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Lincoln, check out those columns!

Do you think they're real marble?

Probably. This place is so much bigger than our school.

Good thing they gave us maps.

Eh, huh? Guys, guys, guys, ditch the maps!

First rule of survival: Don't act like a total noob.

But, we are noobs.

Yeah and when some upper classman

realizes that, you'll be a prime target for pranks!

Like the kid who asked an eighth grader

for directions on the first day of school.

That poor fool got sent on a wild goose chase

down in the tunnels under the school,

and didn't make it out until the whole day was over.


[everyone] Don't... be... noobs.

[music playing]

[music playing]

Fairway University boasts a tradition

of academic excellence,

and a golf program as old as our great nation.

At Fairway, we live and breathe golf, 24/7.

And the cubed root of 64 is?


Any behavioral issues, like biting?

Only during full moons. [howling]


Werewolf joke.


Have been for 42 years. [chuckles]

Lynn, stop. Yes, Lily is potty-trained.

Perfect. I think we're set.

I'll go ahead and take Miss Lily now.

Well, champ, put 'er there.

Wow, honey, you handled that surprisingly--


They're all leaving us!


[everyone] Whoa!


Hey guys, I'm Mrs. Salter.

Okay, so here's the low down:

juice bar in the back, help yourself.

Also, there are cards on the desks

with your names on 'em.

Rip Hardcore-themed, I love the show,

and he is a personal friend of mine.

- Whoa! - Wow!

See? I told you guys, there's nothing to worry about.

Um, Mrs. Salter? I can't find my desk.

My name's Lincoln Loud.

Oh, okay. Here you are,

looks like you're... in Mr. Bolhofner's class.


No, that can't be right. I know I requested this class.

For the love of sponge cake!

Say you turned in the form! Say it!

I did! See? There's a check mark!


That's not a check, that's a Flippee stain!


Mrs. Salter, can't he stay?

I mean, he's already here. Please?

Yeah, we have to stick together.

Yeah, we just sang a dang song about it.

Okay, homeroom. There are no assigned seats,

so it's time for rule number two:

Don't get stuck with a crummy desk.

- Move out! - Whoa!

Oh, sorry. Please, it's all yours.

I'd pull out the chair for you,

but [clearing throat]

it's attached.


[grunting] Hey! Back off, pigtail!

My buddy saw this first!


Boom! Dominant!

Nobody's messing with that. Ha!

Uh, wasn't that a little aggressive?

Mmm... not if you don't wanna end up

like the kid who got stuck with the worst desk in the room.


This one kid thought she had the perfect desk,

but ended up getting stuck in it so tight,

that they had to call the school cook.

Sorry, kid. We're gonna have to grease you out.

You got any nut allergies? [laughing]

Don't get stuck with crummy desks.


[gasping, squawking]

Reunited and it feels so good.

Hey guys. I didn't know Sergio was coming.

Neither did we.

I'm a stowaway.

Bobby's sorry he couldn't make it.

He's kind of stuck at the mercado.

Aww, Boo-Boo Bear.

Uh, great seeing you, Louds.

I have to get to my guest lecture

on the maturation of Bermuda grass,

and its utility in creating an eco-friendly golf course.

I'm in Hall B if anyone wants to see it.


Oh, oh, who wants to check out the campus store?


I'm so down for that.

Have fun!

Ronnie Anne and I are going to go make skate videos.

Hi, welcome to Fairway University.

I'm your tour guide Raj.

We'll be puttering around the campus together.


Now, which one of you's the famous Lori Loud?

I heard a lot about you.

Coach Niblick says you're the most promising golfer

he's seen in a long time. [chuckles]

Now, are you ready for the tour?

- Okay. - Let's check it out.

And this to our left is Wedge Hall.


OM gosh.

Lori, they make you wear a uniform here,

and it's so ugly.

Um, Leni, I'm literally wearing the exact same outfit.


[laughing] Yeah.


Well, Lincoln, I think

you'll be very happy here at Mapleton.


Eh, you'll get used to that.

Anyway, did Principal Ramirez ever tell you about the time

she saved my life?

There I was, choking on a beaver tail.

Eh, Principal Marshall,

is it cool if we use the rink after school?

Gotta get in extra practice before the big game, eh.

Yes, of course. The big game. How could I forget the big game?

It's all anyone can think about.

Sweet! Thanks. Mapleton rules!

So, I take it hockey's pretty big here? Ah!

You could say that.

Guys! What's going on?

Well, it's a long story, but I'm pretty sure it ends

with those kids kicking our butts.

What the heck happened?

We tried following your rules,

but people didn't think we're tough.

They just think we're jerks, and, I'm not sure I disagree.

Yeah, so thanks for the great advice.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I was just trying to spare you guys

from what happened to me.

[everyone] Huh?

Yeah, my first year of middle school

was a real horror story.

Um, excuse me.

Could you tell me how to get to the gym?

Oh sure, it's real easy,

just head down those stairs over there.


So, that story you told us... was about you?

Yup. [sighing]

They were all me.


[everyone] Farty Pants! Farty Pants!

I finally figured out that if I acted tough,

people would stop messing with me,

and since it worked for me,

I thought it could help protect you guys too.

Wow, I had no idea you went through all that.

Me neither, and it was nice of you to try and help us,

even though it's gonna lead

to a lot of pain. [groaning]

No it's not.

Because I'm gonna take the heat for you, guys.

[Lincoln, Clyde] No, no, no!

We have to go.

Some of those kids might still be here next year.

They're gonna think we're wimps

who let other people fight our battles.

Though when you think about it, would that really be so bad?

Okay, okay.

With that terrible tee shot, a redo was requested,

and thus was created: The Mulligan.

[phone ringing] Oh, my word!

Sorry. Leni, I can't talk. I'm in class.

Lori, please!

You've got this! Huh?

Fine. But if I get a call from someone named Boo-Boo Bear,

I'm gonna need that back.


And what does this animal do?



OM gosh. This must be shop class!

You actually shop! I'm so getting an A.

That new volunteer is delightful.

She really relates to the children on their level.

See ya later, Sam.

Okay, see ya.


Hello, you beautiful classroom!

Hank, how's my favorite class pet?

Chandler, good to see ya, my man!

Missed each and every one of you!

You the most, Mr. B.

How lovely for us. Now zip it!

Absolutely. But, uh, Mr. Bolhofner, sir?

Is there any way you can turn down the temp

in here? I got kinda used to the cold.


[chalk breaking]

Turn down the temp?


Yeah, I don't care. No one's ever asked.




Oh, big whoop! So what?

You're still the same old Lincoln Lame!

- Uh! - Ellie Mae,

you get back here now!



You know what? I think I'm gonna like middle school.

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