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Ag teachers wear a lot of hats and I love that about ag teachers because we are able to 0:00:21.970,0:00:28.910 influence so many different people on so many different levels

I that makes our jobs really important

whether it's skills used in the greenhouse or skills working with animals

you know these are all a career really related

but by incorporating the three circles SAE, FFA, and Classroom instruction

you are able to see the students grow and become model citizens

so not only do we teach career skills but we teach life skills

I think agriculture teachers are a special breed

I think we have always been kind of called that by our students maybe because our students see us as a different teacher

Everyday it's what I want to do

it's it's what I like to do

is to teach students to impart knowledge to see them achieve their goals


But I think an ag teacher goes above and beyond and spends countless hours

with these students and they

become a mentor, a teacher, a friend


The diversity in agriculture you can specialize

if its plant science, animal science, agribusiness landscape management natural resources to

ag med

and it's everything from production to agriscience

and it's a world of opportunity

some of the classes that an ag teacher may teach on

any given day

may be some sort of ag mechanicas 0:02:09.740,0:02:16.009 or an animal genetics class or a plant science class an ag leadership class

were we can incorporate a little bit of science

and shop and construction and trades

Hands on activities are done in my class compared to traditional teaching

we are

in such a dramatic time of need for agriculture educators but also for agricultural students

going into the agriculture profession we need new students with new energy

excited and well versed in ag education in the background to lead our nation forward

We need the best people that we can get

to become teachers because there's such a shortage all over the country


there's great opportunities and at various levels whether a person wants to teach at the high

school level or community college at the university of become a teacher educator whatever

it happens to be

%uh there are tremendous opportunities

today there are approximately eighty-two hundred high school and middle school agricultural

education programs

employeeing about twelve thousand ag teachers in all fifty states and for puerto rico

these programs prepare students for success by helping them develop leadership skills

teaching them high level academic concepts and by giving them the tools they need for

the next phase of their lives

even with the thousands of a teacher's currently employ

they're still aren't enough

so all the jobs that are available

every year programs calls because it can find a qualified a teacher

they're also opportunities to start new programs especially in urban areas that go unfufilled again


they're simply aren't enough qualified teachers to keep up with demand

I have been doing this twenty eight years

everyday I enjoy going to work

everyday I enjoy seeing my students

every day

everyday it's a challenge

but I would not do anything else

I am an agricultural educator by choice and not by chance

I believe in American agriculture

I dedicated my life towards development

and the advancements of its people

I will strive to set before my students by my actions to the highest standards of


for the community state

and nation

there's not another profession like it

come join us

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