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A lot of recreational players struggle

with getting enough topspin on their


So today I want to show

you very simple but effective drill that

will help you get more topspin on your


Now topspin will give you

safety on your shots and so it is

absolutely essential to have a good

amount of topspin.

That being said though

you can also have too much topspin so if

you have a lot of topspin but not enough

swing speed and are not swinging out

forward enough, your balls are going to

tend to sit up so topspin is not always

the answer.

Now that being said what I

found is that most recreational players

really struggle with getting enough

topspin on their shots so that's why

today I'm going to show you a very

effective drill to get more topspin.

If you're simply trying to get more spin on

your shots because you tend to hit too

flat, this can be a great drill to simply hit

some forehands like that just swing up

like this with the reverse finish hold

the finish position and you're forcing

yourself to increase the upward angle

and that will give you more topspin on

your forehand.

So let me demonstrate that

right now I'm going to toss the ball for

myself and then I'm going to swing up

and finish like this.

Okay just like that and I really got a

lot of topspin on that ball because I'm

swinging up so much.

Let me do one more.

Okay just like that and you can practice

that over and over start by tossing the

ball for yourself and then later you

incorporate that while you're playing.

So what we're trying to do is we're trying

to increase the upward angle just like

this and finish here okay so we're not

really swinging through as much.

Once again simply trying to get more topspin

if that's something that you need to

work on so let me demonstrate on the

one-handed backhand.

Okay so I'm really

swinging up you can see my arm ends up a

little bit further out in front than it

did on the forehand but that's

just natural. So one more.

Really swinging

up like this and getting more spin that

way and we can do the same thing on the

two-handed backhand. It's even less

natural to do it on the two-handed

backhand and that's why generally we see

players hit the two hander a little bit

flatter than the one hander but once

again we can use this drill to get more

topspin if we lack topspin even on the

two-handed backhand so let me

demonstrate that.

Okay and as you can see

I was trying to swing up but I still end

up a little bit out in front of the body

and relatively high.

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