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Food security is one of the greatest issues impacting the humanities future

fortunately there are revolutionary ideas and innovations in indoor farming

that are occurring these businesses offer incredible hope

one of these businesses box screens is introducing urban farming to South Florida

Bold Business interviewed Lisa Merkle their co-founder at the Synapse Summit

My name is Lisa Merkle and Co-founder of Box Greens Hydroponic Container Farming

down in Miami Florida.

Box Greens is creating a product that is delicious and

nutritious it's in a contained environment. When it comes to indoor

farming a number of options exist some indoor farming facilities still use soil

while others are adopting hydroponics or aerialponics

hydroponic indoor farming uses 90% less water than traditional farming

there's a long list of ways that hydroponic indoor farming

is friendlier for the environment. Although often taken

for granted by consumers in modern developed societies maintaining a

reliable food supply has always played a major role in the history of our species

Most of the lettuce we eat is grown in California and Arizona and then slowly

makes its way across where I live in Miami Florida and with that the impact

from transportation on the environment is huge so by creating box containers

that live in city centers and proximity to where people eat

using 90% less water right there those are two huge win wins

with the expanding presence of indoor farming businesses these trends will

continue to grow and their space-saving efficient and sustainable techniques for

tasty organic products are certainly attractive

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