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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What I Eat In A Day As A Doctor Ft. Bear | Doctor Mike

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- Good morning, folks.

I just decided that I want to do another

What I Eat in a Day video.

I thought about the one I did two years ago

and a lot has changed, not only in my routine,

but also in my YouTube videos.

That one was just so cringe-y. to be utilized throughout the day...

Ah, so I'm going to take you through

what I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner,

and everything in between,

with the help of my partner, Lifesum,

who is going to help me track my calories,

macro nutrients, micro nutrients, all that good stuff.

Are you ready to come along for the ride?

Gimme five, oh you missed it, one more time.

No this hand, this one, gimme five, yeah!

My breakfast has changed a little bit since my last video.

So let me show you what I eat for breakfast nowadays.

This is my breakfast.

Lately, I haven't been eating breakfast.

I've become a huge fan of intermittent fasting

where I have 14 to 16 hours since my last meal.

Like right now I'm about to go on national television.

I have to be super sharp, talk about CBD,

kind of interesting.

If you guys want to hear more about CBD,

drop it down below in the comments.

I'm going to go on TV without eating anything.

I feel sharper; I feel more engaged.

This is consistent with some of the leading research

that's showing intermittent fasting can be a good idea.

Now it's not right for everybody,

and I don't recommend you start it without

chatting with a doctor first,

but it certainly works for me.

I need a little caffeine kick

but I'm not a huge fan of overdoing it.

I drink my magic sauce, and that's green tea.

- [Astronaut Voice] Ignition sequence start:

six, five, four, three, two, one, zero.

All engines running.

- Now my fresh cup of tea is ready to go.

As I told you in my hot tea video,

you don't want to drink anything

that's above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

So I do let it chill for a little bit

before I take a sip.

It gives me a nice little boost with a tiny bit of caffeine

instead of that caffeine kick that I get

if I'm drinking a cup of coffee.

I need that sometimes, but not most mornings.

Especially when I'm going on television,

I don't want to look crazy.

(voice playback at high speed)

All right I got this yummy bowl of steak,

sweet potatoes, broccoli.

Over here I got my avocado toast with some sriracha flakes.

This bowl is a go-to bowl for me.

It has protein; It has complex carbohydrates,

anti-oxidants from the broccoli.

And on top of it, it has romesco sauce:

olive oil, healthy fats.

You know they say you are what you eat.

I guess I must be nutritious.

I'm going to pull up my Lifesum app here

and enter what I ate.

Muti-grain...if I can spell...toast,

guacamole, single potato, steak: grass fed.

So for lunch I've already had 773 calories,

which is really close to my 800 goal.

The only thing is, my sodium is quite high.

That's because I'm eating out.

There's a lot of sauces, there's a lot of sodium in there.

I'm going to cut myself a break on this one meal

and go 200mg over.

So you may have noticed, Bear is wearing

his in-training jacket.

The biggest reason he needs that jacket,

is just so inconsiderate dog owners

don't let their dogs just run up to him,

because some people think that all dogs

should just be playing while they're on leash.

That is not the case.

Dogs need to respect other dogs' space

and that's part of teaching your dog proper etiquette.

That's how you train a pup.

Now a lot of you may not know this,

but I'm pretty good at basketball.

Making it rain...Dr. J!

I've told you before that I like doing

all different types of activities to stay fit.

Basketball is one of them.

If I can't find game, I'm just going to go ahead

and just dribble by myself.

You know, I could play one-on-one-on-one-on-one,

which is with my imaginary self.

Banks open on Tuesdays, folks.

All right, I'm about to grab my favorite

post-workout snack, it may surprise you.

Not a huge fan of post-workout shakes

because they make me feel bloated.

So I get some berries and mango.

This is like really good fiber, sugars,

to get that insulin kick after your workout.

And then the magic sauce, boiled whole eggs.

A lot of people don't like these,

'cause they think they're tasteless.

I think they're delicious.

Then, because I need some electrolytes to refuel,

I'm gonna get some pink Himalayan salt here.

Dip, get a little bit of salt on there, just a pinch.

A lot of people say, oh I don't like it

without ketchup and mayo.

Look, if you need a dab of ketchup or a dab of mayo

to make a healthy meal appetizing, make it happen.

Just don't throw in a whole three tablespoons of mayo

and expect that meal to still be healthy.

Now, I go into my favorite part.

Blueberries, one of the most antioxidant rich

berries out there, one of the best fruits to eat.

Hard boiled egg, blueberries, strawberries,

and then last but not least mango.

Here's our stats: 334 calories, 17 grams of protein,

31 grams of carbs, 16 grams of fat, 160mg of sodium.

Now the sodium might be a little bit higher

'cause I did sprinkle a little bit on my eggs,

but I think that's pretty negligible at this point.

Now it's time for me take a shower,

kick back, relax a little bit with Bear,

maybe a little Netflix and chill if you know what I mean.

Who Netflix's and chills with their dog?

He loves to wrestle.

Look at him, he just collapses.

I'm going to enjoy myself a Greek salad

with grilled chicken.

Greek salad is the way to go.

You're getting tomatoes, cucumbers, olives,

all power vegetables.

You got your grilled chicken, clean source of protein.

A little olive oil and vinegar,

just for the extra little taste kick.

After a long day, filming, hanging out with Bear,

doing TV, this is a nice thing to come home to.

And I'm gonna say, this is roughly 8 ounces of chicken,

a small avocado, half a tomato, 1 ounce of olive oil.

There was a little feta in here, feta, feta.

We got 829 calories in this meal.

71 grams of protein, 22 carbs, 54 grams of fat,

all healthy fat, sodium 1216 which is under

what I'm supposed to be eating for this meal.

And this is a perfect dinner for me,

at least for my goals.

Look at that feta, yum.

For those of you who have not lived in Manhattan,

storage comes at a premium.

So when I get a lot of groceries,

I have to store them in, of all places,

in my dishwasher.

And I know that's really funny to say,

but I don't use the dishwasher a lot.

I order out a lot and if I'm washing dishes

I can just do 'em by hand in the dishwash...

In the dishwasher? No, in the sink.

What I do use it for is for storing my nuts.

I love nuts; I'm actually not joking I really do love nuts.

That's about half a cup.

I feel like you guys are going to be

judging me so hard for using my dishwasher.

Look, my dishwasher is confused already.

It turned on because it's like, is it time?

No, it's not time.

There's groceries inside here, don't wash them.

Healthy fats galore here.

Even a little bit of protein to finish off my day.

What I want you do understand from watching me today,

having my final snack here,

this is what I ate today.

It's not what I eat everyday.

That's an important distinction.

And one of the most important distinctions,

is that this diet that I follow,

this specific eating plan that I follow,

is not for everybody.

Now it's what works for me; it's what I'm eating right now.

That may change, but again nutrition

has to be individualized.

It's different for person A, for person B,

and even person C.

I bet you didn't expect I was throwing person C in there.

Bear likes hanging out with me

while I eat nuts, because obviously bears love nuts.

I actually don't know if that's a thing.

I'm 49 calories over, which means that

I'm right in the right spot for calories.

I under ate my protein just a little bit,

but I over ate fats.

That's going to happen on a day to day variance.

Remember, this is what I eat in a day today,

not what I eat everyday.

There's going to be some variation.

A really simple take away for you:

decrease the refined sugars, decrease the processed foods,

and increase the fruits and vegetables

and plants in your diet, as well as those proteins,

'cause that's how you stay happy and healthy.

And speaking of happy and healthy,

as always, Bear do you want to do it?

As always, stay happy and healthy, coming from Bear.

And check out this video.

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