Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Overwatch Cinematic Trailer - Heroes Return

Difficulty: 0

Bring back Overwatch...

What's the point?

Would have been better to let this all go

We ended the omnic crisis and paved the way to a better future

Those were the good old days

They didn't last

Bad guys popped up all over the world

Lots of folks said we failed to keep the world safe

Recalling Overwatch agents to active duty comes with great risk

The Petras Act clearly states any Overwatch activity is deemed illegal and punishable by prosecution

I know!

That's the way the world is

*creepy evil laugh*

The enemy is out there...


and getting stronger

It was only to be expected

They're going to throw everything they have at us, but it won't be enough

Find their weakness

If we are to progress we must claim the objective

Winston! He's going to have all agents' locations!

You can't see me but I know you're there

Your soul is mine!

Right or wrong, I'm going to finish this war

I have been called...

I must answer

You didn't think I'd forget about you?

The reckoning draws near

Bring. It. On!

The people decided they were better off without us

But look around!

We have to do something!

The world needs us now

More than ever

Welcome back, Partner


I'll put an end to your sad story

The Description of Overwatch Cinematic Trailer - Heroes Return