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LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Okay, let's do this.

Jane, you'll recall, was engaged to Michael.

And Rafael was married to Petra.

But then, Jane was accidentally inseminated

with Rafael's sperm, and the doctor who did it,

well that was Raf's sister, Luisa.

But on the plus side, Jane and Rafael fell in love,

leaving Michael heartbroken

and also Petra, to tell you the truth.

But things were going great between Jane and Rafael.

Until they weren't.

See, Rafael's father died,

and his hotel was failing,

so he kind of freaked out

and dumped Jane,

leaving her miserable.

Also heartbroken-- Jane's mother.

See, she had gotten together with Jane's long-lost father,

telenovela star Rogelio de la Vega,

and things were going great.

He even included her in his one-night Las Vegas residency.

Only problem-- Xo kind of kissed her ex.

So Rogelio dumped her, and now they're making a go

of being just friends.

Meanwhile, Jane was trying to focus on

what was best for her baby, and you know what wasn't best?

Being around Petra and her devious mother Magda.

Magda, you'll recall, pushed Jane's grandmother

down the stairs.

And Petra lied to cover it up.

And unfortunately, this led

to a lot of tension between Jane and Rafael.

So Jane quit her job and decided to file

for sole custody of the baby.

But Rafael doesn't know that, yet.

(school bell rings)

Knowing Jane as well as you do by now,

it should come as no surprise

that even back in high school, she was a planner.


What the...?

Unfortunately for young Jane,

someone in high school knew her very well, too.

Oh, did you miss the fair?

Her personal tormentor.

You know, you really shouldn't leave

your planner lying around

where everyone can see it.

However, they say living well is the best revenge.

And after high school, Jane was living very well indeed.

Whereas Stephanie, according to gossip,

had dropped out of college.

So can we blame Jane for being eager

to show her that nice girls finish first?

May 9th, put it in your calendar.

Well, you are my calendar.

Just tell me where to be and when.


I'll write it down.

In the new date book that I gave you.

In the new date book that you gave me.

But now, one year, two break-ups,

and an accidental pregnancy later,

Jane was no longer so eager to show off anything.

Put that Post-it back right now.

I'm not going.

Having this five-year reunion was your idea.

You were on the planning committee.

Before I got pregnant.

I have too much writing to do before the baby comes.

And I'm not working right now,

so I need to make the most of it.

You can take off one night.

I really can't.

I'm on a schedule-- ten pages a day.

Can you tell her she has to go?

To the reunion? (scoffs)

I tried-- she's crazy with this schedule.

You were supposed to give a speech, Jane.

I'm pretty sure the class of 2010 can live without my speech.

Come on.

Alex Mendez RSVP'd yes.


So you had a huge crush on him.

And remember, you two were vibing

at the graduation party?

You two vibed?

You didn't tell me.

Yeah, because nothing happened.

And I'm not exactly looking to meet a guy.

We were vibing that one time, though.

It's Janet, right?

STEPHANIE: (laughs) "Janet."

Did he just call you Janet?

That's hilarious. (laughs)

Stephanie Kovakovich, one more reason I shouldn't go.

Are you kidding?

She dropped off of Instagram last year.

Which means she looks terrible.

Which means seeing her

will make you feel better.

Just like seeing all the teachers

who worshipped you.

Aw... Mr. Baird.


Jane, I can't wait to hear what you've been up to.

Look, this isn't exactly

the triumphant return I was hoping to make, you know?

I'm single, unemployed, pregnant.

I'm not exactly accomplished.

Okay, first of all,

you are going to have one of the best stories there.

And you're very accomplished.

You graduated college,

you wrote an episode for a telenovela,

and you were offered a teaching job

which you turned down to write your novel.

Come on, how ballsy is that?

There was a reason you were on the planning committee.

Because you wanted to go to that reunion.

So be proud of where you're at.

I know I am.

(scoffs) You guys are so cheesy.

Shut up, Lina, you're getting what you want.

You guys are right.

I'm overthinking.

It'll be fun.

Okay, Target run-- which look are you going for?

I'll be giving... "accidentally sexy Bohemian."

Not that, but can you get me some lip gloss?


(cell phone rings)

Thank you.

Your custody lawyer.


He just wants to know if I told Rafael

that I wanted primary custody.

Well, why haven't you?

I just...

It's not an easy thing to say.

I know he'll be upset.

But I'm gonna do it-- today.


So... here is the situation.

The Maracay board is calling a vote in Madrid.

There's a push to sell off the properties,

settle the debt and dissolve the company.

Sounds reasonable.

It's not reasonable, Luisa.

I'm going there to change their mind.

Dad had multiple offers through the years,

and he turned them all down.

He didn't want to sell his company-- it was his legacy.


that's a tough call.

You think so? Really?

Because, to me, it sounds like a no-brainer.

We unload and divide the money.

You keep the Marbella-- that's outside of the Maracay Group.

Dad didn't want that.

Raf, Dad's dead.

We have to move on.


I'm gonna let you two hash this out.

Bye, babe.

Bye, you.

Mmm, bye, you.

(computer beeps)

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: You see, Rafael had a calendar too.

And he knew it had been two weeks since Jane quit.

Two weeks since he had seen her.

(heart beating rapidly)



Look, I've been thinking about what you said.

About selling?

No, about Jane.

And whether or not I'd be happy

without her, long-term...

and I wouldn't.

I mean, I'm not.


I think I made a mistake.

I shouldn't have broken up with Jane.

I'll just be firm with Rafael.

I'll tell him it's for the baby's safety.

(doorbell rings)

Dad's here. Good.

You okay, Mom?

You ready to see him?

Oh, yeah. I'm fine.

Don't worry, I'm over him.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Rogelio and Xo were trying out friendship,

you'll recall... only they hadn't exactly tried it yet.



I've missed you.

Oh... Okay! (chuckles)

Be careful, there's a baby in there.


Oh, yeah, sorry. Yes.

How was Playa del Carmen?


Santos had to find a cursed booby-trapped diamond

in an underwater cave. I had to kill four sharks.

Whoa. Oh.

They were animatronic, but still quite fierce.

Here's a little something for you.

I saw it and I thought,

"That's so Jane."


Oh, wow.

That is striking.


And heavy.

Yes. Put it on.

I will.

Yes. Alba.

(speaks Spanish) Xiomara...

JANE: Okay. Bye, guys.

(gasps) Wow.

Go, go, we'll catch up later.


Enjoy the necklace.

I will.


Xiomara, I've been eager to see you.



We need to talk about our Vegas show.

The stakes have been raised, because...

Mitchell Murray has agreed to direct.

Mitchell Murray? The theater genius.

He is directing a Broadway revival

of Jesus Christ Superstar.

I've always wanted to play Jesus.

I thought you hated plays.

No, it's different.

Cool people like Bradley Cooper do Broadway now.

Anyway, this is my first step

towards achieving an EGOT.

Once I secure my Tony,

all that remains is an EGO.

Xiomara, this is serious.

We start rehearsals immediately.

Our act must be perfect.

Perfectly paced, perfectly timed.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: And speaking of perfectly timed,

Jane was on her way to talk to Rafael, when...

Oh, dear.



Uh, we were just on our way out.

Um, some returns.

You pushed my grandmother down the stairs.

You should be in jail.

Ugh, enough already.

Stop harassing me.

Well that was well-timed, hmm?

Yeah, well Rafael really shouldn't leave his calendar

open on his computer like that.

Now Jane'll be in a terrible mood for their meeting.


these past two weeks with Rafael have been really good.

We've been growing closer.


Now I just need to make sure Jane doesn't get in my way.

Hey, Jane.


Uh, how are you?

Look, I wanted to talk to you.

Uh, me, too.



Yeah, I b... mm.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Come on, Solano, spit it out.

Tell her how you feel.

I met with a lawyer and I'm filing for primary custody.


That doesn't mean that you won't see the baby-- you'll

get visitation.

But it'll live with me.

Wait, why?

Because I don't want the baby around

the hotel... your sister, Petra, Magda...

But what about me?

Look, I can't separate that.

You have to!

My sister hasn't been in touch with Sin Rostro.

And for the past two weeks, she sat down

with the police three times.

You can check with...


I will, but I just saw Petra with her mother,

right in the lobby.

Well, then we'll ban Magda from the hotel.

You can't ban Petra.

You work with her.

I won't bring the baby here.

You live here.

Then I'll get another apartment!

I will!

Jane, don't do this.

Please, if this isn't about keeping the baby away from me,

then don't.

He offered to get an apartment?

Wow, that's a pretty big deal.

Hey, who's side are you on?

Yours always!

But... I let anger get in the way

when I was younger with Rogelio.

Yeah, I know. It's just...

so hard not to be angry with him.

Plus, it doesn't help that Magda's walking around

while we're here stuck paying Abuela's medical bills.

Trust me, I get it. It's killing me, too.

(cell phone rings)


It's Michael. Good.


So, yeah, I got your message.

And, yes, Luisa's been cooperating with us.

So far, it doesn't look like she's been

in contact with Sin Rostro.

Okay, that's good, at least.

Thanks for checking.

Yeah, no problem.



Okay, there's this thing tomorrow.

What kind of thing?

Uh, like a ceremony thing.

I'm getting a commendation.


Michael, that's great!

Yeah, thank you. Yeah, it's not a...

it's not a big deal or anything, but, uh,

I was...

I'm supposed to bring someone.

And I was wondering if...

maybe-- I don't know-- if you wanted to come.

As a friend 'cause, you know,

you were with me when I first started.

But if not, it's totally cool.

I'd love to go. Yes.

That's great.

I will text you the details.

Sounds good.

Okay, bye.

Where are you going with Michael?

He's getting an award. He asked me to go.

As friends.

He just said that on the phone.

Knock, knock.

Saw your light was on.

I figured you were putting in a late night.


Double shot.

Thank you.


You okay?

Eh, not great, honestly.


Sorry. I don't want to overstep.

It's just I, uh...

I saw her leaving earlier, and she seemed pretty upset, too.


I hope you know you can talk to me.

As a friend.

Even if it's about Jane.


You'll recall she had a novel to finish,

and she was determined to write.

Even though there were so many packages

just sitting there, unopened.

Uh, sorry. Yes.

She was on a ten-page-a-day schedule.

Oh, maybe just one.

She'll just open one.

Okay, that is definitely cute.

I do love ducks.

Now, back to writing.

Jane? Come on.

Time to write.

Uh, okay, fine.

As soon as you figure out where the towels go.

Quick update.

It's been two hours.

She won't stop organizing.


I just want to get a few things ready before the baby comes.

I know.

But I can't stop. Seriously.

I keep trying to and work, but I can't.




I don't have time for nesting.

Nesting is not in the calendar. There is no color for nesting.

I'm serious, Abuela.

I need to get pages. Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Look at these teeny tiny booties.

(singing "Suspicious Minds" in Spanish)

That's right, Rogelio.

Now to the center.

Okay, now we slow it down.

Keep it sexy.

And the lift rises.


Turn off the music now!

Why? What is it?

Mitchell Murray

will laugh at this choreography.

It's not good enough.

We have to do better!

What was that all about?

You want to know the truth?

I could feel you out there.

Desiring me.


Yes, and it made me uncomfortable.

So I want you to spend the afternoon

gaining control over that.

Because we're just friends.

WOMAN: But something didn't sit right.

And so Detective Cordero continued to pursue his leads,

and thanks to his tireless efforts,

we were able to apprehend 22 members of Sin Rostro's network.


See, that's the rub, right there.

You'll recall...

MICHAEL: Your name was on the list.

Were you working for Sin Rostro?


But you have to understand

she-she was threatening to kill

my family-- she knew where they lived.

...with profound appreciation for your service and bravery

in the line of duty...

A lot of names on that list, though.

Probably take me an hour to find yours.

...we honor you, today,

with the Distinguished Service Medal.


Thank you.

Yay! Congratulations. (chuckles)

Thank you.

Oh... (chuckles)

Detective Cordero, how 'bout a picture of you and your date?

Oh. We... She's not... Yeah.

Oh. I-I'm not his date.

We're just friends.

Yep. S... Um...


Okay. We'll take a photo.


All right. Sorry. That was weird.

Um, anyway, thank you for coming.

As a friend. It means a lot.

No, I'm glad I came. That was amazing.

You want to go for dinner,

or... You don't have to.

No, I want to, but I have my high school reunion tonight.

Oh, right, right. Yeah, I forgot.

I have that in my planner.

You don't still have that planner.

No, no, I don't. Anyway, have fun.


And... stay away from the mean girls.

Oh, you know it.


that was easier said than done.

In fact, Jane was about to run into her first mean girl

before she even got to the reunion.

PETRA: Jane...

Can we talk?

Look, I know we have our differences.

But, please, don't take it out on Rafael.

What are you talking about?

He's miserable, Jane.

So I just... I wanted to make sure that you know

that I would never, ever harm your child.

I hope you know that's true. I never would.

It's funny. I'd like to trust you.

But I did that once, remember?

And then you...

turned back into a huge bitch again, basically.

Look, i-it...

it was hard...

to watch you and Rafael together.

I mean... Look, you need to understand,

we were... we were in love.

We were trying to have a baby.

And then... all of a sudden,

he had all of that.

With you.

Look, I'm-I'm coming to you now with...

no ulterior motive.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Except that she was trying

to look like the bigger person with Rafael.

And I just need for you to know

that I would never, ever hurt your child.


Don't punish Rafael for my mistakes.

LINA: Jane?

You ready?

I have to go.

Okay, you need a new necklace.

This says, "I'd rather be home in bed."

Really? It's the necklace?

Yeah. Yeah.

It's not the gigantic pregnant belly?

Mm-mm. Definitely the necklace.




Wear this.

Straight from "Tar-jay."

It's perfect.

And get pumped.

This is gonna be fun.



Yes, and I need some fun.

Yes, girl!


Give Jane an A+ for effort.

She was determined to have a good time tonight.

As she headed into her high school reunion,

she reminded herself she wasn't an unemployed pregnant lady.

She was an unemployed pregnant writer.

Most Likely to Succeed?

Not so much.

Okay. Let's go.


Don't worry. I'm not where I thought I'd be either.

Have I made it onto The Bachelor yet? No.

Have I auditioned three times? Four. Yes.


I guess she really did drop Instagram

as part of a social media cleanse.

It'll be fine. (chuckles)

I see Mr. Baird. I'm gonna go talk to him.


And I actually decided to turn down a teaching job

because I'm writing a novel.


Just trying to finish before the baby comes.

You know, I-I have a schedule.

Well, how far along are you?

Oh, only halfway through. But if I do ten pages a day...

I-I meant in your pregnancy.


That's nice to know, too.

Maybe get the baby news out of the way first next time.

So, I'm having a baby.

I can see that.

Is there a... dad?

Yes. There is one.

But we're not together.

But it's for the best.

I mean, at the end of the day,

we were just so different,

so now, I'm just,

like, really happy.

I'm incredibly happy.

TMI, Jane! TMI!

Try asking them questions.

You're engaged?

Want to come to my bachelorette party in June?

(sing-songy): We're renting a houseboat off of St. Thomas.

I'd love to, but... I'm giving birth.

(sing-songy): At St. Luke's.

Abort! Abort!

The situation, I mean. Get out!

Hey, anyone sitting at this empty table with you?

It's Jane, right?

He knows our name!


So... how have you been?

As successful as everyone else I've talked to tonight?


No, actually.

Not at all.

I live at home, and I'm currently unemployed

because I'm trying to become a writer.

Wow. It's a ballsy move.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Just to be clear, Jane wasn't looking for a new boyfriend.

But still, it was nice to talk to someone

who wasn't focused on her pregnancy.

You hungry?



Cool, let's get some food.

Oh. Wow.

You're pregnant. I-I'm sorry. I...

It's okay.

No, I-I didn't know.

It's fine. I-I... I'm single, though.

Oh, no, no, no, I'm not really looking for...

No, no, I wasn't

saying it because I...

Whoa, whoa. I'm really sorry.

I-I had... no idea.

XIOMARA: I'm telling you, he ran out of there.

The rehearsal was going great, and then he had this, like,

prima donna meltdown, and said that I was hitting on him.

No! Geez!

I was getting into position

so that we could be lifted up into the air.

It's this hydraulic lift that the director requested.

XIOMARA: You think

he's afraid of heights?

But he doesn't mind giant staircases for grand entrances.

So how did Inez get over it?




LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: And speaking of sad stories...

The last time I addressed you,

at our graduation, we were all wondering

where the future would take us.

I'm sure we had a sense of where we'd like to be.

I know I did. (laughs)

But things didn't exactly turn out like I thought they would.

I mean, at all. (laughs)

Honestly, they couldn't be farther from what I imagined.

You know what's funny, though?

I was scared to come here tonight,

because I thought you'd all judge me,

and think I was unaccomplished.

But that didn't happen at all. In fact,

none of you cared, because I'm pregnant.

So, when you look at me, that's all you see-- a pregnant lady.

And, look. Stop! Look!

I get it. I know that "Mom" is the most important job

in the world, and not just because

so many of you have told me that tonight.

The thing is, is I don't want to be just a mom.

I want a career. I want

a life!

I want to be seen as a person in my own...


The baby's coming!

Get off this stage before your water breaks and I'm humiliated!

Ow! Ow!

This can't be happening!

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Thankfully, it wasn't.

The last time I addressed you, at our graduation,

we were all wondering where the future would take us.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: You know the drill. Jane told everyone

that life is what happens when you're busy

making plans, yada yada.

And that the real joy lies in the unexpected.

It was a short, lovely speech.

Go class of 2010!

(applause and cheering)

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: And unfortunately, Jane wasn't feeling a word of it.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Luckily, with the speech over, home was within Jane's grasp.

Hey, Jane.




Hi, Stephanie.

Look at you!

When are you due?

Oh. Four more weeks.

Wow. I would have thought you'd say, like, tomorrow.

Oh. No.

'Cause you're so big!

Yeah, I got it.

Pull her hair! Shiv her!

Take care.

Wait. Jane.

I just wanted to apologize.

I was kind of harsh on you

in high school, and it wasn't cool, so,

I just wanted to say I'm sorry.


Thanks for saying that.

And I get it.

It was kind of weird that my mom dated your dad.

That's what you think it was about?

Well, yeah.

You spread a rumor around the school

saying that my mom was a slut,

which, for the record, she's not.


Yeah, I didn't care about your mom.

It was all about Vince DiBacco.



The guy that asked you to junior prom,

and then changed his mind the next day?

Yeah, I remember.

I liked him, but Vince's mom was super religious,

so I spread the rumor about your mom, because I knew

it'd get back to Vince's sister, who was a huge gossip.

And it did, and she told her mom, and her mom freaked,

and then, he wasn't allowed to go with you.

And then he asked me.


That's... incredibly complicated.

It's a pretty basic technique--

use people's vulnerabilities against them.

Your mom was your vulnerability.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: For the first time in her life,

Jane found herself inside the mind of a mean girl.

Sometimes you just have to play dirty.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: And just like that,

Jane did learn something that night.

And she did always love to learn, you'll recall.

MR. BAIRD: Jane.

Such great work... again.

Thank you.

I had fun writing it, so...

You are such a weirdo.



I was just remembering the fun part of high school.


You are such a weirdo.

ROGELIO: What are you talking about?

You're afraid of heights.

That's just crazy talk!

I'm not afraid of anything... except acne and Leprechauns.

Leprechauns aren't real.

I know what I saw!

And regardless, I don't mind heights.

I descend grand staircases frequently.

Well, how about if there were no stairs?

Let's say, hypothetically, we go to the Grand Canyon,

and I take you right up to the edge?

You can see over.

There's nothing below, just a sharp drop...


Okay. Okay, it's true,

but I don't want anyone to know.

How can I expect Mitchell to see me as Jesus Christ,

aka the Holy Messiah, if I can't even manage a hydraulic lift?

I am sure he'll understand.

No, he won't.

And I don't want to get a reputation of being difficult.


Okay, there's got to be some way to get you over this.

I've tried everything, Xiomara,

but nothing's working.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: And speaking of not working,

Jane was determined to turn things around with her novel.

She had her plan, remember? Her calendar.

And she really had to get...

diapers and wipes and a wipe warmer.


Oh, yes.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

...and I'm in this weird in-between state.

Totally scared of raising a kid,

and so badly wanting to do it right,

but also, not wanting it to take over my whole life.

MICHAEL: It won't.

You won't let it.

It could. I mean,

I have this schedule, to finish my novel,

and I'm already so behind.

That's because it's a crazy schedule.


I'm sorry, it is.

Look, you-you decided you wanted to be a writer, what,

like, six months ago?

So give yourself time to get there.

You like plans, so make a new plan.

A real one.

So, you give good career advice.

No wonder you got a commendation.


Yeah. Sorry.


It's just complicated.

What is?


I did something... believed someone.

I'm just not sure if I made the right call.

I bet you did.


I bet you did the right thing.


You there?


LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: It should be noted

that they were both thinking the exact same thing--

that it felt like old times.

So listen, I should go and get some sleep.


Good night, Jane.

Good night.


Are you ready?

What's the big decision?

I want to apply to a graduate program for writing.

Well, if I'm serious about writing a book-- which I am--

I need to give myself realistic goals.

Plus, I-I-I...

I like being in school, and I'm...

I think that's a great idea.

It'll help keep you sane, too, with the whole mommy thing.


I'll know that I'm working towards something for me.


Michael, actually.

You know, we were talking last night.

As friends.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

Anyway, I should go to my doctor's appointment.

How's everything looking down there?

Great. The baby's about five and a half pounds,

and you're about ten percent effaced.


As the baby's

head drops into the pelvis,

the cervix becomes longer and thinner

to get ready for birth.

Wait, so she's close?

How close?

Since there are no other signs of labor,

I'd say you're still on track for your due date.

My due date.

Oh, okay. Good.

Um, is there any chance the baby will come

in the next three days?

Supposed to take a quick work trip.

There's always a chance. Babies come on their own schedule.

But it's not likely.

Right. Uh, perce... percentage?

Less than five percent.

Thank you.

Uh, it's-it's just a quick trip. It's...

It'll be fine.

But I did want to talk to you, about custody.

I've thought a lot about it.

And I think the platform should go a couple feet higher,

so we can really reach the cheap seats.

Throw those folks a bone.

On the other hand,

maybe we should punish them a little bit

for not being able to afford the good seats. (chuckles)


This guy cracks me up.

Now get up there, let me take a look.


Are you okay?


Don't worry-- they wouldn't have us do this

if it weren't safe.

(breathing faster)


I'm sorry, Mr. Murray, but I just can't do this.

The truth is...

I'm terrified of heights.


I'm sorry, but I am, so...

this whole platform thing, it's just not gonna work.

It's not going to work?

Not going to work?

I'll tell you what won't work.

You. At least not with me again.

Oh... I have to rethink this.

Everybody take ten.

And for the love of God,

get this thing down.

Can't you see she's scared?

Thank you.

Hey, that's what friends are for.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Huh. Maybe exes can be friends

after all.

And speaking of...

(soft knocking)




I just wanted to thank you

for talking to Jane.

She said that she doesn't think you're a threat to our baby.


Well, good. I'm so glad.


Except she hasn't changed her mind about the whole...

custody thing.


Yeah, she's being completely unreasonable,

saying that as long as your mother's walking around,

she won't change her mind.


Like I said-- doesn't make any sense.

Now I have to get a lawyer and...

it'll get ugly.

Oh, God, I'm...

Raf, I am so sorry.

I feel terrible.

No, hey, come on... it's not your fault.

You have been incredible,


I just...

It means a lot to me that you tried to help.

It means more than you know.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Uh-oh. Looks like Jane's not the only one

guilty of leaning on someone familiar.

I'm sorry, I can't.

Maybe if all this baby drama weren't going on, but...

I'm sorry.

Hey, no.

There's nothing to be sorry for.


Looks like Petra does have a heart after all.

PETRA: Mother,

do you remember how you said

you'd do anything for me?

Yes, of course.

Well... here's what I want.

You're going to call Detective Cordero

and you're going to tell him that, while I was showering,

the night of the Palomas, you ran after Alba

and pushed her down the stairs.


You going to tell them that I had no idea,

and that when you told me the truth,

I forced you to confess.

Petra, are you insane?

I'll be the hero.

Jane will drop her custody play.

Mother, I am so close to getting him back.

You know that's all I want.

But what about me?

I'll be in prison.

You'll strike some sort of plea.

Felony Battery. Likely a two-year sentence,

and you'll be out in less than that.

Afterwards, I'll take care of you.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: And I'm starting to rethink

that whole "Petra's got a heart" thing.

You owe me, Mother.

Now, do you want to call Detective Cordero,

or should I?

It worked. They arrested her. Oh!

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: Confused? Let me explain.

You remember this, right?

But I did want to talk to you about custody.

I've thought a lot about it.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: But what you don't remember--

probably because you never saw it-- is this:

And I don't want to keep the baby from you.

I know you'll be a good father.

You were right-- I need to separate things.

And Michael said that your sister checks out,

and I don't think that Petra would really hurt the baby.

Thank you, Jane.

But wait.

I still want her mother in jail.

And I think I know how we can do it.

It's a pretty basic technique.

You use people's vulnerabilities against them.

You're Petra's vulnerability,

because she's still in love with you.

Wait, she's not, though.

Trust me. She is.

Sometimes you just have to play dirty.

And I think that she'd do anything,

even turn in her own mother,

if she thought she had a chance with you.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: See? There's a reason

Jane was valedictorian.

Oh... (laughs)

Thank you.

No. Thank you.

And-And I feel like I should apologize

for letting things get ugly.

No. You were worried for the baby.

Yeah. That and...

I was mad, honestly.

After you ended it.


But I get it now.

And you were right.

It wouldn't have worked in the long run.

And that was hard for me to accept,

because of how much you hurt me.

But I feel like I'm on the other side.


And I really do want us to be friends.


Me, too.

Cool. So have a good trip.

To justice being served.



Mmm. Ah.

(doorbell rings, soft knocking on door)

Oh, I got it.



I thought you might like to celebrate.

Looks like you got that covered.

No, come on in. You can never have too much sparkling cider.

LUISA: What's going on?

I am not going to Spain.

If there is even a small chance

that she can go into labor...

What about the company?

I don't know.

I'm guessing the board'll vote to sell.

But I have to let it go.

I can't risk missing the baby, it's not worth it.

And I don't want to be like our father.

Luisa, this is my chance to make a different choice.

Yeah, I... I think it's the right choice.

Now what about Jane?

Well, what about Jane?

Call her.

Tell her that you just made a mistake

and that you still love her.

It is not that easy.


just do it. Now.

LUISA: Come on.

Things can change in a moment.

(phone buzzing)

So, can I ask you a question?

Of course.

Are you really okay...

with us being friends?

Because, last night...

Kind of felt like old times, yeah.

Okay... look,

I'm not gonna lie.

In a perfect world, I'd want more.

But the world's not perfect.

And the most important thing is

that I want you in my life.

And you said friends, so I'm good with that.

That's still all you want, right?

Yes. Definitely.

LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: And she kept telling herself that was true...


LATIN LOVER NARRATOR: ...over and over...

All right, I should head home.

Uh, I'll talk to you later?

Sounds good. Thanks again.



(no voice)


The Description of Chapter Twenty-One