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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jake Gyllenhaal Visits For the First Time, And Raves About Rach’s Green Room Food | Rachael Ray Show

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I'm excited about every one of our shows,

but I have to tell you guys a little story.

Over a decade now, 12 years ago,

almost 2000 episodes ago,

I invited our first guest today

to come to our show because I was such a huge fan.

I was telling this person backstage

that for me there's actors,

and there's people that are so capable

of becoming another person,

you never think of them as acting.

That's why I invited this person here.

Their schedule changed.

They couldn't make it.

In all of those 2000 episodes,

I think it may be the only person

who ever sent me flowers because they couldn't.


I know. And I love knowing that,

because it says so much about,

you know when you admire someone for their talents

you want to imagine

that they're really decent, lovely people,

and that said volumes.

But, we have been waiting a decade, and more,

please welcome Jake Gyllenhaal.

(applause and screaming)

What's up?

I know.

I finally made it.

Took me 12 years.

I've been running here for 12 years.

And I finally got here.

You look great!

Man you jogged at a really nice pace there.

I don't sweat, I don't sweat.

Thank God.

By the way, I have to say,

thank you so much for all that incredible food backstage.

It's so incredible.

She cooked me...

She cooked me herself all this incredible food.

I did come in a little early today.

You know, we have a wonderful staff.

They're so talented, all these great young chefs

and they have fun taking turns

making all of our green room food for our guests,

cause it's like they get

to have their own little restaurant.

No way I wasn't cooking for him.


I kind of muscled my way in there this morning.

Did you like it?

Was it okay?

It was incredible.

I didn't have enough, it was like they called me right out

and I was like give me five more minutes.

And they were like, they need you now, now!

We're pretty easy going here.

Those deviled eggs, those Caesar...

Those Caesar deviled eggs are good right?

They're fantastic, so good.

The Beet Orangini.

Incredible, but I've ate too many of those,

I'd fall asleep and I wouldn't be able to come out.

I know, right?

A little food coma belly.

A food coma, yeah.

So, you're a foodie, right?


Do you cook or do you just like to eat out?

I do both, yeah.

I like to do both.

What do you like to cook?

Guys I find, before you answer,

guys can usually say they know breakfast,

and they like to grill,

cause they want whoever to stay over,

and grilling involves fire,

and you smell sexy, like you smell like the grill

and all that.


I don't really cook anything specific.

I feel like if you don't really cook you have a specialty.

Someone's like, oh I cook really good grilled cheese.

But if you love to cook, you just love to cook.

I love fresh ingredients,

and I love cooking with whatever I can,

that's sort of how I cook.

I like that too.

I like kind of mystery box.

I've got milk and Starbursts, I going to make soup.


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