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- [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Jai Siddhatma, everyone,

this is Sadhvi Siddhali Shree here with my spiritual teacher

Acharya Shree Yogeesh.

Acharya Shree is a respected enlightened one

who has helped thousands of souls

progress on their spiritual path

and move towards liberation.

Welcome back to his podcast and thank you for tuning in.

Welcome back, Acharya Shree.

- Thank you.

- [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Always happy to and humbled

to be in your presence and learn from you.

- Thank you.

- [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] So to continue in the podcast episode,

last episode we were talking about

what are the symptoms of the real spiritual student

and the last time you said that it was devotion,

that's one of the main symptoms of being a real student.

So can you dive deeper into the other symptoms

of what you feel is a real student?

- Yeah, there are a few other symptoms.

A real student you can identify them very clearly.

The real student, they have a pure heart.

Pure heart means full of love,

full of compassion, full of devotion

and full of purity.

And purity doesn't come just to come.

It has to be innocence behind it.

'Til people are innocent, their heart is still polluted

Innocent people it's very difficult to find it.

Innocent doesn't mean ignorant people.

Innocent means like a child looking innocence kind of,

when you see the child looks like innocent, pure.

In that sense, the pure heart is required

to be the real student.

And if it goes up and down emotions,

heart cannot be full of emotions really

because emotions can go up and down.

It means they react, they go down, they go up,

like ripples, the high tides.

So that is polluted heart,

and polluted heart cannot take it.

The reality, the truth.

The other symptom of the real student is

many people they think

they have to have lot of knowledge.

It doesn't require knowledge, pure heart.

A baby doesn't have a knowledge yet.

Whatever it feels, whatever it experience, realize,

baby smiles, baby cries,

that has nothing to do with knowledge.

Knowledge is good in many ways

that your own intellectual level, intelligent,

your intellect works very well.

It means your instrument like the mind

is very well shaped and very well developed.

You can grasp the knowledge quickly, easily,

and very fast.

But those people not necessarily

they can be on spiritual path.

Most of scientist, they begin to think

they are very knowledgeable and intellectual level

and they are becoming more and more atheist.

Instead of becoming spiritual, they become atheist.

So it is not necessary knowledge can save you.

Knowledgeable person can be a student, cannot be a student.

But the person who says I know nothing,

I am like a fully unknown,

I don't know anything, I am just ignorant.

Other symptom I tell that they are like

a blank slate.

When person is fully blank slate, that is the real student

because now teacher whatever he wants to write on,

it will be written.

And that student will progress very quickly

because there is no way to compare.

Because if you have a lot of knowledge,

a teacher is telling you something,

you begin to compare in to your mind.

Mind can create a lot of trouble,

and knowledge can create a lot of trouble.

So it is better be without knowledge in that sense.

If you are begin to compare then you never going to learn

and it will go to your mind, everything.

The real student, they don't live in their head,

they live in their heart.

And they have a pure vision.

They're not polluted.

Who is really polluted, I can give you symptom too.

There is in Digambar sect, it's Jain sect.

They consider Acharya, his name is Kundakunda Acharya.

Strange name, KundaKunda.

Kunda means like not intelligent at all,

but his name is Kundakunda.

They call it Kundakunda, and Digambar they think

this is the most intellectual person on the earth.

He wrote in his book one,

Dansan bhattha bhattha.

Dansan bhattha na sijjhanti.

Siddhanti chariya bhattha

Dansan bhattha na sijjhanti.

He said that who is polluted, whose heart is polluted,

who is ... dansan bhattha.

Dansan means your vision,

your grasping power.

You have a vision, not this vision--your eyes.

Your right understanding.

When you have a right vision to go on the path,

to go on the straight path.

It means your vision is not polluted, you know it.

Your knowing is not polluted.

When your knowing is not polluted,

you have a really right vision.

So if you have a right vision, you are not polluted.

But if you don't have right vision,

you are just depend on what other people says.

So that you are polluted.

Because you don't have your own vision.

If the student, if that student doesn't have

his or her own vision it means it is not a real student.

KundaKunda said that this is a possibility

that chariya bhattha sijjhanti.

That the person who is polluted by character,

by conduct, is a possibility that person can change,

can improve his or her own conduct,

or his or her own behavior, or his or her own character.

Is a possibility that person can be


means can cross the ocean of suffering.

Is a possibility but dansan bhattha na sijjhanti,

that who's polluted by the vision

never going to be liberated.

So the right vision is very important for the student.

If they don't have right vision,

they don't know where to go.

They get trapped into the fake teachers, mostly,

because they don't have their own right vision.

They may be full of knowledge, but not right vision.

Right vision is lacking, everything is lacking.

So the right vision is first thing,

not right knowing even.

Knowledge is not first thing, knowledge maybe secondary.

But if it's your right vision,

right vision will take you out of pollution

and your heart become too pure.

Your heart becomes, and the student become real innocent.

Real purity enter into their heart

when the vision is right.

So the vision is the very important.

If people are not visionary, they don't know what to do.

And that's what I mention also,

knowledge is not required much.

Vision is required.

Not knowing anything, not reading any books,

not collecting lot of billions of information

that person has possibility to still be liberated

and on the spiritual path and it happened in the past.

It happen the present, it will happen in the future too.

I give an example.

One person it is not more than 100 years,

within 100 years it really happen.

One man he came to a monk

and he said I want to be a monk,

and I'm ready for it, I am ready to renounce everything,

I am ready to burn my house,

I'm ready to detach.

He said okay.

The teacher, he initiated him.

He became a monk and teacher tried to give him lesson.

In the morning he gives, in the evening he forgets.

He teaches, he try to teach him little discipline,

he forget everything what he teaches.

He tried six month, one year, to teach him but he forgets.

It doesn't mean he doesn't want to put efforts in it.

He was putting efforts but somehow it doesn't stay with him,

his memory.

And finally he ask the teacher, can you please

give me something, technique, which I can be liberated?

I am a real student, I am a real seeker.

But I don't know how to do it.

I cannot memorize things.

The teacher was very simple.

He said, "Hey simplest way is, why don't you start sweeping

this place?

This is the broom, it doesn't hurt the bugs,

it doesn't hurt any living thing and you can start sweeping."

And he start sweeping, he followed the teacher said was,

day and night whenever he's awake he just sweep, sweep.

People come, he sweeps.

Any monks comes there, the whole monastery he sweeps.

He doesn't do anything, he sweeps and all of his time

goes to sweeping.

Sweeping the floor, sweeping the place.

Because in those days, floors were not concrete that much.

They were more

like more dirty kind of dust.

So he used to speak, he used to sweep all the time,

all the time.

One month, two month, six month here, two year, few years.

Sweeping sweeping, now he begin to see

that there are lot of living being crawling on the ground,

crawling on the floor where people are walking.

And he tells, "Please, this side, this side."

And they said well there is, we don't see anything.

He begin to see, and when his teacher didn't see it.

Even the advanced technology didn't see it.

He begin to see he went too much deep into sweeping.

He sweep all of his karma.

That's what called right vision.

He didn't know anything, he cannot memorize anything.

No scriptures are needed on the spiritual path.

If you have a right vision, if you have a pure heart,

and if you are ready for it and you are like a blank slate

you are real student.

And what happen after that.

As soon as he sees everywhere living being,

his teacher was coming one day.

It was at night.

Even though he was sweeping to walk, to go in the dark,

he said but can you go this side?

But I sweep it, even you sweep you are still

lot of living being there.

And there are hundreds.

He say, how do you see in the dark?

Did you have anything happen to you?

He got enlightened by sweeping

and there was no knowledge in his mind.

It didn't require knowledge.

When you intensively go deep into your innocence,

in your heart, into your purity, you can burn,

you can sweep, mountain-like karma.

And karma is dark, which is blocking you.

As soon as that is gone, that is swept away

and you get enlightened.

The teacher still not enlightened, but this innocent,

pure right vision person got enlightened.

So it is so many examples I can give.

But everything goes to your pure heart.

If you are pure, innocent, and you have right vision

I can guarantee you those are the symptoms,

strong symptom you are a real student.

- [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Acharya Shree, you're talking about purity

of the heart and becoming innocent

and it seems pretty easy by words.

But what are the difficulties a real student

will experience to purify their heart?

What are examples of impurities of the heart because

it sounds nice but it seems very difficult to achieve.

- Yeah, the impurities of the heart are emotions.

People are full of emotions.

Like anger, suppose, anger is an emotion.

Anger is an emotion, and love, what people call.

That it is love, I love this person, I love this animal.

This is emotion.

If something happened to that animal, you begin to cry.

Crying comes through the emotion.

Otherwise crying doesn't come.

The emotions, they are like kshayas,

like anger, ego,

and like deceitfulness, greediness.

Or there is hate, jealousy, violence, negativity.

This is all emotions, they pollute the heart

and these are all impurities.

What you have to do, you need a little soap to clean them.

The soap of the samyam,

means discipline.

If you discipline, if you know that you need

to wake up four o'clock.

No matter what happen, you wake up four o'clock.

That's what you need to do.

So that is the way people begin to think

that they are washing their impurities

and when the impurities are washed,

the pure heart is already there.

Just we need to wash it, that pollution

like we wash our clothes, we wash our face,

we wash our body.

Same way we can wash those pollution

which is dormant into your heart full of emotions,

full of anger, full of jealousy, hate, negativity, violence,

and whatever lower qualities you can count.

There are hundreds of it.

So those things you need to wash them.

You need soap, the soap is a samyama.

and the samyama will wash it fully

and clean you and your heart will be again pure.

- [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] And the person to get the soap from

is from the master, right?

- Yeah, I always sell the soap.

Soap of samyama,

soap of tapa also.

Tapa is another one

is austerity or tapasya

a kind of fasting, and meditation, that kind of soap.

I always sell, I am a seller,

good seller.

- [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Oh my, goodness.

What do you think when you see

the students in front of you and they're trying

to achieve purity of heart and devotion and all of these

and become the real student.

In your opinion, what's the number one thing

that continues to block them?

The number one thing.

- Number one thing is I still say vision.

Their vision is not right yet.

They have no way where to go.

Someone has to guide it,

they're lacking in their life, guidance.

If there is no guidance,

you cannot straighten out their vision.

- [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] And what's the reason for lacking vision?

- Lacking vision is because they are

into their head too much.

And when they are into too much their head,

they have this tendency to compare

himself or herself that how high, how qualified,

how this and that I am.

So that is a real blockages.

And those blockages they don't let the person

go down from head to heart.

- [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Thank you, Acharya Shree.

And I know there's several symptoms of a real student

so we'll continue in this podcast series

so this way you can dive deeper into it.

So, Mathen Vandami, Acharya Shree

and thank you again to everyone that's joining us

for our podcast.

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- Thank you.

Jai Siddhatma.

Jai Siddhatma.

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