Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [INSIDE SEVENTEEN] 호시 가이드와 함께한 워킹 투어 in NY (Walking Tour in NY with Guide Hoshi)

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[In front of Central Park]

[Jeonghan & Hoshi & DK & Dino on a walking tour]

[#today's concept] This is a vlog so just think there's no camera here

I'm already thinking there's none

[Jeonghan-fficial] -DK tends to always care about his image even when walking around -No I don't... what, there's no image making

[Strongly denying]

[#a quick switch in attitude] Do we seem a bit like new yorkers?

What was that?

[Embarrassed] Do people in New York say hello to strangers?

I think it's my first time coming to New York in winter

[(After their last visit in summer last year) Visiting again after in about half a year] It was always in summer or fall, I think?

Winter in New York is a bit chilly

[Cracking up because of 'Hi' and DK] No really, I wasn't about to do anything!

[Two performance members not caring much about them quarreling and enjoy the scenery] -I was laughing because that was funny! -It's really chilly! The branches are like..

-No but because it's winter of course.. it is chilly -That's right

[Selfie time stops their quarrel] -We've never been in New York in the winter so it feels chilly.. -One two three!

Hoshi always sends us the pictures

Jeonghan hyung doesn't

even when it's my photo taken

He says to me, 'Hoshi! Go over there!', and takes pictures with his camera

[(Photographer only) Forever kept in his film] -But he never sends it to me.. says he keeps those to himself -Yeah I just keep them alone

I look when I miss Hoshi..

-Should we take a photo there? -Oh good good!

Let's sit there and take one together!

This here seems like our backyard

[#Dino's daily pic #Not a backyard but #Central park

Can you take one for me too?

[#DK's daily pic #218 points for the vibe]

[Hoshi becomes lonely when they have free time]

I feel so good

We were a lot busy back in Korea

[#Hoshi enjoying his spare time] and it's good to take a day off like this and take a walk

[Walking for a long time in the large scale Central Park through the winter wind]

-The park is cold.. -Another squirrel there!

[Easy to see squirrels in the park] Is this an American squirrel?

[Hi, squirrel!] -There are about 4 types of squirrels -Ah really?

[Busy taking photos] I should've worn a padded jumper

DK said to not wear a padded jumper and, instead, give off a New York kind of feeling

so he let me borrow his mustang coat but it's really cold

Which one is Hoshi~?

[Don't know whether he's taking a picture of Hoshi or the squirrel]



[A frozen dinosaur..?]

[Trying to have a conversation]

And I start to fumble with him..R

Where do you want to go?

From now, Hoshi is the navigation and I'll follow his steps

Hoshi hyung, where should we go?

-Wherever our feet take us.. -Oh awesome

[In this moment]

[everywhere would be a paradise with you]

[#tragedy of the four] -Where is the end of the park? -Exactly.. I want to get out

It'd be good to get out by teleporting

[Had the option of getting in as you please but not when getting out / No way getting out in Central Park] Ah really? Do we have go back?

-It hurts.. -Why?

-Because of my shoes -Did you not switch to your long socks?

[Saw blood by playing cool] What, you're bleeding?

These shoes weren't like this before though..

Even when bleeding.. fashionistar Kwon Hoshi considers how to play cool

[#Suggestion from an injured] Should we just skate?

[Almost gave up in getting out of the park] -Everyone... Let's skate! -Are you really going to?

[#Today's navigation] We said we'd follow Hoshi

Whatever you decided to do, I'll follow you

[The reason behind Hoshi becoming their navigation] A minute ago, Hoshi said in a very sorrowful way..

[Sorrowful hamster said] 'Ah I want to travel freely like this..'

[Jeonghan's declaration to support Hoshi forever / Do whatever you want to do, Hoshi] 'I will then support your free soul. I'll follow wherever you go!' is what I told him, and so we're carrying that out now.

[Hoshi's dream comes true / The next quest after the walking tour is finding a restaurant]

[Planning to buy a crepe and share it before going on this long journey]

Maple syrup looks good as well. Maple and strawberry?

I recommend.. eating one with Nutella!

[Ordering without hesitation]

Oh Hoshi, you're good at English!

[Next order : discount, please]

[Last job being a bargaining king] Try saying 'please give us a discount this much~'

[Dino not knowing the history of 'Mahal] Dino was sick again, everyone

You didn't see that?

We went there and tried to make a discount..

Let's go. This seems a bit like Buchimgae (Korean pancake)

[Crepe with a visual of Buchimgae] Jeonghan hyung.. should we try? Dino, try it.

[First bite for the youngest] -How is it? -Is it hot?

[Mmm delicious!]

[Best part in crepe is the middle] -You ate the most tasteless part though... -You need to eat the inner part first

It's good when you eat a lot at once. Try it

[Yum yum]

Oh, Hoshi just ate the whole banana

[Was surprised at its first sight but tastes good] Good good..

Do you know why I'm walking like this, everyone?

Because my ear is freezing

You know you get a headache when your ear is too cold?

So I'm walking like this

[Choosing earmuffs to prevent headache]

How is it?

Is it okay?

Hoshi, does this look okay?

[Hoshi's style] What color should I get?

[Recommending white] White?

This, Hoshi?

[Rejected] Ah, think black is better?

[Bargaining King looking at DK who is shopping for a beanie]

[Providing a discount price]

Tell him to make it 10 dollars

[Trying to bargain]


[No giving up for him]

[Successfully 'bargained' and got a 7 dollar discount]

New York beanie! I'm in New York so I should wear a New York beanie

[Hoshi navigation at work, looking for a restaurant at the center of New York]

[DK's choice for today's dinner menu is either pizza or steak]

[But no restaurant at sight to be found]

We took the wrong way

There's one! A restaurant over there..

Restaurant restaurant!

Wait, are we going there by just seeing that?

[A sign caught at Jeonghan's radar] Let's just take a look at that one..

-Wouldn't there be restaurants at this way? -Yeah yeah I bet

It would be better than here. There's nothing here..

-Hoshi, is this place not it? -That's a bit..

Not here? Okay

[His back somewhat in a low spirit] Hyung, there's a cafe!

[Hoshi almost floating on ground] Seems to be more coming out now

DK, where should we go?

-No, you should.. -Let's go to Starbucks

[Was planning to search as they drink coffee but full of people]

Do we go or not?

Let's not!

[Starving as they were trying to make Hoshi's dream come true]

This is the merit behind travelling freely

I don't get that merit though..

Up until now, it was a journey without any plans

but it became too cold so we should better do some planning

[Thank goodness he bought earmuffs] If I didn't have these earmuffs..

[Decided not to act as a navigation from now on / Going to a pizza place with the help from a portal site] -Ah it's close? -We make a right turn at the third block

[Finally arrived at the restaurant full of tasty-looking pizzas]

Hoshi hyung, eat!

-Delicious~ -It's a bit sour and that makes it good

[Pizzas disappearing at the blink of an eye to everyone's stomach]

If I lived in America, I would've become really fat

Yeah, you really like these stuff

[Perfect for DK's taste] -It suites your taste? Really? -Yes

-I've never ordered a pizza by myself so far.. -Really?

Eating pizza by yourself is not bad. I did that often at midnight

I've never ordered one as a meal

I've had chicken but..

[Honest at having pizza alone] -You really order those small pizzas a lot -Foods like pizza chicken set are really good, too

[A total Korean taste] -For me, spicy soup.. Strong soybean paste.. -Hyung is more of a Korean food type.. with rice

[Additionally ordered pasta as well] Let's try!

[Listening to a memorable song while eating]

-What was this song again? -It's a song that Mingyu and I choreographed

-I practiced singing this song -I've heard it a lot somewhere

This song was ranked as the number one song in Billboard when we debuted

-Ah this was the Billboard number one song? -It was in the 2014 or 2015

Wow this song was from the year we debuted

-Jason Deruo -Ah right right

[Making a nose wink] Know this, hyung? The one we practiced..

I was so nervous at the trainee evaluation

[Gradually absorbed into old memories] -Yes, I was so nervous.. -We also had a lot of things to do. We took lessons and went to school..

After we got back from school, we practiced dancing everyday for 4 hours

There was a time when I said I was going to the bathroom but I went to eat sunji soup with Hoshi hyung instead.. I ate that in 10 minutes

[#Eating meat was also possible] We also went to eat grilled pork and came back after that

[In shock] -Where? -Hey, where could you eat grilled pork?

-They sold grilled pork at the same restaurant that we ate sunji soup -Ah right right

-Did you go at that time as well, hyung? -Yes!

-Tracing back to when we were trainees, I remember the winter season the most -Me too! Winter for me as well!

You remember we went out and played with snow when we were cleaning up in the winter?

Was I in a different company?

[Cracking up] -How can you not remember this? -Ah I do, I do remember

[From looking back at the past when being together to memories that could have been lost]

[Accumulated the memories of January 2020 / End of SEVENTEEN's happy walking tour by being together]

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