ready?

Okay, yes, I'm ready.

What about the bill?

I'll take care of it on the way out.

Oh, man.

[Both laugh]


On the next episode of "Braxton Family Values"...

What do you think -- think about Trina and Von?

He's gonna ask her to marry him.

Happy birthday.

He about to propose?


So you're not married.

You got a girlfriend?

I'm seein' somebody.

He might be the mystery man

that Towanda's been hidin' from us.

Tamar: What do you think your ex gonna say

about you getting married?


Why is you crying for?

I can't have this on tape.

Cut the cameras for a second, please, guys.

The Description of Tamar's Mystery Man