Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Teacher Toolkit: Frayer Model (Secondary)

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EMILY ECKELKAMP: The Frayer model is a classic, I think

well known, vocabulary tool used as a graphic organizer.

I have it already printed out for you.

You don't have to draw it on your own.

You have four squares with a word inside.

It's set up as four squares.

You can place the vocabulary term or important concept in

the center.

And then they have four things that they have to

do with that word.

Typically, one of them is provide a definition that can

be given by the teacher or sought out in a book.

The other options are to use it in a sentence.

So having to put it into their own words, and use that

vocabulary term in a sentence.

Having a picture.

So again, having the students draw their

representation of that word.

Providing examples of that word, also providing

non-examples, or even having them describe characteristics

of that vocabulary term.

So these are the examples.

They can either be-- so when it's two letters, one is

coming from the mother.

One is coming from the father.

I like the Frayer model because it takes vocabulary

one step farther.

It's not just writing a definition, or hearing it, in

one ear and out the other.

It requires them to do something with the term or the

concept, and do the work in their own way.


The students like the Frayer model as a vocabulary tool.

Because it's a little bit more exciting than just copying

down what the teacher said, or copying down notes.

And it allows them to express their creativity using it in a

sentence, and drawing their own representation.


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