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next leadership and stepping back so this now is going from 1,500 to 3,000

properties so this is the point where you really do just step back and this is

where it takes over where you start getting a Board of Directors together

where you start letting go of the management so you should have like a

finance director you should probably have somebody who's like a sales

marketing director someone who's in charge of compliance an operations

director so you're starting to build a real core senior team here so that you

can let go why because at 3,000 properties compliance is very important

financial control is very important security and data is very important so

at that point you've got to be looking someone's got to be focused on those

individual elements to make sure your business is safe

and this is again as I

say right from the beginning it's Jeff Bezos who actually says not Jeff Bezos

Jack Mar actually from Alibaba he says don't employ the right person employ the

best person and it's absolutely right just because someone's got the right CV and

they look like they're fit for the job the best person is probably already in

your business

but have you developed them?

because you can't get to this point

and then say I want you to be a director of my business now it's all right?

Where do you start developing them?

it's got to be back here would you agree guys so

what could you share with them here to get them ready for that

what could you start to share with them?

The plan the vision the goal the

reason why.

Some responsibilities so you could take them up the levels of

responsibilities slowly you're responsible for this team responsible

for this number yes you could build up their responsibilities brilliant what else?

Some of the rewards you could

share some of the rewards profit share things like that make them focus on the

benefits make them focus on the profits yeah

what else?

what about sharing the numbers?

start sharing the numbers of what makes this

business tick

so oh look it's really interesting and because we haven't done

20 lets this month look what's happened to our overall property stock and how

that's gone down you say to make this business grow we need to do this and

these are the numbers that are needed to be up and look at the price per deal if

that dropped just by 10 percent that's 10 percent profit margin gone done look

how that works and start sharing the numbers with them and what makes your

business tick

we share the numbers with every single

one of our staff every week they get a branch performance report with all the

numbers on there they understand their numbers and how their numbers make the

Machine tick and they understand that if they don't do the right amount of

listings the whole business falls apart if they don't do the right round of

viewings and negs the business falls apart they understand the importance of

every single number in that business

and then when they get to the manager level

it's their responsibility to collate all these numbers etc so do you get where I'm

going with it yeah? So start of thinking what can you share at this point to get

them ready for that

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