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Well then, let's go!

Where are we going to?

Haven't you read the handbook for the school trip?

Ah, that's right. You just passed it to me yesterday.

So you really haven't read it.

It will be all right since you have read it.

Yes, I'll lead the way. I'm really looking forward to this... Look!

Manami took out a really worn "Handbook on the school trip".

Which year did you get that from?

This year.

It seems like you have read it too many times!

That's because I'm really looking forward to, ehehe...

I wonder how many years it has been ever since I went on a trip with Kyou-chan?

It has been at least three years since the one during junior high school.

It'll be a headache if she were to speak about it, since it'll be like 20 years hasn't passed.

It's free time for individual groups now.

Oh yeah, I think the class representative did mention about this just now.

...Then, who are the members in this group?

...I wonder who will they be?

I do remember I'm in the same group with Manami...

Probably includes Akagi as well... how many more should there be?

The others have left already.

Why is that so?

As long as there is no problem in the final gathering, Akagi-kun suggests that we'll go free and easy.

So it's Akagi who did this...

He probably suspects my relationship with Manami.

So that's why he acted tactfully.

Such a nosy parker.

A mail? I looked at the screen---

...How rare.

The name "Kirino" lighted up.

This girl, what does she want now.

What's wrong, Kyou-chan? This girl, what does she want now.

What's wrong, Kyou-chan?

My little sister sent me a mail.

Oh, hehe... It seems like you're delighted.

There's no such thing.

I coolly replied her and took a look at the mail.

Buy back all kinds of Meruru over there.

Local Meruru?

What did Kirino-chan say?

She told me to buy local souvenirs back.

Tch...Geez, don't send me mails over such senseless matters.


......? What are you laughing about?

Nothing at all.

Shall we start touring?

Well then, where should we go?

Local MeruruWell then, where should we go?

Local MeruruSince time is limited, there isn't much places we could go...

Since time is limited, there isn't much places we could go...

Do you know what's a local Meruru?

Local Meruru?

Trying not to be mistaken for a pervert as well as hurting the pride of my headstrong little sister, I simply explained the situation.

So that's the case. Let's look for it then. Hmm... we'll probably find out if we ask at the souvenir store?

Manami started looking around.

Kyou-chan, look over there!

In the direction Manami pointed was a poster that wrote "Limited Edition!! Local Meruru, only at Shinkyogoku!"

So it really does exist.

It's Shinkyogoku. Kyou-chan, let's go there first, shall we?

Yeah... how should I put this, I'm sorry. I'm sure you have other places you want to go, right?

Well then, let's walk around Shinkyogoku after buying the souvenir for Kirino-chan.

Right, that's decided then.

We set off to Shinkyogoku for the sake of buying the local Meruru.

...D-Do you really need to buy so much?

Yeah... her request was all kinds of them...

But... it is as many as the many popular shrines in Tokyo?

......That girl, she really needs to thank her elder brother.

My body felt heavy when my wallet gradually becomes thinner as well as the immeasurable fatigue kicks in from carrying the Local Meruru products.

We're finally here. So this is the hotel we're lodging at?

With this, first day of the school trip comes to an end.

We've finally reached the hotel at the 3rd street.

Ah... I'm deadbeat, my waist hurts after walking for so long.

Are you all right, grandpa? This is just the first day.

You're noisy.

Ah, the both of you are finally back.

Akagi, you...

Oh, you don't have to thank me.

This guy is Akagi Kohei, he is my classmate and he has a younger sister just like me.

Which means he's an "elder brother" that has a sister just like me.

Our members have all gathered now, so let's enter the hotel.

I brought the luggage into the room and went to the hall to take a break.

Huu... I'm much more relaxed without my sister...

Hey, Kousaka. There's still some time before dinner is ready, do you want to take a look around the hotel?

Let me take a break first!

Hey hey, youth is gone once it has passed.

Furthermore, there are souvenirs my sister asked me to get.

Ah, me too!

You too, huh.

It's rare that we come here, so let's go to the shops first?

No problem.

...I recall Kirino wants those raw yatsuhashi...and...

All right, let's go.

Kousaka, you really bought a lot of souvenirs.

You too, still got the cheek to mention others?

Akagi and I had both of our hands full with bags of souvenirs.

These are gifts that I got for my sister and those friends of mine.

Heh! You really do have popularity!

So you still dare mention, people of your level have much more popularity.

Anyway, I bought your sister's share too.

Huh? What's that about Kousaka, could it be that you have taken a liking to my sister!?

He suddenly turned aggressive. This stupid Siscon...

As a senpai in the same club as her, I should be buying her some souvenirs or something.

Is that so? Then that's fine.

......It gives me the shivers when I think you're my brother-in-law.

Same here.

Ah, Kyou-chan!

Oh, Manami, so you've already taken a bath...


A faint fragrance of the shampoo gradually disperses from Manami's hair...


M-My heart didn't skip a beat or anything...

Right, right. I have some things to talk to you, is it all right?


Yes. After dinner.

Y-Yeah... I get it...

I'll be waiting for you here.

I came here right after eating...

Besides, what Manami wants to talk about?

Some thoughts flashed in my head while thinking about that.

'On the night of the trip'

'A single male being called out'

'by his childhood friend that just got out of bath'

What does getting out of the bath got to do this!?

...Not good. I can't get that posture Manami was in out of my head.

Doesn't Manami and I have a pure ill-fated relationship!

These kind of stuff...

Is impossible...

So you're here first, Kyou-chan.

Ah! Yeah! That's right! I just got here!

W-Why am I faltering? Calm down!

Can you take a look at this?

Huh? Isn't this a protective talisman...?

Yeah. I got it when we were shopping with the rest.

A-And this is...?

I wish to give this to Kyou-chan.

For me?

It seems a bit dangerous for Kyou-chan when he doesn't pull himself together.

I am actually quite worried about you.


Even if you don't worry about me, I'll still do my best.


Yeah. I've been getting along with Kirino recently too.

So rest assured, just be the same like before.

...Well, thanks for worrying anyway.

Ehehe, don't mention it.

I'm really happy today~

You're happy just like that?

Yeah, that's of course. All thanks to you, Kyou-chan.

I should be the one thanking you.

I'm really very happy. Please do allow me to express my thanks!

You've been accommodating to my arrangements, how much of a goody-goody are you? You are really...

I don't know why, but I've taken a liking to Kyoto.

Kyoto really does suit you.

Could this be, very much like a maiko?

I'm saying you're just like an old lady.

But, to her, she's probably looking forward to such days.

I'm sure the calendar is being flipped until it's tattered and torn...

Besides, what am I compared to her?

What can I do for her?

...N-No. What am I thinking...

...I-I'm sorry for calling you out this late.

Nah, it's nothing...

We'll need to wake up early tomorrow, so I'll be heading to bed.


S-See you then! Good night, Kyou-chan.

---I passed the second and third day with the same sight-seeing activities.

The only difference is that I get more and more souvenirs day by day.

Is this... what I'm going to bring home...?

Days of being disturbed by my little sister will return when I get back to Chiba.

Of course, or so I thought...

Local MeruruKirino gave an order to buy the entire set during the school trip. The designs in Tokyo is as though the numbers of shrines and temples in Tokyo. It's said that Tokyo also has Akihabara Meruru, Ikebukuro Meruru etc., and all sorts of designs were on sale.

AffinityAkagi spoke of this thought when he saw me carrying tons of souvenirs. Since a really popular guy said this, it would seem really sarcastic. Of course, Manami isn't included since she's together with us for the school trip.

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