Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3個八路軍精英夜闖日軍根據地,日軍司令佈下數百人防守,被八路軍輕鬆逃出

Difficulty: 0

How's it going?

Nothing I got.

In order to make sure everything is ok,

for every hour,

you need to come to examine

how those boxes are going.

Got it.

Shijie, we've been here.

We'd find Jiateng, and kill him right now.


the overriding is to know where those drugs are.

So, we can't afford to do perfunctorily.

Shijie, what's your plan?

We're all on you.

We'd go separate ways, and be more careful.

Got it.

Well, I wanna go to excuse myself.


The head ordered us not to walk around as we pleased.

You made me scared.

The older brother, how's going?

I got that place, time to go now.

Someone is here, come on.

Given Xiashijie's reconnaissance,

we've confirmed that

where the store holding those drugs is.

Well, those bastards.

They safeguard there with heavy troops.

Not only do they have patrols.

But also they got several machine-guns.

As well as so many samurais not far from there.

Those guys are indeed good at martial arts.

I've confirmed that

it's so hard for us to go in.


To my part, I'd better

take those cannons to their head office.

Then to blow them up in one go.

Good, great.

Well, Dali is all right.

You choose to blow them up.

You'd know you'll break those drugs we want.

So, what should we do?

Well, we have nothing to do with them.


What's that?

Both you and Xiashijie have confirmed that.

It's so hard for us to go in.

I got something.

It comes to the crunch to get those foes alive.

In order to ensure we get them alive successfully.

I'll plan to

get all men, including all of us and those puppet armies

to take here.

Got it, sir.

Even we've lured those fore back to our head office.

That means that the town will be free of grave danger.


You'd also be in charge of the town's public order.

Got it.

Even I plan to take all troops here.

You'd let me know ASAP

if something trivial goes wrong in the town.

Got it.


What's your coming for?

I heard that you wanna let out your room.


Well, you wanna rent it from me?

Yep, that what brought me here.

It's the rent.

Now, you'd come to empty this room right now.

No problem.

Now, you can move here.

Come on, it's on you.


Sir, something goes wrong.

Those foes decided to launch attacks on us now.

But all troops have been moved to the town.

I wanna speak to the head now.

Got it.

Right now.


We've been under fire from those foes.


those foes are playing tricks.

So, they wanna get us, and my head office.

But sir,

they launched a heavy attack.

No matter what happened,

you guys need to safeguard there.

Got it.


Once again.

Enough, that's all.

We'll keep going tomorrow.

I haven't enjoyed myself here.

Come on, once again, that's enough.

Our goal is to attract their attention.

And let Jiateng know

we've imposed threats on the base in Wan Town.

So, they'd better send more troops to support here.

So, that'll make this mission easier.

Let's go back to join forces with Shijie.

Go now.

Brother, move fast.

The older brother.


Xueer, everything is ok now.

Give this thing to me. Come on.


what we did now, does it give rise to suspicion?

Until they know what we're doing,

it seems we'll make it to smooth the tunnel.

Got it.

Come on, it's my turn.

No need to do that.

You'd stay here to protect Xueer.

The Description of 3個八路軍精英夜闖日軍根據地,日軍司令佈下數百人防守,被八路軍輕鬆逃出