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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Что если сделать Фонтан из Кленового сиропа? Шоколадный фонтан из сиропа! alex boyko

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Oh, guys, are we rolling?

Sorry, I'm a bit busy here

At first glance it looks simple, but then you get addicited to it!

Do you want to know the name?

Rise of civilizations!

This is an awesome mobile strategy game with oldschool gameplay that we all love

Epic battles, historic setting and huge fields for development

Choose from 11 historical civilizations and lead it from dark times to conquest

You can even ask other troops and famous leaders for help, like Caesar or Joan of Arc

Each civilization has it's own benefits that need to be taken into account,

if you want your nation to survive in it's first battle and thrive during the game

Also, you don't have to fight all the time

You can trade or success in politics, make an alliance with others, make historical discoveries and so on!

Download Rise of civilizations using my link in the description

and choose your way to make a civilization great

Today, guys, as you probably guessed, I want to make a fountain out of something,

that I've never used before, which is a maple syrup, to be exact!

There it is guys, look, I have three bottles of this syrup!

Do you know what maple syrup is?

Actually, it's the most popular treat in Canada and USA

Do you know how they do it?

They take this syrup and pour it on top of pancakes!

It's thought to be the most delisious thing in the world!

This exact syrup - Anderson's, is made in USA, you can see it here

Pure maple syrup!

Pure and natural, as they say!

Well, my english leaves a lot to be...

Everything here is written in english and it can't be bought in my country,

so I had to go online to purchase it

I guess people just buy things in another country and ship them here

Look how thick it is, looks a bit similar to honey, but not that thick

You know, I tried maple syrup once in my life

and I enjoyed it so much! It's really is a very tasty thing!

Do you know how it's made?

First of all, a maple sap is collected,

you can see it here: maple leave, bucket and a drop

So, it's done the same way as we collect a birch sap

A hole is drilled, sap is collected, then it's bolied and you're left with a syrup

Do you imagine this?

It takes 40 litres of sap to make 1 litre of syrup!

This bottle contains 355 ml, which means that I have 1L of syrup total

so to make these 3 bottles, 40 litres of sap had to be boiled! Amazing!

Also, it's price is quite high, these 3 bottles cost me $36

which equals to 2500 RUR

I'm a bit concerned of it's density

What if it's not thick enough?

The fountain will only work with dense products, like melted chocolate or condenced milk or honey...

It might be that the fountain won't work with this syrup

That would be a fail! In this case, I will throw away $36 just for nothing,

because it can't be used afterwards, it will go bad

That's why I made some pancakes!

Look, guys, I made them myself! So delisious!

Press thumbs up button if you want one!

Now I'll eat them and remember how pancakes with syrup taste like

I don't want to mess the syrup without first tasting it

Well, I would've tasted it anyway, I just want to make it more appealing and pour the syrup out of the bottle

Wow, look at this syrup flow

A bit too much

I still need to save it for the fountain

Umm, guys, the taste is...


If you've never tried maple syrup before, then deffinitely go for it!

Oops, as always, made a mess

Fine, let me have a bite...

Guys, this...

this is so delisious!

The taste is so unusual and unique

Commercial break...

Guys, this is very tasty!

If you've never tried it before, then...

then deffinitelty do it. Buy at least a small jar of this syrup in she shop

and taste it. I 100% guarantee you will like it!

There is no such person who wouldn't like this unique and delisious taste

So yummy!

Fine, guys, enough talking, let's pour the syrup into the fountain to find out...

whether it's going to work or not

Let's go!

First one's done!

Look, it almost covered the bottom

I think that two bottles will be enough and I can save the third one

Check out how it flows...

Well, actually, looks a bit too liquid

Creepy, what if it's not gonna work?

Anyways, let's turn it on!

Come on, please!

The fountain is working! Weakly and only on one side, but still!

You know, I think the fountain is not standing straight

I need to twist the legs to make it level

After that is must flow in all directions

Exactly! I leveled it out and now the syrup flows evenly on all sides

Of cource, if syrup had been thicker, the fountain would have been looked way better

Do you remember the honey fountain?

It looked amazing! Thick, massive, just beautiful!

This one is not that massive, but it's still working, which is great, guys!

By the way, it has a Coca-Cola color, right?

Just as dark

But the fountain won't work with Coca-Cola as it's too liquid

Actually, it turned out great, look at these tiny trickles, they look awesome, right?

Now it's time to have a delisious meal with pancakes

By the way, guys, what will happen if I give maple syrup to fellah ants?

Let's give them a drop of it!

Will they drink it?

I added a few drops to a bowl and began waiting

One ant that was crawling around didn't want to taste it

But when I was about to turn off the camera...

Suddenly, another ant appeared!

It started drinking the syrup, which is not surprising

I would've started drinking it too

All in all, it's a natural product

No preservatives, so I think they will only benefit from it

Finally, an ant drank enough, it's belly got bigger and it went back stagerring

So, guys, this experiment is a success!

The fountain works, maybe it's not that impressive as it was with honey, but still looks beautiful

And I'm happy there is one extra bottle left

I will definitely use it sparingly

Also, we fed ants with this syrup!

That'a also great!

So, that was it for today's video, hope yo liked it

Give thumbs up, write you comments and subscribe, if you haven't already

Bye bye!

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