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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What If Superman Got Sick AGAIN ?!!

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Oh crap, I thinkIm sick again.

Superman, are you okay?

I feel more than okay, I feel super!

This should be able to hold him down.

Im not making the same mistake again !

I am Barry Allen, I have tapped into the Time Force!

Youre all doomed now!

What the

Get back here, you crazy Kryptonian!!

Let go of me! Grghhh!!

Let go! Let go!

Im Flash, the FLASH!!!

But people called me Animate CC now and Apple somehow hates me!!

Let go!


I have the power!!!!

Those were some old arse references!!

Kids these days wont get it!

Enough is enough!

Were going to send you back to Krypton to think about what youve done.

Hopefully youll recover there before coming back to Earth.”

But Krypton doesnt exist anymore!”

Oh yeah, thats right..

Well send you to the sun instead, maybe youll feel better there.

Ill die!


GOOOOOOD Morning, everybody!

Im feeling awesome today!!

How is

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