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Do you see a little No Japanese make cookie on the sailboat?

Think about that

Welcome to Nomad Citizen. This is Marvin. I'm Dany and here's baby Tara

Our goal is to inspire you to dream

We will show you our healthy sailing lifestyle around the world

you're gonna see as in sports in very special places and

Of course our life on board as a normal family

So have fun

Welcome everyone. This is the second step of our journey

We are sailing out of Acts Harbor on this beautiful morning

Today's plan is to get as close as possible to the Spanish border and there's gonna be some wind

So Marvin prepare the boat and I'm taking care of babies are out

Good morning, everyone. I am we're office punch. I just wanted to show you

Because it's really wonderful

Well now may have suspenseful yeah cuckoo nuclear Palmilla for lover the powdered escameca when you walk down to

Examine your Pokemon Z illness or to let me pet you

Were on a competition, so he said like let's do 20 degrees and

The word is too too fast for me. I don't understand I don't do nothing and he do faster as I the competition but


This is a

Still continued in the joy of something newly learned

We find it important to continue going out of your comfort zone and sailing is just so out mind

The wind has disappeared, but we found a way to have fun all together

I'm always on the hunt for some new angles for our GoPro

And then charge' started

We arrived after less as the Sun went down it was a happy day

The captain was pretty tired cuz he did all the work around the boat with the sail

It's a little bit mean but I'm always making fun of him when he's exhausted like that

Babies are funny pretty funny

This wonderful day and then and since we were all exhausted we slept pretty well not knowing what was waiting for us the next day

When you wake up to this incredible sunshine in November, you know, it was all worth it

Marvin had to work for his societies as he continues his full-time job while we are sailing through life

So I took baby Terra to do one of her favorite activities riding a bike

You know Coolio Tommy I was arrested, you know, who was actually about 50 knowledge only do yeah, yeah

Yeah, cool. You found out Bobby my


Hickory ultimate so lightly

To do that porno sorbitol and exit to sir?

Would you step out you strong? It's all Kenny that wasn't an observant even the cocoa chocolate

Why are we going to call you? Let us show you?

Tarah is just so funny. She makes us laugh all the time. How would you know?

We are arriving to this amazing place

The reason is this is our very good friend, Jean hometown

And we wanted to honor our friendship with some nice videos

We chilled on a boat during the afternoon

Not even knowing what mind-blowing show was waiting for us

You might have not seen the beach but there were non many square meters for this helicopter to land

Incredible we saw the ambulance. So we hope everybody's fine

We decided to finish this day with a simple workout because we didn't have much space

metal cleans



Hi earth, hi everybody. Thanks for watching this episode. We have a problem, which is a carrot

Here at the end of this one, so yeah

We want to say thank you to our patrons who made this possible who made it possible for us to show you videos

I just wanted to tell you

What you didn't see in the first episode it was the last day we were

exhausted we bought our groceries I was

Putting everything in cars

Timing of the boat and Marvin when he went to get this

Accessory and to give back the car

That we had to one of her friends

And he came back to the boat

Nitrogens you yeah, we are we are accent

Never to learn English

Marvin is from

yes in South

In general, so it's near Madagascar. We hope we will see the

this ice alone in a few


It's our girl go to the rain Iceland we will after and you have origins from from

My grandfather come from French, Brittany

Is a pirate yes old-school ki raat you will see a my confessor Oh soon because we

You will future

And I'm from originally from Yugoslavia doesn't exist anymore. So Serbia, so don't play with

I don't know if you see but I do I Ansan City

Vegetable skirt which Cara it's me

I need to start

as fast as possible because she could

If any Japanese

We can work together with

Make some

some sushi

We love sushi, she look like she love Kurt visitor night, so I think

We can walk together do you see a little no Japanese make cookie on a sailboat?

Think about that

Yes for finish if you're starting to like us you can help us to continue by clicking on this

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