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Three Swedes were arrested today suspected of running-

-one of the world's biggest websites for illegal downloading...

Good evening. The US government threatened with trade sanctions-

-unless file sharing sites, like the Pirate Bay, are shut down.

Illegal downloading has upset big organizations in Hollywood...

The motion picture studios lost

The White House forced the Swedish government to intervene.

We applaud the Swedish authorities. It was an important site to stop.

The police website was attacked on Friday-

-and last night the government website.

The trial against the founders of the Pirate Bay begins tomorrow.

Today they met the press.

What will happen to the Pirate Bay if you're found guilty?


What are they going to do about it? They've failed shutting it down once.

They're welcome to come and fail again.

It's not the Pirate Bay that's going to court tomorrow.

It is about getting us who are connected to the Pirate Bay-

-into a political trial.

The trial tomorrow is not about the law, it's about politics.

Half of all BitTorrent traffic is coordinated by the Pirate Bay.

It's extreme amounts of traffic.

There are 22-25 million users at this very moment.

A user is defined as one ongoing upload or download.

Any questions? Please.

Where is Fredrik?

Where is Fredrik?

We don't know.

He was supposed to be here but he's probably hungover.

The first question: Where is Fredrik?

I said that Fredrik likes to party.

I didn't want to lie and tell them I knew where he was.

I tried to get hold of Fredrik all day yesterday.

I called him a couple of times and finally he answered.

He says: "Do you know where I am?"

I go: "No." "I'm at Arlanda Airport."

"Why is that?" "I'm leaving."


He said that he had bought a ticket-

-to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What a great name for an escape plan.

So his plan was to head home to his girlfriend in Laos.

Live with her and not give a shit about anything.

Then suddenly he texted me:

"I think it's the Security Service. The plane is broken."

"So where are you now?" "On my way back to the hotel."


The interest for the file-sharing trial in Stockholm is massive.

You can't seriously think that you can stop our world-

-our everyday, our reality.

This is so gay.

Monique Wadsted.

I also represent the gaming industry. But not music.

We have the biggest damage claim.

I represent some of the big film studios in Hollywood.

Warner Bros., Columbia, 20th Century Fox and MGM.

We're demanding compensations of $13 million.

It might seem insanely high.

That should be seen as an indicator of how big this business is.

Because this is about 5 movies during 6 months.

"The Pink Panther", "Syriana", one "Harry Potter"-

-"Prison Break" and "Walk The Line".

There is no doubt about what they have done.

They have run a commercial business and making a profit.

The penalty for this type of activity is prison.

Not fines.

Fredrik would like to tell his version before the prosecutor starts.

Is that accepted by the prosecutor? You may begin, Fredrik Neij.

I want to start by saying that I have a great interest in computers and IT.

And especially for internet and networks.

And that I... Well...

...I've lost my train of thought.

You forgot what you were saying. You had a long interest in IT.

I got involved in the Pirate Bay because of my interest in IT.

I think it's great fun to work with technology.

For me, the Pirate Bay is a technical challenge.

To run such a large website and such a large tracker technically.

Play with computers that I could never afford to play with on my own.

First I want to ask you...

The media often describes you as a computer genius.

How would you describe your competence yourself?

I do have a certain technical competence, yes.

What does "a certain" mean, compared to others?

I'm not sure this is the right time, place or medium to post my CV.

But I am asking you. Please answer politely.

I decline to answer that question. It's too much of an estimation.

-It's what? -Too hard to estimate.

-Too hard to estimate? - It's a very difficult question.

How did you meet Fredrik and Gottfrid?

I don't remember, but I assume it was in a chat room on the internet.

When was the first time you met IRL?

We don't use the expression IRL. We say AFK. But that's another issue.

I don't remember that either.

Got to know each other IRL? What is that?

In Real Life.

We don't like that expression. We say AFK - Away From Keyboard.

We think that the internet is for real.

This is what our office looks like.

Is this inside the Pirate Bay?

Yes. Here are some of the people working on it.

-Are they working on it now? -Yes.

Where are they based? In Sweden?

Let's see. USA, USA, USA or England, England.

Finland, I think.

The Pirate Bay.

This is the web server. Data base and search function.

The trackers are over there.

This little piece is the tracker. It's the world's biggest tracker.

It coordinates 50% of the world's BitTorrent traffic.

Not so many computers, but powerful and well-configured.

Half the day has gone. How did it feel in court?

So far it's been boring.

The prosecutors' strategy is to lie as much as possible in the most boring possible way -

-so you fall asleep in court and become physically undable to defend yourself.

Some say that you've made a lot of money by spreading illegal material.

We've probably made a lot of money, but the site costs a lot, too.

Hi. Okay, we're coming down. Bye.

-Let's eat. -Okay. Nothing vegetarian.

Aren't you working on the site we're on trial for while in court?

The pirated Depeche Mode CD I have in my laptop is even funnier.

He'll open in 5 minutes.

How the hell can prosecutor Roswall mix up megabit and megabyte?

Generally speaking, for storage you use byte and when you measure speed you use bit.

It all started with Gottfrid's site "America's Dumbest Soldiers".

It was a site where you could rate from 1 to 10.

It was American soldiers who died in the first Iraq war.

Then you could rate how stupid they were-

-depending on how silly their deaths were.

Neither the American government nor anybody else appreciated the site.

I had a spare line which I let him use for the site.

It was from British Telecom.

Someone at the US State Department called the head of British Telecom.

He called the head of the operator in Sweden where I worked.

So the US government ordered us to remove the site.

We fought them for a long time before we removed it.

We argued that it was freedom of speech and parody.

After a while we closed it down, when it became too much of a fuss.

Two months later Gottfrid needed more bandwidth for the Pirate Bay.

I still had that line available. We used it for the Pirate Bay.

Hearing with the defendant Peter Sunde. The prosecution may begin.

Is it true that among the Pirate Bay computers-

-you stored one that you owned?

I bought a computer that I gave to the Pirate Bureau.

What is the Pirate Bureau?

It's an organization that discusses the internet.

Is copyright and file sharing discussed on their website?


And they are critical to the way copyright works today?

I'm not sure about that. People have different views.

What's your opinion?

It's hard to say.

I think it's problematic.

In what way?

The fact that we're here today shows that there is a problem.

First of all, I don't believe-

-that young people today believe that copyright is wrong.

I think that's a myth.

This Kopimi Sect-

-has been really good at promoting it.

It's so fucking beautiful!

We've changed it a bit.

So the question in the newspaper was:

"If the Pirate Bay gets convicted, won't they become martyrs?"

Monique said: "No, they don't have any followers."

"However, they do have a small Kopimi sect following them".

So sweet. That's us!

The Pirate Bureau came into existence in the summer of 2003.

It was at the same time-

-as the record industry sued Napster in the US-

-and the medical industry sued South Africa for copying HIV-medicine.

The name "the Pirate Bureau" was an easy choice.

It wasn't about romanticizing pirate stuff-

-with eye patches and stuff. We've never liked that.

The Anti-Piracy Bureau already existed-

-we wanted to state that we're the active part in this conflict.

The Anti-Piracy Bureau is the reactive part.

This is Henrik Pontn from the Anti-Piracy Bureau.

We've been tipped off that you're selling copies.

Wait, don't close the door. The police will come with a warrant.

They have a built a business based on other people committing crimes.

They have created an industry with banners and porn ads to earn revenue.

It was very profitable.

You're making your situation worse.

-I must be allowed to close the door. -Come out, then.

If you look at studies about file sharing-

-they don't do it for the fellowship or to support the ideology.

It's because it's simple and free.

Then there is a small group of people who do this...

...for reasons they claim to be freedom of speech.

Our policy has always been that the site is an empty page-

-that is created by the users. We don't interfere with the content.

Freedom of speech?

I'd prefer the technological viewpoint, a contact service.

-For communication? -Yes.

I don't care about the piracy ideology, copyright or politics.

I do this because it's great fun to run a large site.

Describe the importance of the Pirate Bay.

It democratizes and creates great conditions for freedom of speech.

What has that to do with the copyrighted material?

The Pirate Bay makes it possible for individuals to share material.

Even if it's copyrighted?

That's a tricky consequence that I think we have to discuss.

What are you hoping for?

I hope we don't get a monitored, restricted internet.

That's the biggest issue right now.

The copyright industry is digging a grave for the internet.

They don't take into account the public benefits of a free internet.

The problem is that old people are running the companies.

They know how you made money before and they don't want to change.

They're like the Amish. They don't want electricity. They know how to make do without electricity.

Roger Wallis, please come to Court Room 9.

Do you think people who download movies will go and buy them as well?

-If they would buy the movie? -Yes, get it legally.

Yes, but it depends on the quality. If people want better quality.

Or if the DVD has special features.

You have to increase the value of the products in order to sell them.

If you want to adjust your business model to the new world.

Thank you. I called your institute and asked these questions-

-because we were unable to put together your curriculum vitae.

You've stated in court that you're a professor-

-but your institute calls you a temporary guest lecturer.

-Do you know how to use Google? -Yes.

Then it's really simple to find my CV.

-We've moved on from that question. -I thought so too.

Let's move on. Thank you, Your Honor.

When you were appointed, were there any competitors?

I thought we had moved on, Your Honor?

-I would like an answer. -Please answer the question.

I have no idea!

I was asked to come and I went through... And we're back on this!

...the standard selection process at the Royal Institute of Technology.

All my publications were submitted.

Three professors and two international experts-

-deemed that I was eligible for the appointment.

Thank you. Please just answer the questions.

How low can you sink?

They're so afraid of the result of your research.

They can't attack you there, so they attack you on a personal level.

The Royal Institute of Technology. Professor Roger Wallis.

I think it's sick to attack the academic world like this.

It's not the first time. I've heard about professors in the US-

-who have indicated that file sharing could be positive for the industry-

-that have been hunted down with a whip.

It's sad that these American methods are coming to Sweden.

Would you like any compensation for participating today?

Please send flowers to my wife for the sleepless night.

The court's budget will not allow that.

It's now two or three days since the court appearance.

I'm starting to look through all the blogs around the world.

I'm looking here at "TorrentFreak":

"Pirate Bay witness overwhelmed with flowers."

And an awful lot of very kind people who wrote:

"At last somebody from the older generation"... I'm an old man.

..."seems to understand the way we think."

I also make the point here that as a composer...

A song I wrote bought our first house.

I support copyright, but only if it encourages creativity-

-or economic incitement or is an incentive to create.

Not copyright as a huge control mechanism-

-for people who sit on large swathes of rights.

A police officer that worked with the Pirate Bay investigation-

-was employed by a film studio shortly after the investigation.

In an email, Warner Bros. states that the information in the media-

-about an alleged conflict of interest is pure speculation.

He sold his apartment and bought a house. Just after he got the job.

I was disappointed when you didn't investigate him.

You're claiming stuff I don't have a clue about.

You should gather material and submit it to the police.

I did, but they dropped the case.

Well... In that case there is nothing I can do.

His income that year is higher than his police salary.

He has declared capital gains of $120 000.

This fucking trial just gets more and more bizarre every day.

I think there's been a power cut at the Pirate Bay again.

-Why do you use automatic fuses? -They're attached to the cable cover.

When an automatic fuse dies 5 times you have to replace it.

My laptops break all the time so I don't have time to put stickers on.

I spilled gin and tonic in one. I spilled beer in another.

And I fell on one and smashed the screen.

-Do you have WIFI here? -Yes, it's called "bambuser".

-Doesn't it work? -Key... Bambuser...

-WTF! -Stop shouting.

I have abstinence! I haven't been on the internet all day.

On page 24 you have received an email-

-that you forwarded to Gottfrid and Peter Sunde.

Why did you forward it?

I didn't. Every mail that contains DMCA-

-is automatically forwarded to Gottfrid and Peter.

I have a lot of abbreviations in my filter.

-Who programmed the abbreviations? -I did.

-Why? -Because I got a lot of spam.

Why would you consider an email-

-called "Copyright Claim" as spam?

Spam are emails that I haven't requested.

Fredrik Neij stated that as soon as he got an email-

-from someone representing copyright owners-

-it was forwarded to you from his computer. Is that correct?

Since no one seems capable to do what we've told them-

-i.e. contact the user that uploaded the material-

-those complaints have either been ignored-

-or been replied to in more or less well-phrased ways.

Why was it sent to you?

I express myself well in writing, as opposed to Fredrik.

But such a claim didn't result in anything but scorn and ridicule?

The first 100 times it resulted in us saying: "Contact the uploader."

-And the following 100 times? -Then we lost our patience.

The Company PRQ...

-Was it a web hotel? -Yes, it had just been founded.

Is it correct that the prosecution confiscated 195 servers-

-and that 11 belonged to the Pirate Bay?

11 or 13, I don't remember exactly.

This is outrageous. This is a true injustice.

They're attacking a company that has nothing to do with the Pirate Bay.

Simply because the co-founders were involved with the Pirate Bay for fun.

Thanks to the raid PRQ got a lot of attention.

Everybody knew that we never give any information to the police.

Our customer database was encrypted.

The police seized our servers, but didn't get any customer information.

When the Pirate Bay was shut down after the raid-

-you didn't have any servers left, right?

You were back online after three days. Where did you get the servers?

We leased servers from a company called NFOrce in Holland.

It's a co-location company.

-How was that received? -With standing ovations.

It's a pleasure to announce that the Pirate Bay is back online!

In your face, Hollywood!

-Peter! -Yes? I'll be there soon!

That's how you have treated me. I get letters from your lawyers saying:

"Swedish law cannot protect you. US law will get you".

You put private detectives on us. I've had two outside my house.

-I know nothing about that. -But it's your responsibility.

It could have been the film industry.

-No, it was the music industry. -Ok.

TPB isn't interested in music and movies.

TPB is a generic medium for distribution of all types of files.

People shouldn't say that TPB only is about spreading illegal movies and music.

Then your world is this small. It's your loss.

Instead we could say that file sharing is good.

Then we could focus on ways to let artists make money.

-We think file sharing is good. -Sure, but you sue everyone.

No. We don't want to prosecute anyone.

We just want people in Sweden to start respecting copyright laws.

What was the purpose of the Pirate Bay in your opinion?

We never spoke about purposes.

If it was about reforming laws or if it was about-

-hatred against some Americans. I don't know their purpose.

But for Fredrik, and it was Fredrik I was dealing with-

-the purpose was to make it a big site. The biggest site in the world.

From my point of view I liked the idea of the world's biggest site.

-How is the Pirate Bay financed? -How the website is financed?

We have ads on the site that generate money.

A guy called Lundstrm helped you financially, didn't he?

Yes, we we're sponsored by a company called Rix Telecom.

-What was his purpose? -Free advertising for his company.

Carl Lundstrm is an interesting guy.

He's behind many right-wing organizations.

Carl Lundstrm has apparently given money to...

Answer the question! Did he represent these organizations?

It really bugs me-

-that everybody looks at us as right-wing extremists.

It makes me really hurt and angry. My brother is a convicted anarchist.

He's been in court, defending his opinions.

We've both been on a neo-Nazi organization's hit list.

It feels strange to be accused of founding that neo-Nazi organization.

It's really hard.

I can only stand behind my own politics.

When you have some influence and people listen to you-

-you should use that position to do something good.

When did you become the Pirate Bay's spokesperson?

Well, it's not an official title, but a function that has been given to me.

Nobody wanted to do that part, but it was important to communicate-

-that the Pirate Bay was doing something important.

Since nobody else wanted to, I started doing it.

What was Peter Sunde's role during that time?

He showed up when we needed a public face.

Since neither I nor Fredrik are suited in furnished rooms.

So he had nothing to do with running the site.

-Or any design? -No.

-Funding? -No.

It's AIM. You told me it was MSN.

What's the fucking difference?

They're two different networks. It's like IRCnet and EFnet.

-Come on! -It was the Museum of Modern Art...

You're so loud! You give me a headache.

-I'm half deaf, of course I shout. -You're making me deaf.

He wants to spread his misery.

-Why can't you hear anything? -Sex, drugs and industry!


I've heard your sex stories.

How much does a banner cost?

You are asking me about 5-year-old figures again.

If you give me a day I can probably find some examples.

But I can't give you any exact figures.

Does $500 per week sound like a reasonable amount?

That sounds about right. It's within the right range at least.

Within the right range, you say.

Was there an agreement about how the ad revenue was to be divided?

-I have no idea. -You don't. Fine.

-I'm so fucking tired. -This will be your life for 5 years.

Are you Kafka or what?

It feels like "The Trial" all over again.

I might wake up as Gregor Samsa and can't go to work-

-because I've turned into a beetle.

When do you go back to Cambodia?

-As soon as this shit is over. -Quiet. It's a secret.

What are your thoughts in general about the case?

It will be nice when it's over. Tomorrow it's just half the day.

And after the closing arguments we're finished.

How much money are they looking for?

They want around 20 million Euro in damages.

But good luck finding that money. I don't have that kind of money.

If they knew that our entire office is a chat room on IRC-

-they wouldn't believe it.

And they don't because they've been asking questions about companies.

Yeah, we tried to get organized, but we failed every single time.

I don't think they can grasp the idea of an organization without a boss.

People have no idea how small we are. We're just a couple of guys in a chat room.

I've argued that the yearly profit is at least $170,000.

And that's the minimum.

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg stated-

-that the price for an ad on TPB was $500 per week.

The report from the Forensic Laboratory-

-states that at the time of the raid-

- there were 64 unique ads.

A rough estimate...

$500 times 64-

- gives us $34 000 per week.

That amount times 52 weeks, i.e. weeks per year-

-makes a yearly revenue of $ 1700 000.

Thus The Pirate Bay isn't idealistic.

It's pure commercial business.

Here we go. 4 times 52.

$110 000. That's a massive sum. We never got that kind of money back then.

If you calculate with the right number of ads - 4 instead of 64-

-you get a much more realistic figure.

But he has miscalculated so many things.

Did Roswall mean 64 different ads, or 4 ads times a bunch of pages?

-Yes. -What the hell! Is he insane?

He's right behind you.

We're thinking of doing a Bambuser press conference.

Hell no!! No! No! They keep calling us organized.

They don't understand what a joke that is.

It's disorganized crime.

You mean for all of you? I think you are going to get convicted.

Take a picture of Monique. It's her copyright.

-I'm leaving. -Bye bye.

Do you need a hand?

This is the only help you'll ever get from me.

-That's so kind. -I am kind.

And I still have my soul, too.

Here's Fredrik, let's get out of here.

Let's calculate how much money we have earned.

Let's start with an exponential function.

-You can add times 64. -Right.

And for N we choose a random number.

Between 10 and 5 200. Do you write code in Swedish?

Now take the square root to see what Monique's soul costs.

The answer?

Do it mathematically correct.

Come on, not Pi.

He's mad. Go check that it's correct.

Okay. I'll give you some cred.

It's in my muscle memory. I can't remember it writing with a pen.

I have to emulate a keyboard.

So what are you doing at 11.00 on the 17th of April?

Queuing outside the court?

-11 am means 5 pm local time. -I was thinking the same thing.

Gottfrid, can you sit over here?

I'm not taking part in any fucking press conference. I'm sick of it!

-It's in English. -I'm so fucking tired of cameras.

-And fucking bullshit! -Sit here anyway. It's the last time.


Hi everybody.

I'm here and together with me I have some of the guys from TPB.

Take your time and ask some questions to the guys-

-and see what they have to say.

-I didn't know we were that boring. -You are that boring.

Because you're not part of this. Film him!


Today the court will decide if the men behind the Pirate Bay-

-are guilty of copyright infringement.

Follow the verdict live on from 11.00.

No, but... Sure, but don't worry.

Because I'm not worried myself. But I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Dad was more nervous than I am.

The verdict is in for the Pirate Bay trial. It's 11 o'clock.

All four defendants are sentenced to one year in prison.

The offense is called "assisting copyright infringement".

- So one year imprisonment... -This is so insane!

This must be a joke.

Take it easy, mom. Nothing will happen.

This is going to take 5 years. Take it easy.

The District Court is ruled by politicians. We call it the Dice Court.

Just stay calm.

But I can't talk right now. I have to watch the press conference.

Okay. Take care.

The District Court has announced the verdict in the Pirate Bay trial.

We have estimated the damages to approximately $4,5 million.

Fuck you. He's going to get a good job in Hollywood after this.

This is so insane!

The hottest set up ever.

I don't have time right now, I have to decline.

No, I'm the only one in Sweden. The others are in the desert or the jungle.

No, they are not going to send us to jail whatsoever.

The way it works in Sweden is that they can't... anything about the case before we can't appeal anymore.

-What are we going to call this? -LOL?

For the lulz.

If this was a movie this is where the heroes-

-encounter their first problem.

Karate Kid got bullied in the beginning and got beaten up.

And we've just been beaten up.

Thanks, Hollywood, for teaching us that the good guys win in the end.

In total they wanted around 100 million Swedish crowns, right?

And they got 30 million.

But they could have gotten 1 billion, it doesn't matter because...

We can't pay and we wouldn't pay.

This verdict makes me upset to the bone.

There is no chance in hell this verdict will hold in an appeal.

I will cross the creek, the stream and the Atlantic for a redress.

It means a lot to have taken a stand.

It's important to re-establish Sweden as a state governed by law.

The judge in the Pirate Bay trial is accused of bias.

People are demanding a retrial.

Last night I learned about the news that blew up today.

The judge in the Pirate Bay trial-

-is a member of organizations that are working with copyright issues.

Organizations that the attorneys from the plaintiff's are part of.

I was horrified and shocked to learn about this.

-Why didn't you inform the court? -Good question. I didn't.

Yes, I know how he thought.

"My friends will be happy if I rule in their favor."

It's ridiculous. I didn't think the legal system was that bad.

-Was it a correct decision? -That's for others to decide.

It's Tomas, the judge. He's the judge in the District Court.

He's a member of the Swedish Association for Copyright.

That's the whole point.

He sits in the board for the Swedish Association for Industrial Rights.

These two organizations have a common publication, NIR.

And all the lawyers that assist the prosecution:

Peter Danowsky, Henrik Pontn and Monique Wadsted.

They're all members of the same organization.

So he looks very mixed up in these people's world.

From a graphical point of view it's very obvious.

I can't say if he was biased-

-but just the fact that he withheld this information-

-makes him unsuitable as a judge in this case.

The verdict is questionable, since he might be perceived as being biased.

-Here's my pirate copy. -I have a parasite.

-Is this you? Fredrik? -Yes.

-What's your job? - IT. Internet.

Because of our tradition and the regulations of the village-

-you have to pay for the engagement.

How much would you like to pay for the engagement?


If you leave her you have to pay the bride dowry times two.

That means $12,000. Agreed?

Please write your name and sign it.

Do you like it? Good.

-Yummy! Yummy! -Hello!

If it didn't cost me $12,000 I would divorce you.

It's always this way with the Pirate Bay. Chaos and cheating.

Last Monday a verdict came from the Stockholm District court-

-where Judge Norstrm is chairman.

Black Internet, the ISP for Pirate Bay's ISP must quit-

-and if they continue to give access to the Pirate Bay-

-they will be fined $75 000 per day.

Then all hell broke loose.

So they're trying legal tricks and we're trying technical tricks.

It's like a constant tactical game with different weapons.

When we realized that the Pirate Bay was down-

-we looked around, because we always have backups.

Then I realized that the Pirate Party had registered their own ISP.

The Pirate Party works for reformed copyright laws, an open internet-

-and free access to culture.

I realized that if we're hosted by the Pirate Party-

-it means that if someone closes them down, they're closing down the party.

That means closing down a party that represents Sweden in the EU.

That would be political censorship on the highest level.

If you're hosted by the Pirate Party you get political protection.

You could say that you get diplomatic immunity.

After days of speculation "Rapport" can now reveal that the Pirate Party-

-takes over the responsibility for the security of WikiLeaks' servers.

WikiLeaks or the Pirate Party copied what they had done with TPB.

Giving WikiLeaks protection by a political party-

-by sharing the same internet connection.

Every leak on WikiLeaks has been released on TPB since there is no censorship there.

Gottfrid is good at tech stuff and encryption-

-and he's worked on many important projects.

Like "Collateral Murder" that made WikiLeaks famous.

"Look at those dead bastards"

Julian has a lot of respect for Gottfrid.

I remember when Gottfrid said: "There's a new customer, WikiLeaks."

"They need help because they're under attack."

The first time I got in contact was when we had to pay a bill.

Because no one, and that was a constant problem...

No one remembered the stupid customer number.

And no one wanted to say anything on the phone.

In 2008 I flew to Sweden to pay the bill in cash.

Gottfrid always said he didn't want money from WikiLeaks.

I flew there and paid for one year and a bit in advance.

Julian was with me. He flew in as well.

And we arranged this meeting with Gottfrid to hand over the money.

And it was one of the weirdest incidents in my life.

He came to the hotel and he had someone waiting outside in a car.

And they had an agreement that Gottfrid would be near a window.

So he stood there in this lobby.

With his long hair, looking completely...

-Strange! Fucked up. -And he behaved really strange.

And every 30 seconds he turned to see if the guy in the car was there.

And Julian and I were standing there and we basically thought-

-that we would go hang out or something.

So we asked him if he wanted to come up to the room.

And he was like: "No, no, I can't." He was turning around.

Never heard that before.

And then handing over some cash and the guy jumped in the car-

-and they drove off and we felt like...

That was meeting PRQ for us.

A warm welcome to Peter Sunde.

First question: Are you a killer that ruined the whole industry?

I would love to take credit for it but I can't. Sorry. They did it themselves.

-There is a law case now with you. -Just one?

I don't know how many but some discussions going around.

You had a new idea: Flattr.

It comes from the discussions we had during the Pirate Bay.

There were two sides. One side said there is no problem with downloading.

The other side said they're not making any money from the internet.

-And there was nothing happening. -Can you explain how Flattr works?

You as a user sign up and you put money into an account.

You decide how much you want to spend per month.

Then you find Flattr buttons. They look like the Facebook Like buttons.

If you click it we remember it until the end of the month.

At the end of the month we count your clicks-

-and we share your money equally amongst them.

-Where is the money going? -It's going to the creators.

That's the whole concept.

The trial in the Court of Appeal against the Pirate Bay began today.

Let's shake hands today again.

-It's a sick team, right? -I'm soaking wet.

To rent a car costs $400 per week.

I bought that one for $600. I'll use it for 6 weeks.

-Is it legal? -Sure. I've even paid the taxes.

I don't really care about parking tickets - I have a $7 million debt.

The Court of Appeal, please.

-Is Gottfrid coming? -I highly doubt that.

-Unless he teleports himself. -Okay.

He wrote this morning that he's hospitalized with a parasite infection in Cambodia.

So yes, it's highly unlikely that he'll come.

-Do you have any other trials? -The civil cases.

-The penalty fine stuff. -How many are they?

One in Italy, one in Holland...

One in Denmark that we're not summoned to, and one in Norway.

Kuwait, Ireland. Anything else?

What is the most important?

I believe it's very important to look at how our society ought to be.

Not just rule so that big companies can make a bigger profit.

How does this feel? 8 days to go.

It's boring that we're just watching video.

You wanted to speak for yourself but weren't allowed to, right?

I think the new court system is really bad.

You can't introduce new material. We don't even need to be in court.

They could just take the old material and rule from that.

Hey, thanks for coming!

-How are you? -I'm really sick.

Then why the hell are you shaking my hand?

-He's also sick. -What's wrong with you?

I have a cold and an eye infection. I didn't sleep at all last night.

I just got an SMS from Gottfrid's mother.

She wrote that he is still in Cambodia.

She said that he is really ill.

He's had problems before as well.

When you look at him, health isn't the first thing you think of.

-What are you working with today? -I run websites.

In Cambodia or Thailand?

With the internet you can work anywhere as long as you have Internet access.

State prosecutor Roswall accused the defendants of contempt-

-since they have continued to run the site after the verdict.

He wants the one year imprisonment for all four to be affirmed.

The tunnel computer is located in Pionen with the Pirate Party.

Pionen is a show-off in Apple style.

The tunnel computer is the entrance from the internet to the Pirate Bay.

Then everything happens in the background somewhere.

On the real servers, that are hidden.

Right now we're on our way to the real mountain.

That's an expensive table.

-6 cores? -12 cores.

4 CPU's with 12 cores.

Here. The Pirate Bay. And that's all.

We run an efficient ship.

Where are the people who run the Pirate Bay based now?

I don't know. Ask the Pirate Party, they are hosting the bandwidth.

But it has changed owners after we passed it on, too. Once or twice.

We miss the support from the Pirate Party in the District Court.

-With buses and stuff. -The buses were the Pirate Bureau.

Was it the Pirate Bureau? With trumpets and flags and stuff.

It feels like they have forgotten about us.

The pirate movement's idea to fight for free file sharing-

-just isn't accepted anymore.

It was just a little fad. I never thought it would survive.

-I don't want them. -You don't have to sign them.

But by law you have been served.

What does that mean?

-I can't force you to sign. -No, you can't.

-But you've been served. -Who are you?

-I'm the subpoena server. -Can I see your ID?

Can I see the last 4 digits, please?

-You should quit smoking. -Do I smell?

This is stressful for me, too.

-Does it feel bad to do this? -Kind of.

-But they pay you well? -No.

-Why do you do it? -It's my job.

Do you have kids? Then I understand, but get a better job.

I've been thinking about that.

-Is this from Danowsky? -I don't know what it's about.

-So you don't know where it's from? -Holland.

-Okay. Good luck. -Thanks. Likewise.

-He's got a great job. -I feel sorry for him.

I don't. He's like a meter maid.

Did you see the debate on TV?

A young girl said: "This is not about young people wanting to commit crimes."

"They just have a different consumption pattern."

"They just want to consume movies and records that way."

"It's horrible to hunt them. The market must adjust instead."

Life is cooler than the internet.

That's probably a really radical opinion around here.

After the cold war they had to invent enemies-

-that you couldn't even kill.

Terror, piracy and drugs.

It's obvious that PRQ has had customers-

-that some say are connected to terror, piracy and drugs.

That can't be denied.

I guess all three of them at the same time for one single customer.

You mean Gottfrid Svartholm Warg!

He's a pirate and a junkie.

And when you talk to him you get a little scared.

You could say he's a Taliban.

I'm back from Cambodia. I've been there for a month.

I've been really worried about Gottfrid's health.

I don't want to talk too much about...

He hasn't been using stuff constantly.

It's been every now and then. When he has a deadline.

He gets stressed by his work when something has to be done.

So then he does a whole lot of drugs.

I just couldn't stand by and watch.

I've seen friends struggle with drugs before.

And it's... What can I say? It's tough.

It's not something you want to see a friend go through.

-What are we gonna do? -Crush racism!

-When? -Now!

-When, when, when? -Now, now, now!

-What are we gonna do? -Crush racism!

Brokep/Peter is a fucking vegetarian leftist bitch ass bastard.

But he's got balls because he's in the Pirate Bay?

-He's giving all the interviews. -He's still a bitch.

He does it because of ideological pussy-inflicted instincts.

He needs to look himself in the ass and take his own life in his hands.

If he's had a beer or two, he becomes the most annoying person on earth.

The problem is he takes a couple of beers at least everyday.

Isn't there some connection to right-wing parties in Sweden?

Carl Lundstrm, one of the co-defendants-

-was a right-wing extremist before.

He founded a lot of crap. But in the end-

-he married a Jewish girl. He has four kids.

To call him a right-wing extremist was correct 10-20 years ago.

Now I wouldn't say that.

If Carl Lundstrm is xenophobic then so am I.

Every time I've been beaten or robbed, it's been by immigrants.

And I don't mean seventh-generation Finnish immigrants.

I mean these dirty fucking immigrants.

What can I say. He's stupid when it comes to things like that.

He has never thought for himself. He just says what his parents say.

He's an alcoholic racist asshole.

-But I still love him. -And you know what?

All the emails in the Pirate Bay trial comes from Anakata.

Anakata the don't-know-how to-fucking-encrypt-his-computer!

Even Peter and I encrypted our emails. But Gottfrid didn't!

Gottfrid is the stupidest person in the entire history of IT.

Yeah, the Pirate Bay is really tight!

I have no batteries left.

I'm surprised there are no cameras.

-Yes, today is the last day. -Finally! I'm going home.

-You can throw them away. -You've been served anyway.

Is this gonna come on YouTube?

-You can throw them away. -You do it.

-You can't force me to take them. -You've been served.

It was you who dropped the papers.

Come on!

I want to sleep.


When I get acquitted tomorrow I'm going to sue them for millions.

Billions! At least!

We can't be worse than they are with fantasy numbers. I landed in Sweden on Saturday.

I'm helping out with the new Leaks project's servers in the server hall.

Everybody has left WikiLeaks except for Julian and maybe Anakata.

Because he's like in love with Julian.

Fuck! Blink if you're gonna turn, you fucking anus!


-How are you? -I'm fine.

Nice to see you again. You're good?

Do these people know what's happening in your life today?

-No. -Not even your wife?


I don't know. For Fredrik it's easy. He can just avoid going home.

What do you mean? I don't have any plans on going home.

I really don't know. I don't have a clue.

I'm hesitating. But I won't accept a conviction.

I can serve a prison sentence. But why do it if I don't have to?

There's really no reason for you to do that.

Look around. Why shouldn't I stay here for 5 years?

You can't go to jail for something you haven't done.

Political exile is what it's about.

I don't want to become a martyr.

But I don't think I'll be convicted.

Knock on wood... But we'll see.


Beer man!

Are you going to get drunk from happiness or sadness?

Can I tell you in 12 minutes?

Hey! The internet just synched up! I think it's an omen.

Stop lagging!

"If TPB founders are acquitted, it's a victory for internet freedom."

Check out my eye infection!

"The pirate Gottfrid Svartholm Warg handed in a medical statement."

Gottfrid Svartholm was "sick".

"...was shortened but the damages were raised." We're convicted.

We're convicted. It's Spam.

Copy the link. The link underneath!

"The Court of Appeal considers the defendants' contribution proven."

"Fredrik Neij is sentenced to 10 months, Peter Sunde 8"-

-"and Carl Lundstrm to 4 months."

-What about Gottfrid? -He's not in the case.


The damages went up from $4,5 million to $6,6 million.

Well... We lost. Fucking idiots.

I'm calling my mom.

Hi. I just wanted to say that they gave us a shorter sentence.

But we're appealing. 8 months instead of one year.

I just wanted to call and tell you that. So don't be worried.

I have 59 pages I have to read.

Okay, great. Take care.

Fucking idiots.

-The internet just died! -Goddamnit! Yes, it did.

Fucking Windows crap!

The statute of limitation is 5 years.

They can't issue an international warrant of arrest.

I can sit here and jerk off for 5 years. And I will.

Are you gonna masturbate for 5 years? In one go?

I'll do it on and off.

This means that the internet is criminalized.

They label the internet as a place where crimes are committed. "Close it down."

We're not even on BBC or CNN yet! That irritates me! Come on!

I guess we have to live with the fact that we're not important anymore.

-The Bay! -When does the internet come back?

Maybe in 2 hours. If we're lucky.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends.

We are meeting today to discuss-

-one of the hot issues right now in the European Parliament.

Thank you very much for having me. It's very brave to invite me here.

I've been a pain in the ass for the copyright industry for a long time.

I'm one of the spokespersons for the Pirate Bay.

TPB is the largest file sharing system in the world.

It's ten times larger than Napster at it's peak, and it's still growing.

The Description of The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard 2013 (subtitrare română)